Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Khutbah – February 11, 2022

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam's name as "Returns on the wall" and " hungover" is discussed, along with the need for a team to address weaknesses and finding one's strength and integrity. The speakers emphasize the importance of not denying one's ability to overcome a muscle panel and challenge the loss of power, while also embracing the Islam decree and not denying one's ability to achieve health and wealth.
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So no more of a walking robot to capital

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she had

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no more

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hi everybody

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Hi Amy

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gorilla number one asset monastery you know what are so few rules will be learned even truly and fusina Woman sejati Aaron Berlina my yet the love of Allah warmer up further ahead Deanna one

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more surely you can want to know Mohamed Abu was someone long while he while he was off he wasn't interested even Cathy rebuild the wall we'll see C'mon FC we talked about money I saw a gentleman come up on a wall so

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that the rules will be learned demeanor shape on what gene is we learned?

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Yeah, the Yohannes it took over qumola The Hanako Kumi nafcillin working done wahala funding has Jaha what that mean Houma region can do on one Isa, what takumar Levitas

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he will,

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in a more How can la Eva my brothers and sisters, today we will learn about the name of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah Mateen Mateen

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and this name of Allah azza wa jal ties in with a colleague.

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But we won't cover a look away today, simply because the time that we are allocated for Juma hooked was is not enough to do or to cover two names at once. And so we look at Mateen as the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala the strong the most firm advantage and this is why we said it links with the name outcoming because when we think of Kobe, Kobe was strength is from a muscle cannaboids Allah.

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So Allah Mateen is the strong the most firm, he is the Possessor of ultimate strength

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as a teen possesses ultimate strength and ultimate ability and he endures no hardship nor weakness. So admitting is the strong, the firm. He has ultimate strength. He has no weaknesses, and his abilities are on

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imaginable to us.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala his name and Mateen is seen in the Quran only once. In salted that he is verse number 58. What's the kind of water Allah says in a bottle? What was very cool, what is my team in the mall? What was

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the leuco? What Mateen indeed Allah is the supreme provider.

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So we hear about it is, and then Allah Subhana Allah says zoo was in my team, bored of all power, and the most strong vulnerable within my team. And here are my Sapan, which is a very beautifully mentions it is that he is

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the one who provides for us. And then he highlights the importance as we learned a few weeks ago, sometimes the name some of us have hello to Anna, when they come at the end of the idea. They are the purpose and the reason of what is being mentioned within it. Right, it's an indication as to what Allah subhanaw taala is showing us. And so when we think of our it is we think of our provisions, not only in terms of money, dollars, but also in terms of our health, our strength, right, our strength, Allah is a team, in terms of our strength belongs to Him, He provides us with the strength that we need to have in order to wake up in the morning, he provides us with the

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strength that we need to have in order to stand for Salah and bow down into court and go down to the ground in such depth. And we know very well as soon as we start to feel aches and pains in our body in the joints, we wonder to ourselves what happened to my strength or was an Mateen, his strength doesn't diminish.

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And as much as he is Elementen. And we feel the pain he can grant us he is to the pain that we feel when the weakness starts to kick into our bodies. And so we think of Allah subhanaw taala as Mateen, the one who also provides for us in ways that we usually don't think of

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that strength that we need to go to work every day, to put up with the nonsense of people that we may not want to be around. But we have no choice, right? Sometimes you go to work, you don't like your colleagues that are there or not that you don't like them, you just don't get along with them. But you still have to put up with it. Sometimes you're dealing with clients, you don't want to deal with these clients, but you have the law, you have to do what you have to do, right.

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And sometimes this even happens within the home,

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dealing with our children dealing with our spouse dealing with parents, you know, this morning, I was thinking of the importance of how Allah subhanaw taala gives importance to our parents. And I was thinking what's the best way to address? Is it obedience towards parents? Or should we not be dis respectful towards parents? Right? So it's thinking of that and thinking how ALLAH SubhanA wa, tada has a team. He's the one who owns strength. And even when we are frustrated as children to our parents, no matter how old we get, we're still the children of our parents. We need to help in dealing with them because they're getting older. And we're getting older. And we have family that

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we're looking after as well. Many of us have children and a spouse that we're looking after also. So how do you find this balance turn to admit to

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turn to a team, for he is the most strong, the most firm

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and he will make a strong

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we need to ask from him.

