Pray Before You Are Prayed Upon

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The importance of praying positively for death and avoiding bribery is emphasized in religion. Prayer is crucial for achieving good deeds and staying content with one's past experiences. The speaker also emphasizes the need for forgiveness and apologizing for past actions. Visiting the church is also crucial for achieving positive deeds.

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And in Sudan deputy manager,

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they reported that a boy, I'm sorry for the peace with him, said

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came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and said, Oh prophet of law, advise me. yet be brief.

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Sir Prophet said I'm a Salatu was salam, when you stand to pray, pray like a man bidding farewell.

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And do not say anything for which you will have to apologize for and give up hope for what other people have

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service of a law.

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Our profits are they he what he was selling them was given the concise of speech. few words that have profound meaning, which may require scholars to interpret in volumes.

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And in this beautiful happy

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we see how team, the companions of a law may Allah be pleased with them

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on seeking the seeking advice, and this is what we should do. Because advice is heavy on the soul. And if you advise, if you advise someone, most likely they would reject your advice. But when someone seeks advice from you, this means that he is willing to accept it. And therefore we should try to improve ourselves to give and to accept advice.

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The companion of a long elegant piece with him requested and advice. But he requested it to be brief. Because so many lectures we attended so many speeches we hear, and then he literally remains to be implemented. And this is why the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam gave him What is suitable for him, but in a very short statement. So what was the first advice? The Prophet carrying is Salatu was Salam addressed the topic of salaat which we usually take for granted.

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Usually, we call people to pray.

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Come to the mystery. I couldn't see you in fetcher today. What's wrong? Why don't you come over for us?

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This is the bare minimum that we call people for.

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This was not the case. At the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu was salam, the bar was set up high. The Prophet did not tell him, pray or observe your five daily prayers, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam focused on something that was more valuable, and that is quality versus quantity.

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What counts at the sight of Amman is quality. And this is

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understood clearly, if you measure between two headings. The first one is the heavy that speaks about.

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Our Prophet told us

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that you will look down upon your prayers compared to their prayers, then pray day and night without end. Yet they are the people of hellfire. They are the hounds of Hellfire as the Prophet has described them.

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And if you compare this to the Hadith of the Prophet is Osama, he said that will ever preach to us. Without whispering without talking to himself about worldly matters, a lot of would forgive all history lessons.

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So put this in the scale as compared to praying all of your life without inequality, then Islam focuses mostly on quality rather than on quantity. And prayer has great importance in Islam. The Prophet tour is a source of that those who do not pray at all, not a single prayer are not Muslims. And this is mentioned in the Quran is so many items. And this is clearly mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam when he said that the pledge between us and them is prayer ever abandons it is not.

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The Prophet says this in clear statements. So whoever does not pray at all is a Catholic, who prays salaat but he is lazy in performing and

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he is a hypocrite. Allah says, and when they go to pray, they go in laziness.

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And this is the description of a hypocrite. Prayer is so important that by its validity, all of your rest, the rest of your needs are valid, whether it's charity fasting hatch, but if your prayer is not valid to begin with, then all of your good deeds would be rejected accordingly. And this is the first thing that a Muslim would be held accountable for on the day of judgment as the perfect answer.

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So coming back to the heavy pray the prayer of a man bidding farewell.

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A person who bids farewell is a person thinking that this is his last prayer. So he does his level best to perfect his prayer to attain the foreshore necessary to complete its rivers, mandatory acts and even the sooner acts that the Prophet used to perform some of them were doing the solid. A person benefit farewell is a person who holds himself accountable now before the day of judgment. So he asks himself after every prayer wasn't good, wasn't accepted, or was I distracted while doing it. He is a person when standing in prayer, imagines and has the conviction that he is standing before Allah is the origin. And this is why he shows his submissiveness in his standing up in his in his

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suit, he thinks of nothing but pleasing Allah as the origin. So if you imagine someone

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coming out of his grave, given the chance to pray one single prayer, then going back to the stage where they're being rewarded or punished

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How do you think this person's prayer would be? Now the Prophet said in a nother authentic heavy Olive Salatu was Salam. Remember, Allah would actually say, remember that when you stand for prayer, because a man, when he remembers death, while brain, he should perfect his prayer and pray the prayer of a man thinking that he will not get another chance to pray another prayer. This is the advice of the Prophet alayhi salatu was set up in this shows you how short the span of a believer is,

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every one of us think that he will live for eternity.

