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Super Salafi and Extreme Salafi

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Assim Al-Hakeem

Channel: Assim Al-Hakeem

Episode Notes

Sheikh Assim discusses the difference between super salafi vs extreme salafi

Episode Transcript

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To the middle path in following Islam is the middle path. What do you mean by that? We have two extremes. We have someone who says I do not follow any school of thought. All school of thoughts are not good. No Hanafi no Shafi no hanbali no Maliki okay? Where are you coming from? Mashallah. You're a genius. You don't follow anything, judges are uninsured.

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And we have people like this you know, Branson, Branson, he you know, Arabic said no.

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How do you follow Quran and Sunnah my ship follows Quran and Sunnah. So you're following him? Follow him instead.

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But on the other extreme, you have people saying if you don't follow Hanafi madhhab you're Catholic.

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If you don't follow chef, you might have your prayer is invalid. Okay, we have Quran and Sunnah should know. And this is found by the way in their books of those who are blind followers of madhhab you stick to one madhhab regardless if it's right or wrong, regardless if there is a clear is saying haram or not. We follow them at home. And this is extreme. What is the middle path? The middle path is to follow the Quran and the Sunnah with the understanding of the four schools of thought with the seller with the people of the previous generations, not from my own head. What did they mean at best say, may Allah be pleased with him? What did Imam Malik say? What did Imam Shafi say? And we cross

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examine and we can come with a conclusion. These are the scholars of Islam you cannot say just simply with a pen. No, I will not take from them anymore. I'm a Suna or an I'm Salafi. I'm super Salafi. I'm extremely Salafi. I'm screen dysphoria. You're following the wrong methodology. Again,