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In this video we learn about the 11th Juzz of The Quran, ranging from verse 93 of Surah Al-Tawbah (The Repentance) until its end, and all of Surah Yunus.

Items we cover are:
– Zakat Purifies Wealth
– Unity in the Masaajid
– The Price of Jannah
– Humans Only Turn to Allah when in Distress
– The Friends of Allah
– Poeple of Prophet Yunus

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala and a V Hill carrying him Allah He of total sada to automata slim Bishop nice Audrey way a Sydney Emily Emily Sani of Coco Lee, my brothers and my sisters as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Today inshallah tada we are beginning the 11th of Jews. Okay, so we'll begin the 11th Jews of the Quran

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indicating to us that today's the 10th day of Ramadan and one third of it is now gone. So there's two thirds of this month of Ramadan that remain. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us from amongst those that are able to sacrifice, you know, a little bit of extra time and energy to worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala and the ways that we had planned on worshiping Allah subhana wa sallam based on the son of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, throughout this month of Ramadan.

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Today, we'll jump right into the 11th jewels in sha Allah. And I'll try to give a little more time for q&a because it is a little bit of a struggle to try and get everything done within the hour, and to also finish up before if.

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So we're going to start with verse number 103. So we'll finish off sort of Toba and then we will cover some of the units in Charlottetown verse number 103, of sola Toba, Allah subhana wa tada is showing us here how he commends the pain of zecca from the Muslims from the believers and how it purifies our wealth. So Allah Subhana Allah says, hoodman and worldly him Southern superhero, what was the key him? What was the key him be her? Or suddenly Allah him? Allah Subhana with Allah says, take from their wealth, oh Prophet, commending the Prophet Sall Allahu Allah who ascended them to make sure that the believers are giving their Zakah and to collect the Zakat of the believers, of

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course to be distributed in the ways that we concluded with yesterday when we ended our session yesterday, we ended talking about the eight different categories of Zakat recipients, right eight different categories of Zakat recipients.

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So Allah subhana wa tada says, Here take from their wealth or profit charity to purify and bless them. So it is a means of purification, the Zakah that we give, it purifies our wealth. And then he says and pray for them, Surely your prayer is a source of comfort for them. And Allah is all hearing all knowing. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is told by Allah subhana wa tada to collect this account and to make sure that this account is given. So the Muslims who owes account who don't have, you know, they're not living in debt, they have some sort of savings that they've kept within them for,

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or they've kept with them for approximately a year or a year and a sudden the calendar year and has surpassed the minimum amount, okay, and that you can find, as I mentioned before, you know, you can go and check out the details there, roughly. I haven't checked the price of gold in the last few weeks, in fact, in the last couple of months, but roughly about 4000 some odd dollars. So, between four and $5,000 of savings that has been with you in savings for a minimum of one year, so it has to have surpassed one year and once it comes to one year you have to pay zakat on it.

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So lots of bandwidth and it is enforcing that upon us and he mentioned that it is a means of purification. So the wealth that we have, we need to purify that wealth as well just like we purify our knifes, right we purify our soul, we purify our thoughts, we purify our intentions, we purify, you know the food that we eat, right? We make sure that we eat clean food, halal food and not stuff that isn't permissible for us to eat, we purify our clothing, we purify, you know so many things within the deen. That's that's what we're taught to do. Our wealth also needs a type of purification, and that is done through Zakah. Now that doesn't mean that the wealth that we own or

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the wealth that we earn is impure. It doesn't mean that is impure, but it purifies our connection with our wealth. Okay, the connection that we have with our wealth, we feel that you know what, this doesn't belong to me, this belongs to Allah. So this portion belongs to Allah and the wealth that we've earned. Well, as we'll see in a few verses from from this one, we'll see how Allah subhana wa tada shows us that we purchase genda for a specific price, okay, specific price. And so here that is the advice of, or the command of Allah Subhana Allah given to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but then something really interesting. He says, Well, some of the early him in this

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particular secondary home, Allah subhana wa tada says, to pray for

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them make dua for the people. right because that in itself that prayer for them right? When you say something nice to people you say just from a local run away of Zico fade away very few layers to colleague, Allah, you know what funbook right? When you make your out for people, it makes them feel happy, it makes them feel a lot better.

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And so the profits are long rally the sun is taught by lots of kind of data to, you know, pray for the people when he collects, there's a cow or there's a cat is collected, and Alize all hearing all knowing. Then he says in verse number 104

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Do they not know that Allah alone accepts the repentance of his servants and receives their charity, and that Allah alone is the acceptor of repentance, Most Merciful? So Allah subhana wa tada is asking this question, don't we know that Allah subhana wa Dan is the one who accepts our repentance, he forgives us of our sins that we've committed in our lives in our past, and also possibly those that may be committed in the future, right? We don't know if we will commit those sins. So I can't really say that but any sin that we do commit the Muslim handle it and is the one who forgives them. And then lots of headway. Data says that he's the one who receives our charity, an indication to us

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that Allah is aware, Don't play games, don't pretend like you don't have to pay zakat. If you need to basica and you qualify to pay it, then we should pay it because of us. The penalties added knows he knows what we've done. He's the one who accepts our repentance he hears us when we call out to Him when we don't let anyone else know. So if a loss of habitat is listening to us and hears us and accepts our repentance, in the secrecy of our lives in the privacy of our lives, and you know, the isolation of our do our then don't we think of us have had without it also knows about our zeca and how much we are giving and if we are giving the true amount, and if we are even giving or should be

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giving at all. And so a loss of handling data is reminding us of that and that he is most merciful. Don't worry, partying with our wealth, you know, for the sake of Allah Subhana which Allah is a means of our purification, purification of our soul. We are no longer connected to that wealth we feel we've given it for a loss of Henry to Allah. And when we give to Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives more to us in return.