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Even those who are past the age of 80 or 90, this didn't have hope in living for another 1020 or even 50 years more. And this is why when we act, we do not perfect what we do because we always think that we will have another chance. Now pray the prayer of a man bidding farewell.

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Remember that in your prayer, that's the slam promote that dialing and the concept of having this thought with you all the time, that can be negative, and can be positive in the sense that if you remember that, to the extent that it would make you despair, give up hope and almost mercy, not think of gender, but rather give up hope for everything good. This is negative

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one promotes positive thinking of that. And this way of thinking positive positively of death encourages you to do well, and to stay away from sin. So when you're ever tempted to how long, your positive thinking of death

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makes you refrain, and whenever you are lazy from doing what is managing your positive thinking of death, gives you the power and the courage to do such things and such concept of positive death. If we have it in us, we will transform our lives. Not only that, but also the lives of our children, whom we always monitor. Don't do this, what are you doing, we sometimes spy on them. If we install the positive concept of thinking of death, we can be sure that they are not sinning. Because there is an inner voice that prevents them from doing harm and going through to do what is obligatory. If we manage to think positively of death, we will not accept bribes, we will not give bribes, we will

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not cheat our work, we would not steal or embezzle or do anything that

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we will not deal in Riba we would not think of cheating the wife from her rights or taking her possession or keeping her gold, we would not do so many things, because we are aware of the fact that that is coming in originally. And this positive way of thinking about death would definitely makes us improve.

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has benefits in the hereafter without any doubt. It has benefits in our brains without doubt. But does it have benefits in this life? Definitely.

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Part of the benefits of prayer in this life, that it relieves you from stress from weapons from thinking of worldly things that would cause you to be diabetic, with high blood pressure with a lot of confusion. Why? Because when you say Allahu Akbar, you are actually

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communicating with allies. So you don't think about your job, or your deaths, or your wife, or your children. You only think of what pleases Anwar knowing that if you please a lot, a lot would make all of your affairs to what pleases

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but if we fail to be in such communication, and we say Allahu Akbar was thinking of worldly matters, then we have a problem. The Prophet tells us a lot about ninth grade. He says chocolate milk men began to believe the honor of a believer is when he said

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stands for night prayer. What honor is there is the honor of communicating with whom everything in this universe is in his possession. And in his hand, the prophet alayhi salatu salam used to tell the land opener relief us with solid. So whenever the Prophet was disturbed, he used to ask people to make the karma, because his relief was in so much nowadays we say, overlap relieve us from solid. It's a burden on our shoulders, we just want to pray and read. But it was the relief of the prophet in the salon itself. If we look at our prayers nowadays, those who are lucky among us, those who pray the mystery, because the majority of people do not know the message.

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Some of them know the message in German, and some of them do not know the message even in Jumeirah. The majority of Muslims will not pray the five daily prayers, as Omar commanded them in the industry. And even those who pray the ministry, they are unfortunate, because they do not have the for sure. They do not have the perfect salaat. Each one of us has his heart in a different Valley than in domestic. We think of our businesses of our families. We think of our work, we think of our fun and entertainment. Some of us spent all of his life, playing with his clothes, fixing his clothes, scratching his body fixing or checking what's in his pockets. What kind of a sauna is this?

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A person looks right, left looks up down. Where is your heart? You have certain certainty that these people are not praying the prayer of a person begging farewell. It is impossible with the actions they are doing. The Companions. We all know the place within us to seek refuge in Allah from the hood sure of the hypocrites.

