Taimiyyah Zubair – The Beautiful Names of Allah #36 – Final

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the meaning of Jesus and the use of the "monster" label, which is not a recourse for the ultimate recourse. The importance of disputing "any human being" is emphasized, and the "monster" label is the one who gives priority over others. The confusion surrounding Jesus's names is also discussed, and individuals are encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences with the names and attributes.
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Sara Morley Kumara Matala Barakatuhu

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are with a Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool e Hill Karim rubbish Rahi sadri were silly emri Washington rock that Emily Sani Yakubu Kohli along Matthew Kirby was added Lisa and he was also him at the Colby I mean you're behind the mean insha Allah We will begin with the beautiful name of Allah, Muhammad and the name of Samad it means the absolutely perfect or the ultimate recourse, the one who is self subsisting, the one who is the eternal refuge for all for all existence. Now the name of Samad we see that it occurs only once in the Quran in surah tL airfloss call who Allahu Ahad Allah who summit and this surah basically

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explains to us the meaning of the name of summit. And then we see that this name is also mentioned in the center where we learn about a man who was making draw and in that draw, he mentioned the name of summit, that Oh Allah, you are ahead of summit and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he heard this man making this era, he said that you have called upon Allah by a name. But you know, when he is called upon by that name, then he certainly gives he certainly response. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam approved of this surah so we see that the name of summit it is mentioned in the Quran, and it is also mentioned in the Sona and what does this name mean? Let's look at the

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meaning of this name. Now when we look at the word summer, that the verb summer, the summer that means to direct oneself to word something or someone. So some other means Asada to intend towards someone, or something, to direct oneself to word someone or something, meaning that you go to someone, why do you go to someone? Why do you direct yourself to them, because you are in need of them. Right? They they're able to help you, you are weak, so you are dependent on them, which is why you turn towards them. So this is why we see that the words summer is actually used for a salient, or a lord, a chief, a master. So this is the first implication of the word summit, that it means a

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lord or a master. If you can, please move to the next slide.

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So that we can look at the meanings just qualified. So a lord or Chief, a master, in whom others take refuge in so so this is the first meaning of the word summit. And secondly, the word summit means a Lord to whom

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any Lord, achieve on whom others are dependent. So first of all, they are taking refuge, they're taking shelter there, they're seeking security, with that, Lord with that chief. And then secondly, they are turning towards that chief towards that Lord, that Master, why for the fulfillment of their needs, so they are dependent upon this master. And this is why summer is also used for a Lord to whom obedience has rendered meaning you must obey this, this Lord because there's no it's not possible to accomplish anything to accomplish any goal without him. And then, thirdly, the word somewhat is also used for a lord or achieve a master above whom is no one. So for example, in you

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know, in a tribal system where there is a hierarchy, you know, there's, there's that person at the top, right at the top meaning above him is no one. So, this is the concept of summon, that it is a Lord above whom is no one and then the word summit is also used for the one who does not become needy. Right. So, it is actually used for a man who does not become thirsty, who does not become hungry, even in war. Because, you know, people after some, you know, after exerting some effort, they get tired and you know, different

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People have different capacities, some people get tired very quickly. And other people, they have a lot of endurance, a lot of strength so they don't tire quickly. So this is someone who is a person who does not get thirsty does not get hungry in war. And then finally, the word summit is also used for something that is solid that does not have a cavity, meaning it is not hollow from the inside, it is solid from the inside. So these are the linguistic implications or the meanings of the word of the word summit. Now when we're talking about Allah azza wa jal, that he is a Samad. Then what does that mean? This means that first of all, Allah subhanaw taala is the ultimate recourse. He is a

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summit. Remember the first meaning the Lord the master, whom people direct themselves to. So Allah is the ultimate recourse, the one whose protection, everyone is in need of meaning there is no safety, no security, no well being, for any creature in any way whatsoever, without the help without the aid of Allah Rasool Allah, if Allah does not grant security to something or someone, it is not secure, they are not safe. So a summit, he is the ultimate recourse. And then he is a summit, he is the ultimate recourse without whom no affair is accomplished. Meaning we are in need of not just his security, but also his help, his assistance, his will his permission, in our favor, so that we can

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get things done, we see that even our boss will do a lot more in who he he defined a summit as an ludy, the one who are all creatures turn to all the hunter, all of the creatures, they turn to Him in their needs, right, and with all their requests, meaning they are the one that they are sort of sorry, he is the one that they are completely dependent upon. So Allah is the one who fulfills the needs and requests of all of his creatures. So we're all dependent on him, he is the ultimate recourse. And we see that Allah subhanaw taala fulfills the requests of all of his creatures. So we see in Hadees, for example, regarding animals, that

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you know, if it was not for, you know, the animals on earth, people who do not give the cat would not receive rain at all. So Allah subhanaw taala fulfills the needs of his creatures. And then we learn about you know, how the womb the Rahim, the Rahim, you know, it's it made a plea to Allah zoologia and Allah subhanaw taala responded, Allah subhanaw taala fulfilled its request, we learn about even jahannam *, that it made a request to Allah, that you know, parts of me are eating other parts. So Allah subhanaw taala responded to its request. So Allah subhanaw taala a Samad any, whether something is living or nonliving. What you know, it is something that has freedom or it

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doesn't. It doesn't matter what type of creature it is, every creature is dependent on Allah. There is no existence for any creature, without Allah subhanaw taala without Allah subhanaw taala granting IT security well being and without Allah subhanaw taala giving it the assistance that it is in need of because the creation is ultimately weak. And Allah subhanaw taala at a summit, he is free of any need, and he is perfect in himself. Then thirdly, when Allah subhanaw taala is a summit This also means that he is the greatest, the highest above whom is no one. So we see that the word summit is used for a say it right who is you know, the ultimate master the ultimate Chief, meaning above whom

