Concept of Free Will in Islam

Zakir Naik


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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of free will and the physical and mental compulsion that comes with belief and actions. They emphasize the impossible of force and encourage individuals to follow their will. The physical and mental compulsion is not a force and is a result of belief and actions. The use of the word compulsory is seen as a way to encourage people to follow their will. Ultimately, it is impossible to force someone to accept Islam at the point of the sword and cannot be forcefully pursued.
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Greetings to you in the mighty and Max's name of God. My name is Paul. And I'm a student. I have no doubt. I mean, most people would also have I mean, you already spoken about freewill, and things like that I've doubts about freewill as to what freewill is. And do we have free will to do what we want to do? And as you quoted,

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chapter two, verse 256, from Quran, there is no compulsion in religion and the truth will stand out from falsehood, right. So I am looking for truth. And the truth will set me free. Yeah, that is John chapter eight, verse 32. Correct. You're right. I mean, I'm not as great as you in quoting things from the Bible and Quran, whatever, but I just want to know as to whether we have free will, and what free will is and when they see and petition that I've said that there is no compulsion in religion? What is compulsion here? I mean, I don't know sure whether it is taking it out of context and coated it, what is before it and what is after it because my friends couldn't explain to me what

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was there before it and after it.

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I'll have to read it and when you say there is no compulsion me to do like say, suppose you have to say prayers five times a day right? Do we is it compulsory? There was two questions. The first question what is a free will? And

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as Gospel of John Chapter, it was trying to say is that seek the truth and truth shall feel Jesus has said that, and a quote from the Quran like graphene, chapter two surah baqarah verse number 256 Mashallah is comparing in a grid, he said, he sees the truth. And I pray to God that may that set you free, as far as free will is concerned, Free will means What do you want you can do? For example, today, I want to destroy the full world can I do it, I can try but I will not succeed.

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Johnson Free will means what is in your capacity.

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Whatever the new capacity you can do,

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whether you're able to do or not, that is secondary, for example, my capacity to give a lecture, you can try, like how you tried in a given condition, whether you can give the full lecture, I don't know, but you have the free will to try. The similarly you have the free will to rob, you have the free will to become honest. You have the free will to kill, you have the free will to save a human life. It's your free will, to Free will means you can do what you want, no one can force you find, no one can force you. Now, coming to the question of life raft Within chapter two, verse 256. There is no compulsion in religion, but through times of clear from error, your means you cannot force

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anyone to accept Islam at the point of the sword. I cannot take a gun and put on his forehead and accept Islam is not allowed. I cannot force anyone. But when I give the logical reasons. For example, doctor says you have diabetes.

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Don't have sugar, or doctors forcing me not to have sugar. Yes, he's compelling me. If I don't want to listen to Doctor, I can go and have chocolate. So the doctor is advising you, but intelligent man will not have sugar will have less sugar.

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But the doctor cannot force him.

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Brother. No, I think you're looking No, no.

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No, I'm trying to concentrate on us now than anything else. So the thing is that if the doctor tells you something, you can use the word the doctor compelled me not to sugar. But the right word is the doctor advised me and I'm falling. Similarly like, is it compulsory to pray five times for a Muslim? Yes. It's compulsory. Is there a compulsion? It's not a compulsion with force. If he doesn't want he doesn't pray.

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He can say I don't believe in Allah. No one can force him because he agrees with the system. Ah, if I pray five times, I am getting guidance from Allah subhanaw taala I am on the straight path therefore I'm praying five times. Like how our doctor advises you don't have sugar. He wants to follow follows. You have to fast it's an advice Almighty God Surah Baqarah Chapter 23 Fasting has been prescribed to you as it was prescribed to people who came before you so that you will learn self restraint but will increase so I'm fasting no one can force me with a gun too fast. Is it compulsory first just for a Muslim

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is a compulsory religion. No one can force me I should fast with physical force. So that's talking about physical force.

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No one can physically force anyone to do anything it's your free will. No but then why is it called Why is it that we it is compulsory to fast compulsory to have two types of compulsory one compulsory is with reason and logic the other compulsory that force what Quran is talking about compulsion is force like when Doctor says don't add sugar is it compulsory? Yes doctor is a compulsory don't have sugar is the doctor forcing you literally

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with logic, not with a gun

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right or wrong to the doctor 10 compulsory no sugar for you.

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If you have faith in doctor you fall if you don't, if you don't follow the same me, this is advice given by Almighty God in the Quran. If you believe Almighty God is the Creator, you follow if you don't believe you don't follow. So anyone who's a Muslim is a person who submits the will to Almighty God, the Free Will God has given I can either go against the commandment of God, or I can follow His commandments, after God has given me free will, if I follow His commandments am called as a Muslim. A Muslim is a person who submits his will to Almighty God. There is no physical force on me. The compulsion that spoken in Surah Baqarah Chapter two verse 256. Is the physical compulsion.

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It is not the logical compulsion to poetry. How much for is it compulsory for

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I mean, that's that that is free will Yeah, it is your choice.

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Also, correct. You can say five also, if I can say it is three, then I can have to prove it right? No, no, you will don't do you can say three, anyone can do anything to you.

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I didn't get it, sir. You can say three, although without proving anyone do anything to you. If you the two plus two equal to three, logically, what can you do? But then they'll say he doesn't no matter what they are, but you can say or not? Can you say? Yes, that is called that the free will correct. But if you say two plus two equal to three people reside on nomads. So if you say two plus two is four, it's not compulsory to me. If you pray five times, you're a Muslim, if you say don't to provide them not a Muslim symbol. So it is a compulsion with reason and logic. So as you told two plus years old boys compulsory, why for a person who was nuts, for a person who doesn't know maths,

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he may not say two plus two is for him to go to five, two plus three, six. So this is compulsion of reason. Logic, and Eman and belief.

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Hope them so the question No. Why why?

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We have a new question. No, it's not a new question. It's like, so did I answer your question or not? Yes. You answer the question. We have a new question. No problem. Okay, what I'm saying is it says I mean, now you're saying it has we have to do it five times. Now if I say I do it 10 times.

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But I'm not doing it at the prayer time. Say sir I'm not doing it at my grave. I'm not doing it at the certain times, but I do it.

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And I do it when I'm when I'm going to eat my foot before the meal. I'll say my prayer. When I'm sitting when I'm standing when I'm walking when I'm running by correct so now why why? Why is the word compulsory five? No, for doctors. They don't have sugar. Okay, doctor, I won't have sugar. I won't have salt. I won't have rice. I will die.

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Don't have sugar. Okay, I won't have sugar. I won't have rice. I won't have bread. I won't have food. I won't have non veg I won't have he was

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so you can't go overboard. Doctors don't have sugar Okay, at this time, half medicine, you can have sugar store and so time have limited. So this is before Dr. Knows, now you try and become more intelligent than the Creator, then Almighty God, he knows better than you and me. If you say no, no, I'll do like that. And you will suffer.

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So doctor knows the human body. Almighty Creator knows us better. So he is our Creator, He has given the advice. If you follow you will be called as a Muslim submitting a will to God. If you don't follow there is no compulsion of force.

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I cannot force you to accept some kind of force you know, because I have the free will. With your freewill. Some people like mine, so they accepted it not necessary yourself to accept two more if you agree you're a seeker of Truth. Correct? Your secret official for you.

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Once you're convinced you're most welcome. So I'm ready for the day that

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hopefully inshallah