Bilal Assad – Ibrahim (AS) – Father of the Prophets – Part 2

Bilal Assad
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of faith and certainty in learning to live with one's inner desires and the shaping of the body, including the loss of job and family roles. The segment also touches on the importance of trusting one's abilities and avoiding negative behavior. The segment ends with a story about a woman who lost her job and her son, and discusses the shaping of Islam, including its acceptance as a means to achieve goals.
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The story all unit you know Al Hamdulillah as he went on, he started thinking about the king and life and death. And he said, Oh my Lord, show me how you give life and how you give death.

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cholera in UK for to heal Motor Show me how you give life after this. Allah says Allah Oh Allah told me. Do you not already have faith? Oh, Ibrahim, Carla Bella, she's already have faith in you, my Lord, I know that you give life and death when I can live with my inner quality so that my heart can be certain. Now, a lot of people misunderstand that. What does it mean that his heart be certain? Your heart can be asking for certainty when you doubt something, or you can ask for certainty when you want to have grounds to use when you teach others. So evidence, there is a difference between when you are certain about something and you believe it. But when you're going to teach other people

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you need, you need substance. How do you teach other people you need to be grounded with arguments and the prophets Allah is to give them the strongest evidence by letting them see things they saw the angels they saw miracles, and a grandma Salam said your options on your prophet, I would like to see it with my own eyes. So that when I talk, I talk through absolute certainty in what I am saying, meaning that I can back myself up and not give up.

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So I know you know, the more knowledge you have, the more understanding you have, the more you see the more you have a stronger argument. And there is a difference between believing and seeing. And we believe in what Allah said about the hereafter without seeing and those who do that deserve ALLAH SubhanA dialers rewards. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said when he was about to die, he said, I'm going to miss seeing my brothers. And I said Who are your brothers? Yeah, Rasul Allah, Aren't we here in front of you? He said, You are my companions. My brother hands are the ones that I miss, who are going to come later on. They believed in me and never saw me. They believed in me and never saw

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me We ask Allah that we are one of them. So Abraham it is salaam then the story goes on that Allah told him to get some birds of different species different types. And then he cut them up and killed them into many pieces and mix them up and put a little bit on each mountain for different hills. And then Allah said to him a Darwin call them to you. Yeah, Tina Casaya that will come to you walking and towards you. And this is also an indication of Hush, Allah subhanaw taala tells us what the infinity will have to carry. Gela woman couldn't be dominant yet tuna, took them in coleford genomic. Allah Subhana Allah says, Call upon the people in homage to Ibrahim Ali salah. And you will

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see all the people coming from all parts of the world and all hills and all valleys coming towards the Kaaba and Mecca. And this has happened for 5000 years. And so he saw the birds coming to him and all the bits and pieces got together by the will of Allah subhanaw taala and he saw them fly right in front of him. Brothers and sisters, these are miracles that Allah showed the prophets, we don't need to see Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, look at how Earth is dead and how it brings water to it and it comes to life. Look at how you were nothing before. When you and I nothing before.

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Nothing in the sense that we weren't humans. We were nothing to be mentioned what were we and then things came together and you are born before when you are non existent. Allah says the same way as Allah gave you life who will bring you back to life again. So anyway, brothers, sisters, Abraham Ali, sell Amazon, and so many tragedies happen in his life. He then asks for a son, a child, he says, I seek a son why a son because a son is going to be able to carry the message as a prophet or as a righteous man and not fear that people will abuse them because a woman can be vulnerable. So he wanted a son to carry the message on with strength. So Allah Subhana Allah gives him his asking for

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this when he was only in his early 20s. When he's first married. Allah Subhan Allah gives him his first son, Ismail, when Ibrahim Ali Salam was you know what the Tafseer says he was in old age about 8085 years old. The Bible says that, but in the Quran, Ibrahim SLM says and Hamdulillah he led the will have earlier al kebari smiled, Praise be to Allah Who gave me in old age is smelly, and so it means that it was very old, and he wasn't able to have children in an old age.

