Should we pray voluntary prayers while traveling

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farha says, when we are traveling,

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we have the concession of shortening and combining prayers. What about the shooting prayers and other voluntary and night prayers should we pray them normally, or we must skip these.

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The authentic hadiths describing the traveling of the Prophet alayhi salaatu Sena state,

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as in the Hadith, urban Omar and others, that the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam whenever he traveled, he used to skip zohore prayer, Sunnah. magari prayer Sunnah. And the Isha prayer sadhana

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everything else went as usual. So Doha

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night prayer, Witter.

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All of these are as normal, but the for record before for the for the tour aka after followed of the Torah after Muslim the Torah after Isha, the Prophet did not prayed. He used to pray fudger prayer tion whether he's residing or traveling, and the Witcher which is a night prayer, therefore, you are highly recommended to skip them because you love the Prophet ashram and you should follow and comply with his sin.