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The transcript describes the lives of various people in Alaska, including a woman who told a man that she wanted to kill him because he said her law was a lawuit against Alaska. The woman describes a woman who told a man that she wanted to kill him because he said her law was a lawuit against Alaska. The woman describes a woman who told a man that she wanted to kill him because he said her law was a lawuit against Alaska. The woman describes a woman who told a man that she wanted to kill him because he said her law was a lawuit against Alaska. The woman describes a woman who told a man that she wanted to kill him because he said her law was a lawuit against Alaska. The woman describes a woman who told a man that she wanted to kill him because he said her law was a lawuit against Alaska. The woman describes a woman who told a man that she wanted to kill him because he said her law was a lawuit against Alaska. The woman

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artistas in Islam, and hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Welcome back, as we continue part 11 of the Sierra biography of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and welcome to all those who are on Facebook Live around the world. Male Muslim dialect lupus is one

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full of love,

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brothers and sisters in Islam. Last week, we left off with the incident with the great Chief, one of the great chiefs of Mecca, by the name of Walid and then Mozilla, if you remember.

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And that incident involved this greatest poet of Arabia, not just of Mecca, but of all of Arabia,

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to go and witness himself

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that the words of the prophets of a model are truly not words of human beings. And he testified that they cannot be words of poetry, or sorcery, or soothsayers, even though that's what the Buddha and the rest of the enemies wanted him to say.

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So the best thing he came up with, was that it is a type of sorcery not known to the Arabs, he said. And I thought we can go with that, as a result of Las pantallas, sent down the verses terrible warnings, not warnings, a terrible torment and torture that is awaiting

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the father

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in solitary.

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Now, my brothers and sisters in Islam,

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the biggest problem for the enemies was this Qur'an, because it challenged everything they stood up for. It challenged their language, which they took pride in. And that was the strongest influence of truth on the people. Their biggest concern was that people can't hear it. If they heard it, would the biggest concern people to hear the court and as soon as they hear it, they get hypnotized by it, and they know the truth.

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All these people knew that what the prophet SAW sent them was saying was actually true. But it was their pride, their arrogance, their love for the worldly things, of etiquette.

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So following

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us incident, after that, actually, the heart was completely sealed. He was almost about to embrace us there. But the pridefulness of his colleague chiefs, what you call today, peer pressure, peer pressure, got to him. And he chose to seal his heart against Islam, the prophet SAW settler and the poor and once

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said he became one of the top ranking enemies.

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So now,

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the Quraysh chiefs heard that one, even Mozilla testify for the court. And that is an amazing,

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amazing words. They

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started to have this in the back of their mind.

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Some of them

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having this crave this craving to listen to the poor and but how are they going to listen to it? Everybody's gonna watch them. If they start listening to the poor, then they're going to show the rest of the Arabs that there's something special about

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what immediately happened after that.

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The Lord knows best.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam son,

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of course, him was only about eight years old or nine years old, maybe 10 he died.

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And that was the second

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child to die. The second son, the first one was an infant, still an infant or just being born new.

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And the second one now Qasim,

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they say that he reached the age of riding a horse when he died.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam now has the very second son with his own hands.

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And this was the greatest opportunity for the enemies of Quraysh.

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To use this against him, while he was mourning, so Allahu alayhi wa sallam,

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the kurush people without being the head of them started to publicize the following. They said look at this man who is meant to be a prophet of God who a lot of love so much apparently. He has no support or helpers whatsoever in who avatar

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the term, that's the word they used in Arabic, which means he is cut off from any supporting lineage. For the Arabs, the greatest support and strength was to have sons.

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Because sons, men physical strength, and especially in those days, not so much today, especially in those days, and especially in places where there is no law and order,

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then you need a strong backing.

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And as we said, there are no courts of law and orders of throne The purpose of the law salamati first came out with the Arabs, it was chaos, you had to have men in your family to protect you. Otherwise, you had no support or protection.