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So Allah is not that I gave him children in old age. But anyway, it doesn't mean that all old people can't have children, but he wasn't able to all his life. So when he was at 85 or so I lost my dad gave him his first son ismaily And, and later on, he gave him a second son named is Huck, even while his wife Sara Lee has salaam had passed menopause and she was in old age herself. And Allah gave her his hack and after his hacker grandson Jaco, and after Jacobi use of Allah insulin, so this is a great

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hope for all of us that he was only in his 20s 70 years or so later, Allah accepted his

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70 or so years later, Allah gave him what he asked, look at ourselves. Now sometimes we ask for DUA and we want to immediately and If Allah doesn't give us to it immediately, we start getting agitated. And then

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We hold on to false signs, it must be this, it must be that we get anxious, Don't get anxious, know that Allah subhanaw taala has a reason why it's not coming to you right now and have trust. And this is what the meaning of the word cool is. And that is why when I talked about is the heart or the other day, some people, they objected because they can't fathom the fact that and it's the heart that doesn't necessarily have to have a dream doesn't necessarily have to have a particular sign that comes down to you in some form of magical or some kind of divine characteristic. It's a Doha and the outcome insha Allah will be good, and it will drive you away from what is bad to you just

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put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala you may get a feeling you may see a dream, you may see signs, but not necessarily it can misguide you. So it's the what good. Put your trust in Allah that the outcome will be good in sha Allah, and keep going and keep going and keep going. And keep asking and seeking advice and so on. That's how Abraham iclm was. Yeah, Rob gave me a son. Seven years later, he gets a son, Ismail. And he says that Hamdulillah, who gave me while I was an old age a son. He didn't sit there saying, My Lord didn't even respond a long time ago. I could have, you know, you know, like some people say I could have had him early and play footy with him. No, he gave

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him to me. He didn't say gave me to him as an old age. What am I going to do with the sun in old age, I can't even walk. No, it became I said instead of Hamdulillah, who gave me in old age, my dear son. And that's how Muslim is thankful and grateful. Had he given it to him early Allah Who Adam wouldn't work out. And then Ibrahim alayhis salam says a dream.

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The dream is that he saw that his son his slaughtering his son, that he gave him an old age. You see, look, brothers and sisters, Allah is teaching us after 70 years or so Allah gives him a son, which he has always been longing for as a father. And when Allah gives him his son, his son grows up, Allah says philam Bella Rama, who say, when Abraham when his smile, came to an age where he's able to help his dad and walk with his dad, when his dad really needs him, in old age, his frail, he needs someone to help him. The people have abandoned him. And Allah gives him a son in the end. And the son as soon as he gets to an Android is strong enough to help is that Allah gives him a dream

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that is slaughtering his son.

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You know, you got to get rid of him.

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And Allah is not telling me I'm gonna get rid of him. I'm gonna make you slaughter him. You're going you're going to get rid of him. That's why but I must tell him understood.

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These see the test in the trial brothers and sisters, and now compare us with things that happen around us. How is our mindset? What do we think about it? This is a lesson for us to look at the patience of the brain, my salah and the lesson. What does it mean? Patience means have hope. hold yourself together, things will happen in sha Allah. If a door closes another one opens wala Hill awesome. Just try it.

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And brothers and sisters, Ibrahim Ali Salam sees a dream. So he goes to his son Ismail and he says,

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yeah, when he in the era of in Miami in the battle.

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Oh my dear son, the word Arabic here the Arabic word here is Dr. Boonie. Meaning my dear, beloved son, his, his feeling the pain.

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I have seen it. I see in my dream that I am slaughtering you, from the mother Tara. What do you think? Why did he promise I'm asked his son. What do you think because he wants to share the good deeds in him. And he wants to test the Sun which Allah had given him as a righteous son. If he truly is righteous,

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not because he doubts Allah subhanaw taala. But again, there is a difference between believing and when something is made apparent to you. It's just a different experience altogether. So he says father and mother Tara, what do you think son, and also his teaching him? Ibrahima? It's made sense to him. Here a birdie. Oh my dear father, if I were to

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do exactly as you have been commanded, said that you do need insha Allah Who Mina saw that in, you will find me in sha Allah among the patient once.

