Surat Al Kahf, Ayah 108 – Won’t Jannah Get Boring….Eventually

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In a Latina woman who I'm you know, slightly hair Tikka and at home, Jen told Phil those he knows Hola. Holiday Nafi Hala buena and her

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Frobisher it suddenly were silly Emery datalocker Tamela Sani of Cancale hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala ala alihi wa sahbihi vein, I'm about Saramonic. Like aloe vera Carter, I decided to broadcast this session on social media typically that this series is

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reserved for the beta TV compilation of the deeper look series, where I'm trying to do an IRB II analysis in some depth for the entire Quran. And we're almost at the tail end of this project with silica have many of you remember that I was doing the solid use of series, you know, more than a year it took to complete that series. And then I wanted to finish up what I left off with sort of gap and Umbrella where we're almost there, even though every IRA is a major challenge by itself. So as I was studying for this, I decided to use this as an opportunity to just give a glimpse of this kind of thing on open social media platforms also. We are now looking at Iron number 108. And in

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this ayah, Allah is going to talk to us about gender. There are two Ayat 107 and 108. Both of them are dedicated to life in heaven. So for those of you that are listening and are not Muslim, are not very familiar with the Slavic terminology. Gemini is our term for heaven. It's the the Arabic word Gemini comes from Jim noon and noon. The origin refers to something well covered. And Janine is the womb of the mother. And the jinn is the creature that cannot be seen as covered or veiled from the eyes. And Gemini is a garden that is covered in greenery, the perfection of a garden is called Jana. So in the previous site that I've already discussed yesterday, Allah says in Alladhina, Amanu, I

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mean, sorry, heartcare nettleham, Jannatul filled OC Lula, those of you those those that have believed, and have good deeds, done good deeds, they have the gardens of alpha DOS, the highest level, the highest level garden or the most perfect of all Gardens is called for those. And the Prophet SAW Selim invited us to ask ask us to forget to ask Allah for anything ask for the highest Jenna and for those alloga So and Allah then added something that he usually doesn't add. You know, in many places in the Quran, only some places Allah has hinted at this reality. And that's a reality that I wanted to focus on today. Picking up from where I left off yesterday, he didn't just say

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they're going to get Jana. He said, they're going to get Jenna as New Zealand. New Zealand is, you know, a bibliophile in New Jersey. This is the hospitality shown to somebody who comes over. So let me tie all of this together in simple English for you like when you go over to somebody's house, and the moment they arrive, there's a welcome there's you open the door for them, you greet them. And as soon as they sit down, you offer them Can I get you something or you give them some peanuts, chips, whatever you give them candy, it's not the main course meal for which they arrived. But there's some introductory hospitality and greetings, that portion of the hospitality where you're just giving

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that that introductory, you know a welcome. That's called noon. And Allah says the highest levels of Jannah are being given as nosal. Which is remarkable then if that's the introduction, then what more is there? Right What what so there's, there's got to be something more to it. For that to be described as those are nine mama Lucy Rahim Allah says, Allah, it doesn't necessarily mean that this is normal, and there's nothing more, let's look at a few things that are possible. One possibility is that the excitement that comes with nozzle, the first moment of being received the first moment of anticipating the great main course about to come. That anticipation is actually a remarkable kind

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of excitement. And let's pause without talking about Jenna for a moment about our own emotional state, our psychology,

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we are most excited about things that are about to happen. Things we're looking forward to that are on the verge of happening. Those are the things that excite us. So for example, he does around the corner, it gets exciting. The kids know that dad's coming home with some presence. It's exciting that the moment the initial moment of receiving the present or the surprise, that's exciting. We're about to land in a place that we've been wanting to go see forever, somebody finally reaches Makkah, it's super exciting. So excitement is actually tied very closely to anticipation. Like something's on the verge of happening and it excites you, or the the initial impact of something. The initial

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phase of something is super exciting, right? And if you you know, you can't maintain that level of excitement throughout, constantly. It's there then it tapers off and there may be other moments of excitement but that early excitement that enter that anticipation, it goes away over time and then other pleasures take its place. Now

