Riad Ouarzazi – Tafseer bites 2022 Miracles of prophet Mohammed PBUH

Riad Ouarzazi
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So that might not have liked the other work by the cat.

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I hope you're all doing great tonight.

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Ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept all your efforts in all your love you were tired last night. You know sometimes you feel body aches, sometimes you feel back aches sometimes you feel you know pain, but this is good pain. It's not like any pain after you know, working out or maybe making some efforts and walking or exercising. This is good pain. Why is it good pain. It's been feasibility

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study for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. Some of you have stood up the whole night. Some of you did not go back to sleep last night. Some of you spent the whole night at the masjid praying standing making a record making

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that video and making the cup and then going back again standing up and then you did the pm with the DMR any then at the end, you stay maybe in the mission as after sunrise. And then maybe you went to have some sleep. It was a very long day and night. Right? But it is all good pain again, this is

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as we say I don't go and they say sometimes when somebody comes to your home and they say I don't want to cause you any trouble, they say the EPA the EPA does not exist in any other language. It's only for the adults for you for me to serve you is piece for me to serve you is it's comfort you're not causing me no trouble whatsoever. But here we're doing it for Allah subhanho data. So we're done with the pen you're done with that one of the pub and yesterday and at the end of the Quran Subhanallah especially just not 29 and 30 You know, all validators small and so have a small sort of small source and this was a talk a lot about you know, a lot about Africa. So the piano and then

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after piano what is all about you know about that? How was the end after the end everything has been completed so what's the end? The end is death. And then the resurrection today

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had either Bella Hadid Tara PRP lemon

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oven and the whole Phil arc with the font itself will be suck it out of the coma Elon Musk up until the death reaches the collarbone and then imagine that person would say what Peter McGrath who can give me up here okay hear me who can help me. The doctor is there the SIR heart surgeon is there and then all surrounding you and you're wondering Mandela who can help me who can give me up here who can hear me but please I'm allow for London and I will fill out covers it is the end it is over.

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There sent to Abu Bakr when he was dying let us call you the beep you know what Bobby is in Arabic?

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st with the with the uncle accent

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Dr. Bobby Duggan, so they said to Abubakar was the other hand Oh should we call you the puppet? The doctor he says I already saw Bobby BARDA spoke to him he says if I enter Lima or eat

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in the for anime my audience already know what the dummy says the same says I do what I wish I lost the Barbie because it's already the end of the day. There's no need for you to bring anybody in if an elderly man as soon as the Prophet Muhammad that is awesome. So before I forget the end, there is this really beautiful series which I've started in few centers, it's called walking with the prophets

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and this series we talk about not just Sierra, we talk about Sierra but we're talking about Prophet Muhammad and living with him and spending one full day with also Allah from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to sleep. Imagine Have you ever thought of this? What does Prophet Muhammad do when he first wakes up? Let me ask you a question

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know what does he

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he's the only one who

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miss work not miss work? No.

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This is called Bordeaux. And what was the difference between all don't want to use Eduardo it is not water it's good. Because there's in Arabic This Wow Who will do is the the process of making wudu is the water that you use to make with already

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married Arab okay, if you are teaching

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he's the one who got it right that the shift of attention. He says he the Prophet Muhammad when he wakes up, he rolls his eyes. The first thing he does

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so we live with him. When he wakes up what he does and then what you know, does he pray away does he pray does he make wudu How does he make although and then he goes to take a bath? How does he take a bath? You know then when he goes to pray where? Where does he pay this

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Good places in the masjid never we where he goes and he makes the hazard. And then what does he do after the Salah? Does he turn towards his wife? Does he turn towards his left? What does he say? What is the first thing when we see these kids coming through the door of the masjid with their mugs with the cups that are rushing to the Prophet Muhammad? Why are they going and running to the Prophet Mohammed with their cups of water? And the Prophet Muhammad? He asked the Sahaba he looks around and and you ask, what is the ask? And then after the Salah, unfortunately, he stays there. And then after he stands up, where does he go? You know? And then after he goes, what that what when

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does he eat breakfast? What does he eat for breakfast? So we live with Prophet Muhammad from the time he wakes up under the time he goes to sleep. So let me tell you a couple of quick stories with Prophet Mohammed. So that you know because we talked about some of the prophecies of some of the miracles and lots of Allah, that we share with you, only maybe two or three stories from Buhari and mostly because if you were to look into the other books, in the same average you will find so many Hadith, but I'm only collecting now some form Bukhari and Muslim which are very, very authentic. I will mention something amazing that maybe you have never heard of as sort of boundaries of certain

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qualities in Bukhari and Muslim NARRATED BY JASMINE Jasmine.

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He says, Rasul Allah and yourself Sudan. We were up with him in the altin. And then he feel felt the need of taking care of his knees. So he goes out in debris looking around, Where can he go? In this way in this valley, of course, they have the washrooms at the time right they will just go behind some tree or something and then they will do their needs. So prophet Mohamed

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Salah Lama is

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he found a couple of trees in this valley but then it was in the open

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it was already open and he would not go in and take off his pants or whatnot in the open.

