Majed Mahmoud – When Tawakkul Reaches Its Peak

Majed Mahmoud
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When the means that you have are no longer available, that's when you're telecoil, which is the peak. When Musa alayhis salam, the ocean was in front of him. When moosari Salam Pharaoh and the army was behind him, all the means were exhausted, not a single mean is available. And they said in

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bending as Ryan said, We're done. We're toast and we're that said, we're gonna get killed. When it moves. I say Tendler no way in an IRA beside him. I did everything I can. There's no other option except that I'll be saved. And the only way you reach that level of confidence of Musa the only way you reach that level of confidence of Aisha is when you do everything you humanly possibly can do. That's when you can reach that level. When our workers subdeacon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they ran away from Mecca, running for their lives and degrading to Medina mechas North Medina south, they did everything possible to not let Quraysh know Mohammed and Abu Bakr are running

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away for their lives. Instead of them going. No Medina is North instead of going north to Medina, they went south, then went to a mountain. No, they climbed the mountain. No, they entered the cave in the mountain. No, they would that foot traces they had they clear there was some sheep and cattle. They did everything they got a snap the daughter of a backer who was pregnant to be the one who delivers the food because no one can imagine a pregnant woman will climb a mountain to deliver food, everything they can, what are you trying to say? When the people of Christ, they did everything they also can and they reach the mountain? They even some narration saying that they went

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through imagine the remaining of a camel that dung of a camel the waist they grabbed the waist and they tested the waist until they saw a seed of a date. They want to inspect how old is that seed? And is it from Mecca or not. That's how bad and how far that evildoers went to know where Mohammed ran away and so Sarah, and when they read the cave, and they all did the exact same means a burqa on Hamas Arsalan went up to here. Croatia went up to here. The one difference was one step. Only one difference is one step. Mohamed Salah when he reached the cave he entered at he entered it. Christ did not. That's it. That was the one step they didn't do. The only difference between Quraysh and

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Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is that one step they entered the cave and those didn't, they did everything the same. Sometimes what makes it a winner was one step. one extra step, you know, when they run for the Olympics, and they do this head like this just to win. Sometimes that movement is what made them win the gold medal, just one movement. This is a race and also to Allah subhanaw taala sometimes that one step you had to take that would have changed your life with it and who cares? It was one more draw that same job you've done 100 times, same job 100 times you know when it would have been accepted 101 That's what it took one more Lord's gonna give it to you one more, but

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he's never know. So that one step and then when they went to that one step what happened? Because so they started getting nervous. They're also Allah, they're right there yet also Allah if one of them just looks down they will see us colors we're gonna get caught yellow so Allah, that is when your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Killa no you have a book Ramadan Luca listening Allah was added to Homer a worker No, they're not going to catch us. We're not two or three

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it's me and you know you and I and Allah

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What did he say that when he was running away know when he's climbing the mountain know when he did everything he possibly can alumni. That were current Allah Allah this may lead to a cause to Allah Allah, let's say did everything that you can

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