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Blessing Of Salaah – Mufti Ismail Menk

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa salatu salam ala

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nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa been a woman to be on the sun in Isla Medina.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his entire household and all his companions and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless every single one of us and to grant us goodness, beloved brothers and sisters in Islam,

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it indeed brings a smile to the face to be seated in the message in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala where we have just completed Salah to Asia and we ask Allah to accept it from us.

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Salah is a gift as we all know given to us by Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is important that we consider it a gift because some people consider Salah a burden. If we consider it a burden, we will not be able to achieve the broader blessings of Salah. There are several categories of people The first of those who don't read Salah. Yet they want to call themselves Muslim men. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in a correct narration. He says the distinguishing factor between us and the disbelievers is Salah. It is the distinguishing factor you want to know if a person is a Muslim or not. All you need to look at is the Salah. If the Salah is in order, it would show that

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they are believers. If the Salah is not in order, they have a lot to improve. So this is a very, very important narration first category of people they want to call themselves Muslim, but they don't want to fulfill the basic gifts of Islam.

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The second category of people are those who call themselves Muslim, and they fulfill their Salah, but considering it a burden, they find it tough, they are lazy they come last minute and they go out first, the last ones in and the first ones out Subhan Allah in that case, it depends on the individual and the type of link they have with Allah, they have a lot to improve. We need to improve our link with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And for this reason we say it's not good enough for us to consider Salah a burden. Even though we are fulfilling it there is a step higher than that which we need to get to.

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So there are people who read Salah because they have to read it.

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They have to do it so they do it.

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But there is the highest category of people those are the ones who read Salah because they want to read it not because they have to because they want to. So you find that they are doing it considering it a gift of Allah. These are the ones whom when they come into the house of Allah they forget everything outside the house of Allah which is not related to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, if you notice we Mashallah because we have a carpet in the massager these days in a beautiful, clean environment, we remove our shoes outside. Similarly, remove all your things that will connect you to this world outside the door. When you come inside, you need to be able to stand concentrating for

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the sake of Allah waku moon in carnitine. I'm sure we've heard such a beautiful verse, stand for the sake of Allah with total submission, concentration, humility, conviction, and with the consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Such a person will be able to reap the benefit of Salah

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Do you know that if you were to fulfill one Salah with Yamaha in the proper way, and then you are to fulfill the next Salah with Gemma in the proper way, it would act as an expiation of the minus sins between the two sellers. The minus since the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says at Seattle has Sonata tiempo ha, follow a bad deed with a good deed in order to wipe out the bad deed. Some people don't understand it, they think you can go and murder someone and then go for Hajj. You can steal their money and then go for hikes and everything will be deleted. No, that's not what the Hadith means. It is speaking here about minor sins, small things that happen on a daily basis. You might have done

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something you might have said something minor and so on. You know there might be a few little small things that happen which we know or we don't know sometimes when we follow up with a charity or a good deed or a Salah automatically we find that these minor sins have disappeared. They will go away

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As for the major sins they require what is known as Toba? what is known as repentance, you need to turn to Allah in repentance and ask Allah subhana wa tallas forgiveness for the major sins, you need to admit the sin. You need to regret it. You need to ask Allah for forgiveness, and you need to promise not to do it again. Those are the major sins. So getting back to the issue of Salah we entered the house of Allah the question I have, do you feel that this is the house of Allah? You know, if you are entering the house of a huge businessman or a prince or someone big a king or a leader or an amine, you would feel that I'm entering this big house perhaps there is surveillance

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here. Perhaps there is this person here perhaps you know, I need to carry myself Well, what is the impression this man is going to give me let me apply a little bit of perfume. Let me look smart and decent. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, Bonnie, Mo Xie Na ko

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Lim s g, the beautiful verse, all children of Adam.

