Bilal Assad – Going Through Hardships

Bilal Assad
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salat wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad voila early he was sabe as my

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my Sisters in Islam, Salam aleykum once again

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and I thank you for inviting me to this noble

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noble work of yours may Allah span dialer strengthen you and enlighten your hearts.

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My Sisters in Islam, the topic that has been assigned is what GoDaddy catered to be called book which was just like that the use of your Lord has chosen you and favored you.

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This verse appears in Surah Yusuf as you know, when you also Falaise salaam Surah dream

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and in that dream, he saw that the sun and the moon and delivered planets frustrating to him.

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And the law says to him, just like the way that he chose you and showed you, in your dreams, Allah has chosen you also to be a special and favored person. My Sisters in Islam in a time that we are going through right now, there is nothing more that we need then words of encouragement from our Creator, Allah subhanaw taala.

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And from the Quran to return back to it and understand it, for we are living now in a time that is unprecedented. And what's happening now, I cannot think of s in the Quran. Honestly, personally, that describes our situation than the verse where Allah said

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in Allah

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in Allah, Allah you Allah Jiro mervi a column in Hatha Yoga year on Meridian unforeseen.

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Allah indeed,

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does not change the blessed state of people. The state of comfort, the state of provision,

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the state of showering them with bless and sign security, until the people change their own

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state, meaning the people move away from the guidance of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Allah never takes any pleasure away from people. Allah subhanaw taala is Rahim, his most merciful, He created Adam Alayhis Salam in paradise. And he started off the humans in Jannah and gave us the opportunity.

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So Allah has found that it doesn't change we change and this is called Empty. Empty lab means this kind of dialogue. He allows us to have choice. But in that choice, there has to come certain trials. Why these trials there? Because in trials, we learn, we grow.

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We reflect on ourselves. We know what we're doing right what we're doing wrong.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us all your blue conditions we will say the fitna

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he tries you with bad and good as a fitna

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if Tila in the Arabic language means call LogMeIn handling in our head,

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changing from state to state, Allah continues to toss and turn us from state to state we never say complacent in our comfort zone. We keep changing we are things happen around us randomly suddenly without our choice in order for us to work now.

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Fitna fitna in the Arabic language is used for fire or test or exam. And fitna is used when the fire is blown into the gold or into material that's extracted from the earth. And the gold is separated from all the unwanted material. So that puts us through trials and hardships and good Yanni Allah Subhana Allah says, We try you with bad and with good, we perceive it that but to Allah subhanaw taala it's good.

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We perceive it good. But maybe Allah Subhana Allah knows that it's bad for us, but Allah subhanaw taala high enough. What he does for us is that he makes us go through different states so that we can grow and we can learn. And now this is throughout the world, the mosques are closed. The Haramain are basically closed. We can't see our family properly. We're not allowed to go and either Aalto which is good, it's canceled. Our fight with our family is gone. How take care of you no more for the time being. However, rest assured, my dear brothers mighty Sisters is that Allah subhanaw taala will not leave this OnCommand he will lift it

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but who of us after it is going to learn and grow? And who of us is going to continue?

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My Sisters in Islam, this topic that Allah subhanaw taala chooses people and favors them

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it does not come for free Allah

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doesn't just, you know, bring someone to life and then picks and chooses randomly who he wants to be favored and chosen.

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There obviously has to be an effort and a work from us for Allah subhanaw taala to have chosen you

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know he back or to be chosen and favored. Usually, it's the prophets and messengers who are chosen and favored above all people,

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among them as well as Maria Malay has.

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Allah said, Allah Allah, we are Maruyama in Allah slough, herkie what the hierarchy was Tofurky island he said, I mean, when Allah said to Maria, Maria, Allah has chosen and favored you, by taking you out of the family of Aaron, and a good family, by him knowing friend, his unseen knowledge, what Maria Malia Selim is going to become. And then he said, also Turkey, I learned, he said in Ireland mean, and he also purified you and chose you, above all the women. Why did he say he chose her above all the women of the world? It is because Allah knew what Maryam is going to go through, and how she is going to be the best. The best example of patience and perseverance and Amen, and humbleness and

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strength for all the women to come, because what she's going to represent is something that is special to women. And So Allah chosen knowing that she will go through these trials, and she will come out triumphant to the point that she will be the greatest example. So last night, I mean, it shows you above all the women of the world, my dear Sisters in Islam, do you know what it means when Allah subhanaw taala chooses and favors someone.