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is no one. And of course we believe that Allah subhanaw taala he is the greatest Allah who acabado that Allahu Allah, that he is the highest, and he is the greatest. So we see that once you know a man said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that anessa you do now you are our master, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a say you do Allah, that the real say it the ultimate master is actually Allah. We learned in a hadith about how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah the Exalted says that

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greatness is my cloak, Aloma you know it also similar meaning dignity respect, that is that that is also for Allah or zoologia right so I'll Kibriya Oh Rida, he will Obama to his daddy. And in the Hadith it is mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala says that whoever fights with me over these, meaning whoever tries to exalt himself right above Allah or or to be like Allah, then such a person will be thrown into the fire. So, absolute lordship authority, greatness supremacy is for who it is only for Allah who summit Allah, who is a summit Subhana Ville Jabba route one mallacoota will Kibriya he will Allah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say when he would, when he

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would make record, then we see that a summit the fourth meeting is that Allah is absolutely perfect. He is absolutely perfect. So nothing and no one is better than him or zero agenda. So, we learned that even our basketball de la Mourinho, he said, describing the name of summit, that he that a summit is a Chief 10 whose meaning a chief who's whose greatness is absolute, right? unknowable whose nobility is complete and impeccable, someone who is mighty possessing absolute power. So he described a summit as who a Sayed a Sharif allow him, and also a Halley, not just absolutely great, but also very forbearing. And very rich and very mighty, and absolutely knowledgeable, and extremely

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wise, and one whose judgment whose decision prevails. So he described a summit the name of summit as the one who is perfect in every way, in every attribute, in every quality. This is why we believe that all of the names of Allah are perfect, meaning no one is better than Allah, in in those attributes.

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For in Allah Vani Yun, Allah is free of need, right? When Allah subhanaw taala wants to do something he just says Kuhn, and it happens while I'm your caller, who will a human a duel, he does not have a you know, a friend out of weakness, Allah subhanaw taala is free of any need. And then Allah subhanaw taala is a summit This also means that he is absolutely perfect and he is free of any fault and he is free of any need whatsoever. Remember that one of the meanings of the name of summit or the word of summit is something that is solid, meaning something that does not have any cavity, right, it is not, it is not hollow or empty from inside. So meaning something and you know, it's

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used for something that does not have a stomach. So, we see that in total anomalous panel dialysis where our youth are removed while our youth our mo He is the one who gives food and he is not given food, right. And then we learned in Surah Taha that Allah subhanaw taala says, Lana's a Luca rescore, we do not ask you for any sustenance, Allah subhanaw taala does not ask his Korea's creation to give him sustenance, he is the one who gives sustenance to the creation. And if you think about it, having a stomach right or having a cavity is a symbol it is a sign of weakness. We learned that when other values center was created. I know at least he went and he he examined the

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body of Adam or he said I'm very closely. right this is before the soul was blown into ademar his center. So so he went at least saw that otherwise, they said I'm had a cavity inside meaning he had a job, right? He had a stomach, then what happened? He said that I can easily over you know, I can easily overcome him. Right? It's It's not difficult to deal with this. So the thing is that when you have a stomach, it means that you can get hungry. It means that you are in need of food. It means that you are dependent on food. Right

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You need that hollow that space to be filled with something, and when it is empty, right, this means that you can become weak, you can become a completely incapacitated, and it also means that you can fall ill how often we fall ill because of something bad that we eat or something we eat, which does not suit us, right. And then we see that, you know, having a stomach means that we can also become greedy, right, we have desires, and then that greed makes us compete with one another and makes us resort to wrong and unlawful ways to get what we desire. So, this is, you know, these are all weaknesses that are associated with having an emptiness inside, right, meaning that there is a void

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inside of us that needs to be filled, and we, you know, we have to fill that void with material things, but then there's also you know, a void in the heart that needs to be filled with spiritual sustenance. So, this is our reality. This is the state of the creation, Allah azza wa jal, he is a Samad he is perfect and complete in and of himself, he does not need anything to to fill him, No, we need something to fill us. Allah subhanaw taala does not have any any need, right? So he does not need a child, which is why a summit is who and Lady lamb Yella dwelling unit. Right, the one who does not give birth nor is he forgotten, he does not need a child. Right? What am your coloca one

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100 and there is no co co equal to him, there is no one who is like him. So Allah is absolutely perfect, free of any fault free of any need. And this means that he did not create us so that we could fulfill some need of his or that we can make up for some deficiency in him. No, that's not why He created us. He did not make us His slaves so that our slavery would benefit him or empower him in some way, or that it would make him wealthier in some way. No, he does not. He is completely independent of us. So why did he create us He created us for his worship. And our worship also does not benefit him at all, because he is linnaean on an island. I mean, so if we were to summarize the

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meaning of the name of summit, what does it mean? A summit is the one who is independent of all who is perfect in himself. A summit is the one on whom everyone depends on. So there is no survival, no existence without him or zoologia. So this is the meaning of the name of summit. Now what about us? What What should we do when we realize that Allah subhanaw taala is a summit? The first thing is that we should know and we should believe that there is no such idea except for Allah? Meaning when it comes to absolute authority, absolute perfection, and absolute independence from everyone and such that everyone depends on him. This is exclusively for Allah or Zoda Cole, who Allahu Ahad,

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Allah has Samad right, that say the fact is that Allah is a hard he is one, there is no no one like him. Right? there. There's no no second being or third being that is like Allah azza wa jal, he is only one and he is only one because he is a Samad. Right, because he is perfect in and of himself. So remember that perfection and permanence and absolute authority and freedom of need. This is exclusively for who Allah azza wa jal. Secondly, when Allah subhanaw taala is a summit, we should turn to Him in all our needs. Because whether we do so willingly or not, the fact is that we are dependent on him any Nothing can happen in our lives, we cannot even take the next breath without

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the will of Allah subhanaw taala. So when we are completely dependent on him, whether we love him or not, whether we acknowledge him or not, any we are still dependent on him. So why not ask him why not go to him willingly. So Allah Samad This means that we should turn to Him. And the thing is, that you know, sometimes we don't we don't ask certain people for help.