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So Ibrahim Ali salaam knew that Ismail Ali salaam knew that the dreams of the prophets are from Allah. But realize Allah did not say that. He did not say that if Ramadan saw himself that he had slaughtered his son, he was slaughtering his son. So Allah didn't want him to really slaughter him. But the action of slaughtering because it's something else. Allah will not tell you to kill your children. And he will not take them away from you just like that to punish you. There has to be a wisdom behind it.

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It's made out a Salam was taken by his father.

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And Allah says in the Quran fell I'm

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holy Jibhi alien and when he placed his son on his forehead. Do you know why it says on his forehead brothers and sisters

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Because Ibrahim alayhi salam did not want to see his son's face, while his slaughtering him in case the compassion of the Father hits him very hard, and then he will not be able to carry out a loss order.

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And its smile was on his Jabeen

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as he did that, Allah says in the Quran so the verse goes like this further

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by now why now I was selling up on one AI in ni o Phaeton, fina, knee

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mountain setter G doing knee

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long amino saw beating Ferla

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JB one, Dana, a

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cordon South Dakota

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urges in Mazzini.

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When he reached an age when he was able to help his own father, he said, Oh my dear son, I see in my dream that I am slaughtering you. What do you think? His father immediately responded Oh father do exactly as you have been commanded, you will find me God's willing God willing among the patient ones. When both surrendered to Allah's command, and Abraham flung the sun down on his forehead. We cried out, oh, Ibrahim, Ibrahim, you have indeed fulfilled your dream. Thus do We reward the good does. He fulfilled the dream. He didn't want him to slaughter his son. He wanted him to learn and to teach us and for us to have a story of what true obedience and submission to Allah and reliance upon

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his command really means.

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Allah tells us commands in the Quran. He prohibits us in the Quran. He guides us in the Quran through his prophets, who have us take Allah's commands and his prohibitions with peacefulness and serenity inside our hearts.

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Or do we question Why did God forbid this? Is that bad? Or very bad? How bad is it? I know it may make me enter hellfire, but will I get out eventually? Maybe Oh, good. That's a relief. They say.

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I know this is haram but you know, I'll still go to Jana. Right?

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Allahu Allah. Well, every Muslim goes to Jenna. Yeah. Oh, good. Then I'll go to hellfire for a bit.

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Why did Allah told me to do this? Why do I have to I think I don't have to pray to my heart.

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Brothers and sisters, when Allah commands us something do you take it really with submission or not? That's what Muslim means. That's why Allah says when they fully submitted, and he's telling us is not asking us to slaughter our children. I lost my dad he's saying to you pray get up a little bit. Slowly, you'll sleep a little bit just a few minutes.

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Slower your passions, your desires a little bit slower, your egos a little bit. In a humble yourself a little bit.

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But we say no, no.

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Anyway, a lot of us say yes, insha Allah.

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Allah Subhan Allah brought a big round from Jana. And Jibreel. Allah is Salam said to them, Allah has given us this as a compensation, slaughter this ran as a fifth year as a compensation for the slaughter of your son. We don't want you to slaughter it. But we wanted to bring out a beautiful lesson out of it for all the Muslims and your children to come and all the generations to come. And everybody will do this quarter Bernie this old here, it means that every time they slaughter a sheep during Adel adhaar, they give it out to the poor and the needy, and they share it among their families to come together. Allah is the One who gave us the permission to slaughter his animals,

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which he had created. And he gave us conditions in how we slaughtered them. We must put them to rest. We have to say Bismillah, we have to be humane to them. We have to slaughter them with a sharp knife from jugular vein to jugular vein, after you've rested the animal and you say Bismillah in the name of God, and you have to swiftly slaughter the animal. Why do you slaughter the animal because studies have shown that it is the most humane way to slaughter an animal from jugular vein to jugular vein and not cut the central medulla which is at the back the central medulla is responsible for all the sensory receptors in your body that makes you move the motor receptors and when you cut

