My Journey to Islam – With Sheikh Fahad Alkandari

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The speaker discusses their personal history and love for martial arts in Canada, including their birthplace, homes, and past experiences with Jesus. They also mention their interest in learning about Islam in Saudi Arabia and their past experiences studying Arabic and Canvas online translate into English. The speaker shares their past experiences studying the Arabic and Canvas online courses, including their desire to return to their past as a Christian. They also mention their past experiences studying the Islamic and Canvas online courses, including their desire to study Islam in Saudi Arabia.

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I am I bow Amina Bilal Bradley Phillips.

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I mean I because my firstborn of 20 children I was born in a Christian family. I was born in 1947. I accepted Islam in 1972 in Toronto, Canada

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along with Nala hell Patna

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December Buju lephalale mummies Ileana, Fedora chef Bilal Philips Allah have minesh Hara Dr. Kalam, Stella alum below.

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You can hear me coming out of a chef, Dr. Bill Phillips. Well, I can real income. Yeah, I have such a data illness. My parents moved to Canada for study.

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While I was quite young, then I was brought to Canada. I grew up in Toronto, the largest city in Canada. And

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I basically grew up like any, you know, young

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Christian, who is not really connected with his religion, and my parents at that point moved to Malaysia. So they had gone to East Malaysia, and they were teachers there in East Malaysia. So I went into that society, which was fundamentally a Muslim society. But in those days, you know, due to the colonial legacy.

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Islam wasn't really present in the society, so it was not really visible. shamaness Ronnie LSU or a woman is sure al Islam, the mother could have

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been a nasty Rania this year.

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Danny knyttet

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de hooli Fie Yanni and harakat

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to LA Vf in Jamia lahmacun Nando de Yanni ruleml module the fee katheer minable dan, all horrible.

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More Annie could not have done and Halle Baba.

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Merci de in Lin. Lab. Can you show your ear for demo huddle? fuqra assure a min huddle Bob the

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CNS Rania cannot buy Fila, Colin

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more than Vanessa massada

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Bad Santa Santa cribben any bike but our fee her

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full of car with the car Gianni salahaddin fatra Yanni altercate

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Llama slamet any

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What if in his or

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after Muslim? And he had the command Lafitte novelry forgave for hearing Allah and Islam? Forgot Dr. Thomas attainable clinical for Vera dapra when I was first

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presented the idea of of Islam

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in the communist party that I was engaged and I started to read the first books. Among the most important was Islam the misunderstood religion or Shabbat Khalid Islam.

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Actually, it didn't take me very long to become convinced that

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Islam was the answer it was the correct way in what was negative and what I came across before was not there. And the best of what was out there in all of the various systems could be found in Islam Ganon Islam Gemma for the oil cooler to look at in San any

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can find the higher labuda men and fulfill Islam I put all the other

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things that I used to enjoy Of course, I used to enjoy martial arts. So I still continued with martial arts because that's something which is just good for you health wise etc. So I kept on doing that but all of the other things as I said, like music and you know nightclubs and that lifestyle. I just put it all behind me.

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And I became

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a serious person. Still, a person who could smile could laugh.

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could enjoy life, but in a different way. She escaped, like Islamic cabello Yan Islami, and then the Islam Gianni Bakula hula Majid fee I

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Liana comme le Hassan Yan a fee, hayati llama SV Malaysia ohmmeter Burnett valid Indonesia he was Muslim Allah for hada Asha banana Danny Asha socket my kingdom Annalisa well I can you talk

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to me cannot Yani to hire Jani roofnew with acana

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to Adler who Samak, Hakka and Ileana can into Africa and Islam

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and Islam. Well I be Yanni hiranandani bajada kabbani under whorfin, Walker wahoo, Sham fee, Jamaica, Yanni llama Doris and mantic were *er fee oh here it is a

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beloved see he wasn't Lila and Isa Lamia Khun Ella Han.

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Belmont Belmont

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from Manhattan worked well who are sharp Danny

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frog Tasha Santa Barbara Tasha Sarah

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tarak a bidet Isa Willem yeah boo Illa Allah.