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You remember the story of Luke on a cell and one of the prophets loot was sent to Sodom and Gomorrah. And they came to him, abusing him. He only had daughters. And he said, As Allah says in the Quran, lo and it Ramadan

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If only I had sons or men in my family,

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or a strength of men, that I can get support from against you. So having sons was a big deal of protection. And the prophets of Allah synonyms people by name, Hashem, basically didn't want to help him anymore. They, they don't want this. And all they had was up applauded his uncle, who he himself, put his life on the line. Now,

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remember, from last time that we said,

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so this was an opportunity for them to say he has cut off of all support the Messenger of God who says, Look, I was God's lifting no sons.

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This hurt the profits a lot while he was selling them tremendously. Can't imagine cannot describe the words how they pierced into his house and the lighting

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and who has a complaint and the total loss for his mercy.

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So a lot of sent down the verse immediately.

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Linear on Vega one how in mesh.

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Very quickly, straight to the point. We have given you a gift, a messenger of God, the fountain of ghosts of

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ghosts remains the never ending.

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for Sunday, there have become and have continued to pray to your Lord, don't give up 100 and continue to do your opia for a law International.

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Those who hate you, they are the ones who are soon going to be cut off. They will have no supporters, you just wait and be patient.

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And that first gave the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam immense support.

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appreciate him. And another chief named Abba Sophia, and another chief named Asness. Have you heard about

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these three men among the greatest chiefs, they loved Arabic and poetry and so on. You see the words of God when he did when Mozilla was still affecting them. So tell you this funny incident that happened in that time.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he used to pray in the night. Now when he used to pray. It wasn't the prayer that we know today. Yet it hadn't. The five daily prayers hadn't come down here, but they were praying. Like the way the phone profits is to pray, bowing and prostrating. He used to pray in the night. As I told him in the previous verse, you can seek refuge in the night where you can meditate and your serenity comes down and you find your stress and your hardship goes away when you wake up in the night and pray to Allah. So this was a common practice that SLM did. And in those days, he didn't have cars and noises and TVs and so on and so forth. When the lights were off, they

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were off, you could hear

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if there were crickets, you can hear the crickets only you can hear people just treading very silently. And so the voice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam could be heard outside of his house. So what if

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I was Sophia, and that

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they didn't know this about each other. But secretly at night.

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They started going out. They went one night in secret atrium by himself from a different corner to approach the proximity of senators house secretly to listen to the process of aligning with synonyms to his voice reading the Quran.

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So as they were approaching, they listened until the game stopped. And then as they were going back home,

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what happened?

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They bumped into each other

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once said, I'm just out because of some family needs. The other one said I was going to the bathroom. The other one said, I just wanted to, you know, make that made up some excuses.

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They all understood that they were all going to listen. But they said,

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basically, silently we agree. That's good enough. Let's not talk about it.

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Next day, the same thing. They hypnotize like an addiction. They went back, they listened. And what happened as they were returning, they bumped into each other once again. This time, they said, Listen, we know before we were listening to the quarterback, okay, hypnotizes us, you can't blame us. But let's agree not to tell anyone about this, and we'll never do it again.

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So the next day the man is he couldn't bear. So he goes up to

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six with him at the corner of the car. It was called the social gathering place. He took him aside, I said, Hey, listen, I was

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what do you think of the words Mohammed was reading last night?

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I was Sophia being a businessman, he always counts as losses and make sure that he can come out the winner in the end, you know, as a matter of profit, he thinks business like, instead of answering if you said you tell me first.

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So nothing is said to him? Well,

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I think that they are that man, man cannot speak those words.

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an apostrophe. I said, Well, I understood some. And I couldn't understand some.

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probably true. Because when a man when you don't have the man and you somehow there is a covering on your heart when you listen to the poorer.

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It doesn't do it for you. Until you open your hearts.