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Because then we're afraid that, you know,

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they're going to demand something from us, or they're going to mistreat us. Right? You know, they're going to keep, you know, reminding us of the favor that they have done. And so I'd rather you know, a stay without this need being fulfilled, then ask this person for help. But Allah or zoa, Jen, he is independent of us. Right? We depend on him and he is independent on us. So he's independent of us. So there's no there's no losing basically, there's only winning and gaining and fulfillment when we when we turn to Allah subhanaw taala. And then, this means that we should put our worries before him. Right whatever difficulty we are experiencing whatever, you know, struggle that we have in our

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lives, any injustice, right, any abuse anything big or small, that we are going through, let us turn to Allah subhana wa Tada. We learn about how a whole lot Ile de la Mourinho I know when her husband pronounced the * against her. In she went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asking him for a solution and the Prophet sallallahu earlier said them did not have any, you know, any solution for her because no revelation had been given regarding that matter. No hokum had been given regarding that matter. So Hold on, I'll deal on where I have kept making God to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala revealed but semirara Allah who Colin Natty to de De Luca fism Jia with a sticky in

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Allah, that Allah heard the statement of the woman who was arguing with you, and who was complaining to Allah, you know about her condition about her husband? Well, lo Yes. Martha, how would Akuma Allah was listening to your conversation, right? Allah subhanaw taala is semir he's ever hearing. And then in the following verses, Allah subhanaw taala revealed the commands regarding that situation. So put your worries before Allah, because you are in need of Allah. Anytime you're struggling with something big or small, turn to Allah ask him remember him, say has to be Allah. Right? say, Yeah, can our Buddha Yunus during say, dinner Serato was the pain when Allah is

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summoned, then obey Him? Because remember that a summit is a master a lord, right? Who is supposed to be obeyed. So when Allah is the one who is and who has absolute authority, and he is the one whom we have to ultimately return to, then let us obey Him. And let us put his command, before or above anyone else's wish. That what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded us, that takes priority over everything else, we should be loyal to Allah when he is a summit. And also when Allah is a summit and let us place all our hopes in him alone. Because remember that if all of the creation were to gather together to benefit us or to harm us, they wouldn't be able to do that. Without what without

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the permission of Allah subhanaw taala unless Allah subhanaw taala had already decreed that for us, so let us place our hopes in Allah. And then when Allah is a summit, then have courage, have courage by relying upon the one who is perfect, the one who helps the one who grants refuge, the one who fulfills the wishes, the needs of his creatures, so have courage. You know, when you just look at your own ability, you are afraid, because you know how limited you are, you know how weak you are. And that is that that is true, you are weak, you are limited. But when, but by relying upon a summit, you can accomplish great things. So put your trust in Him. And by that have courage. How can

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we call upon Allah subhanaw taala by this beautiful name? Well, first of all, when we're making draw, then then we should mention this name. Remember that the man was making draw? And he mentioned? Well, I asked you because you are a head You are a summit. Right? And then he went on, and he and he made the there's there's a version that I mentioned in the previous class, and then there is another version of this in which we learn Allahumma inni so Luca, yeah, Allah sorry. Allahumma inni. So Luca, yeah, Allah Allah had to summit Allah the lamb Yella doula mula dweller Mia Kula who put one hand and then you ask Allah until finally the newbie that Oh Allah I ask you

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because you are one you are perfect. You are the ultimate recourse. The

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The absolutely perfect right you You are the one who is not who does not give birth noise he Bugatti and there is no one like you so I asked you that you forgive me my sins you forgive all of my sins in Mecca and deliver photo Rahim indeed you are Forgiving and Merciful. We learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard a man making this girl and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Kudu fear Allah, for those who fear Allah, God who fear Allah. Certainly this man has been forgiven. He has been forgiven. He has been forgiven. He said it three times. So this is a very beautiful Dora a very important door. And you see by mentioning the name of summit, what are we

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saying? We are saying that Yeah, I need you to forgive me. I am dependent on you. Right. And then

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another thing we should do is we should recite sorbitol airfloss. recite it when going to sleep as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would recite call our the bitter pill follicular with abruptness and also to airfloss. recite the surah in the morning and in the evening, recite the surah insula, especially in the Sunnah prayers of budget and of Muslim in the second record. And also love this surah. You know, a lot of times we recite this surah just because it's easy to recite it, we don't have to think we don't have to pay attention, we can just recite it without pausing, right because we know it so well. And that's okay, that you recite it frequently, because it's easy for you to

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recite it. But recite the pseudo would love any pay attention to its meaning, realize who you are talking about who you are describing, he it's a very powerful Suba. And remember that the man who would recite the surah so much in Salah that people complain to the Prophet sallallahu earlier set it up. And the Prophet salallahu already sent him asked that man that why do you recite it so much the man said, because I love it. I love this sutra, right? And the Prophet sallallahu earlier said them, he said that Allah loves you because of your love for the surah. So if this is not something, something small, it's a big deal, recite the surah with meaning with attention with love, and the

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more that you reflect upon it, the more you will love it. Now the next time that inshallah we will be looking at is the name on how

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Allah is a help the truth. Now the name and how we see that it occurs 10 times in the Quran, and it and we see, for example, two occurrences over here that he can be anila who will help in sort of hedge that. The fact is that Allah is an help Allah is the truth. So I'll help the word truth. It means what is you know, something that is an established fact, right, something that is real,

