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AI: Summary © The host discusses various topics including missed calls from Muhammad, missing call from an individual named Anta, the importance of finding out who called them, the history of Islam, and the importance of honoring the Prophet's weight and actions. They stress the need to be patient and not complain about them, and emphasize the importance of trusting in Allah's teachings and not being too focused on negative thoughts. The speaker also provides examples of people becoming too negligent or overly relied on Allah for personal gain and the importance of not being caught in the Yoana cycle for negative emotions.
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You know who want to start you know who want to still feel when I want to be like him and surely I'm fusina Women say yeah Dr. Molina, Maria de la who Fela mobila woman your little fella howdy Allah. Wa Shadwell. Ilaha illa Allah Who are the hula Sharik Allah wa shadow anna Muhammad an arbiter who were a solo sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was so happy woman Sarah and energy healer yo Midian I bet Allah it took Allah haka Takata, while automaton illa Anta Muslim moon? Yeah, you have Latina M and otaku Allah Hawa. Kulu covenant sadita Use the Halacha Amala calm while Fiddler comes Uber calm woman UTI la hora Sula, who forgot the fares if I was in Lima, I'm about to fit in nautical Hadith

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Nikita of Allah wa Hiral howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Sharon Ohmori matata, hakuna matata if you had a teeny bit I couldn't live without him Allah Allah co lo Bella let in for now

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as to what follows my brothers and sisters, this is our third virtual hotbar coming to you live from Australia International Academy to you all. And before I begin I just want to remind you, this is not a real hope of us. So please do not follow me as if it is a Juma prayer your normal for Raka and do not consider this as your normal drama because we are not together in a masjid or in a journal. Today insha Allah will be talking about the topic do not despair. Do not despair, later Hassan

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this year, there was a lunar eclipse. It was in May, all of us witnessed it. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam made strong reference to the Eclipse although it's a natural occurrence, he did say that it is a sign from Allah subhanho wa Taala to the people of Earth. It is both beautiful and frightening.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that it is a sunnah to pray to Allah long, and to make dua and to turn to Him until the eclipses gone. Subhanallah just like the Eclipse only lasts temporarily, it gets covered until it becomes dark, and then it goes away. This is also the example of all hardships in life. This is the example of the Coronavirus and anything that is like it, it will temp it is only temporary and it will insha Allah vanish and go

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what do we do in this time? Well, what I want to first of all in the first hotbar advise you to do is to do exactly that. Pray more often and make dua more often go into sujood and talk to Allah subhanho wa Taala for ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala said in the Quran, were either as a baddie on NIFA in the quarry, but oh gee boy down there I

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fell yesterday Boonie when you may know be in whom your shoulder

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on, which means, and when My dear servants ask you about Me, I am close, I'm always close, I will respond to the person who calls upon me

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when they call upon me, and as they call upon Me meaning Allah wants us to always call upon Him, not just in the times of hardship, but also in the times of ease, to connect with Allah subhanaw taala at all times. Allah says, So let them respond to Me. Let them connect themselves to me, in ease and in hardship, and let them secure their faith in me, have trusting me secure their reliance upon me and know that nothing will happen which Allah has not written to happen. And at the end of the day, the Prophet peace be upon him did say how I find it intriguing the state of the believer, for no matter what happens to him or her, they look at it as always good. If good happens to them, they are

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grateful. And they show thankfulness to Allah and it is good for them. And if what seemingly looks bad happens to them. They are patient and persevering, and that is good for them. And that is only for the believer. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Good and bad, is a matter of perspective. It's how you look at it. What Allah tells us to do, is what he told his Prophet peace be upon him to tell us about him. He said, a sinner Londoner Biller, always assume well of Allah, whether hardships come along or ease comes along. They cannot happen without the permission of Allah. So assume one of Allah subhanaw taala. After all, modern science and medical modern science tells us that half of the

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cure to any disease is good self wellbeing, having a positive mindset. And when hardships do come upon us, Islam encourages us to have a positive mindset.

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it. I know that it's hard. But a believer as the process Salam said, we'll find that easier and to assist yourself in prayer and dua, as Allah said, was starting in August, somebody was salah, and seek help with patients and prayer. What in the Holika? The rotten ill Hershey, I mean, it is a heavy task except on those who do connect with Allah with consciousness and faith and belief. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

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the Prophet peace be upon him told us a dua on the holy badda intermeeting. Dua, is the heart of worship itself. When you call upon Allah, you are worshipping Allah, the Prophet peace be upon him also said manlam Yes, la La, la, la, la La, also intermidiate whoever does not ask Allah, Allah will become angry with that person. Subhanallah when you ask people for something of a favor, asking them for something personally, first of all, if they have a bit of compassion, they'll help you. But as time goes on, if you continue to ask them over and over again, even the best of us will become annoyed when we become angry at the fact that you continue to ask so much. But with Allah, it's the

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opposite. He says, If you don't keep asking me, I will be angry with you. It's as if you're saying I gave up on you. Oh God. Remember the story of Jacoba Alayhis Salam, Jacob, peace be upon him. When his son Yusuf Ali Salam was taken away. And he was uncertain where he is just like we are uncertain of our near future right now. It doesn't matter. What Iacobelli Salam said was this. He said, I am patient. And my patience is with Allah. I'm not going to sit here complaining to you, My children and to everyone else. And I know from Allah, that which you do not know. Jacobo Alayhis Salam, he did not take this as necessarily a bad thing. But he assumed well of Allah subhanho wa taala. My