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The difference between Mateen and karoui

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Mateen is strong power,

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strong power. And karoui means nothing is too difficult for him.

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So when you think of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, He has all the power and nothing is too difficult for him. There's no deficiency in that. And we'll take a few examples in the second half of this book but in sha Allah to Allah who only had our stuff filled by first of all what a fool.

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The Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen When they go to the moon 13 or suddenly will suddenly more Island or be in Korean led of course Allah asleep under that. So the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Mateen, the most strong, the most firm.

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Because of this, we learned that no one can overcome him.

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No one can overcome a muscle panel without him. Think of someone who goes to the gym, and they work out. And then they see someone else at the gym who's muscles look a bit stronger, a bit bigger, right? They seem as though they're able to handle a lot more weight in terms of their workout. Right? And you challenge them.

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You challenge them, knowing very well you probably won't make it but you still want to challenge the loss of time, still want to challenge this person. But with Allah, we don't challenge. We don't challenge the loss of power. None who can overcome him. His decree is not rejected. Whatever Allah subhanaw taala has willed to happen will happen. No one can challenge his decree. No one can challenge whether Allah subhanho wa Taala says, you know you're going to go bald, you're going to go bald.

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You're going to eat chicken tonight for supper, you're going to eat chicken tonight for supper.

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You don't have the means to travel somewhere to go visit family, you don't have the means to travel to go visit family. It's the decree of Allah subhanho data. No one can overcome it. No one can challenge it. And none can reject it either. It comes from him, no matter how much wealth a person might have where they say, You know what, I don't care even throw the last two years right when we saw what was happening with COVID. Some people might say I don't care. I'm a multi billionaire. I'm going to take my own airplane and fly to whatever country I want to go wherever I want on vacation. If Allah subhanaw taala doesn't want you to go, you'll never be able to go. It doesn't matter how

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healthy you are, how wealthy you are, how much connections you have your own claim your own abilities, the people you know, inside, you know air traffic control, nothing, nothing matters for the decree of Allah subhanaw taala is within the team.

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And he has all strength over it. He honors who he wills he debases who he works, his command is fulfilled whatever command Allah subhanaw taala brings forth. We either fulfill it or someone else will fulfill.

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Allah doesn't need us.

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And Mateen doesn't need us. He's perfect. There's no deficiency with Allah subhanaw taala he doesn't need us we are the ones who need Him. And so we look towards Allah subhana wa Tada for strength and the strength that we look for, comes through submitting to Allah. You know, when the example I gave of that guy who was at the gym and you want to challenge them, when we submit to a wall, and we don't challenge him. That is our strength. Think of it. You're at the gym, you want to beat this guy in I don't know bench presses. You know what I'm gonna lift more than you this middle. I'll go ahead and now you start you're like, wait, I need to go make Mugu I need to pray to Iraq I need to like

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you know make dua to Allah I need to say Bismillah before so if you're looking for the help of ALLAH SubhanA wa jal and everything. Now you need the help of Allah because you know that it's going to be challenging. But the opposite happens with Allah. When we take what Allah gives to us, when we accept what Allah subhanaw taala has either given or withheld. That is our strength. That is what makes us strong. That is true submission to a weak knowing that he is in charge of everything and He will give me what is right to provide what is right for me. So embrace the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala no matter how difficult things may become for us in life

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Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed cancelled email early right. Majeed well that he kind of Muhammad Allah and Muhammad came about email.

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Immediately Majeed a lot more people an hour, half an hour, an hour and a lot of mental cause. I

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mean, a lot of that visit Islam and we mostly mean a lot please make it easy for us in our head know that it's a lot please make it easy for us to seek forgiveness from you and grant is completed for forgiveness, Allah, please overlook our shortcomings and erase them from our look of deeds and place good deeds in place of those love. Please grant us health and strength yell law. Please bless us with unity in our hearts within the community, our families, our friends, our relatives, love these make it easy for us to overlook the mistakes of others. Allah Please grant us the ability to look deeper and to understand the sins of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and your commands within

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the Quran. Allah you are admitting we submit to you and we turn to you and we ask you for whatever it is that we need in our lives that are out of our hands and out of our abilities. Allah has blessed us with it if it's good for us and withhold it from us if it is dangerous and harmful to us and in our blind. I mean, in the microbiologically Well, yes anybody tell you

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in Kota my inherent in fracture

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robot as

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a surgical robot

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