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You need to adorn yourself with your beauty when it comes to entering the houses of prayer. The place of such that when you want to connect with Allah dress clean clothes, you must be smelling good You must be looking good You must be within a specific level of purity known as a hora taharah meaning cleanliness of a certain nature. You cannot read Salah without booboo, you need the ablution so when you're entering the house of Allah, ask yourself a question. Do I feel the calmness? Do I feel the serenity? Do I feel like I've entered a beautiful place? It's a question. I have come across some non Muslims who have visited some masajid you know nowadays in the Western world, we

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have an open day where sometimes we have to welcome the non Muslims they want to see what is Islam all about. So they enter the masjid they come and some of them have told me that we bear witness the minute we turn the corner with our car, we noticed some feeling of peace. When we saw this house of Allah amazing. The non Muslim is telling you when I entered this, there is some amazing serenity. So some of the aroma they say how can a non Muslim feel the serenity of the house of Allah, but it's common sense they are human beings, they will also feel a spirituality in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala if they have the right intention and the right heart, they will feel a goodness.

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So if the non Muslims are telling me and you that we feel some calm atmosphere in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala How come we as Muslims do not feel the calm in the house of Allah sometimes? Why is it that we find our own children and offspring away sometimes from the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Perhaps our intention needs to be rectified. Let me quickly take you through the first part of the hadith of Martigny, Jebel Ali Allah and which I am sure a lot of us should know of by heart. It is the Hadith where Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam was sending more abney Jebel Ravi Allahu anhu to Yemen, common Hadith, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says in Makati, Coleman Allah Kitab familia

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con alma mater Oh la. shahadat Allah ilaha illallah wa near Rasulullah you will find some people who will be people of the book Omar, first thing you should do to them.

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Call them towards a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow Ana Mohammed Abu humara pseudo call them towards worshiping Allah alone. Sincerity for Allah declaring Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as the final messenger. This includes obviously believing in the previous messages and believing in the previous books and coming down and understanding how Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is a messenger of Allah and believing it. Then he says for him home can easily leave home and Allah haftarah Allah him Hamza Salatin Fukuyama

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if they follow that,

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then let them know that Allah has prescribed upon them which means he has made compulsory for them. Five Salah during the day and night five Salah. Now I want to stop there, because when we do not achieve the benefit, or the serenity of the house of Allah, and if we do not achieve the peace through reading Salah, it means there is something wrong with our Shahada. This is what it means. Why? Because the first step is to accept the Shahada, and to understand that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is His Messenger and if you worship Allah alone, without any

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Engaging in any form of polytheism or what is known as shale. And if you are conscious of the worship of Allah alone, you've developed a direct link with your maker. And you firmly believe that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam was sent to me and you to show us how to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. And to show us why we have been created in this world, and to lead us towards paradise, and that he is the final messenger and his message is final and totally complete, then only you will be able to benefit from Salah. But when we are involved in innovation, how can we benefit from Salah we come to the masjid our heart is not there. When we are involved in association of partnership

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with Allah or some cheeky yet some little polytheism and so on, which is obviously a major sin and how can we benefit from Salah we won't we will find it a burden, we will not be able to develop a link with Allah today on the globe. As a whole people are searching for peace. People are searching for inner contentment. Do you know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to tell bilad ignore a Ba

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ba ba ba yeah Bilal.

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What is he speaking about? He says oh Bilal

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let that comfort come through it through what through the Adhan Go and call out the event we will achieve the comfort of that event amazing. I recall these beautiful words of success that we hear so many times a day and in this country Mashallah the country of Qatar beautiful Muslim country. We are so fortunate to be here in VR then not just from one mithuna or minara but from so many different places you are spoilt for choice as to where to go for Salah. You want to hear a beautiful long recitation Mashallah there is a magic you can go you can take a little bit of time and Subhanallah if you are in a little bit of a rush Allah forgive us and you are one of those who speedy Gonzalez

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you know, you want to get to a Masjid where they finish in no time. You can find that Masjid as well but Allah forgive us or shortcoming we are human beings you know come time for Ramadan is around the corner inshallah. People fall in different categories. Salah has a blessing when you come in you fulfill your Salah for the sake of Allah and you know, you're you concentrate you're thinking you're worshiping Allah Cana Katara for him.

