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Calisha Bennett
AI: Summary © The speaker gives tips for healthy engagement at home during quarantine, including working out together, preparing meals, and using discussion cards to facilitate family conversations. They stress the importance of having a special meal and having a creative time to enjoy one's life. The speaker also encourages viewers to visit their website for more resources and feedback.
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Bismillah Salam Alaikum This is Felicia from developing diamonds with our second video where we're covering reminders for at home during quarantine. So reminder, number two is tips on how to have fun at home. And I want to touch on some different reasons and different ways to be able to have a little bit of fun whilst you're at home to you know, maybe lifted a bit of the intensity of whether you're working from home or homeschooling your kids or feeling a bit concerned about the state of the world to kind of shake that off a little bit and have a bit of fun, as a family or with whoever lives with you in your house. So the first tip is to partake in family workouts or whoever you're

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living with, workout together. And, you know, sometimes we will tell the kids you need to move you need to go and exercise or watch this exercise video. And we're telling them to go and do something which we ourselves should be doing. And unfortunately too many of us don't exercise enough we don't look after our healthy enough. And I would suggest that you work out as a family you can join your kids with what it is that they're doing to exercise, go on walks together, set up a little circuit, play some games, like a workout could just be playing chasing the backyard, you know, that's pretty good. a pretty good way to get some cardiovascular exercise. So working out together as a family,

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even if you just have a workout, you know, like a push up challenge or you know, who can do 100 squats or, you know, whatever it might be, and work out together as a family and have fun with it. Number two is have a special meal. So choose a time whether it's a breakfast, or a lunch or a dinner or even you know, an afternoon tea, and set up a special meal, whether you use your fancy dinner way or you use some, you know, nice looking table decorations, will you use candles or make their special favorite foods or you know, have a three course meal, turn it into a bit of an occasion for the family, have fun with it, get the kids involved in the cooking and in the setup. There'll be

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curious at first and say what do you know, what are we doing? Why are you doing this one, no one's coming over and say no, this is for us, we're going to have a special dinner tonight. And they will be so excited. You know wait to see their faces when they see how awesome your table setting looks or the different favorite favorite dishes that you've cooked. Or even if you shortcut then you just use some really simple foods and set up a table with you know, very simple foods, but you know, a whole different array of them. So yeah, make make a special time to have a special meal and have a bit of fun with it. Number three is have a party, yes, have a party, even though nobody's invited,

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decorate your house, I think of some different games. Make it you know, make it fun, have a dress up party, if you want to get your dress up into costumes, or you pretend like you know you're dressing up in last year's aid clothes, or it's a you know, funny themed party, have a bit of fun and get just get into, you know, get into being a kid again. And it's very hard Personally, I struggle with bringing out my inner child, you know, usually operating on, you know, intensity and focus mode, but I'm not, you know, advising myself first and foremost, with all these different ideas. inshallah, number four is use discussion cards. And you guys might know, I do have discussion cards called Deep

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discussions. And what they do is they help to facilitate families loved ones, friends in having deeper conversations about topics that really matter. And, you know, if you don't have a set of, you know, bought cards, I would suggest just having a little container and write down a bunch of different questions in it all getting the members of your family to write down a question. It could be, you know, asking questions about life experiences, it could be questions about, you know, what's the scariest thing you've ever done? Or what's your greatest achievement or what's something you hope for the future, but all the questions into a container, or a bowl and sit around together as a

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family and have a good chat. And it could be funny things like what's the most embarrassing thing that's happened? It's good fun when you have these conversations, and kids really respond well to it. Number five, no doubt you guys are already doing this get creative. So think of different ways to have fun, think of different crafts or projects that you could do with your family or things that you just might like to do yourself. You know, personally, I've always wanted to get back into painting. So that's something that I'm hoping to do to release that you know, creativity to put my, you know, my thoughts and emotions into something visual. So that might be something that you like

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to do. Maybe you like to write poems, maybe you like to do knitting, I don't know, like whatever it is, that might be a creative outlet. This is an awesome time to seek that out and give yourself that creative time and to really use it to have a bit of fun as well. So it's very important for us to do things that we enjoy is really going to help us with our sense of well being

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Having lost being joyful. Yes, we're in a very difficult time. But it doesn't mean we can't find an experience of joy day by day, moment by moment through the experiences we create right in front of us in that moment, so, just look out for our next video inshallah. And please check out developing If you'd like any more information, please send through any requests or feedback about these tips and ideas. I'd love to hear how you're traveling along and implementing them as icon

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