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Which one

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you know what a stone table whenever we'll be learning srry and fusina

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when you have to be in love with a

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woman you

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them to naturally kinda want to shadow Amina Mohammed Abu Omar soon. Someone he wanted

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to see Come on I've seen the top Oman azzawajal cannot

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burn the Ruby Learning Initiative on a party.

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Yeah yohannes It took over a

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minute see why he was rather coming has

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given him a job gentleman can do

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whatever he tells

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me he will have in no more How can I be?

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My brothers and sisters?

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If you were told, or I was told that this was the last year of our life,

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what would you do?

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How would you change yourself?

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How would we make a such that?

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When the such that be the same way it always was.

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When we're praying and we make a real court? Would the court be the same way that it always was? When we raise our hands and make up? Would we still be making your offer things of this dunya? Or would we have transitioned to make to Allah for forgiveness and things that we will benefit from in the afternoon?

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When we speak to our family members? Would we still be speaking to them in a way that is rude, disrespectful, overpowering, sometimes too direct? Or if this was my last year when I start to have some sympathy

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Upon my children and my spouse,

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would I start to connect more with my neighbors? Would I connect with the massage? And would I devote myself to the Quran? Would I give extra sadaqa? Or would I hold on to it and say I need it for a rainy day knowing that this is the last year of my life?

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My brothers and sisters, Ramadan is coming close.

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None of us knows if this will be our last Ramadan.

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So the beginning of this hookah is to encourage us to make sure that we prepare and plan for this album.

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Take the Quran out,

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perform an oil change on the hearts.

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Don't wait for the first day of Ramadan and say where's my? Where's my musket? Take it out from now.

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dust it off.

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Prepare, what am I going to read? What is my goal for this month?

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How much do I want to recite? And how much do I want to understand?

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How many lectures related to the Quran? Will I dedicate my time towards throughout this month?

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What about the sutras or that I add or the Jews that I've memorized already? Have I practice them and revise them enough?

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Am I planning to do that throughout this whole model?

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You see my brothers and sisters also kind of want to Allah says clearly to us in the Quran.

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Call me to choir.

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My team also reject me

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that moon 81 to me

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almost hanwa data reminds us that we as an oma

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despite coming at the end of all the profits.

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All of the prophets and messengers came before us before the time of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam despite being from the end, we are from the best country.

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Why are we from the best rune and the barrows you attend?

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you encourage people towards good and you discourage them in yourselves from evil. Want to

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believe in the law?

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Now how do we navigate this? I want to be from amongst these people. I want to share in the claim to fame standing before a law on the day of judgment that I am from amongst that oma, I am those people. I am with those people. I stand with them because they speak with me. And we did the same things. So the question is, what things are we supposed to do? And this is where a Muslim boy

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teaches us the importance of this.

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long reminds us that the plan was revealed throughout the month of Ramadan. Okay, that's good.

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What's important about that, though, is it comes

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to that in asking what they need it

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is our guide.

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It shows us where to go. We need to reconnect every single year

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in order to be from amongst the best of the best people in order to give a great example to our children of how they are to live when we meet this world. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for us to start this journey with the Quran. From today.

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akuto probably had a special walk for Schofield.

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111 of the I mean, without the opinion on Sunday what we're sending we're getting early making a formal sadhana for coming to see my brothers and sisters this morning. The first message that I read when I connected

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myself to the internet

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was a message of a good friend of a very genuine brother. One of the most hospitable people I've met,

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who passed

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just 31st

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of March.

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This brother was a board member of the masjid, in Cambridge, the ICC.

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He was so dedicated to the masjid not only in his in his Allah, but dedicated to the masjid in terms of giving his finances, giving his time his wife also is dedicated working for the school at the masjid. And just like that, when you least expect it to the people, and the person that you least expect will be taken back to a wasp habit.