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Oh, maybe I was hoping I didn't understand but he wouldn't admit it. So I replied by saying you know what makes him then he went to Abuja.

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The man of wisdom needs to call. Shana was his name. They said, What do you think of the words of Muhammad? Now I wish I had it straight to the point is black and white.

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This is what he said.

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He said,

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you know,

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abdomen, which is another name for battle Hashem, the great grandfather's of Hamlet.

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And US

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and US.

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The massumi people, we've always been in competition with them. They feed we think they bought a wiki for until we reached a point in history, where we were both almost the same in competition, like two horses at the next of each other about to cross the finish line, you don't know who's gonna make the other. And when we thought that we had a chance to be the noblest of all the tribes.

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They come to us with a profit from the heavens.

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How are we going to compete with profit profit from the heavens? He said, I will never accept even if he speaks the truth.

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You see, and that's when

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I sent them the following verses. I'll read one of them. The law says fairing

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the buena kin

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he said to the body.

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There is not you that they do not.

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But it is the verses of a law that the wrongdoer is denying.

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Meaning, they did not accuse you of lying.

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But it is the words of a law that they are denying. They know the truth, but their pride stops there.

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And Australia. And so you can see that ever Sofia is being lenient. What does he do after the opening of Makkah, he converts to Islam. He has something for Islam, but well for business and trade. Over took his mind for a little while. They say that a nationalist became Muslim later on, but we're not very sure about that. So that's one incident. This is all happening when in the fifth year of prophethood.

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Five years after he became a prophet, this is happening now. Keep in mind that tortures are happening. The slaves are being tortured, beaten into the lawn is being tortured so high. Not so high. I'm sorry,

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food the women are being tortured. Zinaida one slave was being tortured or they're being tortured at the same time.

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The purpose of last lm is protected and all the people have what I should have been protected those who became Muslim.

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So one day, they tried to negotiate with the Protestant allies, and one of the chief men in his name is Barack Obama is the father of hynd. You remember the story of interviewed, sent to actually to kill Hamza in the battle. That's later on. So this man is one of the most respected and important leaders in college, he decides to do what he did.

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He thought, you know what, I'm gonna go give it a try. I'm very well spoken. And truly, he was an extremely eloquent man. And on top of that, he was actually a man of wisdom, the prophets of Allah said that actually witnessed to the wisdom of Akbar, even though he was a disbeliever, an enemy.

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And that shows us that we as Muslims, should not deny or neglect the goodness or intelligence of people, even if they are preferred, or enemies of Islam or whatever, because of us kind of a dialogue, or an acknowledge for the people of the book, for example, he said, the mothers were very trustworthy, you give them a common load of golden wealth, and they will look after it for you, and among them, others who are not trustworthy. So we are balanced on that. We don't just neglect or deny the goodness of people just for the mere fact that they're not Muslim, but because we don't like a person or because, you know, we, you know, we think that someone is lower than us or

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the Masonic among in the sight of God are the ones who are most righteous and God fearing. And Allah says, when a

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neighbor prays yourselves in piety don't sit there saying, I'm the most religious, I'm superior, who

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Allah says, He is the one who knows truly, who is God fearing

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what you're doing secret, what you're doing open, what your heart really is, like two different things.

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So without going too much on that, for to save time,

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decides to go to the province of the La Liga center, to speak

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to him.

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So he met him at the corner of the Kaaba, he sits him down and said, yo, Muhammad, you have nothing.

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way they used to say, Oh, my nephew, this was a word of, you know, kindness and respect for someone when they call them my nephew son was younger than him as an older person. He said, Can you sit down and listen to what I have to say? The professor lesson I've never rejected anyone from listening today. And I'd like to make an important point here, brothers and sisters.

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If you expect people to listen to your data, to listen to you about your religion, then it's only natural and proper, and adjust that you also listen to them. You cannot expect someone to listen to you if you don't also listen to them.

