Bilal Assad – Does Allah Respond To Every Dua – Laylatul Qadr

Bilal Assad
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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah my brothers and sisters as salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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You know the word Leila to cuddle. It has three meanings. Leila means the night and the night begins from McRib, all the way until sunrise.

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The word Qadr has three meanings. And all of these meanings. Talk about that night. The first meaning of Kadar means congestion. When you congest something.

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And the reason why it's called congestion, believe it or not Subhanallah is because the largest amount of angels in all of the year descend, they come down from the sky, and they fill the earth until the earth is congested with the amount of angels. What are the angels doing? They're honoring the second meaning, which is the night of greatness. And it's called the night of greatness. Because it is the night in which the Quran was first taken out of the place called Low Halima fourth, low Halima for this called the preserve tablet. Allah had had the Quran in there and had never released it until the Night of Qadr. It was brought out of LA Halima fourth, and given to the Prophet

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through the angel Jibreel Alayhis Salam in stages over the years, over 23 years, so it is called the most enormous and great night. Therefore brothers and sisters limited recorder there's nothing important about it in specific except that the Quran made it important. Ramadan is nothing special about it, except that the Quran made it the most important month as Allah said, shahada Ramadan a levy on Xena fie in color and the month of Ramadan is in which the Quran was sent down. So they always knew Ramadan before Islam, before the prophets of Allah Salam came the Arabs knew Ramadan, but it was made special because Allah subhanaw taala sent

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the Quran down in it. Number three, my brothers and sisters the meaning of khadar is to decide your fate to decide what will happen to you what will happen to the world new decisions are made in the night of Qatar for the rest of the year, believe it or not, and I want to say something beautiful about these three meanings first of all, number one, the congestion of the angels. Allah tells us in the Quran in surah to Shah will Mala Iike to the angels

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will Mala Iike to

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you sir behind wanna be handy? The angels they glorify Allah in praise. And then he said while you're still Pharaoh and Solomon fill out the angels, they're one of their big jobs is to make still far for the people of Earth. They make us the far for us. They ask Allah night and day to forgive us Subhan Allah these are the angels of Allah which Allah placed in their hearts, in whatever their being is this love and this care and this kindness and compassion to have our sins forgiven. I wonder if Allah made the angels love us? I mean, is that what they're made of? Or they're made out of love? And what about Allah subhanahu wata? Isla, who is he in his attributes? Well, Allah He If

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only we knew who Allah is, we would worship Him night and day and prostrate, and never get our heads off even in the times of calamity. When Allah spent Allah takes something from us, or puts hardship upon us, my dear brothers and sisters, if you understood why Allah does that, that it isn't only for your own benefit, whether you realize it or not, then you would have frustrated to Allah subhanaw taala once you knew out of thanks to my brothers and sisters, the angels come down and make this little far for the believers on Earth. I will love forgive them our love forgive them, Oh ALLAH forgive them. This is out of the love of Allah subhanaw taala for us for to return back to him, and

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so that he saves us from the fire. So whoever is up in that night the angels are making is still far for you. My brothers and sisters Secondly, we said that the meaning is that it is a great and respected night. So much so that the angels come down in celebration of this enormous and great night. Allahu Akbar who would not want to be with the angel staying up in that night to glorify the amazing the greatness of this night my brother and sister

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Yes. So when you glorify Allah's Great night, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah glorifies you. When you thank Allah in this great night, Allah thanks you, when you call upon Allah Subhana Allah in this great night, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah responds to you more than any other night. And the third meaning is that Allah decides fate a new destination. You know, there are several times where Allah subhanaw taala decides new fate. Yes, I know what you're saying that isn't or hasn't Allah already written everything in the preserve tablet in a local mouthful? And the answer is, yes, he has written everything. But the way do you know that there is there is something called color

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that happens twice. There is a permanent color that is in low Helma fourth, and when that comes down, it creates another color, specifically, in certain times of the year, and one of them is later to recover the fine tuning of things. I want to also tell you about something beautiful that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us which gives us enormous hope. He said, We're leadin fcbd were the one who controls my soul in his hands. He said, lay your eight year old Katara it led to nothing changes cover, you know Allah would have decided or he would have written, not decided yet. But would you have written there's a difference between decision and writing. Writing means that Allah

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knows what will happen. And he writes it in Lahoma forth, and then there is a decision. Sometimes Allah leaves that decision to the last moment and one of these ways that he has lifted to lead it to the other to see who will make dua even though Allah Who knows but to give you that honor, when you get up and make that dua, Allah makes the changing of the color to something better because of you.

