Ali Hammuda – Your suffering isn’t going to waste

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the multiple versions of the Prophet of Islam, including his partner, his wife, his children, and his death. They also describe the struggles of his life, including his struggles with sexual abuse and the loss of his mother. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding a partner and finding a woman to marry, measure oneself against actions and feelings, and be prepared for difficult situations. They also discuss signs that measure one's ability to be prepared for future events, including being prepared to handle unexpected events and being prepared to handle unexpected events. Finally, they give five signs that measure one's ability to be prepared, including a desire to serve others, a commitment to a bad number, an ethic of service, and a fear of failure.
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There is a particular prophet of Allah,

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whom the Quran gives a huge amount of attention to.

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Not only do we know about his adult years as a prophet,

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but we know about him as a child.

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We even know about the events that led up to his birth.

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We know about his mother, his brother, his sister,

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his father in law, his wife,

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we even know the very dowry, the Mahara that he paid for marriage.

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Mentioned around 183 times in the book of Allah, this is not in vain, across 25 passages of the Quran.

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This is none other than the Prophet of Allah Musa Alayhi Salatu was Salam.

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And there are three descriptions that Allah Almighty gives to the Prophet of Allah Musa that were not given to any other prophet in the Quran. The first of them, Allah said about him will try to have a camera hot button mini I have cast the garment of love over you.

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Meaning everyone who saw him loved him according to one of the two interpretations. The second unique description to Musa where Allah said to him only to Sneha Isla ie so that you will be nurtured under my eye.

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And the third unique description given to this Nabil Karim honorable Prophet is where Allah said about him was spun out to Kaeleen FC, I have prepared you for myself, Allah said to him

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what type of human being when a person become when he is prepared by Allah to be for Allah.

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The outcome is Prophet Musa alayhis Sana and whose essence and his ambitions and his yearnings and his existence was all for Allah and by Allah and to Allah. No part of Musa was for the world of this dunya.

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Shaker Sadie, he said in the Tafseer of this area, I have prepared you for myself, he said, If a human being

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wants to prepare another mortal human being whom he loves, and wants to raise him, nurture him, foster him to reach the levels of perfection, this person will use all of their resources and all of their efforts to help them achieve that level. He said, What therefore do you think Allah, Allah we Allah's is the most able what he will do for a person whom he wants to bring to the highest levels of perfection? I have prepared you for myself.

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Where when did Musa alayhis salam hear these words? He had these words from Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu during one of the loneliest periods in his life

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when him and his wife were pushed to their physical limits, traveling the earth all by themselves with basic provisions just enough to keep them alive.

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Last for direction they see a glimmer of light. Musa says to his wife on Koto, wait here for a moment in me Anna sooner and I see a glimmer of light fire loudly it can mean her be a goddess. Perhaps I will bring you a torch of fire from it. Our algae do Isla natty who then or maybe someone will just give us some guidance to help us navigate this terrain.

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Unbeknown to Musa however, he was not making his way to a higher, he was being called by Allah gender Giuliana, who's to stand in the Sacred Valley of Toba? To speak to not equal mallu the King of kings the owner of sovereignty, and the possessor of all dominion, Allah Jalla Jalla Allah He stands and he hears the voice of Urashima and Jalla Jalla who sang to him yeah Musa almost in any an Allah it is me Allah

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and now all of a sudden Musa I think he sent home receives closure,

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answers that he needed all throughout his life he had suffered. And up until this moment, he had no idea why all of this suffering came on to him.

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He was born as a male child and in the law of the pharaoh of Egypt. Every male baby was worthy of execution.

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He was then separated from his mother at the age of suckling to be raised in a home that is not his. His sister would walk the bank and go

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To the police of the Pharaoh and say, I know someone who can breastfeed this baby and his mother would be reunited with Musa then Musa would become a man and would accidentally kill someone. Now he is a fugitive on the run, wanted by the authorities dead or alive. He is escaping the country in terror.

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They then he would find a wife to marry. And the Mahara gallery was 10 years worth of arduous labor.

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Why all of the suffering? He needed answers, and now as he stares into the evening night sky, looking above him and hearing the voice of the glorious Aruna and jelajah, who answers are finally given to him.

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What does Musa hear? He hears these following words documented by the Quran. So you can imagine it and benefit from expression he is Carl Icahn Ott, like I am Musa

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almost we have responded to your request

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while I called them and I like Mr. Ratan okra and we have conferred our favor upon you yet again.

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It are hanging out in Omega know your heart when we sent inspiration to your mother, and it will defeat tabooed saying to your mom place the baby in the court that the fee phillium then placed the cot in the river

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for you will take helium will be sad. Then the river will take him to the shore yeah who I don't want me why I don't moolah were an enemy of his. An enemy of Mine will take him the Pharaoh. Well, I like to I like him I have bitten me and I have cast the garment of love over you. When your toes nah you need so that you will be nurtured under my eye.

