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The importance of fasting during lockdown and quarantine is emphasized, along with practice of self intention and meditation to connect with God. The physical aspect of signing up for digital presence is crucial for transformation and developing God's consciousness. The speaker provides five tips for improving one's life, including taking time to focus on one's actions, avoiding distractions from fasting, focusing on clarity and simplicity, and staying true to one's values. They also provide information on how to develop for future reference.

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Salam Alaikum This is Felicia from developing diamonds giving you another reminder for at home during lockdown and quarantine. This is remonda number seven where we're going to look at Ramadan at home and we're going to cover inshallah five different ways that we can maximize our Ramadan despite being in social distancing and lockdown mode. So hamdulillah it's a true blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that we are able to be here in Ramadan that Allah has selected us to grant us life and the blessing of being able to meet Ramadan and have the opportunity for countless reward, countless forgiveness and so much mercy and blessings from Allah subhanaw taala during this

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auspicious month. So the first the first tip about Ramadan at home is to know why we fast and Allah Allah says in the Quran over the Lahaina shape on the regime. Yeah you have Latina M and o quotevalet, como cm or can katiba then Latina Mele cabela con la la con that upon it says oh you who believe barely fasting has been prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may become pious. So the number one reason behind why we fast is so that we may become pious that we may become righteous or that we may be able to attain a greater level of God consciousness because piety righteousness comes from God consciousness, you know, being able to

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exercise self restraint, being able to do more good being able to abstain from more wrong, all comes from an increased level of God consciousness. And God in His wisdom has ordained fasting so that we can be deprived of food, drink and intimate relations, which ultimately got in his wisdom knows that it will help us to increase in our God consciousness. So it's a training ground that I'm hold on is there for us as a training ground for us to learn how to be more conscious of the Creator more connected to the Creator, and more subservient and obedient to the Creator. The second point for Ramadan at home is to get serious about salah and to really see Salah not as a chore, not as

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something to get out of the way, not as something which is you know, a burden or something we do like mechanically. Rather, we want to see sulla as a beautiful way to connect with our Creator, to experience some depth of spirituality, to leave the whole world behind while we focused on our Creator and our purpose for a few minutes for a few moments five times throughout the day. So during this Ramadan, try to get serious about your Salah with being able to connect greater with your Lord, learning the meanings, perhaps of what you say when you pray, getting connected to the actual positions and movements in prayer and think about what those positions mean. You bow in you

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prostrating in subservience to your Lord, reminding yourself that you are nothing and he is everything, and putting yourself in that spiritual state, as you recite the different prayers and supplications and verses of the Quran during your prayer. So, being connected through speech, through physical action and through a spiritual presence, get really serious about your prayer. And it's not about what you can offer to your Creator through your worship. It's what you will ultimately gain through that worship. It is your conversation with your Lord. So show up for that conversation on time. Show up for that conversation with attention with respect in your best

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clothing in your best state to be able to have an engaging connection and conversation with your Lord and creator. Number three for Ramadan at home is to deeply reflect upon the Quran. Don't just read the Quran in a cover to cover or race through without having even a moment to spare to think about the meaning of it and the way that the you know, each verse is trying to address you and your life and the challenges and the things that you might go through in your life. rather use the Quran as a process to truly transform yourself to reflect upon yourself. Use it like a mirror, to see yourself in each verse in each story in each commandment in each forbiddance What is your Lord and

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make a same to you through each of those verses that you are reciting? You know, what are you seeing in yourself that needs changing? What do you see in yourself that can be strengthened through the verses that you're reading. So don't read the Quran, just like a parrot and you know where it doesn't go beyond your throat let it penetrate your heart and deeply reflect and process and digest the verses as you read them by studying them not only in Arabic but also in English and even reading footnotes reading this

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Tafseer or explanation of the scholars about the verses. So this is where you can truly grow and transform during this Ramadan through your reflection and connection pondering over the Quran. Number four is clean up your speech and action. The Prophet peace be upon him said in a hadith recorded in Buhari, he said whoever does not give up forged speech and evil actions, Allah is not in need of his leaving his food and drink, as in alone will not accept his fasting if he doesn't stop bad speech and bad actions. So Ramadan is so important, a time for us not just to abstain from food, drink and intimacy, but to actually stop the wrong things that we say and that we do. And we need to

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look at the driving factors behind these negative types of speech that we might fall into what is going on in our hearts that's causing us to say, bad speech or to lie or to have hatred or jealousy, or bitterness or resentment towards someone enough to say bad things about them? So you know, look in the driving factors behind your actions, why are you inclined or falling into certain types of sins? And are you able to stop them during Ramadan and outside of Ramadan? So let it be a time where you clean up your speech and action and don't just focus on abstinence from food and drink because Ramadan and fasting is about so much more than that. Number five, final point is simplicity and

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quality. Look at your life and see what you can simplify in your life. Can you get rid of excess possessions Can you desire and want for less of clothing, of beautification of you know, financial desire of worldly items? You know, can you resist meeting and having so much as we're told that we should be living like travelers? Why do we pursue and chase so much of material possession rather have in your life, a sense of quality, that you have quality within your home You don't need too many things and rather you focus on the quality of connection with the human beings that you have in your life that you have, you know, a quality of pursuit of learning and knowledge rather than to you

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know, be distracting yourself with entertainment and with keeping up with the Joneses. So think about life during this Ramadan and reflect on how you can simplify what you have and how you live and what you want and what you need, and rather focus on having a quality talk of existence rather than the pursuit of so many worldly and fleeting things. So those are the five tips for Ramadan at home number one know why we fast number two get serious about Salah number three deeply reflect upon the Quran. Number four clean up your speech and actions and number five, focus on attaining simplicity and quality in your in your life and within your home. So does that qualify? Let us know

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if you have any suggestions or what you think about these different tips, check out developing and look out for our next video, which will be what we shouldn't forget about during this time of lockdown and quarantine.