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So you make dua for yourself and for your family and for the Ummah and Allah Subhana Allah tells the angels take this new decision different to the what was written in local my faith, that even the angels don't know what will be changed in Laila to the color until Allah tells them change it to this. So when you make dua dua changes color, which means it changes what was written to a new decision that Allah will make because of you. But don't mistake in it, if you are going to make the dye and the color was going to be changed. Allah also knew that, uh, to honor us, my dear brothers, sisters, and to make you know, when if you're a parent, and you want to teach your child something

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great, and you want to do something good, you want to share it with your child so that they can also learn and grow with it. So you know, even though you know what your child's going to do, for example, like sadaqa, instead of giving it with your own hands, you come up to your child and you say, go and put it in the box, for example, or you say how much should we give today? And that way you make your child share with you that good deed and they grow with you. So Allah subhanaw taala, would you let him methadone Allah to Allah belongs the best examples. I'm just trying to make it you know, make us understanding how Fievel logical mind that Allah subhanaw taala loves to make us part

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of something good that Allah Subhana Allah does. And when we worship Him, we make dua to him Aslan anyway, we're calling upon Allah to make a color better than Allah subhanaw taala that makes it out of honor for you because of the effort that you have put in. How beautiful is that? My brothers and sisters so in that little corner to make the best of the house, and I shudder the Allah one has said here rasool Allah, the DUA that we make the women make is Allah who met in Mecca for one to hit Bula for 510. Allah you are a partner. You love to pardon. So pardon us. She said the Rasul Allah is this a good guy to make in little color, and the process LM smiled and said, It is one of the best dua

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that you can make. What is awful, what is pardoning? pardoning comes with the meaning of, if you have done something wrong, then Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, He will just look past it. He will probably mention it to you on the Day of Judgment, but then he'll tell you, I forgiven, it's gone. We're not going to talk about it anymore. Nobody's going to learn about it. Nobody's going to hear about it. That's pardoning. Number two. A lawful also means to give you health, to give you wealth, to give you protection from any harm. And if harm comes to you, it's only in order to protect you from a greater harm. So always assume well of Allah. This word awful encompasses nearly everything

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that you fear that will happen to you or your family, or other people that you love, and it also encompasses blessings. That obviously if Allah keeps away harm from you, what's going to replace it? Benefit, the opposite of harm is benefit. Insha Allah the health visit of harm is protection. So ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us among them. Allah humma in Naga foon Karim and to hibel alpha for Anna say it 100 times say it 1000 times if you like and you might be asking him is this respectful to Allah subhanaw taala that is this Adam is this man is to continue to ask Allah over and over again.

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The answer my dear brothers and sisters is it is bad manners when you say it to people, or when someone says it to you over and over, but with Allah subhanho wa Taala it's the opposite Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Good the Allah asked Allah call upon Allah complained to Allah obviously when you complain, you complain about your your feelings and you complain about your shortcomings. And Allah who fit Doha, Allah humains be insisting, like repeat, continue to ask don't give up. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said mela meander Allah this hadith in Sahih Muslim it said whoever does not continue to make dua to Allah el doble Allah Wiley, Allah becomes

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angry with that person. You know why? It's as if because when I give up on Doha, it's as if I am saying to Allah, I'm not getting anything out of you God as the for Allah of him. So I'm going to give up, I'm going to seek my back from somewhere else. This is disrespect to Allah subhanahu wa taala. The Shaitan comes to you sometimes and says, Man, you've asked Allah so much, and still know nothing has been responded to you Subhan Allah, and then you stop making dialogues also I said, lamb said, Some people they make dua a few times. And then when they find that their die is not being specifically given to them, you're clear meaning they stopped making dua when Allah would was going

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to give them something that they that they will be pleased with brothers and sisters never Hastin for Allah to give you what you are asking for. To hasten Allah means to expect Allah to give you exactly what you are expecting. That's disrespect to Allah Sparta, and that's not really having your full trust in Allah subhanaw taala brothers and sisters, when we call upon Allah, isn't it that you have your faith that Allah knows what's better for you? If you believe that, then when you make dua make it general. And don't haste and Allah to bring about because he knows when the right time is, and what is the best for you Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said,

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Don't haste in your DUA. For if ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala knows that there is a benefit for you in it, he will give it to you. But if what you were asking he knows that there is harm for you, then he will delay it and give it to you at the time that it is good for you. But you don't know that. And if Allah subhana wa Taala knows that it is not good for you in your entire life, it's gonna harm you or harm others around you and give you a harder life. He will postpone it for the hereafter.

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Or if Allah subhanaw taala wants to give you something and he doesn't want to postpone it for the hereafter, it's better for you to take it in this world. He will cancel what you're asking give you something better, that if you had known that you would have asked for it. And this is when the companion said the artists will Allah should we always make dua and he said always make dua through meaning like say, sorry, not a cathedral, I'm gonna get to that. He said, Make dua all the time for ALLAH SubhanA wa Allah will always respond to every dollar you make, either he will delay it, or he will give it to you or he will change it or he will ward off some evil if it's not good for you or

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he will postpone it to the hereafter. So then the Sahaba as they said, if I look through ya rasool Allah, does that mean that we should then ask for more things. And across the last Elon replied, a beautiful statement. He said, Allahu wa Karim. No matter how much you ask Allah, He is always even more generous, and he gives you more than what you ask for. So don't worry about that. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, I want to say something very important. A lot of us assume that the 27th night is the night of Qatar. The answer is my dear brothers and sisters. We don't really know. It could be the 27th. It could be the 29th. It could be the 25th. It could be the 23rd. It could be the 21st

