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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The importance of praying in the morning and in the night, as well as in the church, is discussed. The speakers emphasize the benefits of praying in the graduation room and the rewards of it. The importance of praying for the Prophet sallavi Alayhi wa sallam and the return of the beast is also emphasized. The speakers stress the importance of praying for the Prophet and not just for the first few hours of the day.
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Beam Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa sallahu silymarin Mabrouk Rahmatullah Alameen Amina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine somebody who might deliver a casual

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Hamdulillah this is the Hella cause that I love the most helluva fudging of time, whether it be my local machine or when I travel, and we travel sometimes mostly after we do it during the nighttime we'll get more people in the hands of the people will converse about the adventure. These are the ones we want to speak to in general Tada because these inshallah are the best of the community, the ones who are serious, the ones who are striving for Allah subhanho wa Taala because surat al Fajr.

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No doubt that it has a special place when it comes to the five daily prayers. And so to Voyager is the true test of one's Iman. It's convenient sometimes to pray in the masjid or to pray here that when it comes to southern Phrygian, you have to actually get up, and we have the cold weather in our countries and we come to them to the masjid no doubt that that's more challenging and more difficult and more rewarding, gentle Thailand. And in today's helluva we're going to mention 10 of the virtues or the benefits that we gain from Salat al Fajr, some of them general and some of them specific to coming to the masjid and praying in the gym or in the congregation in general Thailand. First of

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all, when it comes to Sirajul Fajr

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we protect ourselves from the hellfire and Chateau Tana And we will enter into the gender. It was narrated in Sahih Muslim that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said linear region now I heard on Sunday tablet tourism Civil War oh we have a an individual will also that he will never enter the fire the one who prays before the sun rises and forward sets meaning salatu Fajr and Sonata Lhasa and the other famous Hadith

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which was narrated in St. beheadings A Muslim man Salah al Bourdain, definitely Jana that whoever praised about Dane and about Dana's salted Fajr insalata rasa that he will enter into the agenda. May Allah subhana wa Tada make us from riobel Atomy. And when it comes to praying, in the congregation in the gym, if

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we know in general, we gain more reward we come and pray in the Jamaat and different narrations in the Hadith 25% More, or 25 levels more 27 levels more as it came in in two different narrations in the Hadith. But one of the things that we gain as well when it comes to selecting a budget is that we gain in general Tala, the complete light that complete nor yomo piano as it was narrated in the Hadith, that Imam Abu Dhabi with an attorney the narrative that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Bashar Al Masha de Ville Valo me Ill massage they didn't know the term yoga piano. He said give glad tidings to the ones who go to the massage at the time of darkness. He said give

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them glad tidings with the complete lights, the Nola time, the complete light your mouth, the yellow and a time of darkness which is starting to find you and also you can come into that the subtle issue as well. But the great reward we get when we come out at the time of difficulty, the time of darkness, the time when it's cold. In summertime, we will get the complete life for that human pm and from the reward that we get when it comes to praying in the gym out of the congregation if we focus on praying Fajr and Asia in the gym. And when they're usually we say for most of us in the West that these two prayers are the other two that we can usually PRAY IN THE Juma photo comm they

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usually unless you have an actual thing

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usually most people you have mock Allah. Most people they can pray for journaling or they can pray issue and Gemma and what do we get in return and the Hadith of Earth mounted my phone on the Allahu Allah which is narrated in Sahih Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Manansala Nisha fija Meryton vaca Anna who forgotten them Obama, Miss Molina, but whoever prays that Asha in the gym and the congregation, it's as if he has prayed half of the night is the edge of the rewards. And then he said woman Salas super heavy Jamaat invoca and Nima bomb and Leila Kulu that whoever then praise Fajr in the gym and it says if he has prayed the entire nights in the pm he's been in

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details and the pm so you get to the edge of the reward. If you pray Esha and budget and Jamal like you've been praying the entire night of them, praying for Allah subhana wa Tada praying the night prayer and from the benefits that we get

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when we pray so to budget

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and we pray in the congregation is that we receive the protection of Allah subhanaw taala during that day

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and said I'm what a great rule. When you get up and Shavon comes to you and you want to go back to sleep and you're tired and you

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A nice warm bed and you take the cover off and you feel the cold and then you remember Subhanallah when I get up and I prayed now, what are the things that I'm going to obtain, other than the great reward is that I will be the the Mattila, I will be in the protection of Allah subhanaw taala for that day, it came in the Hadith which is narrated in Sahih, Muslim man sulla Subhanallah, heavy. When solar soup helper, whoever the Mattila whoever prays the pleasure that he is in the protection of Allah and some of the narrations in the Hadith outside of Sahih Muslim and a tabula rasa and others that the Prophet SAW Selim said, The GEMA Tin Man Salah soup heavy jamaludin, for whoever

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then Mattila, whoever prays the morning prayer in the congregation, that he will be in the demo of Allah subhanaw taala mean he will be in the protection of Allah, what a great reward when we come and we pray Fudger in the gym, and also this

