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Assim Al-Hakeem


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In this talk Sheikh Assim advises us on how we can and should be preparing for Death.


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The importance of practicing Islam to avoid sudden death is emphasized, with signs of a good ending being found such as sweat, body temperature, and the presence of a sign on the grave of the person dying. The importance of patient and tolerant treatment is also emphasized, along with advice on protecting one's wealth and family. The speaker emphasizes the importance of defendability and protecting one's money in order to fight evil, while also reminding individuals to be mindful of their lifeblood and not to sacrifice their lives for fear of future generations.

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by the law

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a true believer

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has a mission and a vision.

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Unlike any other human being, a true believer has the answers to all the questions we know where we came from. We know where we are going to, and we know why Allah azza wa jal created us. This is why, while living this life on Earth, everything has sense, everything has a meaning. And this is only to a true Muslim.

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Others who are Muslims, but

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not through conviction, but rather through inheritance may find it difficult when they see things that are around them, changing and turning to the worst, and sometimes to the best.

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This is why when we look at the reality of our lives,

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it seems that it has no value. But on the contrary, it has great value

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to us, because what we do in this life, determines with the grace and mercy of Allah, whether will end up in paradise for eternity. Or we will end up in hell May Allah azza wa jal gives us refuge from going to hell.

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There is a fact that is inevitable, and no one doubts it. Yet, rarely you will find Muslims working for it, and that is death.

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Death is the fact that Muslims and non Muslims alike believe that it is inevitable it's going to happen, no one can escape it. Allah azza wa jal stated this, clearly in the Quran, coluna of sin, the a patrol note, verily, each soul will have a taste of death. And if anyone, if anyone were to escape death, it would have been our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam but he himself had died.

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This fact, Muslims, unfortunately, are heedless, they are not aware of, they're not working for that day, that will come to each and every one of us. No one is anticipating his death.

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However, death can be positive.

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And there are characteristics there are signs, when an individual is met by one of them. This is a sign from Allah that it is a good ending, may Allah azzawajal grant me and you are good ending.

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Among these signs,

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the prophet said Allah His Salatu was Salam

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that will ever ends his life with La ilaha illa Allah, then he will enter the agenda.

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How easy is this to us Muslims?

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It sounds easy, because

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it's a statement that anyone could say. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as it may seem, because your life ends according to what you had been doing while being alive. In order to be successful. In saying the kalama you have to live on the Kadima.

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You have to worship Allah azza wa jal truly by the kalama. But if you simply say it, without any conviction, without any love, without any trust, without any sincerity, then a lot of those who do this will fail insane La ilaha illAllah to be the last thing they utter before dying.

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How many people end up doing bad things?

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How many people die while watching a movie or listening to a song or doing haram transactions or oppressing people

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or cheating or lying

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these people

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when death comes, they find it difficult, if not impossible to say, La ilaha illa Allah and this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the sudden death

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is the taking of an angry one, La ilaha illa Allah, when Allah is angry with someone, he takes him suddenly. And this is not the rule, as the scholars say, it depends on the individual.

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If the individual is righteous, practicing, fulfilling his obligations, and he dies, all of a sudden, then this is from Allah as a gift, so that he would escape the torment and the agonies of death. But if the individual is not practicing, if the individual is sinful, and he gets the sudden death, then this is Allah, angry with him and taking his soul without giving him a chance to repent, without giving him a chance to give the rights to the people who had oppressed. And that is why the Prophet said motul fudge it as if the sudden death is the taking of someone who's angry and there is a law, the old mighty.

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Among the signs of a good ending,

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is when the person dying, begins to sweat, and I've seen this many times.

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A believer sweats a lot before his soul is taken out, and specifically the forehead. The Prophet said Allah His Salatu was Salam that the death of a believer is signified is there is a sign of the sweat of his forehead.

