Friday Prayers Attire, Conduct, and Rewards.

Ali Albarghouthi


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He says of course is based on Friday. I mean it would be intention that I'm doing this for masala so he bathed on Friday and he puts on perfume. This is exclusive to men. He puts on perfume, puts on the best clothes that he has because after all remember we said it is what? Eight and this is what we do on aid you baby you put on best clothing that you have. You put on what perfume and says he comes and he says close to the Imam

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and he prays as much as Allah will right for him to pray

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and he does not hurt anybody.

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And he does not engage in unnecessary idle speech while the Imam is talking.

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He says Salatu was Salam in de the Sisense between this Friday and the one previous will be forgiven and additional three days, meaning he will get the reward or forgiveness for 10 days for that act that he did.