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Let's move to verses number 100. Okay, verse number 107, all the way to verse number 110. A lot of haddaway dad is talking about the very first Masjid that was built in Islam.

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Now of course the character is built and was built during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. It was already there. It was already built so it wasn't built during his time brand new. The very first mustard that was built is Masjid not must've been never we must have Koba. So here lots of Henry data is relating the story of the hypocrites and how they built a Masjid close by together and look at what Allah Subhana Allah says when he is describing the division amongst the oma. He says, There are also those and he's referring to the hypocrites, who set up a mosque only to cause harm, promote disbelief, divide the believers, and as a base for those who had previously

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fought against Allah and His messenger. So here was some headlines ad is talking about Masjid a bit odd. Okay, that was set up for the hypocrites by the hypocrites, right?

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And a place that promotes disbelief and encourages harm, right and divides the believers, right divides the believers. Now, I wouldn't say that we have any masajid like that around us. But we do see that there are some times where a mustard is established and across the street, another mustard is built or another mustard is established. And that makes you wonder why was there one that was established across the street or down the street or two minutes away? Now I can understand in you know, countries where the Muslim population is so great. For example, when I was living in Medina, you know, you'd have a mustard at the end of one street or if you go to the other end of the street,

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there's another mustard there. And that's because at the time of sold out, both of them are filled. So there's a need, there's a demand for it. But I remember some kind of a many times in life, you know, seeing the sajit just pop up here and there, especially when we're younger and we used to wonder why is this happening and why are people just opening another mustard if our donations are going to one mustard and trying to fund an upkeep one place? Why is it that we are no channeling them to another that's just across the street? Is there really that big of a demand to have two massages in the same place in the same area? And sometimes what it comes down to is people's

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personal number

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They can't control their knifes, they have these issues and grudges amongst others within the community. And they find the need, you know, if I'm not going to be able to control these people or do things my way that I'm just going to go across the street and do things my way and forget about them, right? But that's not right. That's not good, right? We're dividing the oma, we should go somewhere else and establish a mustard. similar words actually need it. Yeah, if people are not doing things properly in one area, then we need to try and encourage it. And try to get that to actually happen. If you see that the mustard doesn't have any activities in them then become

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involved, right to try and get the activities to actually happen. But what we see happening my brothers and sisters is people going and opening masajid right next to one another, in order to try and pull the people from that Masjid over to this Masjid. And I remember when I was traveling, once I went to a country, I won't mention which country or city This is in. But I went to a country.

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And it was the most interesting thing.

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At the intersection, there was a mustard on the corner of every single one of those streets. So right at the intersection, you have a mustard on the on each one of the corners.

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And this was in a residential area. And I was thinking to myself, like, is there that big of a demand are there that many Muslims here, and it was because this group couldn't get along with that group. And that group couldn't get along with this group. And this group can't get along with that group. And that group can't get along with this group. And this group doesn't get along with that group, and so on and so forth. And so they just went in open their own mustard and thought, you know what, this is just going to solve the problem. Let's just open our own mustard and have our own place and run things our own way and hold us but that's not the way we should do it. My brothers and

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sisters, I can see the purpose of doing that if for example,

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this is not really a mustard, or this is not, you know,

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the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or you know

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there's there's a huge demand there's so many people the mustard has always felt like it just can't. It's just not accommodating for the people in the area. And I know I used to live in an area you go to the masjid and it's so full, you either have to go into the basement if there is space in the basement, or you're just praying in the doorway outside the doorway, which isn't proper, right so the mustard was not big enough for the area. And so there's a need for a bigger mustard and that's where either the mustard expands, or you know, not too far away in the same area maybe a little bit further away. There can be another mustard that opens up to help accommodate for that influx of

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people that are living in the area. The hero must have had with Allah is showing us that you know the hypocrites they set up another Masjid to try and divide the Muslims and they will definitely swear as Allah subhana wa tada says they will definitely swear we intended nothing but good.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala says but a love bears witness that they are surely buyers. So you will hear people you will see that people will say but we only intended to do good well you have really you intended to do good by opening up this mustard right across the street from the others to divide the oma is really why that happened. And so we need to you know, it's hard for us to judge people's intentions. We can't know that right? That's something that is left up to Allah subhana wa Tada. But we need to be people that don't contribute towards the division of the oma. Then Allah Subhana Allah says in the next verse, do not ever pray in it. So he tells the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Do not ever pray in that Masjid, that mosque that they established.