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you know, something that does not have any doubt in it whatsoever. And if you can move to the next slide, please. And I'll help also mean something that is permanent, right, something that is, you know, an everlasting. So, I'll help is what is true, what is real, what is undeniable, it is the opposite of Berlin, Berlin is what is false, what is unreal, so, help is what is real, right? It is, it is true, it has no doubt in it. And help also means what is permanent, everlasting, meaning it's never ever going to end. And and help is also something that is in accordance with reality. Right? It is in accordance with reality. It is, it is, you know, suitable to the requirements of wisdom and

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justice, and truth and fact. So with all of these meanings in mind, one we're talking about Allah azza wa jal that he is unhealthy. What does that mean? It means that Allah subhanaw taala is the truth. Meaning he is real, he is he is real. He is the truth, his existence is true, His Lordship is true. The fact that he is ILA the fact that he is God, that is true. Allah is help and whatever else that is worshipped besides Allah. That is not true. That is not real. Meaning if anything is worshipped besides Allah, does that thing does that object that you know actually exists? No, it doesn't. Is that object really worthy of worship? No, it isn't, is that object

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Really a God really the creator? No, it isn't. So if there is anything that is, you know, if a person believes that there's something other than Allah, that is also God. Right? Or that you know, there's a you know, that that it is the Son of God or it is an equal to God, Is that real? No, it's not real that is all baffling. Because remember how is the opposite of Bartlett? So we see in sort of the verse that was mentioned earlier, that valley can be anila who will help? The fact is that Allah is the truth was unknown who your * Mota, and the fact is that he will resurrect the dead. In verse number 62 of sort of the Hajj Allah says that he can be an Allah who will help. The fact is

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that Allah is the truth. What annamma You're the rune, I mean, dooney who will battling and whatever it is that they call upon besides Allah, that is all false. It is all false. It is not really God. In fact, it's, it doesn't even exist. It's just names or concepts, right, that people have come up with, it's all mythology or imitation of it, right, that people have come up with, and they've passed on generation, you know, one generation to the other, adding their lies, right layers upon layers of lies. So that does not make them real. They're all false and Allah is a help. Right? So we learned in sootel nrhm, verse number 62, that so model do in Allah hemo will have whom will help

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that then they will be returned to Allah who is their true Mola? Who is their true owner? their true Lord, they spent their lives serving other gods and other you know, or serving different beings. And the fact is that they were not truly God. They were not their true molar. Who is the true molar of the entire creation? It is only Allah Mola whom will help instead of haha i 114. Allah says Fatah Allah, Allah whole medical help, Allah is and medical help the true Malik the true sovereign and then ensued Eunice i a 32. Allah says for that ecomo Allah who Rob buco will have that Allah is your true rub your true master creator owner, right, the one who decrees everything that happens in your

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lives. So he is our true Mola. He is our true Melek and he is our true rub. So whatever is worship besides Allah, it is not really God, only Allah is a help. And one of the implications of the word health is that it is enduring because truth lasts, right? Because truth is fact it is it is reality. So even if people pretend not to see it, or they would they don't fully understand it, they don't recognize it. The truth doesn't really go away. The truth is permanent. It stays right because fact reality is his reality. It's not going anywhere, right. So, so this is one of the implications of the word How can meaning it is a sabot it is permanent. So Allah is unhealth, he is the truth, the

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true Lord. This also means that he is the one who is everlasting, the one who is enduring the one who is perfect, so he will never perish, he will never diminish. Secondly, when Allah is unhealthy, this also means that he is the source of truth. So his teachings are true. They're never mixed with false what we learned in sorbitol bacala iO 176. That vatika be anila kneser Al Kitab will help Allah has revealed the Book the scripture in truth or with the truth. In verse 119, a suitor bacala in other cell NACA will help indeed we have sent to you with the truth. So Allah is the source of truth. Meaning he sends the truth he has revealed the truth, he has sent His prophets with the

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truth. He has revealed scriptures containing the truth so that people know what the truth is. And then when Allah is a help, this also means that his words are true. So whatever that Allah informs of, that is true. He guides to the truth he decrees the truth, right? Allah soprano thought his words are true. So we learned in sort of UniSA 87. Woman, us the criminal law he had these are who could be truer than Allah in speech. There's no one who is more true than Allah in speech.

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Right, when Allah subhanaw taala issues a command to the angels, the angels are overcome with fear. Right? And they, you know, they begin to glorify Allah. And then they, they ask each other that What did your Lord say, for and so jabril says, I'll help. Your Lord has said a Hulk meaning he, he has spoken the truth. So the rest of the angels also they say, I'll help, I'll help. So Allah speaks the truth, his words are true, his messages are true. So anything that Allah has informed us informed us off, that is real. So we learned in the Quran, what unnecessarily allowing the fee, right, that the our the final hour is such that there is no doubt about it, there's no doubt in it, it's coming for

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sure. Anything that Allah subhanaw taala has, has told us about in the Quran, remember, it is fact anything regarding our past meaning, you know, meaning, you know, human history, or what happened before the world was created or before either money center was created, what happened at the beginning, right, how Allah subhanaw taala created the heavens and the earth. And then anything that will last proud Allah has informed us about the you know, the future, right. So the events of the hereafter the coming of the Hereafter, and any matter that Allah has informed us, informed us of, you know, that that is related to the unseen that we cannot perceive with our own eyes. So for

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example, angels we cannot see with our eyes, but Allah has told us about their existence. So they are true, right? Likewise, the existence of the gym, right? So any matter that Allah subhanaw taala has informed us of through the Quran or through His Messenger, remember, it is true, it is real. And then finally, when Allah subhanaw taala is an help this also means that his promises are true. They're never ever broken. Whatever Allah has promised will come true. Instead of falsehood, I have five to six, Allah subhanaw taala says that that year a yohannes. In a war the law he held that all people indeed the promise of Allah is true. Meaning the promise of resurrection, the promise of of

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recompense in the Hereafter, it is true, it's going to happen. Follow the old one akumal higher to dunya Do not let this worldly life delude you, will I ever run a combi lahiru and the Great Deceiver meaning shaitan Don't let him deceive you about Allah. The promise of Allah is true. It's going to occur in sudo to Nyssa I 122. Allah penalty dimensions the rewards that he has promised to those who believe and do righteous deeds, and then Allah says word Allah he has.

