Covid-19 vs. Arrogance

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Understanding the Power of Allah through comparing the size of the Covid-19 virus to that of a mustard seed of arrogance. Jumuah Khutbah. July 3, 2020

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it down that

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will see

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upon a

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time in humanity john and Kathy.

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no more

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mother, sisters

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I know that we feel the heat.

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And I know monks to be as quickly as possible to to be able to bring outside of the mass. We also feel stuck, we feel stifled, we feel really sweaty, probably a little bit irritated

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reminder of the heat

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that may be on the Day of Judgment if we disobey.

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What I mean by presence is that no doubt the sun will be

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both. But for those who since demand is strong, for those whose connection was with a Muslim handle

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will be presidents but they will not.

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So we asked the lots of ones that make us forget

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Today's topic

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COVID-19 versus arrogance to be more particular than mustard seed. When we think of the size of this virus,

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the other day someone take a strand of hair and you cut it into 100 pieces and so on and so forth.

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And so I started to do research to see how small this virus really is, what parts of the virus

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and if you take the hair, but not holding it the length bites like this.

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But holding it looking at the edge, this is your piece of hair looking at it.

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And you were to slice and dice it many many times which is something

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this is even smaller than that.

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In fact it is 0000

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How can we do this?

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Only scientists or people working in laboratories understand how small that is. 0.0005 millimeters

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is attacked hundreds of 1000s or millions of lives around the world. That virus changed

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For everyone on the face of this earth, that virus attacks

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the economy, country after country continent against that virus attacks almost every aspect of our lives, including our spirituality throughout the month of Ramadan. Throughout the many months that we just finished going through, we were not able to gather the congregants something so small and also cannabinoids are added is teaching us lessons. That something so small we can, how small it is to be able to visualize in our own minds

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affected many aspects of our life.

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If that's the

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then what about clusters?

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profits in the long run they use.

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in multiple narrations, we find it in many of the books.

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He says

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enter into paradise, if they have the size of a mustard is within their box

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continues to say some a lot more I think he was suddenly that person will not

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be the size of a mustard seed

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of faith in their

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brothers or sisters, when you think seed is so much larger than the virus itself. And the virus affected every every parts of growth.

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Every single human being

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infected by it or not. Every single one of us is sitting here. Not every single one of us is a

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single one of us had to register for Joomla. Every single one of us had to wait months to come into the masjid every single one of us do someone somewhere on earth that was affected, even died and passed away due to this virus. If that's the case with something so small and so insignificant. So microwave, what about the mustard seed of

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our hearts, my brothers.

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So this is a warning.

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a wake up call from a wall kind of want to add a reminder from the profit from a one where I think

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that those of us being within us arrogance against.

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For example, the next time any one of us

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about skipping a prayer

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or intentionally feels it too fast. I don't need to pray. I don't need to do any of the pillars of itself. I

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forget about the next time syncing.

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Things what

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is a warning?

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That the affected the entire globe was something we can't even see.

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Time my brothers and sisters, we may feel that all this loss, thinking.

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Yep, it was that day where you showed off. There was a day where I find a prayer or pray later. There was that day where you woke up and said Man, I'm too tired.

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Oh, hope is not lost.

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Why a loss of cannabinoids Anna shows us in another

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an authentic Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that on the Day of Judgment, when placed into agenda enter into gentlemen, and those who are destined to go to just go to Johanna when everyone is placed that they are deserving of going to also kind of what's there I don't want

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to go

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small speck of human

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parts in this life but we're

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They will be removed from the client.

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And unless the panel was there, we'll have them placed in

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which is the river of life.

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What is the profit so long we're adding them to the bodies of those people will be like a piece of coal, they will be burned.

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and they will be placed into this river.

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And they will sprout from it like a seed that is on the back of that river, and it is planted in the scrubs themselves to deal with growth.

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So all hope is not lost.

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We need to continue to push forward. The lesson we learned today

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is an eye opening lesson from this Coronavirus. understand the importance of cutting out and

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not showing off to others around us, not others and you're useless and

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at the same time, knowing that something that's hard to get rid of entirely, completely from our hearts. Kind of Allah gives us hope that even if we had a

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belief in a wall,

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there will be a place for

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us to keep.

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Keep trying hard. Don't lose hope and as with Allah. But don't be fooled and don't think that just because we are believers, we are entitled to paradijs We ask Allah Subhana Allah forgive every single one of us.

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You can listen

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to it, he will send you

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a one more song.

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completeness in the highest grades of parents and friends is

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the best of the best. We also

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remove pride and arrogance from our hearts and to make us from amongst those who are lost.

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We have survived. So again,

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our children our future

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and make us an example for them so that they know they understand the world. And that this life is temporary, short, we asked the loss of data to cure all those that are that are suffering and struggling with any kind of

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loss and we've added to the exact needs of their forgiveness and to move them from their hardships and their struggles and

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joys of his life and even more after a

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