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If MC have to Kapha taco No, I don't know come either maniac photo. Remember when your sister she followed you? And she said to them shall I not tell you who can take care of this baby for Raja Isla omic then we return you back to your mother kita Karang knew how Allah has done so that's how I can rest and she would not grieve what cartel 10 Epson and remember Musa when you killed someone for not generic I mean Ilhan, but we saved you from retaliation. We're certain NACA Fortuna and we tested you with severe tests

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for lab with the Sydney in the early Medion. Then Musa you spent many years with the people of Medina and some tiarella qaderi Musa, then you came to this place at the decree time was done out to clean up, see, and I have prepared you for myself.

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So now he understood that all of his suffering in his life was not in vain in waste. It was a preparation for this moment to become a prophet of Allah, and his heart finally settles.

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Now as a Muslim, when you hear the story and you have read it before, you ask yourself the question, How can I be a person like Musa whom Allah prepares by himself to be for himself? I would love to be this person, whom Allah guides and helps and nurtures and supports against enemies and gives the answers and gives him security on the day of judgment and the highest guardians of Jannah. How can I be a person who is prepared by Allah for Allah, I share with you five signs, signs that your suffering as a Muslim is not going to waste and your sacrifice will be thanked by Allah Jalla Jalla, five signs and we take them from the biography of Musa alayhis salam who better sign number one,

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measure yourself against these five. You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. This was Musa

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when he came to learn of a man who has more knowledge of Him in some things, he said, Lebra I'm not going to stop traveling, had the Ebola Majima has the hurricane till I arrive at the junction of the two seas are unbelievable that even if it takes me many years, I will find this man and I will learn from him. And when he came to his mentor who is less than human status, but he has some knowledge, he said who either and two highly many me my own limiter, Krishna, do you mind if I accompany you to learn some of the sound judgment that Allah has given you? Allahu Akbar. So this is sign number one to measure yourself against? Are you a man a woman chosen by Allah to be for Allah?

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telling me about your thirst for knowledge? May ut de la hooby hierarchy, you suck the whole feeding on Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when Allah wants to good for a person, it gives him understanding of the religion. Sign number two.

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You have a strong commitment to a God worship in all of its forms.

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The very first words also heard from Allah agenda you now know in that

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Sacred Valley of Tulsa was for Abu Dhabi worship me.

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Were up the Miss Lila utterly decree and establish the prayer for my remembrance that sign number two to measure yourself against what type of ibid worship are you become an exemplar worship of Allah Jana Jada Lu. When people are eating and drinking you are fasting.

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When people are sleeping at night you are standing in Salah

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when people are gossiping and scrolling through their socials, you are busy in the remembrance of Allah. Jana, Jana, at sign number two, you are a worshiper in times of ease and in times of hardship, in times of happiness and sadness, prosperity, adversity, your motto in life is Salah, Ezekiel Quran,

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a sign that Allah has chosen you to be for him. Sign number three,

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you have a fearless ability to acknowledge your personal error.

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There are certain mistakes that we've made in our past that we should have amended 10 years ago.

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Certain people we should have apologized to 15 years ago. Musa alayhis salam was not that man. When he made a mistake, he was quick to say a Stockwood Allah, this is from Shavon and he would make the changes in his life

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when he saw two men fighting, and he underestimated his own strength, and he pushed the Egyptian and the man died. He didn't say he deserves it is a road man troublesome always fighting, always getting up to no good. I know what I'm doing. He's in the wrong no apology from me. This wasn't Musa

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he said has I mean I'm Alicia. This is from Shavon in Now I do want Melinda Mobius. He's an enemy openly leading people astray. That he said I've been fiddling my Lord forgive me for love Allah Allah so Allah forgive him in Noho la foto Rahim Allah is the Forgiving and Merciful. So this is sign number three to measure yourself against How do you feel when someone advises you? Are you now thinking as a knee jerk reaction how to advise him back to give him a taste of his own medicine?

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How do you feel when you hear a quote by like this? There's a meme a lecture or talk whatever it may be advising you.

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This is halal and this is haram. This dress dress is an obligation this dress is impermissible. This business is harder this business is haram. How do you feel

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if you find yourself accepting the mistake, acknowledging your error and rushing to make the change up share good news that sign number three in your life that Allah is preparing you to be for him. Sign number four, you have an unbreakable ethic of stubborn patience.

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Before he left Egypt and after

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Musa alayhis salam suffered at every level, while Amuro la Saburo Ceiba yet he was only ever seen patient.

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In fact, so great was his southern patients. But our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw Musa as an example.