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Just like that. He's gone in them and learned one thing that related logic. Why do I mention this? What guarantee Do I have that I will reach the month of Ramadan?

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I just finished expressing the importance of using the month of amaan to reconnect with a plan to dusted off to plan to prepare to set goals to achieve. But what guarantee Do I have that I will reach the month of Ramadan this year. And every single year, every single year, before the month of Ramadan, there's at least one person that we find out about that passed away just weeks or days for us before the month of Ramadan begins.

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And so my brothers and sisters, I asked the question again, what if this was my last year to live?

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What would I do?

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How do I change? What type of person would like to come? And so start from today, my brothers and sisters. Start right now. Be passionate, be zealous, be connected to a law. Right before we started the football, you'll see one of the brothers came and spoke to me right here. And I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I don't see him I don't know where he went. But he was holding one of these boxes. And he said, you know these boxes said yes, these are very important. You should encourage every single person to bring these home. And to take action on these. We all have to do our part. And you need to mention this in the book. This is what he told me, You need to tell the community

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take the ball in

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his passion, his desire for playing for goodness is there and seen. And the loss of power went to Allah recognizes it. I don't need to point it out. I don't need to identify this person. This person is genuine and sincere, looking for the betterment of the whole community. That we need our mustard in the future. Our children will be here when we're gone.

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our grandchildren will be here when we're gone.

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But I don't even know if I will pray here tonight.

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So start you start now. Get ready for one. Prepare yourself mentally. Prepare yourself spiritually. Prepare yourself physically prepare yourself financially in every aspect of life. And give for the sake of a loss of having

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these boxes my brothers and sisters to drive the point home or for you to take home. And we encourage every single family to take one if you took one already. Leave it behind for someone else. If you haven't taken one pick it.

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Take it with you, every single family to raise a minimum of $300 throughout the month of all along. That's it for our family to raise 300 I know many of us sitting here will say I'll give 300 No, no, we don't want you to just give 300 300 and we want another 300 drink and hold on for your family to race. And you'll see the bottom kind of that comes from we did this two years ago. That's why some of the boxes still have the 2019 sticker. And the bar kind of that came from we were hoping to raise $3,000 from 1000 families who raise $300 each. That's it Look how easy it is. We have $1,300,000 left to pay on this question. And look at the Baraka that also cannot adequate in two years ago when

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the number was higher. We got back $498,000 in one month

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without doing the fundraising with your dedication, your hard work and the blessings of Allah

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cannaboids added the Baraka that comes into it, you might think to yourself, I didn't raise 300 and we opened the box and there's 700

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leave it to all, do your part and Allah will do the rest. We conclude by saying Peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one was on the ground

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an hour or so.

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name is colossal Canada and to open our hearts to this diversity is for us for loss of habitat, it will be easy for us to gain and receive the blessings of almost

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Yes, the loss of habitat and make us from amongst those who have not only this month to come ahead of us, but in many, many, many years of Milan, and many many years of hygiene

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in Sala many, many years ahead of us we are supposed to have had to shower down upon us His blessings and mercy and remove this pandemic from upon us. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make it easy for us to gather throughout the month of Ramadan and we are thankful until thanks and gratitude shook up to a wall we show thanks to you for allowing us to still be able even with a reduction of the numbers from 30% to 15% to still be able to pray together throughout this month on the on

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our hands seeking your mercy and forgiveness. Please please Allah for all the goodness that you have to share. I mean you're not good at me in the long

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run, guys.

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Paul here with a rule we are sitting like a political football

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a Java loi.

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How you going to

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open up at the farmers

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Allah, Allah

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please make sure your cell phones are on silent.

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pray this prayer results are

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so your call

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and sheets

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standing here on the wall.

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a center for more.

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There's a lot of pain on my brothers and sisters, please do remember the prayers and

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if you want to, we need to enter the places quickly as possible to take those boxes home with you if you haven't already and make sure that you do donate on the way out as well towards the masjid