Assim Al-Hakeem – Who Do We Choose As friends

Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the choice between being friends and being purers, and how one contact list is made up of those who are purer and more knowledgeable than they are. They also discuss the two types of stranger, the saved and the saves, and how they contribute to the community by enforcing and enjoying things. The speaker also talks about the importance of praying with the Roshi's (the holy spirit) and not realizing that evil behavior is coming to them.
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When you choose those whom you accompany, because then you feel like you are with your friends, you feel like you are with those who may

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uplift your morale and get you closer to Allah azza wa jal. That's why the scholars say accompany those who are purer than you, and those who are more knowledgeable than you. Who do we choose? as friends, usually, when you look at your contact list, open your contact list and try to find out from your contact list. How many get you closer to Allah xojo how many will you find?

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This one is in for work, this one is for school, this one is my washer for you have washed over here and quit. Big well, likewise, Mashallah Welcome to the Gulf region, we have big Wow, if I want to have a booking to an airline, I have to have washed or if I have to have one something to read to be much quicker and faster in government relations, I have to have one suitor. So all of my contacts are like this, this man sells sheep. So I can buy them for sacrifice out here and he sells them sheep. This This guy has this this guy has that they are who among my contact list, who gets me closer to Allah very few. So then I have a problem. Now, a stranger in Islam

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is divided into two types. A stranger who is righteous and pious on his own.

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So he prays he fast he abides by the sun, but he does not communicate this to others.

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And when the punishment and Wrath of Allah falls upon the nation, he will be included with them.

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The second type is the best of all, and this is the saved type.

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And those are who are pious and righteous, but they also contribute to the community by enforcing and enjoying

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virtue and good and preventing evil advice. This is your responsibility as a Muslim, when the Wrath of Allah comes, you will be saved.

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My Kanaka polikarpov raha Muslim, Allah azza wa jal would not punish the people or the residents of a village, while their people are those who enforce the law of Allah azza wa jal

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zeyneb brijesh May Allah be pleased with her, said that the Prophet and his son entered my house one day terrified, and he said weigh in on the Honorable Mention ribbon connector of woe to the Arabs from an evil that is coming close to them. From the dam of Georgian Jewish, it's had been opened this much. So as a as a prophet of Allah can destruction befall upon us. While there are good ones, there are righteous people among us. The Prophet said, Yes, this is possible when evil spreads and is overwhelming. Why? Because these righteous people are not seeing the word of truth. They're not changing. They're seeing evil in front of them. And they pass by, say, a star for law. Talk. What

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you're doing is wrong. Why don't you come and pray with us? You cannot chit chat with this woman. You cannot drink in the daytime of Rama magic. nobody speaks. The music is playing everywhere. What can we do?

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You can do a lot, but you have to take the step forward so that Allah azza wa jal would not punish you for that.

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