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from juggle event juggle event is the biggest veins in the body. And what happens is that the blood gushes out. You don't

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Cut the back of the neck because it it triggers stimulates the adrenaline rush from your pancreas and other places in order to bring out the toxins from the different from from your pancreas and

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filtering out the liver and for the blood to gush out because the biggest carrier of diseases is the blood. So all of this system is mechanisms all meet a few things. Number one, the way you slaughter the animal makes the animal lose consciousness as quick as possible, because when the blood rushes out and gushes out like that, immediately the animal loses consciousness in their brain from the lack of oxygen. Number two, it comes out very quick so that all of it can be drained. That adrenaline makes all the toxins come out so that it can be halal for you and good for you and healthier for you. When I know we see the animal doing all these things that we feel mercy towards,

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and Allah loves mercy, but that actually is the most humane and merciful way the prophesy centum said don't even slaughter a sheep in front of another sheep. They said Yeah, Rasul Allah, if we're slaughtering and both what's the point? So what if we slaughter a sheep in front of another sheep? He said, Why would you kill that sheep twice? The sheep is looking at his friend dying, and animals have feelings. So don't anyone say that Muslims are inhumane in his time of quarterback, you give it out to the poor, the needy, we slaughter them in a humane way. And it's once a year and the majority of people of the world live in poverty, my dear brothers and sisters who looks out and some people

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never have meat even once in there, once a year they get it Subhanallah so human life is important too. And Allah has given us this permission that will to whoever makes the up here in sha Allah gets a tremendous reward and Allah Subhana Allah brings that shape on a day of judgment to bear witness for you as a beautiful ramp. And the last phone dialer, let's animals bear witness for you in goodness. Lastly, brothers and sisters, the story goes on and I know that you're tired now. Ibrahim Ali Salaam and ismail were ordered to build the Kaaba and the story all you all know it and hamdulillah they built a brick by brick and there was a little stone which Ibrahim Ali salaam stood

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on. It's a there's nothing special about the stone you'll find many of these stones around these days. They're quite a soft type of material. We all know it. It's made from soft material. So nobody thinks that this is special stand that God brought was up there anything and we don't wish if this stone, he just stood on it. And the story is about the stone gliding up and down as Abraham was standing. This is not true. It was just the stone he stood on, just to sort of put himself in a level where he can look at the Kaaba and make sure that it's level. And as they were building it. Smile iclm was helping his father while they were doing it. They're making dua, Rob banner, Taco

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Bell, Mina, Rob burner, Taco Bell Mina. Oh our Lord except our worship from us, except our worship from us brothers sisters, listen. This is to tell us Abraham and his smile at the best of one of the best of creations are saying oh a lot except from us. Why are the instance here? No, they are not instance there they are absolutely sincere. But this is the sign of humbleness. How do you know that you are true worshipper of Allah. How do you know you are sincere? One of the best signs is when you do your good act, but you are never 100% sure that Allah will accept it. So you say oh Allah accepted the Kabbalah Allah we are not How do you know that you are arrogant or think that you are

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good too good for Allah subhanaw taala or insincere? You say? I prayed, Lord today, mate. I'm gonna go to Jana. See today gave $100 Pal 100 bucks. I'm going to Jana. For a put on social media but that's gone too far. Or some people they think I'm righteous. Look at my hijab. How beautiful it is. Look my beard or I've got a bit of beard than yours. Mine's longer than yours. Look, I haven't grown on the sides. Will you cut it from here? I don't even cut it from this. You know, right Josiah?

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Myself, I wear 1000 Men, our throat. This soap is just the culture of the Arabs and the sisters and some other cultures. Oh, and more religious than you go to the masjid more than you're on the best. I'm going to Jana. What are you doing, brother? What are you doing?

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You remember the story I told you about the guy who said to me outside dunya dunya.

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I had a nice car. He goes you're following the dunya brother I looked at you you better Yanni. How do you know what I'm buying this because I wanted to get married under the efforts that visa vie the law that's in the course of Allah subhanaw taala dunya dunya we don't we don't ridicule other people because we think we're more righteous.