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It means that Allah is going to make that person a benefit for others.

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What in the law choose the prophets and messengers, so they can be a benefit for others. If Allah has chosen you, get ready, get ready, that you are going to have to be a benefit for us. To Allah is going to send people to you to for help, you are going to be that person who is equipped with the strength and the ability and the knowledge and the wisdom somehow to help these people more than the majority of other people.

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Always remember that if Allah chooses someone, it means there is a mission

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and mission.

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Allah doesn't just choose someone and leave them on the corner like that. As a footnote,

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the more the mission is, the more benefit you have for others unto you the more wisdom you increase in, the more challenges that you go through. Know, my dear sister, is that Allah subhanho wa Taala highly likely could have chosen you because of something that you have passed and being triumphant to

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my Sisters in Islam. Allah doesn't just choose and favor someone based on their color, or their race or their gender, or anything like that.

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Allah Subhan Allah Allah doesn't choose based on injustice and fence. Secondly, its own Allah subhanho wa Taala who knows who deserves to be chosen and who teases who deserves to be favored? It's not your me who choose it. I can look at myself and think Subhanallah

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I've been seeing dreams lately. And in those dreams, they becoming true. Every time I see a dream Subhanallah it happens.

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Some people they say this to me, and you look at their life Subhan Allah without judging them, but you can see Subhanallah they're the furthest away from the deen.

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Maybe that's a call in the future this person is going to become chosen in some way. But not like that. Allah says in the Quran, fella to let go and full circle who are all MLB Manny taco. Never praise yourselves in piety. Allah is the One who knows who is truly pious. And Taqwa here means someone who protects and restrains themself from everything sinful and haram, in order to save themselves from the rest of Allah and from the punishment of Allah and from losing the love of Allah and from the fight. These are very special people as they wait in Taqwa. So Allah subhanaw taala chooses them, there is also another danger.

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Allah subhana wa Taala

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tells us that if a person praises themself impiety and talks themselves up, and tries to put themselves in a position of favoritism and try to earn the eyesight of people and that people can praise them, then this is actually the opposite of Allah choosing that person. The opposite of choosing that person as the art of favoritism, because it is not you who chose is not Allah who chose that person. It is that person who was trying to choose themselves and get into final popular

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So Allah says you Subhan Allah MRDC says, if Allah chooses a person,

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it's not necessarily that they're going to be known, or that they're going to be popular or famous. Some people are unknown. Yet the benefits of people is more than anyone who is famous. Some people work on as an of this society, they go through trials that only Allah subhana wa Islanders, but Allah subhanaw taala has chosen them.

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Remember that woman in a time is a process seller who used to clean the Masjid.

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She was unknown to the people. She was an ex slave. And when she died, they did her Janessa and prayed on her.

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And they didn't tell the Prophet sallallaahu Salam why people didn't know her that well. So he said, where is that woman that used to clean msgid He's got a solar she passed away yesterday. And he was wearing his, his cloak used to wear a cloak. And it was off his shoulders a little bit.

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He put it on hastily, still hastily and not nicely out of hastiness and he said why didn't you tell me so I may pray Janessa he went straight to her grave and prayed Allahu Akbar,

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someone who was not known how special she was, or a man once passed by the companions. And, and they said, Look at this man, he is running for work and running for no money, if only he used this strong buddy, FISA villa in a course of Allah rasool Allah Azza wa sallam said, if he is going to provide his family or so that he can not beg other people or so that you know, he and so that he can be giving not taking the industry serving in

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Ashoka. Now, Oxfam Allah, Allah Hilah, how do you know that this person who nobody really knows here, if he were to make one dua to Allah subhana wa Allah, Allah will accept it without any hesitation more than any of you knows who those chosen people are. But once you are chosen, you're going to be given a mission and a benefit. This is the bottom line. My dear Sisters in Islam, a person who is chosen is generally a stranger. A stranger doesn't mean he is weird or unknown, only he could be very known or she could be very known. But a stranger means that while other people sleep, they are awake, while other people are lazy, they are working, while other people think that

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something is normal, when as a matter of fact, it's wrong or sinful, he or she can recognize it from from 1000 kilometers away, they know that it is wrong and they stay away from it to the point where they become like strangers to everyone else, because it looks like they're the ones what have normal, everyone else is normal. Because we are in a time where as I said, I'm told us one of the five things that will happen. He said that to his companions, and one of the things is that when indecency and fascia is spread throughout the world and then you will see diseases that have diseases come out in the people that never existed before them.