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Iraq, you know the the hadith of a Sam where the prophet SAW Selim says, You worship Allah as though you are seeing him and if you cannot see then at least you should know that he is watching you. And when you get to that level, it's amazing. Some people what they do, come salata, tarawih they look for the masjid, which finishes in five minutes, five minutes, taking on the ground, you know, top bottom in out Salam aleikum wa salam out is that Salah we have a beautiful month of Ramadan you have Mashallah fasting May Allah grant us the month of Ramadan, you have so much a bird so much charity, why do we want to waste all that just because we cannot spend 1015 minutes I have at one stage in my

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life heard people who say brother, that must be finishes in 10 minutes. Let's go there. Do you know what they do? After Salah they stand outside and they are talking for one hour by that time the others are coming out. Look at shavon

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after Salah they sit outside the masjid, they are chatting, they are smoking they are doing anything. But for one hour they are sitting outside. So Couldn't we have spent a little bit more time inside the house of Allah. This is what we say. You want the blessings of Salah you need to rectify your Shahada. And when we say rectify your Shahada, it sounds simple, but it's a very deep statement. It means become a good Muslim, you know, enter into submission in totality.

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mondo, Rufus sin, Mika.

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Oh, you who believe into into submission in totality, in totality holistically, not only every one of us but on top of that every aspect of submission, submit to it, don't just submit to whatever suits you and then whatever does not suit you don't submit to it. So federal law you have a man reading salah and the other hand is in the nightclub drinking alcohol. Can that Salah benefit him?

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It's like you know stuff. Allah Allah protect us. I know we are in a Muslim country. But I have seen in South Africa

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that people told me there is

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A huge casino you know where they gamble huge casino. And in the casino it's so big they have so many different departments. They have a masala Allah without a joke they have a masala. So they told me Do you know why? Because those who come to gamble a lot of them are Muslim and they do not miss their salah

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and they may Allah I'm going to gamble grant me success. Look at how we have become so weak that we think before you go to steal read Torah cat of salatu salam I'm going to rub that man tonight. inshallah I don't get caught Yeah, Allah help me I'm making a stone villa. But this is the mentality of men it is happening. May Allah protect us. So Allah says all you who believe enter into submission in totality, your Salah will not benefit you if you have not removed from your heart, the love for that which is wrong.

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You need to place in your heart the love for that which is right. And this brings me to a very important point my brothers and sisters, we are insane. We are human beings. We falter. You know, Chopin comes and tries his luck with us every day. He tries his luck different ways. Sometimes he wins. Sometimes we win. We hope we can win more than he wins. And we hope when he wins, we need to quickly fight back with Toba. We need to fight back with repentance. See, so as human beings, one thing you need to know is even if you have fallen into sin for some reason, the fact that you admit that you are wrong is the first step to success. When you admit what I did was very bad. It was

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wrong Alhamdulillah that is a sign that you want to improve. But when a person wants to read Salah before he does something wrong for Allah to help him in that which is wrong, then he is making a mockery of Allah and he will never benefit from that Salah of his nor will he benefit from much more from anything else. First, he needs to go back and develop a link with Allah. It's like for example, may Allah protect the soul.

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There are some non Muslims. They say in Ramadan, we fast. Have you seen some of them? Maybe even in this country, there are some non Muslims in Ramadan we fast. Now for them. The good news is they will achieve the health benefits of fasting health, maybe it will help them they might feel a bit calm, they might achieve some form of inner peace to a certain extent which is connected to the dunya. But will they achieve the Agile? And will they achieve the deeper reward? The answer to the question is let them go and declare the Shahada and then try again. Lo

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let them understand the deen and try again. It's like a non Muslim entering the masjid he will feel like I've said the serenity of the house of Allah. But if he reads Salah, the Salah, one of the conditions of acceptance of that Salah is for you to be a Muslim. So although they might feel for a moment temporarily, that we are happy we are content, there is no deeper blessing that will come out of it because they are lacking a man and belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala. The same applies to the Muslim. When we have Islam in us we are saying the Shahada, but if we are only paying lip service to it, I'm only saying it by tongue and I'm not worried about anything else. You know, adultery to be