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Ibrahim Ali has sent me smile, a building with the faith in Allah and saying Rob Bernetta Kopelman Oh Allah accept our dates. You never know what happens in your future brothers and sisters, so don't ever have tremendous, tremendous

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certainty that you are the best and don't have tremendous anxiety that Allah is going to put you in hellfire in between always make dua Oh Allah accept, oh Allah accept keep yourself humble. Keep yourself humble otherwise you'll become a show off and lose all your good deeds. Keep yourself humble. Someone praises you say I ask Allah to make me the way you assume of me. And when you go home say Oh ALLAH

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Forgive me for the way they talk about me. Oh Allah didn't hold me accountable for the way they talk about me Forgive me from Forgive me the sins which they don't know about me and make me Oh ALLAH better than what they assume with me that's the best way to keep yourself humble and good and your self esteem hi in sha Allah with these dots Rob Burnett Kopelman Oh Allah accept from escape your connection with Allah, every Salah drop betta Cabell mini O Allah accept it from me sadaqa O Allah accept that from me keep yourself in tune like that. So what are the month our dollar euro for Sam said whoever humbles themselves for the sake of Allah, Allah will lift them. That's how your self

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esteem rises, by being humble and not boastful in between. Is that good?

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Brothers and sisters finally, ever I must say and smile, build the Kaaba and there was one rock lift one little corner that they couldn't feel you all know the story. What happened? What happened?

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Can hazardous mail God didn't tell their story but they brought a Black Rock. They brought a rock and Gibreel Santa had brought them this rock they say that's what the story says. Allahu Allah. We don't know for sure. But there was a rock that was special. And Braemar is Samsonite put it into that corner. It's called a hazard. And as with the Black Rock, there are many stories about the Black Rock, there are some Hadees, which are weak, some Hadees which have problems in them.

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We don't and when I asked the scholars of Hadith, they all say look, we don't know for sure.

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Maybe the this rock did come from the sky, or it came from Jana, or maybe it was white and it turned black. But all these habits, they're not reliable.

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You might find a few Hadees on Islam q&a Or somewhere they say so here, but really the scholars of Hadith, they speak in a different language. It's not completely reliable, but it's not completely undeniable. However, what we know is that this rock has its speciality and that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. In a say Hadith in Bukhari Muslim, honorable Barbara Delano saw the black rock and he came up to touch the and kissed it. And he said in front of everybody this is an authentic hadith. He said I know that you are nothing but a rock on Mercury. You know how Ahmad is or the Allah and I know that you are nothing but a rock. You do not benefit and you do not harm Lautaro

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Aleta, in fact, just like Ibrahim Ali Salam,

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O Allah came up because my beloved sal Allahu Allah Muhammad Rasul and kissed you I kissed you to follow in his sunnah that's it. So we emulate the prophets Allah sent to the special to the rock, but nothing more than that. So was it white and did it turn black because of the sins of the people they say this hadith is weak actually brothers and sisters. You can look it up inshallah the shahada we have a hadith share from the Hydra and is a Muhaddith chef urban chef and frozen and others they talk about this hadith chuckle Roseanne he says Allahu Allah, I don't know. Maybe maybe not. But what we know is that it is a special rock but don't go overboard with some people they fight Have

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you seen him in hardshell they go for it and Amara Baja the rock they want to kiss it you find them coming up I got injuries on their heads, another person's fallen as sisters hijab has come off another man is gone. Ah, and they just want to get to the rock I saw once one guy flying.

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He's flying. And I said Allah look at the man.

00:23:25 --> 00:23:45

But people were carrying him because it was in the way his his top tell came off and I thought oh my god. And the bottom one stayed on it Allah what Eman even the bottom one stayed on with all these people. No Allah there's nothing special about that brothers and sisters. harming a Muslim to get to the rock is haram and you lose your rewards.

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Some people think if you touch the rock your blissful life like a heck I don't have to pray anymore might have touched the rock. I'm the best. Did you touch the rock? I touch the rock.