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And when things became tough for him and people harmed him, he would say Rahim Allahu Akbar Musa. May Allah have mercy on my brother Musa Eid ODfB Oxfam in the Africa for supper, he suffered more than this. He was patient.

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Patients with the commandments of Allah, patients with the prohibitions of Allah, patients with the cadaver the painful decrease of Allah.

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That sign number four to measure yourself against, and five before I sit down. Your fifth sign to measure yourself to see whether you are being prepared by Allah to be for Allah is that you have this desire to be of service to others.

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Musa sees two people fighting, he has to involve himself to settle dispute. He did this twice. He sees two women who can't push and shove with men to water their animals. So he takes the initiative brings the animals water them hand them over and walks away.

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Even when he was studying under his teacher, and he saw things that he didn't like, he had to say something.

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Ah, so Musa was a man of Hassan excellence, wanting to serve not just about his ambitions and his career, and he's a mirror reflection.

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While I'm Bella Asha, who was Stella Allah says when he reached his full age of maturity, and became a man, thank you now how can I know Alma we gave him wisdom and knowledge why? What Can I lick energy and mursaleen because Musa was a man who is of excellence of service to others.

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These are five signs to measure yourself against to see whether you are for Allah, by Allah and for Allah. We said number one, a thirst for knowledge. Number two, a commitment to a bad number three

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A Fearless acknowledgement of personal error. Number four, an ethic of suberb patience, you're not quick to snap. And number five, you have a longing to be a fitna of service to others.

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Moreover, Yakushi, regenerated that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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to move funa, Serena

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and Tom how you how Accra Mohan Allah?

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You are Muslims, he said,

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are the last of 70 nations Allah has created.

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Yet in the eyes of Allah, You are the greatest and most noble of all of donations.

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But let's address the elephant in the room and be honest.

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When you hear narrations like this that speaks of our virtue of Muslims, as Muslims, and how Allah loves us as an ummah,

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you can't help us see, how do we understand the battered nature of our Alma

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that is being beaten black and blue, wherever you look.

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wherever you turn,

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to look at the anatomy of this nation.

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You see nothing but bruises, cuts, wounds, and hemorrhage.

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You turn to China.

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And you see the plight of the Uighur Muslims ongoing, the ethnic cleansing of an entire community.

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Then you turn to Myanmar, Burma, and you see the Rohingyas their plight is continuing.

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And you look towards India

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towards what seems to be a genocide that is making its way to them.

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Then you turn to the Muslims of Yemen.

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And you see a famine that is threatening the existence of the entire region.

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Then you turn to Syria,

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a decade long war, crushing our brothers and sisters there.

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You turn to Saudi Arabia.

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You see scholars and activists and people of care lingering in the dungeons of the Gulf.

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You tend to feel the spleen. You see corruption at its core.

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And you see struggle at the other parts under siege and an illegal acute occupation.

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You turn to herdsa

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you see your biggest open air prison on planet earth today, you turn to Al Aqsa and you see our third holiest site being desecrated before the eyes of the international community. Where is this Favored Nation?

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How is it that we are these people in the eyes of Allah Azza legito yet where ever you look, you see nothing but Carnage and pain and suffering and blood.

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For those who ask how and why.

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The response is the same as what Musa received from his Lord when he wondered, why am I suffering? He was told,

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was thrown out okay enough. See,

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I am preparing you for myself.

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The same way that the suffering of Musa alayhis salam was not because Allah hated him, or because Allah had abandoned him.

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But because he was being prepared to lead Bani Israel out of Egypt.

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We are to see our pains in the same light.

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Allah has not hated us, nor has he abandoned us Mauer Dogara book Allah Tala. These are preparatory events to allow the Muslims to take center stage and to lead humanity.

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And the process of preparing Musa for leadership is the same process that will apply to us. Why do you think his name was repeated 183 times in the Quran, wisdom.

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What was the process of preparing him as a leader separated him from his mother, separating him from the people he loved. And we too will have to be in the process separated from the people we love and the places we love even if it happens to be Al Aqsa.

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But Musa was reunited with the people he loved. And Allah has promised that we sooner or later will be reunited with the people and places we love.

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The waves of the river Nile that burst into his car, when he was still a suckling child are no different to the waves that burst the Muslims through the Islamophobic industry all across the world.

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But the shore of the river Nile was near for Musa and Allah has promised that our shore is just as near he said in Allah the you know you had dune Allah Allah rasool Allah who can fill

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oppose Allah and His Messenger they will be the debased ones.

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Khattab Allahu Allah doesn't even know also the in Allah haka when you and disease Allah has already decreed that I Allah and my messengers will overcome We shall prevail.

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Allah is Mighty and Allah is wise

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