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When we recognize something as being Islamophobic, it typically looks like overt, angry hatred of Muslims. And there is a lot of that to recognize, especially on cable TV: CNN host Chris Cuomo declaring Muslims “unusually violent” and “unusually barbaric,” or HBO host Bill Maher saying the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are “like the Mafia” and share “too much in common with ISIS,” or Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly calling Islam “a destructive force,” and so on. Those kinds of openly hateful statements — or, for example, comparing Islam to Nazi Germany — are what we generally think of when we think of Islamophobia.

Focusing on that kind of overt hate is comforting, because it allows us to tell ourselves that the world divides neatly into two categories: that there are the bad people who say the wrong thing and hate Muslims, and then there are the rest of us, and we’re doing fine, so we have nothing to worry about.

But this narrow way of thinking about Islamophobia is a lie, even if it’s a comforting one. In fact, there is another way that Islamophobia often manifests, one that is less overt and less hostile, but no less destructive — and one that is not limited to people who openly spout hatred on cable TV.

This other kind of Islamophobia shows up in the subtle expression of stereotypes and prejudices about Muslims and their way of life: the presumption that simply because of their religion or ethnicity, Muslims and Arabs are violent, backward, misogynist, and anti-Semitic. That unlike “us” they are less than “normal,” or even less than human.

This Islamophobia is a kind of soft bigotry of low expectations, and it’s everywhere. Former CNN host Larry King illustrated it perfectly, in this stunning anecdote captured by the New York Times’s Mark Leibovich:

A dark-skinned man approached and asked King if he would pose for a photo.

“Where are you from?” King asked.

“Saudi Arabia,” the man said.

“I’m a Jew!” King informed him. “You sure it’s O.K. to get your picture taken with a Jew back in Saudi Arabia?”

The man assured him that indeed Larry King had many fans in Saudi Arabia. They smiled for the picture. “Thank you, Mr. King,” the man said. They shook hands, and King looked him in the eye. “Now,” he said, “please, go fight ISIS!”

What makes this offensive is pretty readily apparent (which is, presumably, why it is included in the excellent Times story): King’s assumption that a person from Saudi Arabia must therefore hate Jews, as well as his patronizing and bizarre admonishment to “go fight ISIS,” which seems to assume that all Muslims everywhere are, by virtue of their religion, accountable for taking on the group.

But offensive as it was, King’s message was largely within the bounds of mainstream US media discourse about Muslims. He was being unusually immodest with his words, and the anecdote is drawing outsize attention because of his fame. But the basic pattern of his exchange with the Saudi gentleman was unfortunately all too familiar: Start by assuming that the Muslim or Arab people in question are probably backward and primitive, shower them with condescending praise if they turn out to behave normally, and tell them that they are personally responsible for stopping violent Muslim extremism — never mind that Muslims themselves are by far the most common victims of this extremism.


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He's been with you, welcome to the D Show. I'm your host. If you have not subscribed, subscribe right now and get ready for another exciting show. We know that Islamophobia is rampant now why we're gonna be discussing that and there's that all up in your face Islamophobia. Then there's that subtle Islamophobia. So we're going to be talking about today, give me some examples here on The Daily Show. And then after the rain comes the sunshine, we're going to give some good news. So you're not all gloomy, because a lot of times you hear the sad news, like why are they talking bad about us when we're just peace loving people trying to have a peaceful relationship with our

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neighbors. And we're so misunderstood. So if my next guest Secretary General is not here in the DC show, be right back Don't go anywhere.

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This is the

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this is the

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Peace be with you as salaam aleikum, WA Salaam Alaikum. Brother, how are you hasn't hasn't? Yes. How are you? I'm good. Thank you for having me on. Thank you for being on today's show. It's my pleasure. It is my pleasure, sir. Now I had opened up the show and I had talked about the

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you know, you're on the ground, you see like this growing Islamophobia is something that you're also experiencing, you're being a part of Islam, and you guys are out there doing a lot of community work and interfaith, you know, different dialogues with different people of other religions? How is it on the ground? What you're seeing now? Absolutely, you know, it's done on the front lines of working with the community working on interfaith and so on. And recent polls have shown, and our experience has shown that

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public perception of Islam is at an all time low right now. Unfortunate effect. That's a fact. Right?