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say hola let's get better from you. I saw one some people over there sorry. I don't mean to be teasing people. Some people may get offended I'm really sorry about that. But I just want to make you laugh a little bit. It's not true. This is absurd. There's nothing in the sunnah to say something special because people are harming I went to hajj and umrah garamba Allah and I always see people who elbowing people kicking people head butting people, slamming people made if you get a person trained in jujitsu, you're finished.

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The rock is all yours, man. Go for it. The rock my dear brothers and sisters, if you can get to it and kiss it, you do it because of the Sunnah of the prophets. Allah says otherwise you just point to it and you keep going say Bismillah Allahu Akbar. That's it. And the story. Brothers and sisters. That's all it is. I once was there and this person I saw him take off his hair on the tail, you know, two white tails that they were in Iran. He was rubbing around the Kaaba.

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And next he came up to the black Rub, rub that the tail on the black rock. So he was part of another group that I know of, and I said why are you doing

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That said hello, I'll show you I'll show you.

00:25:03 --> 00:25:06

So what are you gonna show me his head that watch watch this, this this tail is now different.

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So if you know the genre will be thrown stones, you know the story of the stones, then a Tom who brought in my son as they were going to build the Kaaba, the shaitan came up, and then they threw seven stones at him. Then he came up again, they threw stones at him for about three or four days. So we go and do that as well. We throw the stones just out of Ritu ality and copying our Prophet Ibrahim. So then I saw him over there.

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He gets his tail.

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It makes them to ball and throws it.

00:25:35 --> 00:25:39

So why did you do that? Because that is going to burn the shape on.

00:25:41 --> 00:26:10

I got why because I've rubbed it on the Kaaba said have you been first of all, there's no shape on there. There's no shape on because what do you mean I'm throwing that so that's a story of Abraham the shaitan happened long time ago, 5000 years ago we just do it out of love. And we worship Allah in different ways. Allah just made it we don't understand the whole reason for it. But Allah said do that and I'll reward you for it all together something to do that unites you. That's it. One person he took his shoe off in how many shoes I see in there. Have you ever seen anyone seen?

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So if you lose your hair on just go there and you'll get one Inshallah, wash it and wear it, choose

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a bitchy it has to be an Arab, because that's what we do.

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Must be one of the mums.

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We are professional. Yeah. Yanni. I think we learned from the aboriginals, the boomerang.

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So we throw it at them and these are all not true. Yeah, one. Another thing brothers and sisters is Ibrahim alayhis. Salam built the Kaaba and then he stood on the stand, call it McCollum Ibrahim.

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And one more story I just want to say in sha Allah hota hai Allah that has your hazard. Long story of Hazrat

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Ibrahim Ali Salam said, Allah commanded him to take her to the middle of the desert before the Kaaba was built. There was nothing there in Mecca. And she had her newborn is my younger son. He was still a baby breastfed being breastfed and just started to eat. So when he reached the marker is a very nice Sam got up and he left. Allah subhanaw taala ordered him to leave them there in the middle of nowhere.

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And when hydrolase Salam saw her husband get up and leave, she didn't know what was happening. He didn't explain to her why didn't explain to her in case she begs him she talks to him and he changes his mind and his compassion and mercy kicks in, said I have to obey Allah.

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So he got up and started leaving back home without them. How's it understood that he's leaving them there? So she raced up to him? Yeah, he brought in their language. Yeah, Ibrahim element that Roxanna who you leaving us to?

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Who you leaving us to? There's nothing here to the vultures. And if I'm honest Salam would not answer her.

00:27:53 --> 00:27:56

Yeah, bruh he he ran at the through can

00:27:57 --> 00:28:06

he just wouldn't answer she gots more scared. He's not even answering. Finally, she just took a step back and just got herself together and said,

00:28:09 --> 00:28:10

with a piety.

00:28:12 --> 00:28:15

Lo, America be Heather.

00:28:16 --> 00:28:20

Was it Allah Who commanded you to do this?

00:28:23 --> 00:28:29

And he just stopped and nodded his head and said, Yes. And he kept walking.