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This is a promise of Allah. And he he has made a true He will make a true there's absolutely no doubt about it. In certain courses, i a 13. We learn about the mother of musala his Salah, right that how Allah subhanaw taala promised her that we are going to return your baby to you. We're going to make him a profit. And so what happened moosari Sam was returned to his mother and Allah subhanaw taala says for the dinner who Isla Omi cater Carla, I knew how will 1000 Well, he tharla an award Allah he had we returned him to his mother so that her eyes would be comforted. She would no longer be sad, and she would know that the promise of Allah is true. And when you know that the promise of

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Allah is true. You always have hope. And having hope is extremely important. Because remember that the mother of musasa was from the bunny is ill and the bunny is right you were enslaved in Egypt and they needed hope, right? That that this difficulty is going to end in through the Zoomer is 74. We learned that the people of Jenna who will say Alhamdulillah Hillary's sada Kanawa, all praise to the one who was truthful to us in His promise, meaning he fulfilled his promise. In Silikal aarav I have 44 we learned that the people of Jenna will ask the people in *, they will say that we have found my word and our buena hochkar we have found that whatever our Lord promised us is true. We have we

00:39:43 --> 00:39:59

have you know everything that was promised to us has been fulfilled. For helwa jet to my word or book on hochkar. So did you also find what your Lord promised you to be true calu neuron they will say yes. So there are

00:40:00 --> 00:40:47

Words of Paradise true, the reward the punishment of *. True. This is what Allah has promised. So Allah His promises are true. When Allah subhanaw taala is unhealthy, he is the truth He is the source of truth, his words are true, his promises are true, then what should we do? What is what is our responsibility? How do we worship Allah subhanaw taala in light of this name, the first thing is that we should strive to give Allah subhanaw taala his do his due right, what he deserves from us. And what is that? That we worship Allah alone. In a hadith we learned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told Mara that we'll deal with more I know about the help of Allah what Allah

00:40:47 --> 00:41:38

deserves from his slaves. And what is that? It is that they should worship only Allah, they should not associate anything with him. So this is the right of Allah, and we should strive to give Allah his right to the best of our ability. And part of this is that we fear Allah, as he deserves to be feared. Right, it duckula haka, Ducati, and strive in the way of a ludger he do Fiddler he, how could you Howdy, as you know, as he deserves that we should strive for him? Think about it, how much do we strive for the creation, even for ourselves, we exert so much effort, so much of our time, and he just to write one essay to submit one assignment, we spend hours and hours and hours. in IE, we

00:41:38 --> 00:42:32

dedicate so much of ourselves to things that are temporary, how much of ourselves to do we dedicate to the one who is unhealthy, the one who is the truth, the one who is permanent, the one who is everlasting. We should think about that. And then when Allah subhanaw taala is unhealthy, we should also believe in the truth that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, and we should let the truth be our guide. Because, you know, in this day and age, especially, in fact, you know, there has always been concepts or, you know, beliefs that have been common, dominant, you know, in different eras. And some of those concepts, some of those beliefs have been contrary to the truth that Allah subhanaw

00:42:32 --> 00:43:05

taala has revealed. So, for example, at the time of the Prophet salallahu, Alayhi, wasallam, many people believed in, in in multiple gods, they worshipped idols, right? There worship multiple gods, the Quran teaches us something different, the answer is there is only one God. Right? So at that time, this was the struggle these days, your struggle may be well, the Quran says this, and research shows that or science says this, right? Or, you know,

00:43:06 --> 00:43:59

the, you know, given that we are living in the 21st century, right, modernity demands from us that we do this, and we do that. So, there might be situations where you find yourself, you know, struggling between, should I believe in this? Or should I believe in that, right? Where it's not always easy to, to see that the Quran is or what people say is in agreement with what the Quran says, right, you might see the two contradicting one another. So in that case, remember, believe in the truth, because as people, you know, as long as we are, you know, learning just through observation, right, we are still learning, we can never claim that we have learned everything,

00:43:59 --> 00:44:46

there's always a possibility that there will come a point where we will say, you know, what we believe previously was wrong. There was a time when people thought that the Earth was flat. And if anybody said something, otherwise they were killed. Right. So, the thing is that people's observation, because we are still learning we are still observing, our conclusions can always change. Right? Science is supposed to be self correcting, that through research through study, right, we are willing to revise our opinions. So remember this, the Quran, this is absolute truth. So if anything contradicts the Quran, right? You say that we need to do more research, because this

00:44:46 --> 00:44:59

is the hub. So let the truth be your guide. Because Allah subhanaw taala he is the truth. And his his light is the truth and what is illuminated by his light will be true. Well

00:45:00 --> 00:45:43

Why is unhealthy? then speak the truth and live by the truth. When Allah is help, then believe in his true promises don't have any doubt about them. And when Allah is how can we encourage one another to live by truth also with also bill healthy with the loss of his supper? How can we call upon Allah subhanaw taala by this beautiful name, we should glorify and praise Allah with this beautiful name. In the Hadith we learn about how when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would get up to perform the 100 right when he would perform the night prayer, he would he would begin his Salah by glorifying Allah. So when you say Allah Akbar, and he says to panicle lahoma would be

00:45:43 --> 00:46:19

Hamdi, Cotabato, customer Kota, Allah jet Duca Allah, Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at that time he will also make this door and what is it? It is alumina can hum internodal Some are worth you will or Allah for you as all praise You are the light of the heavens and the earth one hand undertaking most of my work you will wanna call hand untolerable somehow it will all be woman fee hidden, all praise for you, you are the one who uphold the heavens and the earth. You are the Lord of the heavens and the earth and whoever is within them. And

00:46:20 --> 00:46:30

Allah you are the truth. Well why are you can How can your promise is true well Oh look, I'll help your Word is true when you call

00:46:31 --> 00:47:08

the meeting with you is true. Well, Jenna to help paradise as true when now to HAC. * is true one to be Eunhyuk prophets are true with Sarah to hook the hour is true. And then Allah Melaka assylum to Allah, I surrender to you, I believe in you upon you, I put my trust, I turn to you. So it's a beautiful door that we should also learn, especially with a month of Ramadan approaching, we should learn this there are so that we can also make this door and also ask Allah subhanaw taala for the ability to speak the truth was a Luca Kelly method.