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It was okay for a while, but now it's getting worse again. And we are up against such a machine that is constantly vilifying Muslims and lying about Islam, and they have a vested interest in making us out to be the bad guy. You know, we're doing what we can, we're doing what we can, but we need to double our efforts, job law. Now, we talked about this all up in your face Islamophobia, Bill Maher saying that, you know, the 1.6 billion Muslims are like the mafia, comparing Muslims to you know, like, the Nazis, some crazy open your face stuff out? I mean, what what about this? Now, there's a recent article with Larry King, yeah, talking about the more subtle approach. Sure. That's a very

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important distinction. So you've got the in your face Islamophobia, like you said, which is a problem, obviously. But it's a less dangerous problem, because we all recognize it as Islamophobia. We all recognize it as a form of racism, somebody obviously just doesn't like you. Somebody has misconceptions about you, but we can recognize it for what it is. The more

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devious problem, in my opinion, is this more subtle form of Islamophobia, where there's a very subtle form of racism, very subtle form of stereotype that isn't immediately apparent. The problem is, the person doing it may not be even aware of what they're saying. So for example, there was a recent incident with Larry King, where a gentleman wanted to take his picture with with Mr. King. Turns out that this fellow was from Saudi Arabia, I wanted to take the picture. And so then King said something along the lines of, Oh, I'm a Jew, is it okay for a Saudi to take a picture with with a Jew? And he said, of course, yes. We have many followers in Saudi Arabia and so on. So he took the

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picture with with Mr. King and he smiled and so on that afterwards, Larry King says to this Muslim from Saudi Arabia, he says, Now go fight ISIS.

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On the surface, it might seem okay, he was making a joke about Muslims and Jews and then fighting ISIS and so on. But underneath it, right is this very subtle insinuation that Muslims don't like Jews? Right, which is which is which is not true. We see them as educated people of the book, we have some issues with, with Israeli policy towards Palestinians, but we have nothing against Jews as as a religion, and then something along the lines of now go fight ISIS. Well, what do American Muslims have to do with ISIS? What does that Arabia have to do with ISIS? Right? So that would, for example, that would that would be like me, saying to an American Christian, go fight Andreas brevik.

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In Europe, you remember the

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the shooter in Europe? I believe it was. He killed some Norway, right. It was at a camp and he killed about 70 Muslims. Many of them were children. This fellow was a devout Christian and oh,

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would be like me saying to a Christian here now go fight Andreas brevik or me telling a Christian here now go fight the skinheads in Europe, right? What do they have to do with the radicals in Europe? Why am I holding American Christians accountable for the radicals in Europe? Similarly, why is Larry King holding a Saudi or an American liable for the crazies in the Middle East and throughout the world? Right? So it's this, it's this double standard, but on the surface, that's not how it may come off. Right? He's just concerned about what's going on in the Middle East and he's telling us to go fight ISIS. I want to take you to this clip right now so you can see it, and then

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get your comments on it sure. Heard the Kokomo Islamic Center

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it's time that we put all of these pieces of crap on notice that we're not taking theirs. Yeah. That's that's the first drawing on our little

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artists contest.

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Muslim Central, we're here.

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Okay, so you got to see this clip is very, very sad seeing this stuff. So we're gonna, we're gonna go to break and then we're gonna get your comments on this is this, this one, which would this fit in? This is the very obvious This is the very overt Islamophobia. Okay, so we right back more to discuss this clip here in the deen show. Don't go anywhere.

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Bismillah people wonder, what is the status of Jesus peace be upon him in Islam? Do Muslims respect him? Do they honor him? Is he a prophet? Or is he God, according to Islam? First, all Muslims considered Jesus peace be upon him as a Muslim.

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Do you know that the word Muslim mean the one who submit to God's will?

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to Muslims? The word Muslim is an honorary title to those who completely surrender themselves to Gods Well,

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for instance, in the Quran, Surah 37 103. Allah subhanaw taala says falam as Lama Tila, Hola, jabeen? When are they no Abraham, in translation, when Abraham and Ishmael completely surrendered themselves, and they became Muslim, and they followed the orders of God on the sacrifice.

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So therefore, it was an honorary title for Abraham to be called a Muslim, when he completely surrendered himself to Gods Well,

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do you know that according to Muslims, all prophets of God, were Muslims, and all of them carried the same message in which they were calling people to submit the gods? Well, according to Islam, God has sent approximately about 124,000 prophets to this world, and the Quran, God have mentioned all the 25 of all of these prophets. And out of those 25 prophets, God have chose five to be called hula isn't the best profits. Only one profit of those five profits, God have called him the Messiah, which was Jesus, peace be upon him?

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Do you know that a Muslim cannot say the word Jesus by itself? And he has to say peace be upon him as a form of respect? Do you know that Muslims cannot and will not represent an image of Jesus peace be upon him because no one can replace his image? Again, this is the way we honor Jesus, peace be upon him. How many times have you seen uses based upon him being represented in a cartoon or an image in any Muslim country? You will never. Why? Because this is considered to be a great disrespect. And actually, it's a blasphemy according to Muslims, to represent Jesus based upon him in a form of an image. In the contrary, you will see this being done so many times in the West. Did

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you know that part of being a Muslim, that we have to believe in Jesus peace be upon him and a Muslim? Because not a Muslim? Who does not believe in Jesus? Do you know that God had mentioned Jesus peace be upon him in the Quran? 25 times, versus he only mentioned Mohammed, we spent only five times do you know that the most honorable woman in Islam was Mary, the mother of Jesus peace be upon him? Do you know that Mary was mentioned in the bible only 18 times? And in the Quran, she was mentioned 32 times almost 100% more.

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Do you know the Koran, God have dedicated a whole chapter for the mother of Jesus sudak Miriam, or chapter of Mary? Also, do you know that God have that

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Get a whole chapter on the Koran to talk about the Last Supper circle.

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Do you know that the most number of people named Jesus worldwide or Muslims? This is Jesus peace be upon him in Islam, we honor him. We respect him is our role model. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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Back here on the dean show, Secretary General from esna has him has Yes, thank you, sir. Thank you. Okay, so we got to see this clip. And it's obviously very sad. You know, you go into your house of worship, you want to worship the same God that Jesus worship the Creator of the heavens and earth, you're going there minding your business. And then you see these people waving this confederate flag, you know, with many of them armed now, and it's a scary feeling. What are your thoughts on this? A few things. First, we have to remember to remain calm, right? No situation ever got better because people lost their temper. So we always need to stay calm. Second, will sort of La Soto

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Salaam and the Sahaba. And every prophet went through the exact same thing. You had people that oppose them people to give them a hard time. And they dealt with much worse than this.

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Third thing is this is a teaching opportunity, right? We have to view these protests and islamophobes as people who are misguided, and do what we can to guide them, we have to remember the story of Armada in the hot tub who became the second halifa of Islam. He was he was one of the most

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violent and one of the most rebellious people against Islam. But even he converted at some point, so you never know who Allah chooses to guide. So people like this either. engage them politely, in a nice way. teach them about our religion, invite them in, break some bread with them, try to explain to them that we have nothing to do with what's going on overseas. In fact, many of us came here to escape what was going on overseas. Our religion is a religion of peace. Our religion is one that respects Christianity and Judaism and tried to open their hearts to Islam, not necessarily even to convert them, but just to get them to stop hating us.