00:28:31 --> 00:28:32

And she said,

00:28:35 --> 00:28:35


00:28:37 --> 00:28:38

lay of the yarn Allah.

00:28:39 --> 00:28:42

Therefore, Allah will not lose us.

00:28:44 --> 00:29:15

Such piety and Taqwa and trust in Allah. Did you wait for a sign to come down? Did she wait for a dream now, so that Allah will not lose a scholar See, Commander, it means it has to be the right way. I don't need my husband anymore. I don't need anyone. I don't need food. Nothing. Allah subhanaw taala lifted. And then she got up and her son got hungry. The food ran out. The water ran out. We all know the story. She started running in between two little hills once called suffer the other ones called Mattawa. That's what we call it. Now. The Arabs later on called

00:29:16 --> 00:29:33

her son was on the floor. And she ran to suffer. Looked around, can't see anybody ran to Mattawa. Can't see anybody ran to suffer Combi run. So seven times you start to suffer finish that matter. And right in the middle, I want you to listen to this right in the middle, close to where her son was. There was like

00:29:34 --> 00:29:59

this, this dip, a big dip like a valley. As she walked. She has to go into the dip and come out. As she went into the dip. She couldn't see her son anymore because she was so low. So she ran it. She used to run it so she'd walk fast. And then when she got there she'd run it. Why did she run it like what a mother does? She's afraid for her son. She wants to keep her eye on the sensor. She ran it in case someone steals in more of a row.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:11

If takes him or something like that, I want you to remember that running position. When she reached Mattawa, she heard her voice and remember what I told you when you're alone you talk to yourself. She said to herself saw saw

00:30:14 --> 00:30:27

human beings. So she went back, and when she reached to smile at a salon, she found gushing water coming out of the ground and started to make a river started to make a big pool. So she started to grab

00:30:28 --> 00:30:41

clay and rocks and everything and close the circle, close the hole a little bit more and make it more restricted. And she said the word zoomy zoomy zoomy. That's why it's called ZamZam, meaning shrink shrink.

00:30:44 --> 00:31:14

The Prophet Muhammad wa sallam said Rahim Allah Who mana has or may Allah have mercy on our mother has her head she had not said zoomy zoomy would have been large and wide feeding all the Arabian Peninsula. But anyway, that is the will of Allah till today. The water is gushing. Nobody knows exactly where it comes from probably comes from all the mountains. I'm sure all of you have done different research. In all of you have something to say about it. I'm sure. zamzam is a big thing. But it is a miracle from Allah subhanho wa taala. Then we all know the story, the Arab tribe who had left Yemen, they were they had a drought and all that and I were looking for a new home. And they

00:31:14 --> 00:31:21

saw vultures around then they knew that there was water, they came to hazard and they said, Can we share the water? She said no.

00:31:23 --> 00:31:23


00:31:28 --> 00:31:28

They said why?

00:31:30 --> 00:31:32

So you're not going to share it. It's mine.

00:31:33 --> 00:31:49

They said, we'll pay you. We'll rent it off you. And we'll use half of it. She said I agree. So she was a businesswoman. And this in Islam is allowed. It's not stingy. You need to survive. And in Islam, you have the right to survive. It doesn't mean you are less religious.

00:31:50 --> 00:32:15

And she shared the water. And suppose the will of Allah to show us how those people who started this journey, the Arabs who came from there, the real Bedouin, the real Arabs from Yemen, who came there, they still have principles. They never harm a woman who is alone. She was alone with a child that could have just killed her and taken the water. But they said we never harm a woman. That is the tribe where Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam eventually was born out of

00:32:16 --> 00:32:44

you understand? and Ismail Ali Salam grew up among them. And he married from among them, and they gave birth from among them. And then people who are then came Arabs who became what we call out of mastaba, meaning that we are not original Arabs, we became Arabs. So I'm one of those. That's why our color is a little bit lighter. But the really the real, real Arabs are very dark in color. You think that the African you know, that's that's what they looked at. That's the real Arabs of Yemen. And

00:32:46 --> 00:32:55

what they did was they lived and this is how it happened by the will of Allah. Remember what I told you about the dip. So listen to this.