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One implication of this could be that what Allah said in the beginning of the surah macchina, Fi Avada, he said that they're going to remain in anticipation forever. In other words, Jana is never going to be a place where I'm not looking forward to something coming. Because I'm so used to it. It always happens. You see in this world, if you're a extremely wealthy person, and you have the most beautiful home in the most beautiful location, you look outside, you're on top of a cliff, you can oversee the ocean, you see the sunset from your mansion, people only dream of that kind of a residence, right? So if people come there for the first time, they can't stop looking outside the

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window. They can't help but stare at the sunset. They're just lost and how beautiful displaces. But the owner is actually got his back to the window. He's not, it's not a big deal for him. Why? Because that's an everyday phenomenon. Now. There are people that have never traveled on an airplane before. Right? You should see the kids that have gotten on a plane for the first time, or even adults for that matter, going on a plane for the first time. It's an event for them. And then you should see people that travel on planes all the time. It's a job for them.

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Right and there are people, man, you get to travel on a plane. Whoa. That's like, it's such an incredible thing. Right? So what I'm trying to get at it doesn't matter what you've accomplished in this life

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is the initial exposure to it can be really exciting. You getting your job, the first thing you got your job is super exciting. The first day you got to university super exciting, but you can't hold on to those excitements and he cannot be renewed over and over again. The next semester is starting. You're like I can't wait more and more midterms. Nobody does that. That's not a, you know, I can't wait for next year we have another five projects that I'm going to have to do overtime for nobody's thinking that way. Right? The anticipation, the excitement wears off, whether it's a new car, whether it's a new home, whether it's a job, whether it's another experience, all of those boil down

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to excitement or anticipation wearing off weaning off. Allah says here, that for those who will be given us news, which creates a problem, a temporary problem at least? Well, if it's nosal when there's anticipation eventually what happens to that anticipation it wears off. And what does Allah add? He adds in the very next is so beautifully after a little bit of break, because there's a break even though grammatically, it's all one sentence holiday is hell, from the comedian side Alladhina amanu or even inside kind of LA home it's it's it's continuing describing the state. Allah says Holly Deena fee, they will remain permanently in it. Now what is it that they're remaining

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permanently in their remaining permanently in heaven, but they're also remaining permanently in heaven as it occurs as nuzzle.

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So the anticipation which is impossible to retain in this life, is made permanent Biola in the next life. So a person who's married, every time they see their spouse is like, they're seeing their spouse for the first time. It's the first day of their marriage every single time. Every time they're eating something like your favorite kind of chicken, your favorite kind of fruit or whatever, every time you're biting into it, or even you're looking at it, you're amazed that it's like the first time you're about to have it.

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In other words, in this life, the world outside can be beautiful. But the way you feel about it on the inside, can actually start to rust. Right to the car is still beautiful dimension is so beautiful, the food is still delicious. But the excitement and the anticipation and all that stuff that you felt inside that made that amazing that made you want to eventually have it and you work so hard to earn the money to get it. But that excitement will start weaning off. What does Allah do and Jenna, first of all, the outside cannot even be compared to the outside the virtual or the near heaven experiences we tried to create in this world. You can't compare it. But more importantly,

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what goes on inside you is going to be made permanent, the feeling of excitement, the look that the hospitality feeling that you get with nosal has been made eternal. Holly Deena fear. That's an incredible, incredible thing. But then we get into a new kind of tension like okay, so Allah has described something that we really can't imagine in this world because we cannot imagine being excited every single time. You know, like, imagine like, if you love sports, you know, recently I got back into cricket, you know, or basketball, Pinball or whatever, right? If you never miss a shot.

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If you never miss a shot if every every time you hit it to six, if every shot every pointer you take goes in, you know, every time it's perfect. Eventually we're like this isn't challenging. Excitement comes from change. Excitement comes from nearly not getting to where we were going to get to and then we accomplished anyway.