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And if they're receptive, Alhamdulillah If not, then we've done our part. We've done our part in explaining our side and distancing ourselves from what's going on overseas. If he chooses to hold on to his hatred and his prejudices. It's on him at that point. I like what you what you're saying. We take something really gloomy and dark. Yeah. Which is obviously you know, what we're seeing here people basically mocking, you know, someone who we love mocking the way of life that we practice when in actuality now turning into something good. You said column in why you standing outside, maybe in the cold? Yeah, absolutely. Come inside and break some bread. Do you remember in Arizona, a

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valley man who went to a rally outside of Phoenix mosque on Friday to protest Islam has a change of heart. Someone went to the event where armed demonstrators spoke out against the Muslim faith. But after being invited inside the mosque, he says the congregation made him feel welcome. Here's Jason ledger and the organizer of Friday's rally wearing the profanity laced t shirts. Now, things have changed out of respect for the Islamic people know what I know now, since I have talked to them and spoke with them not No, I would not do that again. Just because I don't want to offend or hurt those people where they had the bikers, hundreds of bikers, they were protesting at a measured I think it

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was in Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona. And then what what did they do? The people at this Masjid were very wise, Mashallah. They invited the leaders of this org of, of the organizers, right? They invited them into the masjid. And they explained to them that we have nothing to do with what's going on overseas. They broke bread with them, they had a meal with them. And then by the end of it all, you see them hugging, he had a change of heart. He had a complete change of heart. He had a complete change of heart. Mashallah. So this was somebody who was very angry. He was he was armed. He had hundreds of bikers with him. He he organized a protest against a Masjid and within just a few

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hours, right of this very calm, peaceful, accommodating response. You saw them shaking hands and hugging, right. That is the example for us to follow. I heard a recently a beautiful quote by Nelson Mandela, who talked about no one is born with this hate. They're taught to hate absolutely teach them how to love now. Absolutely. We gotta read those. Let's go to we're gonna go back to another gloomy situation. Okay, little scary. Absolutely. We want to bring some light on it after the rain comes with sunshine, as we just did. Let's see. We're gonna go to this clip right now. sure how long it is being sued over declaring his store a Muslim freezone which she made while standing in front

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of the Confederate battle in Bluffton. Okay, we got to just see this clip. Now. You know, at one point African Americans in this country we're being told to get to the back

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A bus. Yeah, there was black Free Zones? Actually no, is this in America we're seeing now Muslim Free Zones

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Subhan Allah, these are the times that we live in. And again, you were talking about taking a negative and make it into a positive. And after the rain, there is the sunshine over here, this is actually a good sign, right? Because whenever a minority receives a lot of pushback, means that they're on the verge of becoming mainstream. Right? So if you look back in American history, Jews went through the same thing, Catholics, German, Irish, Chinese, African Americans, obviously, you name it, right? They all had to go through their phase of being discriminated against being hated. But then eventually, that's a sign that you're becoming very close to reaching mainstream. So

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that's, that's the positive that we can we can take from this. And again, this, this gentleman who is who is doing this, it's a teaching moment, we need to reach out to him, which I know has an shibley, the director of care Florida did reach out to him and they were making some progress for a time but then things fell apart, unfortunately, but that this is a sign that Muslims were becoming mainstream. Now, if you put a Muslim free zone most people, once you open up the door communication, you realize what a Muslim is, and you realize that, that Jesus peace be upon him, you know, he would probably be more your complexion. Yeah. And he would look more like a Muslim looks like today. Now,

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some people are seeing some pictures that because you know, people have modified it. We don't actually know exactly what it looks like. But people you know, they give some descriptions now. He would actually probably not be admitted into the story there. Yeah, that's true. That's true. And And the thing is, is he would deny Jesus, we have to sympathize somewhat with this store owner because I I see him as a victim. Yes. of all of this propaganda that you have in the medium in the media. You know, you mentioned earlier that