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brothers and sisters, just like the prophets went through hardships, and they were patient and turn to Allah, we should do the same thing. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there isn't a dua that you ask Allah except that it is accepted, nothing goes and accepted by Allah subhana wa taala. Because he promised in the Quran that he will respond to every dollar you ask. However, it doesn't have to be exactly what you want. For the Prophet peace be upon him said and this hadith is embodied in Muslim sorry, he said, there isn't a dua that you ask for except that ALLAH subhanaw taala will respond to it. Either he will give you exactly what you asked, or he will delay it for a

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good day for a good reward in the hereafter. Or he will he will ward off another evil in its place, or he will delay it because right now is not the good time. So have your good trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala and He will never leave you my dear brothers and sisters. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said, people come to me saying, I made dua to Allah over and over again, but nothing was accepted so far. And then he said, then they give up on the Doha, and they leave the DUA altogether. He said, even though Allah would have almost about to be responding to them, or warding off an evil witch they do not see ya Qube Jacob Ali Salam back to him. He said that the DUA is

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always accepted. And that is only a matter of time before Allah subhanaw taala responds to him. He never gave up. And he said to his children, when they assume Rohilla than ever despair, from the Mercy of Allah in the hola I assume. Rohilla no one despairs from the Mercy of Allah elcon Will Caffee rune except those who deny and disbelieve in him once and for all. So my brothers and sisters, even if you are a non Muslim, Allah subhanho wa Taala references to a situation in the Quran. That if you call upon Allah, sincerely, only to him the one true God, then Allah will also respond. So Muslims, non Muslims, I advise you in this hard time, maybe it is time to turn to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala a call Luca really had what started Hola Hola. Hola, como esta? ferrovia frozen Mr. Feeling sick Allah's forgiveness are those who want to be triumphant and successful.

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Alhamdulillah Allah Azza wa Shakur Allahu Allah tofi He wants the nanny was salat wa salam ala Mala Anna be yum embody. While early he was so happy as you may have seen my brothers and sisters. Now that we've talked about putting your trust in Allah, praying to Him and seeking his diet in times of hardship and ease, that is the first

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thing that any person should do. But now, I have to talk about the second part of what relying upon Allah means. Many people around the world, Muslims in particular, can miss understand the meaning of relying upon Allah. Some of them become either over exaggerating, and others, they become too negligent. And they think that relying upon Allah means that there is no cause or effect. You don't have to do anything. You don't have to prevent yourself from harm, and you didn't have to do anything in order to receive benefit. I'm sure that nobody in their right mind will think that if you don't work and seek, then money and provision and food and shelter will come to you just by

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sitting and doing nothing. Nobody in their right mind will say, by not getting married, and

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married, you will not have any children are having intercourse, you will not have any children. Of course, having children has its cause in one way or another. Nobody will say that if I don't drink water, my thirst will be quenched. Or if I don't eat, my nourishment will be healthy.

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Also people who say, well, Allah subhanaw taala willed for me that I don't pray, or that I'm not a good person. Nobody in their right mind will say that it is God who will that that I'm not a good person, for this is in your hand and my hand, you can be honest, but you can be a liar. No one can say God made me this way. So my brothers and sisters, relying and trusting in Allah subhana wa at the island means to also respect and honor the aspects of cause and effect. In Arabic. The scholars have called it a principle of a global ASVAB you must take heed of cause and effect and relying on Allah subhanho wa Taala also means that He is the One who created the cause and effect. The Prophet

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peace be upon him was asked about spiritual healing, or okiya. When somebody comes and recite some Quran upon a person when they're sick, or they give them some kind of medication. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked, What do you want to know about that? And they said, Does this go against Allah's will? And Qatar destiny? He said, No. Doing that is part of Allah's destiny and part of his cover. It's part of relying upon Allah subhanaw taala. And anyone who denies this has denied what the true meaning of relying upon Allah by saying this My dear brothers and sisters, I'm not referring to something specific. I'm not telling you to do something in specific whether it is

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something relating to the Coronavirus or not, I'm talking in general, take heed of cause and effect and do what you know in your heart is right by Allah subhanho wa taala. But just as an example, look at the flu by itself. I'm not talking about the Coronavirus, just the flu, the common flu, I'm sure that a person with a good heart who has a strong flu, will not go and visit their siblings or their family members who have children, for example, knowing that it's contagious, even though it's not very serious, but they still will have compassion, wouldn't you? Same thing my brothers and sisters when we know there is a factual cause and effect about something when something is contagious, then

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respect and honor it and that is also part of relying on Allah and Allah will reward you for it. I thank you for listening. Allahumma Atlanta Allahumma Hamner Allahumma tobuy Lena, Allah Miranda then we're Bert. Allah mystery Madonna. What a fun mo Turner Allahumma letter Daffy McCall. Amina had them been in la oferta while I'm married and Elysia feta of Allah, we ask you in all your names and attributes to forgive our sins, to lift our state into a better state. Oh Allah relieve us from pain and hardship. I ask Allah to not leave anyone, as I'm standing here today who is sick except that he has cured him or her. I asked her last month I will leave you all my brothers and sisters and people

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around the world from hardship and sickness. And lastly, I make dua for a student of ours who's anti passed away yesterday Allahumma Hill Fiddler what a hammer or hammer Rahim Rahimi write about Allah in Allah yeah mobile Adela. Well, yes. And Allah commands you to do justice and to do goodness knows what it will quarterback and commands you to connect your family ties way and her and in Russia. You will manconi Well belly, he forbids you from doing immoral, indecent and harmful acts upon others. Yeah, evil comme la la quinta the Quran he admonishes and reminds you so that you may remember was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh