What Is Obligatory To Cover For Women

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What is obligatory for women to cover when they are seen in public? What can we take from the time of the Prophet (PBUH)’s life?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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What is obligatory to cover for a woman

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I love this question in regard to what the Muslim woman must cover when she go out in public or in front of non Muslim and he job is a virtue and he job is an act of fortune. And he job is an honor. And he job is an order from a loss paradata but his job is the dress code of the best of woman the profits are sometimes wives, and even through the history even today when you look at the picture that they claimed or they want to project how Mary looked like you see that comes in the form of a job covering herself so I want to say to all my sisters out there who were in the job does that come along? Medal of Honor Award you a lot older Mohammed so Solomon selected as of verse 59 to order his

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wives that his daughters and the believer woman to bring down over themselves part of their undergarments. Yeah, you in the vehicle as logic of an article is minniti de nada hindlimb Angelababy in that he can identify yourself enough Are they an American a lot debated over the face and the palms, the this part of the hand, our will must cover or not the majority of the of the woman to show it because they needed to function especially in work and going outside. And some said no covering it, it's a virtue and it is something that must be all of them agree to something a virtue.

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And anyway, what's also important to know not what you cover, but how to cover it must not be tight clothes is to describe the details of your body nor it to see through as for the style of hijab, it is left to your culture to the place that you living in a Sharia I did not put a specification or dress code. It give conditions and guidelines

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will allow Adam males paradata give all of our stuff here.