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And you find that they are normal they've normalized this dirty act and you become that stranger so kinda let us also send him said the other Islam without even will say I would have only been candidate for

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Islam began strange, and shall return strangers it began so glad tidings to those who are strangers on that day, my dear Sisters in Islam,

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in order to be chosen by Allah subhanaw taala and favored with that mission, you the person requires two things that have to be at their height, amen. And suburb where you know Allah and believe in Him fully in your heart with Dawa and trust and belief with no doubts. Number two, that you say it with your tongue without any hesitation and you act upon it with your limbs subber to be patient, and show patients has three meanings. Whoever can do all those three meanings has the ultimate silver. Number one is to be patient in doing the things which Allah has commanded us to do. And this is the highest form of silver to not give up to the point where you begin to love it. Number two, to be

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patient in staying away from sins and haram. Even if you are if you this guy's challenge you and they wrestle with you Subhanallah stay away from them.

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This is also solver and Allah solver is when calamities befall you when hardship befalls you when sickness is before you when challenges before you before you in his life and you are able to still rely on Allah subhanaw taala and not lose yourself and keep yourself held together. And

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this is also sublessor SLM said even though this hadith is slightly weak, it's meaningless correctly said a subliminal Eman demandes de la Tierra seminar just said supper and a man is like the head and the body. In other words from Allah sobre la Hola. Hola. Whoever does not have sub has no iman. But there is a verse and look for

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And also, which emphasizes this Allah subhanaw taala said, Watch, I didn't mean him at the door and I'd be hammering

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out all ml saga oh I can won't be a teenager.

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And we made among them leaders examples you could be a leader you could be an example for others why Allah subhanaw taala says by our will when, when they became fully patient, when they exercise patient when they went through struggles of good and bad and may prove their patience, and they were true believers in Allah subhanaw taala we made them leaders. And in this verse, that Sabra and Eman go hand in hand as the highest quality of some of them Allah Subhana Allah chooses, my dear Sisters in Islam.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala did choose the Prophets and Messengers mostly, however, he left room for others who follow them to also be similar to them and to be chosen. And not necessarily that you have to be chosen in everything. Allah subhanaw taala sometimes chooses people in certain areas in certain skills, puts them through trials, and through trial and error triumphant Allah subhanaw taala then he qualifies them and he gives them a mission, then he gives you another trial. And then when you try to try and fit with Allah subhanaw taala now continues a second rank. And then another trial comes along, when you see Allah suddenly puts trials in your life and my life and you start to

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pass them one by one, you know what Allah subhanaw taala does, Allah subhana wa at the higher level, Allah to Allah, so that belongs the greatest examples. Example, Allah subhanaw taala becomes like a pervert Jonnie Allah subhanaw taala becomes excited that he wants this person to be chosen. Allah subhanaw taala wants this person to be special, Allah Subhana Allah is happy when you see some custom paths in his trials. And that is why Rasulullah sallallahu sallam was asked by side or the Allah? Or was it sounded noble cos I think he said your soul Allah, who are the ones who have the greatest trial on earth? And he said and be the prophets. And then he asked Who else he said some

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fellow fell, and then the ones who are closest to them in following them, and the ones who are after them in following them and then the ones who are after that, until sort of like Salah salem said that person could be inflicted with so many trials on Earth to the point where he will be or she will become a person who passes all their trials to the point where this person begins walking on Earth. While they have absolutely no sins upon them whatsoever. Allahu Akbar had the young Shah a lot of they were like salah, he's healthier. This is what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said so my Sisters in Islam, the chosen people cannot be chosen until that they go through training.

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And what did we say if that means it means the flip flopping, changing, constant shifting the fluctuation from state to state sometimes it's sudden, sometimes you are not expecting it. And suddenly Allah subhanho wa Taala takes something from

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and the more beloved it is to you, the more the trial is greater. And the greater the trial is. The greater Allah subhanahu wata. Allah loves that person. But obviously there have to be a moment the greater the person passes that trail, the more Allah Subhana Allah brings you closer to him and gives you a medal of honor. Let's call it a Medal of Honor, an issue back

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where he has purified you and chosen you where you belong at a rank. But it doesn't stop there. You then become a person

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who other people can rely on. Listen to these beautiful signs of a person who has been chosen by Allah subhanaw taala walking on earth, Allah subhanaw taala Salam said