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among the good signs of a good ending, is when a person dies on this day that they have Friday. The Prophet said la Salatu was salam, no Muslim, whoever dies on the day of Friday or on the night of Friday, except Allah would save him from the torment of the grave.

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The day of Friday begins from fudger and ends at sunset. The night of Friday began at yesterday's sunset, and extends to today's fudger. So the night of a Friday precedes it and this is the night of every month in Islam. If tomorrow is the first of Ramadan, tonight is the night of Ramadan and when we begin tarawih prayer.

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Now, Allah azza wa jal has also placed great reward over patience. And there are deeds. There are tribulations, there are calamities. If you are patient, Allah azza wa jal will give you agenda and will erase your sins. And it would mark a good ending for you. The Prophet said la salatu salam, the martyrs

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are seven, other than those who are killed on the battlefield.

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So a person can be martyred not only by dying in jihad, but also if he is one of these seven, the prophet said alayhi salatu wa sallam.

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The one who dies by the plague is a martyr.

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The one who dies drowning is a martyr, the one who dies with pleurisy. It's an illness that comes in the intestines in the side,

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the person who dies

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with the stomach disease. So this can also include cancer. The one who dies in a burning house who dies in a fire, the one who dies in a collapsed building, and the woman who dies while in labor, or while in the state of pregnancy.

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All of those are martyrs in the sight of Islam. Also, in another Hadith, the prophet tells us that the person who dies with the illness of the lungs

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tuberculosis is also a martyr. So all of these are martyrs providing that they do not complain that they are patient and tolerant until they die.

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This severity of pain and calamity that afflicts them, qualifies them with the Allah's mercy and grace to be martyrs. And when we say that they are martyrs,

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we do not give them all the treatment of a martyr,

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who dies on a battlefield, we do not wash a Shaheed on the battlefield, we do not shroud him except with the clothes he was wearing. We do not offer salata genizah, the funeral prayer, we bury them. But these seven, we deal with them and treat them like everyone else. We wash them, we shroud them, we pray for a funeral prayer, and we bury them.

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Among those who are classified as martyrs.

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At the size of a law, those who died defending their wealth, their livelihood, their families, their honor, their religion, all of these are considered to be martyrs, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, whoever dies defending his wealth, he's a martyr, whoever dies defending his family, someone is attacking your wife, your sister, your daughter, you fight him off, and you die. You are a martyr, whoever defends his religion. He's a martyr and whoever defends himself, he is a martyr. And by saying that you die in the process, you do not go to the far extreme

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and kill rather insane Islamic

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principle that you ward off evil from the minimum to the maximum, not the other way around. So someone wants to take your money, you don't kill him straight away. Rather you try to defend it, defend your money to fight him off to impair him, and if not possible, except by killing him, then you kill him because he's the oppressor. And you have the right to defend yourself. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam was once asked by one of his companions or prophet of Allah, a man comes, wants to take my money. The Prophet said Allah His salatu salam, remind him of Allah, remind him of hellfire.

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So the man says, Oh prophet of Allah. If he does not remember, the prophet said, then seek the help of the Muslims around you.

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And the man said, Oh prophet of Allah. If there were no Muslims around me. The Prophet said, then seek the assistance and the help of the authority of the ruler,

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the master, if the ruler is far away, and is not accessible. The Prophet said, alayhi salatu salam, then fight for your wealth, defending it, until you are either one of the martyrs of the Hereafter, or you preserve and save, keep your wealth. I say what you hear and I seek Allah's forgiveness for you. And for me, so ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive your sins.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Chateau La Ilaha Illa Mahara Hola, sharika wash Edwin no Mohammed and Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was so happy he made

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the question one may ask,

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do we have to undergo

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all these calamities and tribulations in order to have a good ending?

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Must we die

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in plague or in cancer or under

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a falling building.