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night, and the night in Islam begins at the Muslim before the actual day. So for example, tonight is the 27th meaning tomorrow is the 27th day therefore the night before it is the 27th night. It could also be the even nights a lot of people actually assume that it's only the odd nights because of the Hadith. But I want to tell you something very pronounced. Please take heed of this. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us the different Hadees we have different Hadees one time he says wait for it in the 21st or the 23rd or the 25th. Other times he said the 27th the 29th or 25th. At another time he said, you know wait for it in the beginning wait for it at the end. We have

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different types of Hadees that tell us about this. And no one told us when we combine it all together. We see that number one Rasulullah saw Selim himself forgot he doesn't exactly know when it will be number two. Every year little powder moves around. It moves around it doesn't stay in one night. And when the Prophet SAW Selim came in to tell his companions it was on different years. So sometimes he would say this year it's on this time and another year would come he would say this year it should be around it. But Allah Franklin made him forget

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And then he said, wait for it in the last 10 Nights wait for it in the last 10 or so every night could be late at any night could be later to cover material assistance. And one thing very important to realize every please listen to this very important aspect. Do you know why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was made to forget when les little quarter is? So in the beginning, I'll tell you the Hadith, the Prophet of Allah Sallam he entered one day after he had woken up, and he saw a dream where the angel was telling him when later to Qatar is that year. So he goes into the masjid and he gathers a camp companions to tell them at night after a shot when Laylatul Qadr is.

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And then he saw two men fighting quarreling at the door of the Masjid. So he turns around is going into tell his companion so turns around, and he goes to those two men who are fighting to get in between them to resolve their problem. As the Prophet sallahu wa salam was returning, he sat there. And then he looked like he was thinking hard. And like he had forgotten something. So the Sahaba said, he, he stayed for about an hour and then in the end, he said to us, I was coming to tell you when little cutter is, but then I was made to forget it. What made him forget it, those two men who were fighting.

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But then he said, but maybe this is good for you, to encourage you to stay up parts of all the nights or even overnights. And so, race for it My dear brothers and sisters, very important to realize that he was made to forget it, partly because of the conflict of the two men who were fighting in the masjid. I wonder I'm not saying specifically but I wonder my brothers and sisters with this pandemic this Ramadan for the first time, we are stuck in our homes and we can't make our decaf. We can't pray in the masjid. We can't do pm in the masjid. I wonder. I wonder could it be that we have too many conflicts between us? I wonder that if one of us is afraid to break their fast

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with a drop of water? Why are we not afraid to take the rights of our brothers and sisters? Why are we not afraid to break our Hassan out by backbiting our brothers and sisters?

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Why are we not afraid in any other time to watch our tongues in our hands when we are writing and typing and backbiting gossiping and taking the rights of other brothers and sisters morons sisters, you know, some people will say yeah, he asked for Allah to guide that person. And because of the amount of hatred and grudge they have in them, they say May Allah take him that they say that? May Allah never forgive them, Allah never guide them, because they don't deserve it. Allahu Akbar, or you Allah to make that decision. Did you hear about two people whose they fought, sorry, they still have quarrels. And in one of them who was righteous and pious and the other one was sinful, the

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Pious One kept making dua that Allah you only call him the other person trying to advise them to fix themselves. Then one day the pious person became so frustrated. This is so he had this by the way, he became so frustrated with that person who was sinful that he said to him, work wala Allah will never forgive you because you don't deserve it.

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And that he doesn't deserve to be forgiven. Allah will never forgive you.

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So assassin and told us that in the future, because Allah shows processing and things in the future, they were raised, meaning they died, both of them and they were raised in the future. And on a Day of Judgment, Allah will say Aner her the lady at a level Eileen, where is this person is making himself a god like me, trying to say that, who I will decide to forgive and who I will decide not to forgive or guide, call him here. Call his friend over here. He says to him, I have forgiven this person and put this person in a fire. Mini let him be punished. Why is this person being punished? Because he did a form of shirk. How dare I say what Allah is going to decide. And Allah said, I

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forgive him the other the other person changed his life. Brothers and Sisters in Islam. What I'm calling us to do is to soften our hearts and to make dark for people for hidayah. Of course, if you're oppressed, then be careful. The people who are oppressed, the DA will never be rejected. And one beautiful thing is to repent during this night Madiba and sisters it is time for us to return to Allah Spanner that it isn't this pandemic enough to wake us up my brothers and sisters is in this time for us to admit our faults and to say to Allah spent Allah what we have done wrong and to truly repent Allah Subhana Allah said what to do, or in a law, what to go in Allah He am me No, no. Come

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to finish.

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Don't return back to Allah believers. If you truly believe in the hope that you may be successful and reach salvation my brothers and sisters, repent to Allah and these

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writes admit to a loyal faults complained to Allah the hardness of our hearts. Look at and reflect upon yourself and reflect upon your shortcomings. only think about yourself for Allah He tomorrow you and I will die alone and tomorrow we will and I will be raised alone and questioned alone we ask the last Mandela for his pardoning assume well of a lot for he is the Forgiver the Most Merciful and have hope in Allah Samantha is Mercy was set up Molly

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