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So to formalize the last set of sat down, and he listened to knowing exactly what he's going to say,

00:18:14--> 00:18:32

out by began talking and talking and saying things like, Oh, my nephew, look, your actions have divided us your actions have cut off family ties, your actions have returned, telling us to basically abuse our forefathers and our gods, the

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gods, a Muslim does not abuse the religion of other people almost sit in the corner and do not swear their religion because then they will swear at us. And there is an incident what Allah said that that incident was the time and

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he said, I shall go and swear. If he says one more word, if he swears that our boys and the last sit down that verse saying do not swear their gods or their religion, even though they are complete

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nonsense, face to budino then they will swear at your religion and your God. I've run

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out of injustice.

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So what about spoke for a long time? The prophets on the last slide did not cut him off once. When he finished. He said and the head hadn't finished.

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And he's put his hands backwards like this on the floor. He said yes, I'm done.

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He said, Can I speak? No, he said yes.

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And the only thing the prophets of Allah was sending them did was recite from Surah

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facilite he said

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he hurt me

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which means having a revelation, the poor and from the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious, a book where of the verses are explained clearly in Arabic for people who know, a book bearing glad tidings and warning, but most of them turn away, so they hear not. And I said, I was so wrapped up in covering

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from that which you invite us, and in our ears is deafness, and between us and GE was a screen, so work you on your way, indeed, we are working on our way. The process of our seven continued reciting from the Quran, I'd like to say in English so that he can understand what God was listening to the verse of the Quran with addressing him and the actions, say, a prophet of Allah, I am only a human being like you. The only difference is that it is revealed to me that your God is one God, therefore take the straight path toward him and seek forgiveness of him and woe to the polytheists the people who worship pirates, those who give not the arms text, and they are disbelievers in the hereafter

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the Aztecs, meaning they did not give the cat indeed those who believe in the righteous, good deeds from them will be an endless reward that will never stop, say, Do you verily just believe in Him who created the earth in two days, and you set up rivals in worship with him? That is the Lord of the worlds, you seem to dress in hopes about exactly what these people are doing what they're saying. It's talking about their life, everything what they say in secret, what they're thinking, what are they feeling. And these words, they're actually building up to a point. He said, he placed them in firm mountains from above it, and he placed it and it listed an image there in its sustenance in

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four days sufficient for those in need. Then he rose over towards the heaven when it was smoke and sit onto it, and answer the common both of you willingly and unwillingly, and take shape. They both said, we come willingly, and they took shape. Then he completed and finished it. It was in the form of smoke from their creation, seven heavens in two days, and he made it in each affair, and we are doing the nearest heaven with labs to be in a dormant as well as to God heavens, such as the decree of him, the Most Gracious the omnipotent, but if they turn away, then said,

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and that have to come, I have warned you of a destructive, awful crime like that which over took it. And as soon as is the 31st. As soon as I heard the words, I shall do what I did to your forefathers add in some word, was so overwhelmed by these words, that he got so afraid. He got up, put his hands on to the mouth of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him on Shido Kabira

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I call upon you by the womb that connects us because they were all relatives, cousins. Please don't say single word. Please don't say a word. But I want to destroy a local ad to our ancestors, our family became extinct Arabs.

00:23:21--> 00:23:43

Now, you might think like what but doesn't believe in all that stuff? What's going on? You see the words of the court and they know truth from false and then words of truth about Torah and he ran back to his people to data whenever he got a Pooja Sophia, and Waleed and omega, all those chiefs he sat down with him and said, Listen to me, people listen.

00:23:46--> 00:23:47

Listen to me.

00:23:48--> 00:23:51

Leave this man alone. Leave him alone.

00:23:52--> 00:24:01

Well, law, his words are so powerful, that I cannot believe anything about this, this man is going to have

00:24:03--> 00:24:04

an amazing future

00:24:05--> 00:24:07

is going to be a man of power.