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So that allow give us a good ending? No, this is not

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necessary. Allah azza wa jal can give you a good ending in a more peaceful way. Providing that your death

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takes place while you are offering good deeds while you repenting. While you are in the state of Nevada. The Prophet said on a Salatu was Salam

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When Allah azza wa jal intends,

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good for a servant of his, Allah will use him,

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Allah will, will employ him using or employing him. The word is yes, there are men who.

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So the companion said, Oh profitable, ah what is using, or employing his servant? Allah, The Prophet said la salatu salam, Allah would drive his servant to do good deeds, and then take his soul while doing it.

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What a better ending would be for a Muslim than to be in the state of Nevada.

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Imagine that your soul is taken out while you are in prostration in Makkah, in front of the Kaaba, and on the night of a larger, what more beautiful death can you be? You die while you are in hajj. The Prophet tells us that on the Day of Judgment, he'll be resurrected saying love bake Allahumma bake in his harem.

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What more beautiful death is there than this? And this is why the Prophet said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam deeds depend on what the last of them will be.

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your deeds on the day of judgment will depend on what or how you concluded your life.

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If you were blessed to conclude your life, on good deeds, this is how you'll be resurrected. But those who died in a cinema

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or in a nightclub,

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or listening to Hallam watching haram transacting in Riba

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or in gambling, or in anything, they die in such a state, they will be resurrected. in such a state may Allah have mercy on our soul, servants of Allah death has a great toll on us. Nobody likes to remember that. Or to mention that while they are with their families and their loved ones. The Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam on his dying bed. He had a small cup next to him, and he used to dip his hand in it and wash his face. And c'est la ilaha illa MA in real motus a corrupt

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La ilaha illAllah death has agonies. It's painful.

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And this hardship that a believer faces before dying is not a punishment, is it? Otherwise, the prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam would not have gone through it.

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And this is why Mother Teresa, may Allah be pleased with her said, after I saw the agonies of the Prophet alayhi wa sallam on his dying bed, I do not hate seeing it for any of my loved ones. Because this is a sign of good ending, however, one would mix.

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When he sees and reads the Hadees of Ebola, as it may Allah be pleased with them. When the Prophet told us about the ending of a believer, and how his soul comes out of his body, like the drop of a water coming from a skin container, or a water skin container, so smooth, it comes out, while the soul of a disbeliever or a sinful person, his soul.

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This person is inside his body then comes out cutting the veins and nerves like a skewer passing through wet wool.

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So the scholar said, How can we combine between this and the agonies of death that Muslims face? And that the Prophet has faced that is what they say that the agony is of death that precedes the exit of the soul has nothing to do with this hadith.

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And this is this what explains when some of the disbelievers die in a peaceful fashion as we see, they suffer from illness and they die in peace. So we think Hmm, he died in peace while other Muslims may suffer and shut up.

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And screaming in pain and agony, there is no connection there is no connection.

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The severity and hardship of dying is when the soul comes out and this is something you do not see.

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The believers soul at the very end comes out softly and nicely as the Prophet had said alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, therefore

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the brothers and sisters, try your level best to have a good ending. Try not to receive the angel of death, except while you are in the state of Nevada, while you are in the state of Vicar, while you are in a state that Allah loves to see you in.

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Because when death comes, it does not seek permission.

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It comes uninvited, and Allah azzawajal only knows how many days How many hours Allah only knows when that will come to us. Oh Allah azzawajal conclude our days on this earth with goodness and good deeds. Oh Allah. Make the last word that comes out of our mouth before dying. La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, O Allah Do not delay us on this earth to senility so that we wouldn't become a burden to those around us. Our Motherland, our Hamner. Wife, you know?

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Whatever. Lana, Chico Allah.

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Allah Martinez dunya Hashanah harati Hashanah joaquina

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Allah Hamas Elena one a one in a Muslim me. Allah home our ham Mama.

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Me Allahumma Tim Lana behave. wa Jalla wa Kibo Marina Ella, hi, whatever for an hour until all the Nana was Allahu Allah wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali. He was so happy to jump in.