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is the salad that the melodica come in bear witness for those who come in pray, as it was confirmed and assaulted is Rob and Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded us a famous solid leader, Luke is Shamcey Ilsa Pele will Quran and vision in nopparat and veggie Kana Masuda when Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to pray at those times to establish the prayer at those two times and then we'll Quran and Fajr the Quran and Fajr in the Quran and in the Quran and fajita Academy showed that the Quran of Fajr was witnessed. What does it mean witnessed by who witnessed by the Malayaka so as a special thing, whenever the Milagro come to witness this prayer and those who come and pray that it came in also in

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the Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and say Muslim, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said system Euro Malaika to lay where malaria two and a half is Salah till February, that at the time of solitude, Voyager, the angels of the night, an angel of the day that they come together during this time

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and this and then he will Herero, the Allahu Allah He mentioned this ayah in the Quran Al Fajr Academy show that the Quran fajita is witnessed meaning by the angels to the angels, they're coming together. During this time, when we come to pray friendship here in the Jemaine channel, Tana, also, when it comes to Saudi and fission, there are other great opportunities that we can gain and great rewards that we can gain through selective estrogen. Some of these are general we can give it no matter where we pray. However, when we pray in the congregation, it becomes easier for us and some of them were only gained and if we pray in the congregation, pay attention to these. First of all,

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we have the opportunity to gain something which is better than the dunya and all it's in the dunya.

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And what is that?

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What's better than the dunya and everything is in the dunya the Turo kitesurfers Yeah, this is narrating Sahih Muslim. The process LM is a rock rigotti or cartel, Virgil highroller dunya mafia, okay. Romelu Mahalia, fade on a dunya and mafia that these two records are better than the dunya and all it's in it. These two records if you come a bit early to the masjid, what are you going to do?

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Everyone who comes from earlier to the messy isn't afraid to workouts, but sometimes if you pray at home, you get a bit lazy I just took

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a breather so I get back in the bed quickly. If you come a bit early. Um, they you're going to pray the tour guides and you can obtain this agile of having the what is better than the dunya oh that's in it. Also look at all the other hazards that we can get when come to the masjid to brace it out to the budget. The province that Allahu Allah he was sending them

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he said in the Hadith, Malhotra German Beatty he Lal Masjid coochie Bella who will be equally helpful

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to her Asha hasn't a lot. He said that whoever goes from his house into the masjid that every step that he takes, that he will get 110 rewards for every step you take. And then we will need to remember this near when we leave the house as well as outside of that we want to get this reward for going so we attend has an ad for every step what if you drive you get inshallah

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Shala every time that the wheel turns the fibula in shall we get I shall Hi Samantha villa. So you track them in the comfort of your car and the heater and shall not be in your getting in his welcome they let you make an effort and also hum their petrol is expensive from the left. So we're making effort to spin visa vie the left side gentle to Allah. Allah will give us great reward for Inshallah, we'll try to fill Masjid days it gets better the Hadith continues when guaido Phil mentioned until the rule has solid Kelapa on it. That the one who sits there's an important coming a bit early to the slide as well. The one who comes in he sits. Now he said he's like the corner. He's

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the obedient one. Have a high level and hope that it continues as well. We look to we looked at we looked at men and mousseline men Hina Yahoo

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was Ben Beatty, he had the luxury levity, and it's written for him as he's from the mausoleum, the ones who are in prayer are the ones who are praying. From the time he leaves his house until he comes back. Although, and usually for us in the West, the easiest prayer, this is general, whenever anytime you go to the mercy of any of the five daily prayers, but actually the easiest time for us, we can make sure we can actually get to the masjid this budget time. Because usually, like we said, nobody works at this time. So it's an opportunity to get up and to get an A get to get a head start in the day many benefits even if you look at the new benefits, we gain from it. But we can come now

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and we get this great edge of from every step we take that with the house Anantha raising, and then we're written down and we get a bit early from the funny team from those who are obedient and SubhanAllah. On top of that, from the time we leave the house, even when you're sitting the car won't have the car. You're taking the ice off the windshield in shallow talent at the time when it's when it's too cold. All of that you get it written down like you're what you're in prayer because you want to go you want to pray the budget in the demand channel Tada

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and another Hadith

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which was narrated by email document in the Hadith before also on the Mohammed and his Muslim,

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where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Hadoken Murtada in Tada Oh salata feast for whoever is Salatin, Mala mu, this de Rue La who will Malavika Allahumma Villa who? Allahu Allah, that the one who comes in waits before the prayer, it's written down for him like he's in the prayer. So you're sitting here in the masjid

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and it's been written down for you like it would bring you if you're not praying on top of that what happens? The Malayaka come and they make dua for you. But they say Oh ALLAH Avila who Oh ALLAH forgive him. Oh Allah and humble Oh Allah have mercy upon him. And there's what we gain we come a little bit a little bit early to the solid. Also one things we gain for Silla to schedule specifically, as it was near in the Hadith also narrowbody Imam Muhammad in his Muslim, the hadith of Ali Nabi palabra, the Allahu and that he heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, mon Sol and Virgil, the Majelis of a masala so let us Allah Hill melodica wa salatu wa Alayhi Allahumma