00:47:09 --> 00:48:00

Or Allah, I ask you for the ability to speak the true Word, write a truthful speech, for Reba will enjoy and in anger. Because sometimes what happens is that when we're happy, you know, we we kind of compromise on the truth just to make other people laugh. Sometimes we lie. And sometimes when we're angry, right, we say things also which are not true. So ask Allah subhanaw taala for the ability to speak the truth. Regardless of you know, what, what, what state you may you may be experiencing? The next Name of Allah that we'll be looking at is the name l mu been l mu been? The one who is evidence the one who is manifest. This name occurs once in the Quran in surah, two new or Allah subhanaw

00:48:00 --> 00:48:50

taala says that on the Day of Judgment, we are lamona and Allah who will help cool moving, people will know that Allah is allowed ulmo been he is the true he is a more being the one who is manifest. Now the word will be in his very interesting well, bean is used for something that is manifest and evident, meaning something that is clear, right? The word will bean also means that which is distinct from the rest, meaning it's very clearly apart from the rest. Okay, it doesn't resemble other things. It's not mixed with them. It's it's distinct. And well being also means what is eloquent. So for example, if someone is very eloquent in their speech, moving, expressive moving,

00:48:51 --> 00:49:44

and then moving is also something that gives clarity meaning something that makes other things clear and manifest. So these are the meanings of the word will be when Allah subhanaw taala is unmoving. What does that mean? It means that Allah subhanaw taala is evident he is manifest. Well, we can't see a law of course we can't. But still Allah subhanaw taala is evident how through his eyes yet, you see an idea is a sign and what is a sign a sign is supposed to be pointing you towards a certain destination right. So for example, if you are going on a road, right, you are looking at the signs very clearly at the road signs, right especially, you know the names of the roads because those will

00:49:44 --> 00:49:59

help you determine which which you know, where you should go, should you turn right should you keep going straight should you go left. They also help you determine which side of the road you should be on. Right in the right lane in the left lane in the middle lane.

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00:50:02 --> 00:50:57

so this is the the purpose of science and Allah so panel tada has revealed ayat meaning he has revealed verses, and these verses, they help us recognize Allah subhanaw taala. They, they, they reveal to us, they show us who our Lord is. So yes, we don't see him, but through the if we know him, and we can know Him better than we know the people around us, we can love him more than we love our own children, more than we love, even our own selves, we can be conscious of him more than we can be conscious of, you know, police officers or or any person in authority. So, Allah subhanaw taala is Mobius meaning he is evident he is not hidden himself. He is not hidden himself, he has

00:50:57 --> 00:51:49

revealed Himself to us how through his eyes get through his revealed signs, meaning the verses that he has revealed, and also through the signs and the creation, right the things that he has created. So for example, we learn when it comes to, to, you know, Revelation, we learn about Musa alayhis salaam, that when he was, you know, when he reached the mountain, Allah subhanaw taala spoke to him. And he said in any and Allah, the One who knew here I am Allah, let Eva Illa Anna, there is no god except for me, for Buddha neither for worship me. Allah subhanaw taala sent revelation, right, Allah subhanaw taala spoke to his messengers, Allah subhanaw taala did not hide himself, no, yes, let to

00:51:49 --> 00:52:40

recover, absorb, you know, vision cannot perceive him, of course. But Allah subhanaw taala has also made himself manifest by sending revelation and by creating science. So, we learn about you know, the prophets, you know, their message was the same that all people worship Allah, you don't have any other God besides Him. Right? We learn about how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also his his preaching began with what calling people to the worship of Allah. Right? You know, when someone asked the Prophet sallallahu where do you send them that what is it that you preach? Right? What's your message? And he said that you know that the summary of that is that I call you to the worship

00:52:40 --> 00:53:29

of the one whom you call upon when you are lost in you know in the desert when you when you are hungry when you are in need right so that same being that you you already you know turn to you already seek he you know is the one who's worship I and I'm inviting you to that you should worship only when we learn sort of Zoomer is number six, that Hello Kakuma nevsun wahida so majority I mean has Oh jaha what Ansel Allah communal, an army for many at as wedge that Allah created you from a single soul. Right and then the cattle are mentioned. And then you know, our creation is mentioned that he of loco confy Bertone Omaha t calm Hong Kong member the Hulk Philo met in the last that

00:53:29 --> 00:54:19

Allah subhanaw taala creates you in the wombs of your mothers. The creation after creation, meaning one step after the other. He creates you progressively right? In in layers of darknesses Valley como la hora bukem. That is Allah your Lord, instead of the prophet Isaiah 79 to 81. It is said Allah hula de geralyn akumal anomaly Cabo minha women have to Kowloon. Allah is the one who has created these cattle for you. Some of them you ride some of them you eat, you have so many benefits in them, you are able to travel by writing them. And then ships are mentioned where you recall a TV and he shows you His signs for a year at Larry Tancharoen. So which of his of the signs of Allah will you

00:54:19 --> 00:54:59

deny? So Allah subhanaw taala himself is evident, right. And he has made himself evident also by giving us knowledge of his names and attributes. And he we could have not known about Allah unless Allah subhanaw taala informed us about himself, right? Well, are you here to learn and be Shay marry me, Ellerbee Masha, we could not have known about him without him, telling us about himself. And Allah subhanaw taala has done a huge favor to the creation when Allah subhanaw taala informed us of his names and attributes