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hate is not natural, Hasan is taught, so is fear. I don't think fear is natural. I think fear is taught. And this man has been taught to fear Muslims. He's been taught by the media. He's been taught by islamophobes. He's been taught by a very well organized, well funded, Islamophobia machine. So now it's the responsibility of the Eddie show. The Deen show is the responsibility of ISNA and ekena and care and all the other Muslim organizations to counter that. And this is, you know, this is why Allah sent us here. I love it. I love that's what our way of life is way of life that causes to have peace with our greater peace with ourselves, peace with humanity, to be

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optimistic, to take these gloomy situations. So make the best little lows are very optimistic grants. Oh, absolutely. Not to just look at ourselves like the victims, but to put this information out there and to see how we can diagnosis because many Muslims will see this and they'll fall into great despair. There'll be really sad. Yeah, you know, to think that, okay, this is what my neighbor thinks, thinks of me, you know, and hopefully, they can go ahead and listen to this wonderful advice that you're seeing in just a situation or no, but you're right, we cannot have a defeatist mentality. Yeah, the early Muslims, they were always outnumbered. They were always outnumbered, but

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they were very positive and they were successful. So we need to get out of this mentality of we are victims, we are oppressed. We have some issues that we're dealing with, and we're doing what we can as a community, but we have to remain optimistic and situations like this. We to see them as opportunities to represent ourselves, see them as opportunities to talk to people about Islam and correct people's misconceptions, opportunities. That's what we have here. And we'll be right back with more on the deen show. Don't go anywhere, being an African American, being a veteran of the United States military. I feel as though these people who came out here arm outside of the mosque, a

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place of worship is completely disrespectful. This is on US soil. They're US citizens. We have the right to freedom of speech, freedom of spirituality. And I think that is disgraceful. This is not the American way. This is not the American dream.

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purpose to our lives.

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Do we simply exist to make a living

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for where we met for something greater?

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something more meaningful.

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I looked everywhere for answers

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and I found

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I started my journey.

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Have you started yours?

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Back here on the D show now, what would you How would you approach someone you're going to your house of worship? And you see, or you're you're going to the store and you see a sign Muslim freeze? Oh, how would you engage with someone like this on the other side? Yeah. First thing again, you have to be very calm, very polite. And you have to know when to engage that person. You know, do you want to engage them at the busiest time of the day when they have customers going in and out and so forth? Probably not. Right? We have to be tactful. So maybe wait until the shop owners? He closes shop, maybe call them after hours? Ask them to to come meet with them right at a convenient time for

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them. Then you engage them? Maybe you invite them over to the masjid. Maybe you invite them over to your house, right? Because the measures might be intimidating for them. You invite them over to your house, invite them over for dinner, who's gonna say no to a free dinner? Right? You invite them into your home and you break bread together. It says something and that's that's what they're not expecting. What they're expecting is a sort of violent or antagonistic response. Right? They're trying to get a rise out of us. But let's be tactful, right? and respond with kindness and generosity. I think inviting people over for dinner at your home is a great way to start. And this

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is what what Islam teaches us. Yes. So it's not something that we're doing covert. This is what our religion teaches us the basics of Islam. But a lot of times, you know, Muslims, they might react, and it's beautiful, you're given that advice, not to react on emotion, no, it just to stay calm. And another thing is to really learn your religion. And you'll see how to communicate with people in a positive light and be optimistic and take these situations, to hopefully do some good with it. Absolutely. You You have to be armed with knowledge, knowledge, right? This is not an easy thing to do, interacting with people that are afraid of Muslims are very antagonistic towards Muslims is not

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an easy thing to do. So you have to arm yourself with the right knowledge, not only about Islam, but about modern issues, statistics on terrorism and things of that nature. And our Muslims are really involved in these kinds of things. And right, you have to know what to say you have to anticipate the questions that they're going to ask, you have to anticipate how they're going to respond, you have to anticipate the biases that they might have in what they heard on a certain news channel or from a certain islamophobe so that you know how to counter them because if you can't counter them properly, you might just end up reinforcing the negative concepts that they had. And in the verbatim

