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The speakers discuss the importance of command and control in building Muslim society. They stress the need to focus on building necessary components to achieve the goal of Islam, rather than just trying to solve problems. They also mention the potential consequences of breaking down barriers and creating a "brink haven't broken," as it is important to avoid causing harm to the Muslim community.

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With fundraising, they are wonderful they are. And that's what happens. shaytaan no gets into the mind, especially of young people, you know, and there are people out there selling what we call wolf tickets, you know, trying to trap people telling them yeah, you know, understand iraq get out there, we got to do something

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here, what you got to do here, you know, but there are people offering this, it's a shortcut.

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It's a shortcut to set up that Muslim school is a tough journey, something you really got to work for the other one where you think you're doing something, just make a bomb, you know, blow up something, you know, it's quick, it's easy, short, you don't have to make any sacrifice and effort, you know, you just get some guys together.

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Nonsense. This, the shape on shaytaan puts this into the minds of the youth, because we want the quick fix. This is the nature right? We want something done quickly, you want to correct the situation right now.

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But reality is that when the problems are seldom said, you know, whoever sees an evil should change it to their hands. This is for those who are actually in a position to change that situation. Not for people who are not in the position to just try to do something you're not in a position to do so means that the consequences are going to be consequences from your actions that are far worse than the good you thought you're going to do with that action.

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So the key is that, you know,

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commanding the good is in accordance with your ability to do it. And that's where you are now responsible. If you're able to command the good with your hand and correct that thing, stop it, whatever, but you only speak about it, okay, then you are, you're in trouble. Because you didn't do it on the level you should. But where all you can do is speak well, then that's you speak. Right? So if there is a wrong there, of course, you write that article, you know, you speak out, you know, distribute material, people are aware, but where do you focus your energy in the area that you can actually make that change?

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So that would be my advice in all that we need to focus on building the necessary

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components structures for a Muslim community here, you know, to realistically develop Muslim community, which has all of its components, which is based on Islam, not based on ethnicity, you know, we're all in this area, because we're all Guyanese, or all Egyptians are all Pakistanis, you know, no,

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we have too much of that. I mean, we've brought it from the old world, you know, into the new world. And it's, of course, not going to help us, we have to break down those barriers and work together, you know, as Muslims without any concern or care for ethnical backgrounds, because we have to do it for the sake of Allah. And to do it for the sake of Allah means we have to ignore these other issues which continue to divide the Muslim world and harm the Muslim world.

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Allows put us in a unique situation here, in that we have, where we're in contact with each other on a level that the rest of the Muslim world is rarely you see them in that same kind of contact.

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A lot of this is a special blessing from Allah in that sense. There's a lot we can do to break down the barriers and be an example to the rest of the Muslim world.

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Sharla think we'll stop here. So panic alone will be humbucker shadow Allah, Allah, Allah and stock Furukawa to Blake, and we'd like to thank you all for coming and participating in the program this evening. And we pray that Allah bless your efforts. And we asked you to keep us in your da Baraka Luffy comes from Morocco, Morocco.