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Do hypocrites have for sure. Do they have submissiveness a lot? Yes, this submissiveness of organs so they pray, and they don't move. But their hearts are not submissive. They don't have to for sure in their heart and like, say you did, man the other the piece was in set by Ottawa, if your hearts were pure, you would never have enough from the poor. And likewise, if our hearts were pure, we would never have enough from the solid

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the beginner while he was on a woman It

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was then that he

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the profit second advice, some local mining

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do not say anything for which you will have to apologize or is the profit center telling us not to apologize? On the contrary, apologizing for your wrongdoing is part of God ethics that Islam promotes. Yet the prophets of Allah is prohibiting us from doing something or saying something that requires We apologize for afterwards. So this is pre emptive. Do not say or do something you will regret and have to apologize for later on. And if you look, we find that the Muslims have neglected this advice. Our tongues are engaged in so many hideous and evil acts that are beyond columns. When you sit with the Muslims, without any hesitation you can say that all of our gatherings are filled

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with Viva backbiting with gossiping. Dyneema with slandering people with making fun of people even if someone is in front of us, he doesn't know how to drive. He doesn't like people to overtake

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This is labor. And we don't pay any attention to it. How many marriages were destroyed by the evil of our tongues, a word that we say, angers the husband, he divorces the wife a slander that we say things that we do not pay attention how many disputes

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among the Muslims were ignited by a statement, we did not pay any attention to the Prophet tells us unless all of a sudden,

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that there is a word or a statement that the person says does not pay attention to throws him in hell for 17 years, and he has not reached the bottom of it yet, because of a statement. You said. So the Prophet Allah is Allah who was given the concise of speech, who if he were to talk, no one would want him to stop, yet his words used to be counted. And he did not talk about why he himself said, Whoever keeps silence, whoever keeps silent, he will be saved and secured on the judgment. So silence is highly recommended. So that you would not apologize for yet, if you will speak in what pleases,

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then speaking in what pleases or not is far better than remaining silent. And finally, the Prophet says,

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set and given from what other people have. It is human nature. When you see someone who's rich, that you wish that he gives you something that you become envious, when you see someone influential, you wish that he gives you a job, when you see someone who has something you don't want to have, you are hopeful that he may share it with you. So you're always constantly looking at what other people have. And this shows how little tawakkol is in your heart, how into dependence, reliance and trust in what Allah has, because you're not looking at what Allah has. You're looking at what individuals have, and whoever is self content with what Allah has, Allah will make him the richest man, even if

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he does not have a penny,

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whoever is sufficient, with an intent with what Allah has allowed will make him the wealthiest person because he is not enslaved to other slaves, he is enslaved to his master and to his Lord. And the more you look at what people have, the more enslaved and humiliated and belittled up to them, the Prophet says,

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Whoever guarantees

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not very far that he makes me and you among those who guarantee this, whoever guarantees to me

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that he will not ask anyone among the people. For anything, I will guarantee gender.

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How many calls do we get from people? Jeff, can you do this for me? Can you talk to someone? Can you lend me something? Can you make me borrow something?

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This is not part of the teachings of the prophet

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who taught us to be content with whatever we have, and not to look at what others have. So the Prophet says

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to me, that he will not ask people for anything, I will guarantee for him. Therefore, servants of Allah, I advise myself on you to feel a master which in our life in this world is limited. It is short, so many loved ones have passed away.

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And now we tend to forget how much we love them, and how much we were sorry for them. Soon. our loved ones would miss us and we will die. And nothing would help us in our graves except the prayer that we used to observe the prayers that we use to perfect, the prayers that we used to pray as a person bidding farewell, nothing would happen except

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protecting and observing what comes out of our mouths and whether it pleases a lot or angers him. Nothing would help us except being content with what Allah

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has given us. Allah

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whatever it is,

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Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah ma Nana

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Allahumma iced

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