00:24:08--> 00:24:09

Without question,

00:24:11--> 00:24:22

leave him alone. If he is victorious, then we will share in his victory because we are with him. We are his people. And if he is a liar,

00:24:23--> 00:24:42

then at least if he is beaten, then let the other Arabs believe him so that we don't carry the blood of our own relatives and people say they kill their own relatives. So leave him alone for a lot whatever he's onto in his mission he's going to reach it is what was it? At this point? They start to listen to him but

00:24:44--> 00:24:49

the bullying, he got up and said never Is this what you can do. Are you better than your forefathers?

00:24:50--> 00:24:59

Now as soon as you say that to someone like that they can't back down. It's a lot better than my forefathers who said How could you be a coward? He said I'm not a coward.

00:25:01--> 00:25:10

So he kept on talking to him until October. I said, Okay. I've said what I have to say, and I'm behind my people do what you want

00:25:12--> 00:25:16

out but then back down. He was too much too scared.

00:25:18--> 00:25:20

He's forefathers meant more to him

00:25:21--> 00:25:22

than a truth.

00:25:24--> 00:25:25

And so, the enemy at

00:25:28--> 00:25:29

one day

00:25:30--> 00:25:38

the courage people got together and I thought, let's give this one more try. We'll try to negotiate with him. They said

00:25:39--> 00:25:42

to him, we have a solution for you.

00:25:43--> 00:25:52

How about you worship our gods one day, and we worship your Gods the next day? 1411 day is one day.

00:25:54--> 00:25:57

The Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said never.

00:25:58--> 00:26:03

They said how about you worship our gods one day and we worship yours a month?

00:26:04--> 00:26:05

He said never.

00:26:06--> 00:26:24

He said, Okay. We worship your you worship our gods one day, and we worship your God, one year, every year. You just wish you ponder, and will do the rest will follow your religion. But just stop. No one's ever done this in the history of the Arabs.

00:26:26--> 00:26:43

And then Allah sent down the verse and he recited it kulia your health care for everyone? say Oh, noble people of the disbelievers. You see how the word is a you have a as a form of respect. Oh noble people have disbelievers.

00:26:45--> 00:26:49

I do not worship what you worship. This is

00:26:50--> 00:26:54

now I will not worship what you wish you would be doing.

00:26:55--> 00:26:59

And you refuse to worship what I worship anyway. What a

00:27:01--> 00:27:10

noble, I worship any religion of the past of yours, if you're going to take me backwards. I'm not even going to do that. What am I already doing?

00:27:11--> 00:27:20

And you will insist on never worshipping what I worship, no matter what I tell you, let them do it for you is your religion. And for me is mine.

00:27:23--> 00:27:27

At this point, a Buddha had got even angrier.

00:27:32--> 00:27:35

So one day, the province of the law settlement was making power

00:27:36--> 00:27:37

around the cabinet.

00:27:39--> 00:27:40

And this particular story

00:27:43--> 00:27:47

is said to be a little bit weak. But a lot of the scholars said it's authentic.

00:27:49--> 00:27:50

What happened was

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there was a companion by the name

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And this was he is laid out.

00:28:08--> 00:28:10

And there was another companion

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by the name of

00:28:15--> 00:28:18

obey the law. He asked this guy

00:28:19--> 00:28:26

asked, Can you tell me about the worst incident that ever happened to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that you saw in your life.

00:28:27--> 00:28:36

And he said to him, the worst time I ever saw something happening to him was on a time when he was making the life.

00:28:37--> 00:28:45

He said he went around once and there were people, some of them among them chief some of them normal people that were sitting on the side.

00:28:46--> 00:29:02

He said the cross the first time and the people started winking at each other and pointing to the prophets of Allah send them with their hands, their arms, and the vibrance you know when somebody winks and starts looking at someone in the most denigrating way, demeaning way.

00:29:05--> 00:29:09

So he ignored them the first time he went for the second power.