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you will know this long Hadith Minaya daddy When Ian forgot to add on to who will help whoever takes as an whoever takes us an enemy any of my earlier a while he is a person who is extremely close to Allah subhanaw Medina let's see what a while he is. I have declared war against that person. Why am I talking about Yuliya DB che in a heartbeat I am in metadata who I lay. We're talking now about how a person rises and ranks them or when he or until they become a Shiva, Allah Subhan Allah says, There isn't anything that my slave keeps coming closer to me with than the acts of worship which I made compulsory upon him or her the most beloved things to Allah. Ye may as well have a de yet a

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Colorado Eli had been no fly. And then after that my slave continues to get closer to me with voluntary acts. These are things that you're not even commanded to do. You do

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with them because you love a look, you do that because you have felt the sweet pollster effects because you do them from your heart or they see there's a sweetness Subhanallah that develops once you become becomes a habit with you. And then you become start doing the voluntary prayers voluntary that good voluntary actions until Allah subhana Dionysus had the book until I begin to love that person.

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For either I have to hook on to some role will let the yes Maui when I love this person I've become the hearing which he or she is with. And hearing here doesn't mean this here, this mechanical ear hearing in here to be able to hear in your heart and that's a separate type of summer. This this type of summer this type of hearing is when there is someone says something and Allah gives you the wisdom and the ability to hear through it, to hear through it to tell right from wrong, to know sin from good to be able to and then your ears become comforted with listening to the things which please Allah and they become discomforted with the things that displease Allah Spanner which is the

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only person could be this they can't hear Subhanallah but they can hear how to my mind soprano subhanaw taala does this and sometimes if you can hear then your ears become uncomfortable and unpleasant when you listen to things that displease Allah spent Allah naturally. This is one sign that Allah loves this person. Number two, WA sallahu levy of Surah B and I become his foresight, which, with which he sees with or she seeds with, so that your eyes become discomforted from seeing the things which displease Allah and then become comfortable with the things which Allah spank the Allah is pleased with. And you can see through the things to recognize right from wrong and this has

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caused a deep sort of wisdom, where either way you will lead the way or they'll let the opposition be highway what is the way for what he's doing at the MCB and I'll become his house which he touches within his legs when she walks with white inside and you know, Artie, and if he or she were to ask me I will give him or her whether any style then you know or even and if they were to seek refuge in Me, I will I will protect them one to unshaven is this beautiful? And they Allah says in this epoxy, and there is nothing that I've hesitated more. I've never hesitated for 20 Don't do the run nerf silkmen Like the way I hesitate from taking the soul in the mold to the soul of a Walkman at the

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time of their death. For a novel Jaco will note he or she hates death when Abdullah home in home but he or she must die because it's the color war and Accra homeless. And I hate to harm him or her or to cause them pain but happiness in portfolio and hesitate here doesn't mean that Allah subhanaw taala doesn't know should I shouldn't try not this type of hesitation just to make a clear hesitation he has a different meaning. It means that when somebody knows something has to happen, but at the same time, like when a person loves the person from one angle and hates to do certain things to them from another angle, but they have to be done. So Allah Subhana Allah loves that

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person and because of his love and mercy for that person, he hates to harm him or her but even in that Allah subhanaw taala compensates them by the Sisters in Islam.

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Another sign is Well let's find out the Isla says in Olia hola hola whoa finale him whether homie behold the only as of Allah, the true servants of Allah the ones who are closest to him, the chosen ones who truly believe and truly have piety and whatnot. My dear Sisters in Islam

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one of the greatest signs is the long Hadith well last month Allah Cistercian green Allah His salah, if he loves someone he says 200 years you know I love them so love to him or her. And then the angel should be addressed to the rest of the angels of the size and he says, Allah loves so and so and you really love someone so so you love him and all of them begin to love this person Allah spend Christmas I send him says to my yield or whatever.

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And then his acceptance or her acceptance and love from others will reach them and their love of people meaning the people who are meaning the people who are believers, whenever they look at you something but they don't know you probably have never seen you but something about your face something about your character something about your presence makes this person love you. Have you ever been in a situation where you see someone you think I don't know why my heart is opened up to this person I love this person or this person begins to love you and you love their company. And you don't know why. Maybe this is a person on the last panel pilot has chosen and made among his

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beloved's My dear sisters, listen to the beautiful Hadith Alaba homeless center which is a study of German

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Soleimani he was salam said

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in the letter here a bird and

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Assam be near army. Lima Nasir in a bad

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you will kill Rohan fee here.