00:55:00 --> 00:55:41

You know what, when you compare the on to the previous scriptures, especially what remains of the tote and engelland and azubu you will not find much mention of the names and attributes of Allah. In the previous scriptures, you will find so many names and attributes of Allah in the Quran. So this is a huge gift, a huge blessing of Allah and something that we should really pay attention to when we read the Quran. When Allah subhanaw taala is mubin This also means that he is distinct from his creation. He is not like his creation. So anything that you think about is about the creation. Remember that Allah subhanaw taala is different from that he is distinct from his creation. And

00:55:41 --> 00:56:33

Allah subhanaw taala is Albion so he clarifies the truth. He has revealed his book which is rubine, which is so eloquent, so expressive, a few words conveys so much meaning, so much meaning, it's difficult to translate the Quran, not just difficult, it's actually impossible, because there are no other words that can do justice to the words that Allah subhanaw taala has spoken. The Quran is so eloquent. Allah subhanaw taala has made his law his Dean, his religion, known and an evident, he has made things clear. In total hedger IO one, we don't work anymore been right that this Quran is, is is clear. In sort of the new ir 174 and zelina la komuro Medina, we have revealed to you a clear

00:56:33 --> 00:57:25

light. Indeed the Quran is clear in itself. And it's also a light meaning it shows the way it clarifies other matters. The verses of the Quran are described as at mobogenie adds verses that are clear that are evident and also that our like, evidences any an eye of the Quran is a hunter, right meaning it is it is an evidence it's a proof that gives you confidence, right? And then Allah subhanaw taala also revealed, you know, the Quran to His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, He sent His messenger sallallahu Urdu Sunday why, in order to explain the Quran to us, what and zelner alayka vichara Lee to Beijing la nassima News Zilla la him, we have revealed the message to you so

00:57:25 --> 00:58:06

that you clarify to people what has been revealed to them. When our Lumia divakaruni and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he clarified the law. Right? When when it comes to Salah he said pray as you see me praying, watch me and the way I pray you should pray in the same way. The Prophet sallallahu earlier said and said at hedge who do I need? Who do I need? You know, take from me learn from me ask me any question that you have about hedge. Right? And watch me how I'm doing HUD so that you can perform it in the same way. So many instances we learn where you know, people came and asked the Prophet sallallahu Urdu sent him a question right where you know, for example, when surname

00:58:06 --> 00:58:52

asked a question that you know, would be very awkward to you know about a topic that is very awkward to discuss. But she said Allah is not shy of the truth. Right? And the Prophet salallahu Urdu said him clarified the matter to her. So Allah, Allah azza wa jal is when he has clarified the truth by sending revelation and his messengers. So when Allah is unmoving, what should we do? How do we worship Allah in light of this beautiful name? First of all, we should pay regard to the clarity that Allah subhanaw taala has provided, right? So the verses that Allah subhana wa tada has revealed, learn those verses, follow those verses, the signs, the evidence, signs that Allah soprano

00:58:52 --> 00:59:38

authority has created, pay attention to them, reflect upon them, and he don't don't turn away from them. SubhanAllah he, sometimes we are, you know, outside we're sitting in the car, for example, we're driving and the sky is so beautiful, but we're still staring into our phones. We ignore the the manifest signs, the beautiful signs that Allah subhanaw taala is showing us we completely ignore them. So this is this is being very ungrateful towards Allah. So when Allah is Allah Roubini has clarified things for us, we should pay attention to that clarity. Right? And especially when it comes to the verses of the Quran, remember that they are clear and we should pay regard to them.

00:59:38 --> 00:59:59

Almost pantherella tells us in the Quran catolica ubay you know, Lola come at Allah subhanaw taala clarifies to you his verses. Why instead of earlier Milan, La La conducted on in order that you are rightly guided, in total baccara la la quinta de facto Toronto that you reflect

01:00:00 --> 01:00:50

Again in total bacala la la quinta de Lune so that you understand again and bacala la la homie at the home so that they are more conscious in certain Merida La La Campeche Quran, so that you are grateful. So pay attention to his verses, pay attention to his signs, reflect upon them, to be guided through them, try to understand them, and learn from them and be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for such a clear and precise revelation. And really, you know, again, when you compare the Quran to other to the previous scriptures, especially what people have now have the total faith in God and visible in he is so, you know, those books are so heavy, so burdensome just to read. And so

01:00:50 --> 01:01:21

difficult to comprehend. The message is not clear because the original language that you know, the Scripture is not known properly in the original language like how to read it, you know, properly in, in Hebrew or in Greek. So, the Quran, such a huge blessing that Allah subhanaw taala has made it clear, so we should really pay attention to the Quran and learn its meanings. And inshallah I would like to share some good news with you, that insha Allah, starting today,

01:01:23 --> 01:01:30

inshallah, we're beginning a new program of 30 mil put on every Saturday, you can register tomorrow in sha Allah,

01:01:31 --> 01:02:19

online inshallah The link will be shared with you, you can register for it every Saturday starting. Today inshallah is is the is the orientation but starting next week, we're going to begin a new journey starting from Surah, three Fatiha where we're going to study the Word for word meaning of the Quran, and that have seen also, and this is, you know, something that we all need to do in our lives. And once a week commitment is not that difficult. So yes, it's going to be a long journey. But you know, the days are long, yours are short. So, you never know, because of your connection with the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala will will bless you with so much ease and blessing in your

01:02:19 --> 01:02:46

life. So, the verses that Allah subhanaw taala has clarified, let us pay attention to them and learn their meaning. You see, we try to understand such complicated concepts, just to get what half a credit, one credit just so that we can, you know, move towards graduating, any and those concepts are what we read them, we try to understand them just for the sake of passing a you know, a test.