00:29:10--> 00:29:15

And he knows they're going to do it again As he approached this third winking and saying words,

00:29:16--> 00:29:17


00:29:18--> 00:29:22

abusive words, the third time he came around,

00:29:23--> 00:29:43

and they went at each other again and started laughing and abusing himself a lot while he was sitting with even more hurtful words. And the synonym is quiet silent, not saying a single word but it's getting hurt on the inside. Then on the fourth time, he said he came around and they were started to abuse him even more than the Prophet sallallahu. It was setting them stopped him

00:29:45--> 00:29:45

and he said

00:29:53--> 00:29:53


00:29:58--> 00:29:59

you are not going to desist from this

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

Talking about the Messenger of God your Prophet, until a raft before

00:30:06--> 00:30:11

when let enough cvad by the one who possesses my son in his hands. Look,

00:30:15--> 00:30:17

I have come to you

00:30:18--> 00:30:23

with the future command of putting you to slaughter

00:30:25--> 00:30:29

of putting you to what to slaughter.

00:30:31--> 00:30:38

In the Arabic language, when you say it doesn't literally mean to slaughter someone with a knife.

00:30:39--> 00:30:42

It means to fight in a battle

00:30:44--> 00:30:47

and hear the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them is telling him

00:30:48--> 00:30:49

in other words,

00:30:50--> 00:30:51

at the moment,

00:30:53--> 00:30:57

Allah is giving you a chance of being among you for five to six years now.

00:30:58--> 00:31:31

What are these two Fukumoto moranto illa? Allah says in the Quran, and I've been among you a lifetime. You know me now for 45 years I was raised the monkey, you know who I am. And now the continuing with this when all the verses have come to you. And why is giving you a chance. Do you know that soon in the future, you are going to fight me and I am going to take up arms and I won't have followers and you are going to be defeated a terrible defeat. That's what he said.

00:31:32--> 00:31:44

I have come as a messenger of God, if you think that I will not fight back. Allah has sent me and in the future I will have a law of defense and fighting and taking up arms.

00:31:47--> 00:32:10

Right now you think this is not gonna happen? So repent and listen. And in other words, Allah or Susannah was saying to them, you're going to continue to abuse and fight till it comes to a point where you're going to take up arms against me and like and the people who follow me, and I'm going to be forced to fight you. And when that happens, you are going to be massacred, you're going to be defeated.

00:32:15--> 00:32:25

Now they know the problem. Some of our senators have lied. So So can a lot of fear crept into their hearts, and they want their smiles off their faces and said to him

00:32:26--> 00:32:33

katajanokka we know you are Mohamed, les divisia who you are not an ignorant, man.

00:32:35--> 00:32:40

You're not an ignorant man. You're not a person who likes to fight and cause corruption.

00:32:42--> 00:32:49

Go Go and if you move along, we're gonna go back home. So they showed him respect.

00:32:51--> 00:32:52

The next day,

00:32:53--> 00:32:56

Abuja and the others learned about the incident.

00:32:57--> 00:33:00

And they were fuming with anger already on top of the end of the head.

00:33:02--> 00:33:04

They said, he says to you,

00:33:05--> 00:33:10

warns you and threatens you of a battle in the future that he will slaughter you.

00:33:11--> 00:33:18

How could you let him free? Now they said they get it. And this narrator is hiding. He says.

00:33:20--> 00:33:22

He said I saw

00:33:23--> 00:33:26

it might have been Adam.

00:33:28--> 00:33:32

He was the neighbor of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

00:33:33--> 00:33:34

He said I saw him

00:33:37--> 00:33:39

come with a Puja

00:33:40--> 00:33:41

and a few others.

00:33:43--> 00:33:50

And they waited for him as he was praying in front of the Kaaba. Then they said to him, is it true what you said to the people yesterday

00:33:52--> 00:33:56

a threat of a battle in the war then you will defeat them and massacre them?

00:33:58--> 00:33:59

He said yes, I say that.

