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Chateau La Ilaha Allahu la de Cana or shadow, Muhammad Abdul Salam.

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Our praise due to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And success

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is for those who are pious

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and emnity

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should be against those

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who are evil

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and I bear witness. There's no God worthy of worship of Allah. And that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the last messenger of Allah.

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We're returning to the study of our llamas, Chanel Matura

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buy, share and hakomi

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in which we were looking at the section on other

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we had completed

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question 149 in the previous session

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contains basically the evidence is for

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the third level

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of Qatar,

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which is the will of Allah

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if I'm not mistaken.

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So, we will be beginning

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Question number 150.

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After looking at the evidences from the Quran and the Sunnah,

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which, in summary, present

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evidence for a laws will

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with regards to his creation,

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as well as human will

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and its relationship to a large will.

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So, question 150, which in the text is quite long?

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I have summarized

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using the last statement, how can Allah will and desire what is not pleasing to Him?

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How can allow will

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and desire what is not pleasing to Him?

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This is the question which arises

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once we

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accept the basic principle, that everything is under our laws will everything in creation, nothing takes place in creation, except by his will with his will.

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if that is the case,

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there appears to be things in creation, which are displeasing to Allah.

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So, how is that?

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Why should there be things in creation events happenings, apps etc, which are displeasing to Allah? When nothing takes place, besides his well meaning he could have

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had it otherwise, he could have

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ensured that nothing takes place which is displeasing to him, could he not have done that? So the question that is raised How can allow will and desire what is not pleasing to Him? It's not logical, right.

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And how can we says it should be known that the will or wish mentioned in the various texts

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in section number 149? Were the texts from the Quran and the Sunnah speak about the laws will that this will has two meanings.

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The Universal preordained will that's one

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and the religious legislated will, that's to

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the universal preordained we'll also called the creational will

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And the religious legislated will also called the legal will

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in Arabic

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The first is called al irata or Al mushiya,

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and the second is known as El mushiya. I shared a year

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or Radha sherea. Anyway.

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So, let us look first at the first section the universal preordained will

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which does not necessitate a loss of pleasure or displeasure,

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meaning that if something takes place, according to the universal preordained Well,

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it doesn't have necessity mean that Allah is pleased with it.

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Or displeased with it. The issues of pleasure and displeasure, don't enter.

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It includes belief and disbelief, obedience and disobedience. What that which is pleasing, and that which is liked and disliked.

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All of that comes under

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this universal preordained world, no one can escape this form of Divine Will, as he the Most High said,

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from a unity level idea who yoshua sadara who Islam Oh my God, I knew the law who edge al sadara who Biocon ha Raja,

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and whosoever allow wills to guide he opens his heart to Islam.

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And whomsoever He wills to send a straight, he makes his heart closed and constricted.

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Also, the most high said

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oh my god de la who fit Natasha who finance term LIC Allahu Allah insha.

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Allah, he can live in Alameda de la who is in Utah, hirako Luba whom,

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Whosoever Allah wishes to try,

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you can do nothing for him against the law.

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Those are the ones whose hearts Allah does not wish to purify.

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With regards to the religions legislated will,

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or before going on to that, in reference to that first verse in Surah, Al anon verse 125.

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It'd be my boss that said, it means that the law opens up one's heart for the acceptance of tawheed and belief in it.

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On the other hand, whomsoever He wills to lead astray, he would make his heart closed from knowing a law and loving him.

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If no time had gone on to say that this is a just punishment, for those who do not give a law his just do and those who deny our laws favors, a lot shuts the door of guidance to them. And that is why their chests become constricted. The guidance, guidance is a favor from a law.

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He makes it settle in the person who is suitable to recognize it and give thanks to his creator by obeying and worshiping Him alone.

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If it is asked, What is the fault of one who is not suitable for it?

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Or is the fault of one who is not suitable for it? The answer is that his greatest fault

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is that he chose not to be suitable.

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His greatest fault is that he chose not to be suitable. He favored the ways that displease a law and followed his desires instead of working to receive a lot of pleasure.

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Is there anything greater than this?

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This is Troy's.

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Regarding the legislated will the religious legislated will, Al irata Sharia.

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This is specific to what Allah is pleased with what he likes, and according to which he ordered and prohibited his slaves. For example, a law saying, you read the law who become olusola voila, you read to become an officer.

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Allow wishes for you ease and he does not wish to make things difficult for you.

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Also a lot of statement you read Allahu leanbean Allah come

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to come sooner Latina moon Kabbalah come quiet here to buy Aleikum, Wa La Honeyman Hakeem, Allah wishes to make clear to you and to show you the ways of those before you

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and accept your repentance law is all knowing, all wise.

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And there are many other similar verses

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from the Sunnah of

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the prophet SAW Selim said,

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a lot of dislikes you to engage in three things.

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A lot of dislikes you to engage in three things