00:32:58 --> 00:32:59


00:33:00 --> 00:33:07

nearly today, every year, every day, every minute, every minute.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:13

There are 1000s of people

00:33:14 --> 00:33:24

walking between Safa and Marwa and then they leave in another 1000s Come then they leave another 1000s Come millions billions

00:33:25 --> 00:33:30

for 4000 years have been walking through suffer and marijuana, men and women.

00:33:32 --> 00:33:37

And even when they reach there's a point where the dip was now there's green lights that just put tiles

00:33:39 --> 00:33:39

we have to juggle

00:33:42 --> 00:33:45

but not the women only the men have to juggle what's the reason Allahu Allah.

00:33:47 --> 00:34:06

When we talk about equality in Islam, we talk about equality, in religion, in spirituality in good deeds, the roles are different. And here Allah says menu run, women don't run, but it was a woman who ran that doesn't matter I want the men to run. It shows us that we are not here to compete between genders.

00:34:07 --> 00:34:36

We are here all to obey Allah. Allah is my Lord and her Lord, the man's Lord and the woman's Lord. We don't need to debate. We don't need to argue. Stop it. Stop it. Brothers and sisters, obey Allah and see what Allah says, and then come to agreement and have mercy between each other. We run it even though it was a woman. Women don't run it even though it was a woman. Billions of people walk between suffer and marijuana because of one woman

00:34:38 --> 00:35:00

because of one woman, not because she's a woman because she was a righteous woman. And that's how Muslims judge things. We judge it based on righteousness. We don't judge people we judge an action based on based on righteousness. Does it Please Allah, that is our measure. My measure is not your how you look or your money or your fame, my mail

00:35:00 --> 00:35:16

Get his righteousness because of one righteous woman who stood firmly in taqwa and trust. We still work till today like her. We still make circumambulation like Ibrahim and dismay. We still go there and honoring it as one whole family, brothers, sisters, I finish it with this. What is harsh for

00:35:17 --> 00:35:20

has just to show us that Allah is one

00:35:21 --> 00:36:07

that we are all servants of Allah, that we all came from Adam and Adam came from soil, that no one is better than another person. Except impiety. no color, no race, no gender. Nothing is better than another except in Bakula to show us that we are one OMA, we are one nation. And the word OMA community means comes from the word mother, a mother encompasses it's like we encompass one another. We are one OMA when we go there, we know what is better than another person. We are brothers and sisters, what hurts you hurts me. I make dua for you, you make your heart for me, to show us that your status and your humbleness is not in your material, but letting go of the material and earning

00:36:07 --> 00:36:11

the material but in the piety of Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:36:12 --> 00:36:17

Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in his last sermon in harsh

00:36:18 --> 00:36:27

love for Kali Arabi and Allah Jimmy and elaborate Taqwa there is no superiority of an Arab of a non Arab except impiety.

00:36:28 --> 00:36:36

Could LUCAM mean Adam was the moment to rob you were all from Adam and Adam was from the earth.

00:36:37 --> 00:36:43

And finally, I conclude with this idea in the Quran what Allah Subhana Allah says yeah

00:36:46 --> 00:36:49

a human in

00:36:57 --> 00:36:57

general I didn't

00:37:00 --> 00:37:01

watch I didn't come

00:37:06 --> 00:37:07

in anytime

00:37:10 --> 00:37:16

in Corona ko Nyan and Allah here for

00:37:19 --> 00:38:05

no more honeymoon Kobe. Oh people we have created you from one male and one female and made you into many nations, tribes and races. So that new may come to know one another and identify each other. Indeed the most honored among you to Allah is the One who is most God fearing and righteous. Allah is all aware, all knowing I thank you for listening and I ask Allah Samantha to accept the Hajj of our brothers and sisters who have gone to Hajj this year and to accept your good deeds. And may Allah accept your deeds in his 10 days of the hedger except your Ortega, except your worship and may Allah accept your DUA wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad, while earlier was like a big man was Salam

00:38:05 --> 00:38:07

Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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