00:24:39 --> 00:24:40

Your clear room fee Hannah

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for either Manohar. NESARA having home for her well her lady him befall us I sell them said there are certain servants on this earth there are certain people that walk this earth. No Allah Allah has specialized them and chosen them, chosen them with blessings which he has given them

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materialistic or with wisdom and knowledge in order to benefit others. If Allah gives you something, it's in order to benefit yourself and then give it to others. Allah Rasool wa sallam says, Allah will keep that blessing with that person, so long as they are using it for the benefit of themselves and others. But once they stop using it for the benefit of others, Allah takes it away from them and gives it to someone else who will do the same thing. Subhanallah we naturally get annoyed. We get irritated when people call us too much. People request things from us too much. People want

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out too much. subsequence well mind and says Subhanallah where was this person? Two years they never spoke to me or even thought about me. I lost this and I lost that. And this happened to me and that happened to me the whole world certainly checked on me except this person. Now when this person is in need, who do they come to they come to me how people are and then we start to complain. My advice CMIT is never ever complain of that because no this the more than Allah says people to you. And the more Allah says people to you who were even therefore, you know that Allah Spano, Diana highly likely has chosen you. He has chosen you to use you for the work which Allah has stuck left a

00:26:17 --> 00:26:59

message and what he placed the people on this earth to do. This is what he showed off to the angels he says in Niger I know Phil Khalifa, I am placing on Earth those like custodians of the Earth, like people who will teach and grow it is so if Allah sends people to your My sister, and you are able to help them then know that Allah Subhana Allah has put you through a trial before that, and you have gained a rank in which now you have you qualified to help other people Subhan Allah Subhana Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, is Allah who didn't hate on Islam Allah, if Allah wants good in a slave, if he wants good in a slave, Allah he uses them what how does he use them?

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And he obviously Allah doesn't need them. He uses you for yourself, but he qualifies you. I'm going to make goodness come through this person. Allahu Akbar. Can you imagine you're a fountain? You're a fountain that's coming out like gushing pure water for everybody to drink for all the ants and the insects and for all the children and the animals and the old and the young and the people you become that fountain Allahu Akbar. Always know My dear sister never ever complain when almost Mandela has put you in that rank. Because now you are special.

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My dear sisters

00:27:32 --> 00:27:36

are supposed to have seldom also said in Nila hiya Helene.

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Allah has special people of his among the people on earth call a woman who Mira sola. They said Who are they a messenger of Allah? Kyla 100, of

00:27:50 --> 00:27:53

whom? Allah He was Sati

00:27:55 --> 00:27:56

Hello Cora.

00:27:57 --> 00:28:06

Whom Allah Allah he will study the special people on Earth who are Allah's favorite the way he is, and the word used here is

00:28:07 --> 00:28:18

his family, somebody from the family of ALLAH. So he said they are the people of the Quran. They are Allah special family on Earth and his special favorite ones.

00:28:19 --> 00:28:38

Quran does not mean people who just know how to read it and recite it or know how have memorized it. And a little Quran meaning the people who read it and ponder upon it, reflect on it and learn their message in it. Allah says FL a berwarna Quran Do they not ponder and reflect upon the

00:28:39 --> 00:28:53

we at the phonemic mighty sisters? We are so much in need of returning back to the Quran and understanding the Quran to comprehend or to learn and ask what is saying to us? How do we understand it? How do we understand that?

00:28:54 --> 00:29:30

A person who memorizes the Quran and goes in and does treasure duty acts just because they have the Quran they're not favorite Subhanallah a person or a sorcerer Arsenal told us through Bukhari, Ukraine, Crimea, it could be that a person is reading the Quran while the Quran is cursing them. And there are others who becomes a Shafia become free on the Day of Judgment. They are the people who learn the Quran and practice the Quran in their life as much as they can. These are the people of Allah subhana wa Dieter, and rather than keeping it to themselves, they pass it on to others. And I finish it with these few examples of the prophets and messengers of Allah. Let us have a look at how

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Allah speaks about some of the prophets of Allah in the Quran. We already said, my sisters,

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that to be chosen by Allah

00:29:41 --> 00:29:59

requires us to prove x. And we said that patients and Eman is like the head in the body. And then we said, in order to prove your patience, you have to go through tests. These tests are not for Allah. It's not the tests like a teacher gives us just to know

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If you are, if you know your stuff or not, Allah already knows, but in order to prevail it and show it to others. And in order to show yourself so that you yourself can do the effort and grow. There's a difference between when a person a teacher gives the student the SM. And when the teacher lets them prove to themselves who they are and what they are and what they need to do. When you learn firsthand experience is different than when a person tells you. If I told you about a person who has lost their wealth, you'll say poor thing. If I told you about a person who's lost their child, you'll say subhanallah. But there's nothing the same as when you yourself have gone and experienced

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It's undescribable. So every single prophet went through a particular trials, and then they prove their patients then they were chosen.