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What's the maraca? y one who Nana abou cassis and de cassis

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for a one Oh, wha ha to cola home Somu Elmo head as level one enamel, Aslam a listening Masha Well, I can buy the washing machine

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now I need

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to look at my home and maybe it will download mubasher

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mubasher hamdulillah

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Fact of the matter that he decided to become Muslim, it was something external, whereas internally we have to say it was a more head. He was a Muslim. You know from that point when he decided Jesus wasn't God and he worship god alone. Salah Hello Gemini people so to share sobra data with Walter Walter Hector slim was received in Santa server Khattab a shout of Allah subhanho to Allah Islam Wild, Wild West las panatela through condominium Olivia la Salatu Salam busaba was Varela Maya Kowloon. Wahoo Hassan jameelah Lana San Jose headlock man, livin salata, well mobile moto if you want her any lamancha was better Allah Azza wa Jalla hematol Bella coola darat la combustable within

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a year after I accepted Islam, I tried to get as much knowledge as I could about Islam there in Toronto. And so I decided I wanted to go to Saudi Arabia where Islam began the final message. A lot of people tried to discourage me at that time, they said, you know, no, don't waste your time and go there you will be studying, you know, books with the yellow pages and a lot of dust on them, you know, the knowledge you will gain will not really be useful to your practical life. And if you graduate, what are you going to do with this degree? You know, from there, you know, so I this regardless, I felt I became a Muslim, I wanted to know Islam, you know, as best as I could. So it

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was clear for me, even if it was only just to be able to explain Islam to my parents, when I went to study of course, I did learn you know, basic Tajweed reciting Quran

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but real my real contact with the Quran came in Medina, you know, because now I have studied Arabic, and now the Quran is having meaning to it. And I can hear something different from the Quran that I heard when I was reading the English, you know, translation in Shakespearean English, right. So now as I'm going in, I'm studying tafsir You know, I'm studying also the tafsir in lumen Quran, you know, the various sciences that are all related to the crime. Now I'm starting to see the quiet and a whole different light altogether. And this is what I tried to share in my writings, the different books that I've written, etc, which are around the Quran and tafsir. I've tried to share that with

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the English reader who doesn't have access to the Arabic sources. Jeremiah noctel Farsi, like we had to get that we were level.

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Oh, and

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a da de la lytic una comida Annie. I am

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Have you been college? Danny fiamme I've

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seen Dalai Lama cool lift the dad for a

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leader What do you know that American this million god

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Yanni hamdulillah Yana koblin herb, Madonna Dawa buying a home well I can buy the HUD and the fairland fatahna faimah semi now Jani came at a sock off the labia Allah Nam woman Harvey bada Yan innocuously wound. Ella and Watson in axemen Shri in shocks you slim Yomi and Allah stache for when is SAR Indiana XML Sarah love America, calm Shabaab Alana. Tasha Santa

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Aslam, Penny the coolest hula inflectra Jamil Africa l Jama Abra internet capability a tidal fickle Keifa jet catification. Now as it does Alou Allah, Allah internet, well, Johnny swirl and mocha Phil internet wahoo Sunni Sunni facade loony hell, J. insurgency will not do this my home will

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gladly Alinea

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for the health overjet and no 30

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Tama man, manda Soumya Sunni partner less abuse in OBJ path of love

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The only bidder I mean,

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when I can for credit, I nobody's going to read Minal Jimin. Taku Jamia alania yeah t to love in an heilala mahmudul ricinoleic in any

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aged I today. They're

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here for good Rajaratnam copper, we're warming hoonah copper, and a Madonna al baccalaureate for Alhamdulillah added to love and Anwar sanella may attain hum seen Alf polyp muscle in a mere 10 samanya Sri Nola

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my university the Islamic online university has a number of specializations though it's called the Islamic online university we began with the Sharia however I had included in the syllabus for Sharia other areas courses that stood with our students had to take in order to round out their learnings to slay man decor without man and tackle million Missy here LSU Maria Isla Daria Muslim Will Arnett Allah malady extra Ruger milliohm barley Mashallah subotica like man, I have to put on fissara to bacala goodhearted las pantalla hula hula Deena Aminu. You hoodoo Mina boo maatregelen no Mashallah.