Bilal Assad – Small Acts With Huge Rewards During Ramadan

Bilal Assad
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smuggle out of mother by him and handling them sort of synonymous with Korean brothers and sisters Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. This evening. I just want to give a few quick tips and advices. In worshiping Allah in this time of isolation, Noah Holmes, brothers and sisters, first of all,

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the most important thing to focus on in your day is your fuddled press the compulsory acts the compulsory worship that Allah has told us about your vision for muscle nonrecognition make them the best that you can, but they're not very long. So make them the best that you can. And there's a beautiful Hadith of the prophets lie Selim, which is in Bukhari and Muslim it's called a hadith pudsey, which means that the Prophet peace be upon him is talking on behalf of Allah. And Allah said, There is nothing that my servant comes closer to me better than the things which I have made compulsory upon them. So this is the best way of getting close to one bar. Secondly,

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a lot of people neglect the idea of being good to each other as a family at home, when a spouse has helped each other when the children helped their parents and parents help their children in the home, just your normal chores, the cooking, the cleaning, or the sometimes even spending good quality, playful time together, teaching each other.

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Going out into the garden together, do all these things, so long as you can make that for the sake of Allah subhanahu wata and then it was theory is a form of charity from you and a good day that Allah will not make last Alaska dial acid on to cut demo the unphysical, nuclear industry Duma in the law, whatever you put forth for yourselves, you will find its reward with Allah

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Who 100 On what

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Allah has the best reward, and he has the most magnificent and greatest. In other words, when you do something for the sake of Allah, it means that you should not be doing it expecting a reward or thanks from that person you did the good for. If you don't for the sake of Allah wanting the reward from Allah, it means that whether that person thinks you will reward you or not, you know that Allah subhana, Allah still got the reward for you. And we don't remind the other person but if the other person thinks us to know good people, and if they reward us, they're good people. And we should appreciate that. So our brothers and sisters, that way you turn everything you do in your house, as

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worship for last month that nothing is rendered lost. Number three, is there's a special prayer called salah.

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It's neglected by a lot of people but it's a great song from the Prophet peace. Listen to this beautiful statement of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam which is inside Muslim. He said every morning, when a believer wakes up, then for every body and joint in their body, they have to give a charity a good day. And he said saying Subhan Allah, Allah Al hamdu lillah Allahu Akbar is all the good deed. He said, advising someone to do something good or advising them to stay away from something that is a form of good deed. And then he said, to rock house of Doha that you pray, will cover all the bones of your body and your joints, and bones on board and joints of your body are

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things which Allah had given us to use in worship and in blessings and to serve ourselves and others. So in return, in return,

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we use them to be grateful and give and that's how Allah Subhana Allah sees the good deed and rewards for Salah to Doha is basically a to raka pray that you pray anytime between 15 minutes just after sunrise, up to about 15 minutes before that anytime in that time. And now brings me to the most important part of Ramadan and Maristella what is thoroughly thorough which is just another name for night prayer. And night prayer is a highly virtuous act. Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about it in the Quran. And Rasulullah Salah needs to do it every single night and he advised us to do it in there there is a swings now we can't pray Torah we in the masjid and

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we have to pray at home. There are some people have been asking me I don't know how to recite the Quran how and I'm alone you know, some of them have converted to Islam and they can't recite and they don't have anyone to lead them. I've been asked a lot of questions. So here's a few options that I would like to suggest to number one.

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If you don't know many sources, then grab the Quran or grab your phone on a Quran. Hold it with you in your prayer if you can read the Arabic and read from the Quran as long as you want as many records as you as you wish. If you don't know how to read from the Quran, then if you have memorized short sword as if it was just calling to Allah Who I had, then you can repeat that Surah over and over and over again as long as you like and there is ample evidence in the Quran and Sunnah. Number three, if you don't memorize even a small sword on all the numbers and Fatiha, then you can even just recite Fatiha and make your court long and your sujood long and you can pray as many records as

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you like, according to the majority of the scholars. Number four

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or is for people who don't know how to recite the Fatiha at all let's say some people are still new to Islam or just repenting started depending on how to recite al Fatiha. Then the scholars have agreed that you can put earphones and listen to a chef or site while you repeat after the chef. I'm not saying you let the chef who started I'm saying you hear someone reciting slowly and you can repeat after them while the headphones are in your ear. But even some scholars said such as an author, I mean, he said that you don't even have to

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sorry, administer brain. He said you don't even have to recite al Fatiha if you are not able to until you've able to memorize it. So my brothers and sisters, there is there are so many options for night prayer and taraweeh. And it's all easy Insha Allah, Allah Subhan Allah Allah, grant us the sweetness of night prayer, and the sweetness of feeling that love towards Allah. Ramadan Mobarak Allah Subhana Allah reward you and preserve your cinema

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