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The Maliki Salaam in paradise, What did Allah do to him, he told him live in Jana, you and your wife, you and your spouse and eat and drink whatever you like, but that company does treat he tested him with one sin, he failed that sin and eight. And then he was sent down to earth not because it was a punishment, but because Allah now wants Adam and her work to learn through their own deeds. They have to go through struggles and trials because they're not ready to be in gender like that. And in order for them to be examples for others, and we're going to sin like them so we could go through trials in order to grow and earn our place. So let's find out what the higher that what does

00:31:25 --> 00:32:11

it tell us about how their money center Allah says whilst they're more on behalf of our family is Salam good disobey on mine, and he was led astray for a little bit but then diamond How were they repent to Allah such a repentance that it went so high, the repentance was so high, the humbleness and humility was so high that they became the first examples of true repentance and closest to Allah after doing the wrong law says kill Mr. Hora boo perturb it here. So Allah kind of guy and then showed us him chose him forward. He chose him as the first example of how to do repentance of how to make us differ and make Toba from Heather and he also guided me shows us how we are guided we are

00:32:11 --> 00:32:50

guided by being repentant. My dear sisters, we know now and I repeat again, in this pandemic, in this sickness, Allah spirals. All said that there is an umbrella that comes down upon people, there is no better way better Sorry, there is no sickness or disease that comes down upon people as a whole, except because of the sins of people and since here doesn't only mean that they just left solid, it also means that they are corrupting the earth they are moving away from the way I was found data told us to be from our natural instinctive innocence state, we have gone start to steal we start to cheat we start to lie we start to show off we start to take the people's wealth we start

00:32:50 --> 00:33:28

to we start to become arrogant, we start to leave our solid our song we become showing our full of arrogance, we start to practice acts of our acts of BCI theory and sexuality excuse me, for the scientists with is the world we live in Subhanallah where we become begin to normalize we begin to normalize what before was considered only for animals. Today, we see human beings are normalizing and anyone who tells them don't do this yummy, it's wrong. They think that you are the crazy one, people have lost their way in this way. So last month, Allah has brought this upon and the only way that it will be lifted. Only whether it be lifted is with Dota and Dota means to return. And if the

00:33:28 --> 00:33:50

pandemic is lifted and people as a whole do not return, especially the Muslims, Allah will bring another calamity upon us. And it will only get harder and harder until the last month Tyler, he wants us to come back. He wants us to come back. So then there is your understanding. He said, Allah subhanaw taala said Lola and raka who never met on neuro behavioral and OB they've been loud or even

00:33:52 --> 00:34:30

if it wasn't that, you know, sorry, he said, he reached out to Allah subhanho wa Taala with seeking His forgiveness and humiliating yourself. Before him until Allah's pleasure without him he would have stayed in the in the belly of the fish till the day they are raised. Allah says for whatever what a * who made a sign of hand until Allah shoots him and made him among the righteous. He was the first example of dark and the first example of apology. What about Ibrahim Allah? Allah tested him with his youth. He tested him with his father. It tested him with the domestic violence emitted with his people. He tested him with his son. He tested him with his wife and tested him. I

00:34:30 --> 00:35:00

know he's Salatu was Salam with us everything you can imagine about some was triumphant. Allah said Salam, O Allah. He Peace be upon Ibrahim Ali Ganges in Massini. If people do the example of Ibrahim and can learn from him, then they are my singing and this is how we will also reward them I've seen in, in seminary but in many in indeed Ibrahim is among our slaves who are meaning. Lastly, it's used to follow his Salam he went through

00:35:00 --> 00:35:34

Family Violence, he went through seduction. He went into the prison as you know, he had to face all this sort of fear of death so that his family are called until his eyes became white and from the husband from the deep sadness, from the deep sadness and anxiety for yourself either, he said, Until Allah subhanho wa Taala said, what are the indicators to be caught up book right from the beginning, Allah knows what you're gonna go through, look at your dream, you're gonna go through the so many trials are yours. And Allah in the end is going to choose you because you're going to pass triumphantly. So what are the and his brother said to him, Kadota Allah He La

00:35:35 --> 00:35:43

La Mileena, while I showed you, above us, chosen him with what with the trials which he stood firm upon my dear sisters insulin.