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Word of God, the Quran, God Almighty is actually talking about this not to return harshness, with harshness, but with good and then this person might end up being nicely. No situation ever got worse because somebody was calm and polite and loving. Yeah, absolutely. Now tell us how do you how does your organization that's you're the Secretary General of Do you invite people of other faiths, Christians and other not yet Muslims who are out there to get to learn about the Muslims and Islam? Absolutely. It's not we are engaged in interfaith work. 24 seven, right, we do this year round. And interfaith work is one of those things that, unfortunately, is is undervalued by many people within

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our community. They just don't see the value in it. interfaith work is building relationships, it's building friendships. It's building partnerships that result in collaboration. Some of our best supporters, people who have defended Muslims have been people of other faiths, Christians and Jews and otherwise, in churches, in synagogues and in the halls of Congress. Right. But those people defended us one because out of out of their goodwill, but also because of the relationships that they have with Muslims, right? Muslims are a minority. In America, we are about 1% that is a tiny, tiny, tiny minority. It makes sense for us to partner with larger groups who share our values,

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right? Why? Why wouldn't we do it and this is, this is one of the best forms of Dawa. They, they they see us they get to know us. They know that Islam is really just an extension of their own religion. This is not a new religion. This is not this is not an other. We are not people to be feared. We are your fellow Americans. We are your brothers and sisters in humanity. We are your brothers and sisters in monotheism. And we have the same concerns and the same aspirations as you do. I've got a mortgage to pay, I gotta get my kids through college, worried about losing my job, I have a fight with my wife or whatever the situation may be right. I'm going through the exact same

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things that you are, there's no need for you to have

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Or to fear me. Now for the not yet Muslims are brothers in humanity who are out there and they're watching. They got they don't have no plans. Next weekend. Yeah, you're actually hosting an event coming up. I have a suggestion. It's now we have our annual convention every year. It is one of the largest gatherings of Muslims in North America. 15 to 20,000 people come every year. It is Labor Day weekend in Chicago at the Rosemont Convention Center, September 4 through September 7. Everyone is invited. This is not just for Muslims. This is for people of any faith, or people of no faith. We have scholars, we have activists, we have entertainment. We have events for the youth. We have

00:25:39--> 00:25:40

events for college age people, we have

00:25:42--> 00:26:17

roundtable workshops, we have a little bit of everything. We have something for everyone. Donald Trump can come all the politicians, Donald Trump is welcome to come. Yes, yeah. If you want to George Zimmerman, this guy from the Muslim free zone, they're all he should he should come and see Muslim families with little kids while you know running around just coming to learn about their religion. They should come in here how beautifully we speak about Christianity and Judaism about how beautifully we speak about our country, America, about how beautifully we speak about educated people of the book are Christian Jewish brothers and sisters and the guys in Indiana standing with

00:26:17--> 00:26:55

these masks that we saw the video by themselves. They are welcome. everybody's welcome to come. And this is not just isn't this convention, right? This is Chicago's convention, the Chicago Muslim community, they are hosting us they are partners in this event, the Council of Islamic organizations of Greater Chicago, they are our co hosts. So this is not just an Islam event. This is a Chicago event. Thank you. We started with peace we and we piece a lot. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me very much. And thank you for taking the time to tune in to the de show. Again, if you haven't subscribed, subscribe, and we took the all up in your face, Islamophobia talked about a

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little bit and then the subtle Islamophobia and then took the gloomy, turned it into something bright. We need to be optimistic we need to be educated. And if you care, you need to share with your best example that Islam teaches us to be upon and go ahead and inviting those of your neighbors to have good communication with yourself. So we can go ahead and try to clear up this misinformation about Islam and Muslims. We hope that you got to benefit from this week's episode of the Dean's show and we look forward to seeing you next time. And maybe we'll see you at the convention. Make sure you there we'll see you Peace be with you. So I'm like, please subscribe to the show. Follow us on

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