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The 6 Pillars of Faith

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These are counting event that came in the hadith of gibreel Elisa, in where he asked the lovely Salama Vallejo Salah, from an email what his email, he said then and took me

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while to mean as it were to Mira repeated that for a minute been bothering her and he was happy for this is what event is. And so what is understood from the air inlet Lavina Amano.

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Mila Mila Malaika masala and human assets they were all mentioned with one two minutes. And then the last one which is

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it had a special repetition of the verb, what don't mean?

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You know why? Because that's the most difficult one that the people have to believe in.

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the good and the bad of it. So he reinforced and in emphasize the pace by repeating the verb word to men, and also believe in a color in the color because that's the thing that the people will have problem with. So the verb was repeated yearning for its importance. Okay. The only the people who have a lot in terms of their belief and they event are divided to three. There are people that believe with doubt, they have belief, but they have done it the other way that a lot of social media decrees whitening decree that they have done, they have done in the angels, and who said the angels are created from light. And I don't think that's true. And I think this is in the center. And who

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said Obama is described in this name, and that maybe that's wrong, it should be this and the interpretation for all this is doubt in your email. And this is also in the loss. The man with doubt makes you lose a few. Also, there are people that disbelieving event from beginning to end, they're also in loss. The only one that saved with a loss is Elon levena. Amano is speaking about those who believed with no doubt, and full monomial terrible losses, then they had absolutely no doubt. So what does that mean? When we say we believe in a lot, mmm, let meaning we believe in all of his beautiful names and his attributes. And we believe in the oneness of the laws of Canada and his

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lordship, that he's the only one worthy of worship. And we believe in Allah Subhana what that is oneness in worship, and lordship and that He is the Creator and the provider, the Sustainer. And all of these names and the attributes, that's an event we left with no question whatsoever.

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What am I?

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What does that entail? If I was to say we believed in Los Angels, what does that mean? That would entail that you believe that they are unseen creation, that they were created from light, and that they have tasks to do? Some of them? We know about some of them? We don't know. GB, for example, his task, he said, Why will Mika eat his task is the rain and I'm driving the clouds from certain areas to certain areas with Luffy. And Allah He said, his task is to blow the horn on the Day of Judgment. Whoo. Malik is the gatekeeper of the alpha will black is the gatekeeper of the paradise. All this is entailed in an event with Metallica. When we say wakatobi, meaning we believe in all of his books,

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those that we know that and those that we know about, we believe all in all of them that they all came from a Muslim, Hannah Medina, surely we believe in all of his prophets and his messages, 124,000 prophets, Allah Subhana Allah said, we believe in all of it, and a lot of social chose to mention to us in the Quran 25 That's it, but we believe in all 124,000 that came in the Hadith. And the messengers are most of Canada said 315 of them. And we believe in all of them with no doubt. This is our email when we say in Illa, Allah vena cava and the woman. What does that entail? that entails that we believe that people will come out of their grave, and they'll be naked, and they'll

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be barefoot? And they'll be uncircumcised, and both men in the hobby is no money, they will come up with no wealth, no property. We believe in that and we believe in fitness and fitness. Is the questions that are asked in the grave that's also entailed in Amano beome in action, we also believe in witches is the punishment that happens in the group will fit that the company

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that is referring to the questioning in the grief, the three questions, while there The problem is about the punishment that happens in the group, there are two different things. And we believe in all of those and we believe in the paradox and in the Hellfire, and the rewards that are in the paradise and the punishments that are set for the disbelievers in the Hellfire, all of this belief comes under will the old mill effort believing in the hereafter. And the last one may not be at your show today. And our belief in the Divine Decree entails that we believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala created the pin and he commanded the pen to write everything. And it said, Oh, what shall I write?

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It said Allah said to it, write everything until the day of resurrection and it began

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had to write everything until the Day of Judgment for the other begins from when that pin began to write. And where does it end? The last word in that book of another, where does it end? It ends with mentioning the last person that enters the paradise and the last person that enters Delphi. After that there is no more color. That's an old one is yours now, Jani

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is from day one, until the people of the paradise and the people of the Hellfire it's all sorted out.

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After that, and in the paradise, of

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course, this is in a mosque. The color that we believe him is this kind of pattern that a lot of

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teachers in this hobby