00:35:45 --> 00:35:58

And lastly, meridionale has said, I'm going through the trials of mental and emotional torture. Not only that physical torture,

00:35:59 --> 00:36:28

although the physical pain is like any other woman. She was in labor giving birth. What was so special about her pain was the mental and emotional part. She has no husband, yet she's giving birth. She is a righteous woman. If she lived at a time where people are extremely judgmental, they would stone people to death on the spot. And then she comes back to them holding a child to the point where as she was giving birth, at the trunk of the palm tree, it was within the trunk of the palm tree. It was almost

00:36:30 --> 00:37:16

the trunk of the sorry, the palm tree, it wasn't with a story. She was on the palm tree, laying her back while she was in labor and giving birth. And she cried saying, Yeah, later any image Tocopilla has cmmc Yeah, I wish that I would have died before this and become Oh, so forgotten, because I should not wish for this. But in that situation, she was thinking about the humility of what she's going to have to face that she is also Billa, a dirty, wicked woman, but Allah subhanahu wa, and he sent upon her happiness, and comfort and security, my Sisters in Islam, some of you have children. And some of you will have children insha Allah who died. My advice to me as a parent as well to

00:37:16 --> 00:37:56

children, that this worldly life is not the life of rewards. Mark my words, teach your children this life is not the life of rewards. It is the life of trials, and that the world of rewards is in the hereafter. Even the punishments Not in this life, tell them the punishment is in the Hereafter. And that the trials in this world are only to make us better. So if Allah tries you and you pass them a patient, Allah is lifting you in ranks. However, there is one specific materialist one in this world that no one else gets when you pass trials, you know what that is, it is a strength inside your heart called Sakeena.

00:37:57 --> 00:38:37

A strength of Sakeena. That, whenever you are faced with a hardship in life, you are stronger than the majority of the people in facing it. And you can easily overcome it very quickly. And after that, you can even remain happy you can even remain smiling even while the pain is going through. This is what Allah has something on a call, Hey, let's talk to Allah says no one can receive this type of reward except those who are truly patient, well, maybe not quite enough or have they now the only those who are injured with great fortune from Allah Subhana Allah blessings are able to reach this high rank to be able to have a special inner strength, resilience, patience, to find the

00:38:37 --> 00:39:11

positive out of every negative to be faced with any hardship and see it as good for you to see it as good for you have an ambassador the hola Juan who said, I love it when I wake up sick Subhanallah they said which sickness is the best? He said, I love him it means a fever. They said why? He said because the hammer goes to every part of your body and I get rewarded for every part of my body that I impatient with. Listen to what the process that I'm says and I end up with this beautiful, beautiful Hadith Rasulullah saw Selim said there is nothing that a believer receives of hardship.

00:39:14 --> 00:39:36

Whether it is and I'll say these words in Arabic first mean Wasabi. Wasabi means sickness. Well as of Nasir means physical hardship or any physical strain. While ham ham means anxiety, while rum remains depression,

00:39:38 --> 00:40:00

while other no harm that comes to them from other people had the Shoka to use shampoo her even the tiny needle that pricks him or her ill for Allah who be her senior minister. Yeah. Except that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tappen states that person by exfoliating and getting rid of some of their past sin

00:40:00 --> 00:40:01

It's Subhan Allah,

00:40:02 --> 00:40:04

how merciful is Allah subhanho

00:40:05 --> 00:40:13

wa Taala Allah has agreed. They never really estimate Allah in the way that he is deserving of being thought of.

00:40:14 --> 00:40:46

I ask Allah spent that I took with this pandemic of us. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide us the right path. I also love to have mercy upon those who have passed away. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to unite our hearts and to bring us back to his Deen, then Jamila, a good return. Ask Allah Spanner with all those who have been patient in this struggling time who have been helping in the struggling time. I think all of them and I asked the last panel Diner for goodness for them and their families and their children in this world and in the next I thank you for listening. My sister's was Senator Malik when what happened at the law he will not occur

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