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That's what makes a game exciting, isn't it? In other words, Allah has created excitement and anticipation in this world associated with the threat of failure and loss. It's actually because there were 400 people that applied to that job, and then you got that job that makes it so much more exciting. If nobody else cared for that job, and you got that job, and it's the same pay, same exact job, it's not as exciting. It's simply not as exciting. When you got first place in the class. There's an excitement because there was a sense of competition. If there's nobody else enrolled in the class, and you got first play his, there's no, okay. Well, you know, first place, there's no

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sense of excitement associated because there was no challenge. There was no no, no tension, no friction, right. So that's yet another dimension of gender that we can't process. Why? Because we only think of exciting, you know, joy, bringing accomplishments, when they happen after overcoming some levels of adversity. The things that are so easy to acquire, actually, don't bring us that much joy. Like even as children, we don't get as much pleasure out of the toys that we do have.

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But the ones that we have to beg and cry and get good grades, and eventually our data will get get us that one. That's the one that's exciting. And even that one once you have it. After a couple of days, that toy won't be exciting. It's another one that you don't have and you have to overcome some obstacles to get to it. That's what makes it exciting. Kids play video games, what makes a video game exciting the adversity in the video game, the boss that you can't beat the level that you can complete. That's what makes the video game exciting. But that's what makes sports exciting. So there's some kind of a, an adversarial, you know, component to all things that bring joy and

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excitement. There's a tension that has to be there. And yet in Jannah it seems like Allah has removed all tension. Everything is your genital fellow, you'd have to work for them anymore. They're all yours. The food is all you the best kind of food is all yours. The best kind of scenery is all yours. So what's the thought process that comes? Okay, find those who will be exciting forever. But aren't we eventually going to get bored of the same thing? Over and over again? Yay, another garden. Oh, look another waterfall? Huh? Huh? Oh, more fruit. I've even had some people ask fun questions like that. Jenna talks a lot about fruits. I don't like fruit. What am I gonna do?

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We're not going to dungeon I just hate fruit. I mean, is there any mention of chocolate or anything? Is there like a perhaps? Swiss rolls any anything else and bagels? Anything? You know? Because I'm not into fruit. And then Quran describes delicious meat outside? I just, I hate chicken. I hate I hate me. I can't stand me, I don't know, generally doesn't seem like it's relating to me. You know? It's, it didn't mention anything about strawberry ice cream, or it didn't it didn't really talk about, you know, what about cars? No, there's no mention of cars. So what what are we we look at John on the one hand, first of all, can its permanence be exciting? And if it's the same thing over

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and over again. On the other hand, it didn't mention the things precisely to my taste. Why didn't I mention things that are exact to my liking? And by the way, likings vary from one culture to another to another, right? But what What did Allah do Allah took for he the two things we have to understand here is

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Allah azza wa jal was talking first and foremost, to the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim, who lived in a desert environment. Right. And for them, the most incredible thing you could have their gardens.

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Right. And it's not that he was only catering to the Arab audience, but you have to understand those people work the hardest. They work the hardest for Islam. Doesn't matter what we do for Islam. Now, we can't compete with what those people did, and their loyalty to the Prophet slice of them. So what is Allah done? Allah has described in most of the occasions of Jannah, Allah has dis verbalized the components the aspects of Jannah that are most enticing for the people that did the hardest work, which are the sahaba.

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He did not spell out everybody's taste. An example of that a really nice example of that is SOTA, Rama

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and Sita Rama Allah describes that there will be tense there will be palm tree all the fruits he mentions not known Roman

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right not non Roman palm trees and pomegranate. So dates and pomegranate. Okay with dates in pomegranate. I'm not crazy fan of dates. I know that's like an Islamic to say but it's okay. I was hoping there will be some mentioned a pineapple, maybe kiwi. Maybe some strawberries oranges perhaps. But no, there's no protocol mentioned. There's too far mentioned there's only known for a minute and I was hoping like, you know, SkyRise loft. I was hoping for like some kind of a mansion situation. Some kind of a balcony type. No, he's mentioning tents.

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If you tell a Roman like someone living in the Roman Empire at that time, hey, you know what you're going to get in Jamaica and heaven if you go to heaven get you a tent with fruits in it.

