Bilal Assad – The 10 Days Of Dhul Hijjah

Bilal Assad
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hamdulillah Muhammad who want to stay in or want to steal a fiddle, when I will be let him in show Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Molina Mejia de la who Fela medulla. Woman yodeling fella heard the other what a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah. Wa hola Sharika wa shadow ana Muhammadan Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was so heavy here woman sir Allah energy healer young within about Allah it took Allah haka to karate he Walter Mattoon Illa and to Muslim Moon.

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MAN otaku la Hawa colo colon Sadie, the

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mela calm while you're

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warming up. I love our Sula who forgot the first photos and Alima Amudha differ in US local Hadith the Kitab Allah Hi Ron howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Well Shall we shall move to her Wakulla Matata if you heard that Dini without to Mokulua without infidelity bodalla will not allow that infant now. I'm about to

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throw in a hobble Assura Illa Allah Allah Assura Hyrum what a haberdashery her la he Shahabuddin. hija one of the new I am either Hijjah What am dill Hijjah alash Rule oh well, and let the axon Allah hota hai Allah be her few kita be heatable ricotta Allah for con. Oh, while Fajr while a URL in assurer where he allows through our allawah le minidoll Hijjah comm Raja ignore Berson was a Euro home in a Sahaba till kyirong.

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Bill here of the year me dunya you're gonna do sallallahu alayhi wa sallam have a yummy dunya and a yarmulke ashore or our hope no haben call up nostalgia in fact, Wallah the earth Hello Anna saba 50 years he had the luxury middle Hijjah a stimuli Lima Kenny HDMI, a labor that the Omaha to labor that equally well here are salatu wa CRMO was Sadako to one Hajj, wala Lika fee Are you a nurse for her the hidden also so what are you know her to do? Allah Anna yeah mille ashram and the nature of the domain saya aim is sunnah had the have done mean? A yummy elastin a karate missionary Ramadan? In La earlier shahada Ramadan, you don't have the domain layer and is in hija Lee HTML, Allah Laylat

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al Qadr what in the * of Hola Hola, Ania hammertone and Holla Holla hota hai Allah Alena Lucia de de Allah Katana Allah subhanho wa taala. Eman

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where Lena stir Shara de Maria Tila he will be here Elena. Well in after Philippi oh, what Tina? Were Roberto Imani you Lizzie Ashima. Ona be Anna Mattoon wa ADA

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Amina Hetal Armelle for fee her and our mobile saleha. For in rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, UCLA and her ma'am in a Yemen of Dalu a man in a Yemen Allah Saleh Sophie her a hubco Illa Allah him in her the hill am called we are rasool Allah will al Jihad officer Villa kala violent jihad Sophie Sevilla Illa version on her Raja bien FC one early he fell him urushiol means early can be shade, or our whole Muslim will call a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Aidan ma'am in a year I mean of them all and Allah while hubco Illa Allah He Amanda fee her mean her the hill a year Milazzo for x zero minute disability what the committee what the Healy what Takbeer I call her Subhanallah him

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Iran when hamdulillah whether ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar

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for embezzling Muslim and you're stuck the more you're stuck to her her the he allows your Bayto but in Naso hatin Illa Allah Allah subhanahu wata Allah wa and Yuxi Rahman Al

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Asad ha for in a geography of them while Hassan to fee her version lower a crumb we're gonna you're gonna be her Liam remove him for camera Anil Hassan Earth well adjure are of amo fee here the hill a yam Gallica to what in my house he should do or have them were there any conditions if he had the hill a year me and Allah He terracotta Allah for her so Allah doesn't know the world

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My osteochondromas Tata, we're still fit Allah Allah Allah and for wala Tawana who want to be able to say here at Al Hassan tiempo her insha Allah and maybe Miss Betty, Lil Amanda slowly I

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mean, our man slowly he heard the hill ame what often you hear a woman or Salah to holler at her? While Excel men and nowhere Finn, called a soba and what are the Allahu Anhu and then Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call Allahu Allah you can pick a throaty sujood for in Nicoletta su to search the 10 Lila. He will iller of aka be her la vida Raja will help her hunker be her healthier. Or our Muslim son Ian, your starhub boo lil Abdi a cm on cathedra mean her the hill a yam you and Allah Allah, your colo commercia Phil Hardison could see colo