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committed. It's done. haram to be done. It's done cheating, deceiving, it's done. Anything else it's done. And then I want to come and say a lot about

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my foreign might be fulfilled. But do you achieve the broad the blessings when your heart is not even trying to give up the other sins. This is why this evening, I wanted to raise this very important point to say if you would like the blessings of Salah to be felt in your life. You need to have a good heart in your heart you need to tell yourself Yeah, Allah whatever wrong I am doing helped me to leave it. Whatever bad I'm doing helped me to recognize it. You know, sometimes we are doing bad things. We don't recognize that we are doing bad things. Some people are involved in innovation and sometimes they don't recognize it because they didn't ever think about it. They did

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not even look into it and they don't even realize what I'm doing is wrong. So first we ask Allah Allah grant me the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, and grant me the ability to stay on the right path. Allahumma Habib Elena imana was a movie perugina whakaari helaine alcohol Su Su coleccion Allahu Marina Kaka was open ativa waarin obatala battilana, Atilla was openacc de nabba. Allah make loved to me, make love to us, amen and beautify it in our hearts.

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Make hated for us, that which is disbelief and sin and that which is in transgression, keep it away from us. And the next day, which we are taught by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam Oh Allah,

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show us the right as right and help us tread on it and show us the bad as bad and help us stay away from it. amazing job, which means I want to see the good as good and help me to work towards it. And I want to see the bad as bad and help me to stay away from it. This is when I will be able to achieve the greater blessings of Salah. So let's look from a purely worldly aspect. How does Allah bless you? How is Salah blessing you from a worldly aspect? religiously we know we will achieve blessings Allah says in Asana

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Salah prohibits from immorality and evil it will stop you and block you from immorality and evil. You read your first Salah of the day and you are worried about the next Salah between the two you will not be doing anything evil. If you read your Serato and in your mind, you're thinking now is Salah to answer in a few moments. Let me worry about it. How are you going to sin between the two Salas when you are worried about the next Salah when you read Salah when you are worried about malaria? How are you going to sit between the two? This is the consciousness of Salah it will help you to become a better person. When you talk with Allah beautiful words of the Quran. How can you go

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out and swear How can you go out and lie now when you meet your spouse, your family members, your friends, those you work with your acquaintances and others you will have good words because your mouth is used to uttering good words in Salah you are conscious of it. These are some of the spiritual benefits. Another one also Allah says

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levena Monastery rubies sodbury masala oh you who believe seek assistance through bearing patience forbearance what is known as Saba and Salah Salah, meaning the prayer calling out to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you will be able to achieve alleviation of your suffering. If you fulfill your Salah and you are patient. Now if you go to the worldly benefit, Salah is spaced out in such a beautiful way. Such a beautiful way one early in the morning just before the sun rises. So you are up as a Muslim you are up the non Muslim doctors tell you Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. That's an English say. So we are taught Early to bed and early to rise is your

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duty as a Muslim. Allah automatically wants to make you healthy, wealthy and wise. So van Allah for free. If you are going to live Islam, what time will you get up? Can you be a person who's going to get up 11 in the morning when everyone's already at work? No, if you're a Muslim, one of the blessings of Salah is you're up on time. When you're up on time you get your children up on time Mashallah you read your fudger Salah you might sit for a while with your Quran you might say a few good words to your family members. And then you probably will have breakfast together something light your tea whatever you have together. Today the world is weeping and crying because families

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are disintegrating everyone is on his own computer locked in his own room. No one talks to each other father goes to work every morning mother's gone somewhere else children gone to school and you know the house is now split. You're a Muslim. You get up early Mashallah you spend the beginning of the day with Allah and then with your family. You've had the cup of tea, even if it took you five minutes. The blessing of Salah is you will see your children how are you my darling? How are you doing? My little boy, my little daughter, I really love you. Today you're going make a do out for me. Let me make a dua for you. This is a beautiful environment in the Muslim home which is lost in a

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lot of homes. It's lost. Our children are brought up by the television and the computer because we don't have time for them. One meal with your child is priceless. People really are suffering because they don't spend time with their children. So the children don't know what's happening in the world. But you get up in the morning in Sharla one of the blessings of Salah you will see your children off inshallah whether they go to school and whatever happens. What time is salado just after the zenith, you know, just after the zenith when the sun is right at the top just after a tilt off is salata law.

