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Assim Al-Hakeem
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I went there to a Masjid to attend the lecture. And I gave the copy. I went and made whoodle. And this man was making wooden and washing all of himself. I didn't pay attention. After half 510 minutes we went to the masjid and the magic King

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Allahu Akbar, we prayed. The method of law, kebab.

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And he repeated it like six, seven times, it's a law.

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And then he lifts a lot and went into two records later he came with Budo and he said the same process five, six times and then he left and after the Salah is over, I see the man coming in giving that beer and going to make good

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What do you think is wrong with this man? chiffon is coming to him? Your Nia is not correct make beer again. Maybe you are intending to Primavera. This is a Sha. Allah but again, tell you what my widow did I wash my foot? Yeah, you wash you washed it until it shrunk.

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Now it's not the same size. So what are you doing? So he goes on and on and on and on. And and people prayed and finished the prayer and the night was over and he still law? This is an in nice shape and plays with him. On the other part. On the other hand, there are those among us who don't care. Everything is easy. Everything is halal. Everything is Allah photo Rahim.

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You did not wash the right hand. There is no trace of water. It's okay. The rest are washed.

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If you measured the percentage is very little Allah for Rahim. Have you prayed three rockets of awesome yeah, but Allah knows that I wanted to pray for something.

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And he comes to the people like this, these people are the easiest to go into sin. So shaking hands with women. Hello, how long?

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How long? Everybody's doing it. And the airport in the offices in some Islamic centers. The sister comes and I've seen this unfortunately, I don't want to mention the country. And they shake hands with the other colleagues. What is this? Is this Islamic? And maybe 1020 years maybe more?

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Everything is fine hamdulillah. The Eman is in the heart. Don't be too extreme. This is how shaitan plays with us. He manipulates us because we are far away from foreign sooner. But if we have Parana soda here, then whatever I do, I'd like to drink a glass of water so this is an example because I do want to drink a glass of water

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so he comes to me and said Miss Mila

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This is an action I have to go through the filtering system drinking with the left hand is it right or wrong? No The Prophet said assume that the shape on each with his left and drinks with his left then this is heaven Bismillah This is extreme you find people telling you this. You go to the restaurants and you find people Mashallah Western knives you know fork with the left knife with the right tiny tiny small pieces of meat in Mashallah very civilized. You feel that very sophisticated Mashallah PhD holders engineers, okay, this is how I'm you're eating legendary fun.

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But they don't know. Or they know but they are arrogant. And they say it's all halaal it's no problem. This is how shavonne plays with us, we have to always go back to the basics. Sometimes we feel that the companions may Allah be pleased with them, or the best of generation. And they are without any doubt. However, even them, they had few diversions but they had who they had the profit or some to fix them. We don't have this we have the Quran and the student only three men came to the prophets houses solo salah and asked the mothers of the believers and they said all mothers of the believers what is the routine of the prophet in worshipping solar cell lamp? And they told him he

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sleeps and he does this he does that. The three men thought that this was very little coming from a prophet said yeah, the prophet as I said, I'm Allah has forgiven all his previous and upcoming since we're not like him. So one of them said I will pray all night and will never sleep.

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The second one says I will fast all day and will never break my fast every single day. The third one was the luckiest. He said I will not marry women.

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He wanted to relieve himself from headache. Anyhow. So

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam when he heard of this was he okay martial law, these are my companions. They are monks that he was angered by it.

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And he went to the member and he said, Why do people say so and so and so by Allah I sleep and I pray, I fast and I break my fast and I marry women who ever want or desire a path other than my son is not from me. So whenever you want to do something tomorrow, how do I know if I'm balanced or not compared to the Sunnah of the Prophet SSM, you will never go wrong

How Shaytan Plays With Us

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