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illicium For him the Holy One, Zb for us to have bowhunter Jim Hurun and Nick Thira Mircea AMI Minella yami we heard the Hilscher likoni hominid Armelle saleha while you're coding mm and now who are we who are is the baboon a shirt do is the bourbon while an icon for either can tell them to stop and the soma Jimmy for some early young Al Kabir Hua Hua Yo Ma Rafa in the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam again I assume, at this

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moment thirsty I'm in the hijama toilet I Aisha Radi Allahu anha a yo Mara for work, but I never use Allah Allahu Allah. He was sending them on fugly. Now the young for con SoLoMo yo Mahabharatha SoLoMo Mahara Cebu, Allah Allah He and UK FIRA a, say a Nuka Fira, a senator latika. Blaha was Senator Letty Bata, her Ottawa Muslim, Sally Ethan used to have both Oh your son nulab de and Euclid Amina tech video with dammy they were totally what the spear way Hakuna Veliky IUC fatin Tasha was Sharon Lee richly doing a Nyssa filmen as anyone massage at work terracotta insha Allah Robinson Abhaya used to humble him and you're still here and yet we are bitOK demon oath here burden to

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Elashi our Ely warfare aware in a year Mila Eid Mina insha Allah we're in Algeria heard of Sunni I love him for either an hour I had to come and Yoda here for in who used to have boo and there's a modal hola hola hola dementia he well 30 He was used to he che and Hatha Yoga he will have a knee home embeddable Kara here to handle more work at her Rama who allow too much

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work to her the nahi min Hooroo Bisham si la Letty a when a Yeoman min uh yeah Misha headed his way into he bid up hill Otalia Liko Lee and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if in Hadith Asahi either the Halacha la shrew where are the AHA to come and yoga Hey, fella Yama Salman Shah he wore this shirt he he show you a woman and Amelie Saliba a lithium battery Excel room in her. The owner tool early one one was soft Hawala for local fron What if she was selling Wartsila tool or ham? What da Oh, for love Ohana and wanna holla either the human was sadhaka to for here, Abraham, where the Shinobi the newbie was say, when is still the Pharaoh for inner who am who

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was Salah to be Layli oneness when he that hood origin Netta insha Allah Hobi salah,

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my brothers and sisters in Islam,

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there are no better months in the entire year than what Allah calls the forbidden months and they are for and among these four forbidden months. The most important month the most beloved to Allah among them is the month of the hedger which we are in right now. And we are now in the second day.

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And within this month of that Hijjah the best days are the first 10 days of the Hijjah which Allah subhanho wa Taala loves the most.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala swears oath by these 10 days in sorted Fajr where he says, and by the dawn and by the 10 Nights even Abbas are the Allahu Anhu and other companions said these are the first 10 days of the hedger my brothers and sisters ALLAH SubhanA wa rasuluh sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even said that these days are the best days in the entire world better than every other day God

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During the entire year,

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and the great 700 of the great scholars said, The reason probably for these 10 days to be the most important and beloved, is because within them there are all the actions of worship that occur that do not occur in any other month other than it, such as fasting, prayer, harsh sadaqa. All of them have been here. My brothers and sisters these days are even better than the last 10 days of Ramadan, except that the nights of the last 10 days of Ramadan are better than the Knights only of the hedger. As for the daytime, they are the best, there is no better day.

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam. For this reason, we must increase in our good actions in good work in these 10 days. And we must enter into these 10 days every Muslim should enter it by seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala as an introduction,

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clear yourself from the past sins as much as you can, and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Allah to forgive you, then increase in all the good acts for Allah He in these days, every good act is higher and greater and more magnanimous than any other day. But at the same time, the sins and disobedience to Allah in these 10 days are also magnanimous and mean more seriously than any other days. Why? Because sins in the days which Allah subhanaw taala has honored for himself are greater and more serious than other days. Therefore, if you do a sin in these days, do not wait. immediately repent to Allah subhanaw taala and say stop for Allah, do not delay. And if you do a sin, followed up with a good date, the

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good deed will wipe it away in sha Allah as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the Prophet peace be upon him said, there are no days that are more beloved to Allah in doing good acts than these 10 days. The companion says, Oh rasool Allah, even going to fight in the Cause of Allah and dying. He said even that, except for a person who goes out with his own self and his own wealth and does not return with any of them, meaning brothers and sisters, these 10 days nothing can match them, even the life of a person fully given for the sake of Allah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said, there are no greater days than these 10 days and there are no actions that are