00:34:01--> 00:34:14

Then as the props are stolen turn to continue this print aka took off the piece of material the the female that they went over their heads from the hate.

00:34:15--> 00:34:47

He rolled it up, made it into a rope like structure. And he placed it around the province of the law while he was sitting there his neck and pulled him aggressively dragging him across on the gravel in front of the PD. The prophet SAW Selim choked, he couldn't breathe and his face went blue so a lot of a sudden he was almost about to faint and go unconscious while they dragged him around. While they were abusing him and hitting him salado settler swearing at him he was being dragged around being choked. Who saw him

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

he ran towards never remember but but that is from the courage but he has embraced the stamp and his people have given up protecting him anymore. So he ran anyway to the province of Milan. He was sending them

00:35:00--> 00:35:15

He started to fight them off while they beat him tremendously until his face began to bleed. And you could not tell the front of his face from the back and the amount of blood that came down from the face of the law while he was protecting the peninsula, sending them calling out and saying

00:35:18--> 00:35:23

Do you want to kill a man just because he says, My God is alive?

00:35:24--> 00:35:46

And because of the last sit downs verses in the Quran later on talking about prophets before and the people doing the same saying Arjuna man Uppsala, Medina, tell us about the story salty sea, and a man came from a far distance saying, oh, people leave the messengers of God, do you want to kill someone who says my law is a law a lawsuit that was done the same way that I would not consider

00:35:48--> 00:36:09

any Columbian law unconscious for many days, and I thought that he was going to die that when he woke up, the proxy La Silla was there. And abubaker sathyaraj Sula, la la, if you command me and allow me I will go out and do it again and recite the Quran, let them bash me and kill me. But the last thing he said to him, my friend,

00:36:10--> 00:36:29

my brothers and sisters, this man might have a little story about how did you become that way? How did it become such a vicious tyrant against the province of Alaska, he was the main physical bully. I'll tell you how we became like that. A few weeks earlier before this incident.

00:36:31--> 00:36:54

He found that the proxy Law Center was a good neighbor team. And all he saw was goodness from him to the point where the enemies were neighbors used to neglect the rubbish in front of the Property Law Center. And they used to deliver destroyed in front of his house while the Prophet peace be upon him would clean it up and not saying a single word about God at one point. He wanted to listen to the words of the prophets of Allah.

00:36:55--> 00:36:58

So one day, he invited him over to his house for dinner.

00:36:59--> 00:37:03

This man, the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam enters.

00:37:04--> 00:37:04


00:37:06--> 00:37:07

he says to him,

00:37:08--> 00:37:25

Look, I want to hear your words, right. But I also want you to eat from my feet. So the prophets of Allah sent them thought maybe he can use a tactic. It wasn't the right tactic. But he made he had, he had an educational guest. And he said, I won't eat from your food until you say the Shahada.

00:37:27--> 00:37:44

He thought maybe if he says it out of embarrassment, because men does that, especially cheese. And it was a noble character of Arab men that if they say a word, they've got to stick to it. So he thought maybe I can make him stay out of embarrassment. And that will entice him to continue to learn about the deal until the entities Ha.

00:37:45--> 00:37:59

The man said, Please yet, Mohammed, don't do this to me, you're my guest. And you know how we are towards guests. I don't want to mistreat you, because the guest is something that our reputation is built upon. Instead, I refuse to eat until you say the Shahada. Finally, the man said, out of embarrassment and

00:38:01--> 00:38:18

started today, the next day, his friend, one of his best friends of his best friend, his name, was obey, obey the other children, one of his BFFs, as they say, best friends forever. And he said to him, I heard that you so bad that you have deserted our religion.

00:38:19--> 00:38:29

He said to him, No, no, it's not true. Listen, man, and it made me embarrassed. And I said the word out of embarrassment. It's not real, don't worry about and obey said, I don't believe you.

