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Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their past research on ex politicism in Islam, including their experience traveling to different parts of the world and searching for information on the topic. They also mention a book on the topic called "roessPAR" that they designed themselves, and their own history with the jinn, which they believe represents a part of the unseen world and was created by Islam's founder, Islam.
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So I didn't come Rama to lie here about a car to my writings of the 90s. After graduating from King's out University in Riyadh,

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where I did my thesis on esoteric sects in North America, I began my PhD in the University of Wales, in England, which focused on the exorcist tradition in Islam. The area of the gin was something which was confused. I know as I studied in Medina, study there for five, six years, the jinn were spoken about, et cetera, Pierre there and in passing, etc, but clarity, besides the fact that the jinn have their believers amongst them and disbelievers, you know, depth of understanding wasn't there. And in fact, when I decided to find the topic, the topic I decided for my PhD was to be genuinely hated, because there was so little information to give clarity regarding it. So I did

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travel, I travel to Sri Lanka, to India, different parts of India to Pakistan. I went to Medina, I went to Trinidad in Central America. And I went to Sudan. I went to Egypt, you know, to research among those people who claim to be dealing with the jinn

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who are engaged in various forms of exorcism, removing the jinn from people. So in the course of my study, one of the texts, which I found, I translated and commented on, it was called rissalah dibny Tamia engine. AB Tamia is treatise on the gym. That was published prior to the completion of my PhD, in order for people to get access to that information, which you know, was from a reliable source. And I did a commentary on the translation. So this is the book I called Ibn Taymiyyah, as essay on the jinn. And I put under it demons was an English gin may not have very much, meaning demons, also has maybe a bit more. But anyway, I go into the detail. This is the original cover, which I designed

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myself, as I was still publishing, doing my own publishing, it's been reprinted.

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This is one of the reprints

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by the International Islamic publishing house, and there is another print, which is even more attractive

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on this particular topic, so as I said, this topic was related to my thesis, you know, because I was already involved in studying about the jinn. And my thesis. title was The Exorcist tradition in Islam.

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And I'll go into that when I look at the book, because the book was published trumpet, but the book on the gin was,

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at that time, in the 90s, rare there are very few books available in English about the gin. So it became very, very popular people tend to be

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attracted to it attracted to the topic, the gin cetera. And it brought clarity to many who had really no idea of really what the gin are, they're part of our belief system, you know, because you do have people who deny the existence of the jinn altogether, but the evidence is brought, and

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it is shown to be a part of Islamic belief. It's part of the unseen world that we do believe in. And Allah of course, is the greater part of the unseen world but the jinn represent a part of that world. And they were created before he

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you know, which is why the angels had raised the issue when Allah said he was going to create a human being who would have freewill as the jinn did, because what happened when they proceeded human beings is that they ended up fighting amongst themselves and killing each other. It's spilling their blood. And so the angels question the law, why would you go and do another one going to do the same thing?

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And Allah clarified that he knew what they didn't know

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