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Amazing how the world has kept that time as lunch hour. Have you noticed that

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lunch hour. So people say when is lunch hour you say similar to the time of amazing. Look at the Muslim, Allah did not inconvenience you from the morning right up to that time there are some voluntary prayers but they are no compulsory prayers. So when you get to Allah has meaning when you get to a higher level that Allah would like you you know to achieve more and more you can offer voluntary prayers, but if you have not yet got to that level at least you know that you know what it is now midday. Let me do something What do you do? You make Whoo hoo boo is ablution this ablution with water? What does it do for you it Your face is washed, your hands are washed, your feet are

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washed, you are fresh, you have wiped your head and so on. You're feeling good. That medically is proven to rejuvenate the individual at midday, just like it does it any other time. rejuvenate you, you're woken up, you're refreshed again. Amazing. you've washed your face with cold water. We are looking at health blessings of Salah.

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Amazing, now you come in the middle of all the hype of the day. You have unplugged from your work and you have plugged in with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah

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silent recitation insalata and you're just thinking Subhana Allah you are reading and the amazing feeling of serenity. Allah He if the non Muslims knew the sweetness of the Salah we have, they would fight us to take it from us. Promise you

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ask those who have turned to Islam, they will tell you no religion has an act of worship anywhere near the Salah of a Muslim. No religion, neither Judaism, no Christianity, not at all.

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Salah is a gift. So consider it a gift.

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And then you have Salah to Lhasa Mashallah the late afternoon prayer. And then you have Salah to Margaret just after the sunset. And then before you go to bed, you have Salah tonatiuh Wow, look at one of the big blessings, your day. timetable. Excellent. You know, the professionals of today. You go to work, what do they do? Eight o'clock. They're there. One o'clock, they knock off two o'clock they're back. Five o'clock back at home every day like clockwork. Nobody needs to say anything. They're there.

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And come time they're back. like clockwork. Why?

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They need a salary they need to live they need to feed their families. They need something you need to buy the Porsche Cayenne Mashallah you need to do so much more. You know, we're living in Qatar. We cannot just drive a little Toyota Corolla. This is copper. You need a Lamborghini, Masha Allah. Allah protect us. So people want to afford everything. They go to work on time. They come back on time. And they say no, I don't want to lose my job. If my boss tells me come over time I go. Listen very carefully. We have something more important than the Durham and the Drina.

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We have something more important than the car, the Cayenne and the Lamborghini. We have something more important than the villa and the pissaro the palaces, we have Jenna to prepare for.

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We have paradise to prepare for one of the biggest blessings of Salah it does not only help you through your world,

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but it helps you through into the eternal life of paradise. So many people have passed away in front of us. They used to go to work. They used to

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work for a living they used to try their best to feed their families and so on. But what happened? They passed away. They did not wait to see the benefit of that money. If they were fulfilling their Salah Good luck to them. If they were fulfilling their duty to allow good news to them. So many have died in Salah so many have died coming to Salah so many have died just having left from Salah What about us, Allah subhanho wa Taala open our doors. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us an understanding. Imagine we are ready to work for a salary because we will get promotion we will get a bigger package, we will be happier, we will be able to build a house in our own country or help our

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relatives and so on. So we are happy we work so hard. Allah says just need a little bit of Salah a little bit. It doesn't take too long. In 24 hours, you are being asked for a minimum of 24 minutes.

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For every hour, pay one minute.