00:38:30--> 00:38:45

So what do you want me to do? Because either you choose me as your friend, and you take my word, or you choose him as your friend, you take his way, one way or the other. You're either with us or against us. He said, when you said prove it. To me, I'll do anything.

00:38:46--> 00:38:48

said go knock on your neighbor's door.

00:38:50--> 00:38:57

And when he answers the door, spit in his face. Then I believe you that you're my ally, and I will take you as my friend.

00:38:59--> 00:39:07

And he went to the process of the lesson themselves, he knocked on his door, the prophet opened the door. What do you think the bottom lesson is thinking? He remembers last night.

00:39:08--> 00:39:17

He said the Shahada. Maybe it worked. He's very happy. He's excited that another man that he has saved from the fire. That's all the prophets Allah subhanho

00:39:19--> 00:39:28

wa sallam is cheerful and hopeful. And as soon as he smiles team, awkward and otherwise swears and speaks right in the middle of his face.

00:39:32--> 00:39:33

And he walks away.

00:39:35--> 00:39:37

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't say a word.

00:39:38--> 00:39:42

But a lot did. He sent down the following verse

00:39:55--> 00:39:56


00:40:01--> 00:40:02


00:40:04--> 00:40:05


00:40:10--> 00:40:10


00:40:18--> 00:40:22

And on that day, the day of judgment, the one who wronged himself meaning

00:40:24--> 00:41:12

him without mentioning his name, he shall bite his hand out of regret. You know, when people bite their fingers out of their nose out of nervousness, he says, On the day of judgment, he will put his hands out of regret and nervousness. And he will say, I wish that I would have taken companionship, and the way with Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, with the Messenger of God, oh, Woe to me, oh, Woe to me. Oh, I wish I wouldn't have taken friendship and away with so and so he has led me astray from the straight path. And then Allah says, and misshapen truly is a deceitful liar to men. The shape one has two meanings, the shutdown of the gym, and the shutdown of the human being, shape, or

00:41:12--> 00:41:30

shaitana is an act of evil and treachery. They can be a jinn, they can be a human, who's worse, the human or the genie. The humans the worst, because you say I was a banana chautala regime, you make that the shaitaan runs away, the human being looks at you and says, What are you doing?

00:41:31--> 00:41:32


00:41:33--> 00:41:35

can move on.

00:41:38--> 00:41:49

And that was his shape on? And what does the law describe the shape is in the shadow shadow shaitan can insert a ruler, what kind of shape?

00:41:50--> 00:42:23

The shape on is a Hulu? And I'll tell you that there are eight types of friends along mentions in local app. One of these types is a doodle friend. This type of a friend is like a shape on what does he do? Or she do? She does. Basically they make you think that they are your friends, but only so long as you agree with them and follow with their desires. When you get in trouble, when you get in trouble, it's really their fault for leading you into it at the time that they need you they walk away and leave you alone.

00:42:24--> 00:42:26

And I say I stole nothing do with me.

00:42:28--> 00:42:49

So these are the thoughts in the labs that are produced by the shape on you think is your friend which is your friend they smile to you so long as you do what they do have evil and how do they make you steal that make it take drugs that make you kill them make you abused that make you back but they make you cheat? They make you lie, and then when it comes down to the crunch that you are in trouble. They run away?

00:42:51--> 00:43:06

Nothing to do with you, man. They're evil. And that's what the shutdown will do on the day of judgment in the middle to come up to me Don't blame me. I called you listened Philately money. Don't blame me. Whenever I'm full circle, blind yourselves.

00:43:08--> 00:43:11

In other words, if you're that done when you followed me once I got to do with me.

00:43:13--> 00:43:15

And that's what happened to me.

00:43:18--> 00:43:19

It didn't stop there.

00:43:20--> 00:43:25

I got so angry after that, that he said

00:43:27--> 00:43:34

one day he came to the seller and he was in a really bad mood. He saw him making PowerPoints again.

00:43:36--> 00:43:38

And he started to abuse the province of the loved one