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filho or LA Houma humble, this now comes to the reward that we can get out of the slot. So if you come and you pray for Genovesa became a little bit early now we got the edge as mentioned in the last Hadith. Now, after the Salat, we said to me, you sit here now, whether you're sitting listening to the does the lesson that we have today, are you sitting in making the thicket of Allah subhanho wa Taala as long as you stay here in the masjid after selecting budget, one of the things that you get if you sit in the place that you prayed that the angels make dua for you, and how do they make dua for you say like we said before a moment filler who Allahumma hameau Oh ALLAH forgive him, Oh

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Allah have mercy the angels are sitting making dua for you as you sit before the salad in the past tidy and after the Sonata in this hadith, and also we have an opportunity

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for another great Ajit

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is that from Newcastle, we can go for a month, every day. How about that?

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Is it possible? We can get the edge inshallah of the Umrah that if we stay after virgin until when?

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Until the sunrise and the famous Hadith that whoever prays elevada meaning the fajr prayer in Gemma and calibration so mocha or the yieldco Allah had certain portions to masala regatta in Canada who edger, Hajj or Umrah, Hajj general term Tamar Tamar, that whoever prays the guy with the budget prayer in the congregation in the gym and once again, he made the effort to come from his house to pray with his brothers in the masjid. And then he sits remembering Allah subhanaw taala until the sun comes up, that it will written down when he prays to records it will be written down from the edge of hygiene from time to time at tam complete, complete currently put the emphasis Allissa to

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some of the great edge that we can get. And how many of us take advantage of this, Ajit Hamdallah Mr. Many, very few of the brothers take advantage of this great reward that we can get if we stay here and so on and so out to the salon. And the 10th

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point that we will mention are 10 benefits. And so some things have been amazing. The greatest reward and the agenda is what

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the greatest rewards now the hurry into nirvana

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greater than hurting good and everything. What's the greatest rewarding agenda? The most, the most pleasurable thing to do will have an agenda inshallah.

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To see the face of the most important with Seola this will be the greatest Nam of the greatest blessing nothing better than that.

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Pay attention this had the visionary inside him regarding same Muslim. We know that what is the greatest pleasure now? What is the relationship between this and between this prayer we're talking about today so that their friendship the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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But the Hadith in Abdullah, he said we were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So he looked at the moon

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when it was later but I mean, the full moon, the night of the full moon in the middle of the month, and he said Ali salat wa salam intercom center owner of bekam cannot Arona Heather from learn to bomb Moana Ville Realty. He said that all of you will see your Lord. Just as you can see this moon right now. He said you'll have no trouble in seeing him. Clearly there's no doubt about it, that you will see Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, so if you can not miss Venice to talk to him, and to Villa boo Allah Salatin, couple of toleration, see, we're Verbrugge gurobi, half of Allo, Yanni Infigen what he said so if you can avoid missing meaning to your sleep to your business, being busy, if you

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can avoid missing a prayer before sunrise meaning fajr prayer, and a prayer before sunset mean the answer prayer, then do so. And then he read the statement of Allah subhanho wa Taala was severe. They have the wrong behavior, public, civil cobbler, and to praise your Lord to exalt Your Lord. And these two times once again before the rising of the sun, and before it's setting. So once again, subhanAllah the great reward, the greatest reward that we'll get an agenda, one of the things that helps us attain this, and to gain this is to be from those who strive to pray. Fudger in the Jamaat, in the congregation, may Allah subhana wa Tada make us from all of those from those who benefit from

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this reminder to strive to come to praise a little budget in the gym or whoever the one of the at the most beautiful things that me personally, I always find is this about that. I think there's nothing in the in the day once you pray for you. And you're just an amazing feeling. Because it's your first battle was your thought. If you want to pray,

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PM, if you want to get in prayer in the last 30 minutes, that could be your first battle. But most of us who are relying on the third, and not from those who get up and pray at night, unfortunately, that this is our first battle which is when the alarm clock goes off. Do we get up? Do we go to the masjid do we stay happy and then Shavon comes to us if it was if they laugh, there's a difference of opinion is if you can pray at home all of this when you get up and you make although it's cold and but you still make the little boy and you go and you come to the message any the feeling that you have that you gain by coming here and praying French and the miserable and there's nothing like it.

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And then if you can read some of the Quran after and make your own copy of kind of stuff. And this is the best way to start the day you'll be relaxed and you'll be in the protection of Allah subhanho wa Taala and you'll feel the tranquility in the blessings of this Fajr as you come to it every day in general Tana May Allah grant us the two fields to be from those who strive to pray the Fajr in all of the prayers energy man and Allah knows best Allah animals Allah cielo baraka and been Muhammad. What exactly

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