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more beloved and closer to Allah than these 10 days. Then he said, increase in repeating the following words Subhan Allah, Allah is the great Allah is most glorified Alhamdulillah La Ilaha illa Allah and Allahu Akbar, say them out loud in the mosque, say them out loud at home, say them in your car, say them when you're walking. And it is preferable for the men to say them loud and the women to say them silently. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, what a great time for Allah Subhan Allah Allah to choose it for us. What a great blessing that he has given us for it reminds us of Allah. It shows us how Allah is close to us. It shows us how Allah subhanaw taala is always with us and he

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only wants the best for us. It is a mercy. It also shows us the connection and the oneness and the unity between all of the Muslim ummah all around the world, as we celebrate this time, and as we do good acts with all our brothers and sisters, including the ones who are in hudge. Right now, brothers and sisters, among the good days that we can do in these 10 days of the following. To pray your prayers on its time. Try your best not to delay the time of Salat, and increase in voluntary actions of Salah like your sinners and the other voluntary solid for a companion said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, pray and make Sousou to Allah as often as you can,

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for Allah He every search that that you make Allah subhanaw taala brings you closer to himself, and he will bring you and he will take away from your sins and from your bad actions more and more. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam among the things that we can do also is to fast as many days as we can from these first 10 days. The scholars have the majority of scholars said to fast most of these days or all of them is among the highest virtues of Islam. If you cannot fast all the days, then at least do not let the Day of Arafah fasting the day of out of a pass you. When is that day the day of alpha is the ninth day of the ninja. I should have the Allahu Anhu says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam never missed the ninth day of the hedger except that he fasted it. The Prophet peace be upon him told us about that day of alpha saying, I hope from Allah subhanahu wata Isla and I've asked him that whoever First sit all their sins one

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Anil before to be forgiven, and one year forward to be forgiven in sha Allah Jota Allah. Among the virtuous deeds in the 10 days is also repeating the word Subhanallah Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar and La ilaha illAllah. Among the virtuous deeds also in these days is to intend make the intention to do an oath here, the oath here is done, of course, after the 10 days have finished, and within the first four days of April upon whoever makes the intention to do an oath here, the rewards are amazing and cannot be accounted for in the oath here, we share our food, and we share our blessings that Allah has given us with all our brothers and sisters all around the world, we share the

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happiness and celebrate with our friends and our family by eating from this up here as well. So whoever is able to do it up here, then do it. It is one out here, one carbon per household if you want to do it, and this is the recommended sunnah, according to the consensus of the scholars, but whoever wants to do the oath here, it is recommended that you do not take any of your hair off from your body don't touch any hair, or any skin. According to the majority of the scholars. This is disliked. And according to a minority of the scholars, this they consider it to be forbidden for whoever is going to make the oath here. Brothers and Sisters in Islam and among the virtuous deeds

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is of course connecting your family ties, being good to your parents, doing less and less of your sins and disobedience to Allah. Pray in the night when everyone else is asleep. Forgive and forget from those who have wronged you if you can increase in your good deeds wherever you can and wherever you are able to. And in sha Allah it will be a reason to enter paradise in peace.

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Accord look only Heather was still fit Allah Holly welcome crystal Pharaoh who was at Mustafi.

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Alhamdulillah he Allah Cerny, where chakra Allahu Allah told people he wanted Ernie was Salatu was Salam ala Mala and IBM embody wa early he was so happy he urged emmalin about Allah in Allah Who am Ella Equateur who you saw Luna Alan Nebby Yeah, are you Hello Xena son lo Ali. He was a limo to Selena Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad while early he was so happy he won and Sir Allah Anna had you here what have you healer you're meeting in Allahumma in Nana's a local janitor one hour to becoming a now Allahumma OSLA Helena Dina and under the who are smarter and Marina was the Helena duniya Anna Latifi Hannah I Asuna what Jolene higher to z at Atlanta FICO

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liberating, while no Tara Hutton dynamin co Felicia Allah Mata Hamish Dona Ana Muslim in Amman Jamia al mancha wrote on Allahumma Silliman who judge I will water marine water Koppelman whom Tata whom Yara Belisle, Amin Allahumma idem Li Li himself Amina Ronnie mean Maduro majority in zody in a hammer Rahimi in Allahumma Taco Bell Manasa immunol Sienna homeless woman motor Hina the higher home what John is barely run LA home Allahumma fildena Water cobalamin about Allah in Allah He admirable admirable Hassan what is going on in fascia, it will mancha he will bury Yeah, it will come la la come to the karoun was salam ala ala Nabina Muhammad while Earl he was sort of the chameleon welcome

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