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For every hour pay one minute. How long does it take minimum minimum. Obviously it shouldn't be more than that, but I'm talking about the bare minimum

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24 minutes for the five Salah Day May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us blessing, to be honest with you,

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when a person fulfills Salah correctly, another great blessing is Baraka Baraka is, it translates as the term blessing. And what it means is Allah grants you the benefits of perhaps a small amount of money that will last a long period of time, small amount of money, that you buy something with and it is a bargain, you still have change, and you are so happy. And sometimes you might have struck a deal. You buy a car, for example, the Baraka in the vehicle, because you use it to go to the house of Allah and to do good things. The money you have used on servicing it, or panel beating it, or anything else is almost new, if any at all. Why? Because there is blessing. But when there is no

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blessing in one's wealth, you can have a salary of 20,000 real

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what will happen in one week? Is my money going I don't understand what happened here. How come I had so much money in my hand it's gone. That's because we did not develop a link with Allah will allow you to develop a link with Allah you will be able to prioritize even how you spend amazing how you spend, because a person who fulfills five Salah a day is conscious of Allah and he's trying to follow Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, do you think he's going to blow his money and throw it away and be extravagant and so on? No, he will understand that Islam teaches me neither to be too extravagant, nor to be too miserly. But in the middle, I need to make sure that I've spent where I

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need to, and I need to save where I can I pay my Zakah and I give my charities and I need to know this wealth belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is an Amana just like my body and yours.

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And I perhaps want to end with this topic, or with this particular point.

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My body and yours is actually not my body and yours. It is an Amana and the trust from Allah, it is a uniform for the soul that you have this uniform, you're going to take it out and leave it and you're going to go Do you know that

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your soul,

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the route, the soul, that is you

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has been lent a uniform, which you are wearing whilst you're in the world. Once you die, you remove your uniform, and you go, uniform will remain

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for as long as Allah wants and how he wants. So remember, do not be deceived to think this is my body, I can do what I want. You cannot it's just a uniform. When you have your uniform as your workplace. If you're a policeman or a security guard or anything else, and you have a uniform, are you allowed to do whatever you want with that uniform? No, you cannot just put paint and colors and say you know this is my uniform. Now your workplace has rules. The same applies your body, you cannot just do what you want with it. Keep it and handle it the way Allah has asked you to keep it and handle it. And Allah will grant you happiness, contentment, calmness, serenity, this beautiful

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body that Allah has given us. It requires spirituality. It needs spirituality, it feels and it senses

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amazingly, the benefit in anything that is spiritual, this plant in front of me Subhana Allah, it feels and senses. It feels and senses spirituality as well. People might laugh, but voila, it has feelings. Recently, if any one of you have come across a YouTube clip of a flower that opens up when the other one is called. Go and check it on YouTube search for the adven flower and you will find these flowers that open up only when the other one is called voila Here you will find it this news was on C n n please something good came out of CNN.

00:34:19--> 00:34:32

So amazing if a flower responds to the goal to success, aren't we? If we do not respond to the goal of success, hi.

00:34:44--> 00:34:51

Amazing call to Salah it must make our hair stand your movement. You're a believer.

00:34:52--> 00:35:00

The call to success opens a flower but it does not open my heart and yours. Allah it's about time we leave

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

visited this I call on yourself and myself to revisit our connection with salah and with Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah He, the owner of the doors of success shall open those doors of success for you and for me if we answer his call to success whenever he calls to success and never lose hope, continue fulfilling your Salah one day you will find yourself smiling all the way to Jenna. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted from myself and yourselves May he make us true followers of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I have touched on a slightly different aspect of the blessings of Salah seeing that last year when I was here, I spoke about Salah in the same venue and I hope and

00:35:46--> 00:36:09

I pray we can remember what was said. inshallah We ask Allah to benefit us all. And we love you for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala we are meeting for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and we ask a lot together us in general, and until we meet again sometime if Allah wills we say sallallahu wasallam robotic Allah and Amina Mohammed Subhana Allah Subhana Allah homovanillic shadow Allah Allah, Allah and Furukawa