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So Jennifer says I had also asked him he he grabbed a tree like a branch of the tree, one of the trees. He grabbed the branch from one of the tree and he told the tree and spoke to the tree says

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it then you owe the meanie and he says come close to me. Come with me. Come on. And then he says Jerry says the tree started following the Prophet Muhammad just like unveiled mushroom in Haiti says I've been able to choose what's the in mature some of the Arabs may or may not even understand what we're talking about. Very is the bait as the

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the camels right? The camels are not cheap, my man. They should sheep,

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sheep camels on the hill, right? So my shoes, my question is what you see this way, when you have a salad, they put this like a chain, right? And then you and then you just pull it so the better you take your right to the left just follows you. So the tree followed Prophet Muhammad just like the camel follow. And then he pulled the other branch from the other tree. And he told them to the tree. It didn't even come close to him in the and then the Tree Fallen public. And then when he went into this area, and then he pulled both trees, it attacked you man. I think the isn't the lie. He says come and cover me with a window with the help of Allah and more trees. They covered the Prophet

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Mohammed as he was taking care of his needs. Some of them

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Jabba the leggings other beautiful Hadith, which is also

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we were in this, they were traveling, and the entire army, the entire boat. It was an army with the promises so that they felt thirsty and hungry. And he didn't have no water to make oval and whatnot. So they came to us. Some of us says yes to my way We're thirsty. Can we slaughter our camels so that we can get some food on the CDs with an Amazon jasola Don't get any the camels as we're traveling? It's a long journey. Don't do it make the half Albar chaos of

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the Prophet Muhammad had a cup like a monk, one gentleman said, I saw Prophet Muhammad. In that month. He put his hands and then the water was dripping from the hands of hospital why Khalifa said, he says We all drank and we all made water.

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Jabba was asked the question, how many were you? And I don't care how many Why do I need to know how many you were to believe in the province, the miracle of the province of Sudan. Just the fact that water came out of the hands and loss of Allah or the female Zuma isn't itself a miracle. I don't need to ask. But here's what the gentleman said. He says we were 1500 people. Yeah, you got water that came from the Rasool Allah as I said the handle was fed or watered 1500 people and they made water on top of that

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and then shared it in this other hand

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If Jabba which is also implicated that would end with this Osama, in the Battle of conduct, hence we just listened by the way

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in the Battle of 100. And then everybody was you know, we didn't have enough food and whatnot and, and the Sahaba were so hungry that they had the tide rocks around his bellies, just so that because there were so handling and then they came to complain to us Omar was lifted his bases they had only one rock Prophet Mohammed had two rocks tied around his being solid because he was angry as well. And then jebra When he saw that he went to his wife do we have anything? You have anything Prophet Muhammad he's angry just like anything she says we have a bit of bread and delete the baby of the of the God not just of the baby of it and it is a meal that I would say that we made up for maybe one

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or two people two people maximum. He said, Okay, cook it I'm going to call us over.

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So he wants a buffet

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I've got some food for your home. Just for you. I think people could just one person.

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Now prophet Muhammad's to the faces. Oh people Jabba is he hiding you

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ever went Brian I did run into his wife. But this is the job of the wife was mashallah the the the brilliant wife? She said, he told her help help run the armies come in 3000 People are coming. And she says, Hold on. Did you tell us about that we have this much food. He said yes. I told him this isn't the way

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sometimes husbands may sway. And then you need that wife who can

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set you straight now. We help one another. We don't compete

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them and I will complete one another. The husband and the wife they complete each other we don't compete with one another. So perfect Mohamed came and then he told her the cook dishes don't uncover the bookmark the BOMA is that you know the words they put the food and cooking, leave it as is and the Sahaba entry in tents and 10s and 10s and 10s they will take some bread, put some meat and give it to work next, next next next, the entire army with fat from this little small braid and some and last but not least, in this Masjid of the Prophet Muhammad Ali was salam and the Sahaba they heard something crying. Mo of them they are

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not just like

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like Shaheed there was someone who was crying who was making the noise a tree

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a tree the tree that the Prophet Muhammad used to be in on on he used to make hotbar or when he used to give a speech used to lean on this tree. The tree was crying Why? The Sahaba yet another significant also Shigella sort of Ma, we don't see it because the images has grown and grown and grown and expanded. So the sisters in the back the women in the back they could not see the whole monocle stem. Okay, this woman from unsavoury Yes, she was unsightly. So you can also run we can see you Why don't we build some member for you?

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The idea of the member came from a woman and sorry yeah, why don't we build a member for you? So they had to get this member from the member to rebuild. They had to cut the branch they had to cut that tree the tree was crying. Prophet Muhammad went and he had that tree. Everybody was he had the tree and she's

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had it is in behind some of the miracles of the Prophet and your products who loves him

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you love him so lesson for you and I to love Him we have to show how much we love Him so Austin and loving these to make him to love him is to do what he loves someone who sent them what does he love? Think of what Prophet Muhammad loves and do what he loves. He loves an officer that obviously can filter that kindness these are the things that he used to love someone Muslim. Do as you know in sha Allah Sharma you shouldn't be with him Asian man

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was it sisters the more hotline is our quiz isn't the man with the prizes so coming rating child left to answer the questions being the lead to win those prices will be fun. We'd be nice beautiful way to end this beautiful month of Ramadan inshallah and looking forward to it by the coffee concert American market.

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