01:02:48 --> 01:03:42

Any we put up with so much, you know, information which we don't even always agree with, but we still put up with it. Why? Because you know we have a greater goal. Allah subhanaw taala has revealed a book which is beautiful, which is perfect, which is evident in its meaning, any it's a source of constant blessing, continuous reward. So let us make room in our lives for the book of Allah or zoa. Jen, Allah subhanaw taala deserves that from us. That that we pay attention to the clarity that Allah soprano Tata has provided for us, when Allah subhanaw taala is Alma been this also means that we should not, you know, pursue the matters that Allah subhanaw taala has kept in

01:03:42 --> 01:04:32

the unseen from us, you know, there are things that Allah has clarified and other things that Allah has deliberately not informed us off. So leave those matters, right? You know, why? Because if it was necessary for us to know, Allah subhanaw taala would have informed us of those things. If he did not inform us about them. This means that we don't need to know about those things right now. So pay attention to what has been clarified and don't pursue what you can never encompass. Then thirdly, when allies ulmo been, we should also manifest the truth and not conceal it. Any if if Allah has privileged us blessed us with the knowledge of you know of a lot of the truth whether it is about

01:04:32 --> 01:04:59

Allah or his scripture, his book, then we should share that truth with other people. We learn in a Hadees that the example of the person who learns knowledge, but then does not you know, does not tell other people about it is like a person who has a huge treasure but does not spend from it. Any it's a waste, that you have such a great opportunity why

01:05:00 --> 01:05:01

I want you to take advantage of it.

01:05:02 --> 01:05:50

When Allah subhanaw taala is Alma been How can we call upon Allah by this beautiful name? When any, anything is confusing to you when anything is unclear to you ask Allah subhanaw taala for clarity, you know how these we learn about how there was a complicated situation of, you know, some marital discord where there was accusation of, you know, Xena. So, things were unclear. And it was said Allahumma Yin, or Allah, make the truth evidence or Allah, Mei Yin, clarify the reality and the reality was clarified. So whether it is your personal matter, right, or something that you are reading, but you cannot make sense of you want, you know that there's a situation in which the truth

01:05:50 --> 01:06:34

is, you know, is confusing to people, you cannot figure out what to do. Right? You are studying something and you still don't comprehend it. ask Allah Subhana Allah, Ya Allah, you are the one who makes things clear, make this matter clear for me. And part of this is that when you're making the decision, humid you pray istikhara right, that you don't know what is truly beneficial for you. What would be, you know, beneficial for you in this life in the next day? You ask Allah subhanaw taala that Yeah, Allah, you clarify things for me. And it is truly a gift from Allah that Allah subhanaw taala has sent His guidance Allah subhanaw taala has revealed his, you know, this beneficial

01:06:34 --> 01:07:32

knowledge so that so many things become clear to us, about ourselves, about our relationships, about the life that we're living, about this world about this universe about the future, any, this is a gift of Allah or xojo. Finally, the last name that inshallah we will cover is the name, Al Isla, who is an ILA and ILA is the Deity, the one the God, meaning the one who is marbou, the one who is actually worshiped. Why is he worshiped? Because he is the one who truly deserves to be worshipped. There is no one else that deserves your such that deserves your draw, that deserves your test be your glorification in beautiful terms, other than Allah azza wa jal Illa Allah azza wa jal, who is

01:07:32 --> 01:08:03

an help, who is a summit who is allied who is an airhead, who is a person who is a Jawad, who is a hobbyist who is allowed and who is allowed Aleem, who is a morally any, all of the names of Allah that we have studied, all of them point to what to the fact that he is the real, the real God, the one whom we should truly worship? And remember, that ILA is the one

01:08:05 --> 01:09:02

who is, you know, who is worshiped with love with adoration, with humility, and Allah subhanaw taala deserves that from us. And Allah is the one who, who is any who who is such that people turn to right they seek refuge in Him, the one who amazes, this is from the linguistic meanings of the word Isla. So, when we learn about the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, especially, you know, the past few weeks that we have or months rather in which we have been learning the names and attributes of Allah, all you know, this knowledge, this awareness, increases in us love for Allah, humility to Allah, trust in Allah, fear of Allah, hope in Allah. And all of this is part of

01:09:02 --> 01:09:55

worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada. And when we, when Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us with this knowledge, then it only befits us that now we worship an ILA, the one who deserves worship, that we seek his help, we glorify Him, we praise Him, we we perform acts of obedience to Him, we do the things that he likes that he approves up. And when we are in any difficulty, we ask him for help. The first one that we should think of, in any difficulty should be Allah azza wa jal, I request that you you share this this knowledge with with people you know in your lives, share the knowledge of the Beautiful Names with the people in your lives because we cannot worship Allah subhanaw taala

01:09:55 --> 01:09:59

properly unless and until we know him. We cannot accept his

01:10:00 --> 01:10:52

commands, we cannot understand his decrees, unless and until we know him, we cannot trust his decisions unless and until we know him we cannot follow his book properly, unless and until we know him. So knowledge of the names of Allah is part of worshiping Allah subhanaw taala. I asked Allah subhanaw taala to, to increase us in our in our knowledge of his names and attributes, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to give us the ability to worship Him in the best way. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us for any shortcomings in our part, for any, anything that we may have said, you know, inadvertently, that was inappropriate in in regard to in respect to the honor that Allah subhanaw

01:10:52 --> 01:11:36

taala deserves, may Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to worship Him in the best way to call upon him with his most beautiful names. And to Allah azza wa jal is all praise and all glorification for he is the one who has gifted us this blessed us with this opportunity. If it was not his favor upon us we could never have learned his names we could never have known him. So all praise all thanks all glory for Allah xojo inshallah, we will conclude over here subchronic Allahumma behenic a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta, esta Furukawa autoboot Lake wa salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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