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I have a castle, you're going to downgrade me to attend. You understand? But why is he mentioning tents because the Arab of the time, the Sahaba, including among them, but they're not the only ones the Arabs of that time.

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They found a strange joy in experiencing the desert at night in the tent. So much of their romantic poetry and their, their relationship with the sky. Their relationship with the Earth itself revolves around this notion of living the tent life. In fact, it's been a millennium and a half. And some of these Arabs that are billionaires, billionaires, they have mansions they have, they have rims that are made of gold. I don't know why they have them, but they do on their courtrooms. And you know what these guys do when they want to vacation, many of them, they go out to the desert, and they set up an air conditioned tent. All the things you could be doing, they still do that. What is it that

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Allah azza wa jal put in the Quran, he acknowledged Asahina sabula Can macabre Munda, first and foremost, they are the ones brought closest because they did the greatest sacrifices in their show of loyalty to those who lost Isola, or the Allahu anhu, which Marian. So the narrative of Jana is actually first and foremost verbalizing what they would desire.

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But it does not exclude as a definition, what you and I might desire.

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That's the first thing to think about here. The second thing to think about is gardens. Gardens are not all the same thing.

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The same thing covered in greenery, or something covered in beautiful shrubbery and things like that doesn't just mean we're just going to be dropped in the middle of a park. And there's a bunch of trees and where are we going to stay? No, the most beautiful mansions anywhere in the world have remarkable landscaping.

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Privacy, the best kinds of privacy created in a private estate are with the with the lining of trees and shrubbery and the greenery brings life to the place. Joy to the place. They're guarded their million spent on maintaining gardens gardeners hired doesn't matter which culture you go to, if you know if not that I'm encouraging you to watch movies, but even from times old, if you've ever seen any movie of anybody who's rich, a politician, the guy from the mafia doesn't matter what continent they're on, when they live the big life. What do you see, you see a mansion and you see a garden and you definitely see some kind of water feature. Either they're living next to the ocean, or they've

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got a swimming pool to mimic the ocean, or they've got some water spring to mimic a waterfall. These are the things that human beings are drawn to.

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So Allah azza wa jal first of all, gave us the outside experience that we are drawn to. But even then, even then, holiday Nafi how we're in it forever.

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I think we'd want to eventually change something.

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You know, eventually you get the perfect home. You get the home exactly the color scheme, you wanted the furniture you wanted the layout you wanted every last detail you picked three years later, you want to redesign the place.

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Your dream car, two years later, you want to get another one.

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Your favorite shirt is in the trash and you want to give it away to your brother because you don't like them that much.

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One change Allah says about this, this is this is our nature. We want to update we want to do new things. We want to experience new things if you went to this most amazing vacation in some place. Oh my god, this place was awesome.

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We got to go back. We got to come back here next time. You're like No, I already been there. I want to go somewhere else.

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At the time, we were like I'm always want to come back here that even if you did come back, you'd be like, Yeah, I think we should have gone somewhere else.

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I mean, you'll bring some other people who can get excited, but you're excited for them not yourself. Because you're already Yeah, I already know. I know. I know. Right? Look at that. Yeah.

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I see what you're feeling. I've already felt it. It's expired.

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He this phrase that Allah adds here. Nyah, buena Juana, they are not even going to pursue or desire. They're not going to go after any kind of change from it. They're not going to want anything to change. What how I don't know how to process that because all I want to do when things get really permanent, no matter how good they are. I want some kind of change.

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If life is perfect, everything is going well. Somebody says I think I need I need to change the scenery. I need to travel. I need to get out of here. Right? Do something else. You know, people feel unfulfilled.

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boredom is actually a very, it's actually a studied psychological phenomenon. It's a studied psychological phenomenon. And it's a dissatisfaction with the reality around you at some point, it no longer gives you meaning. Like it's no longer fulfilling you. So you get bored and you want to do something else. So how is it that we're gonna think generalizing and it get boring? actually say, My friend just told me about a guy who literally said, I'm a math guy. I love solving math problems. I don't think I want to go to Jenna because there won't be any math problems to solve.

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Bro, you're a math genius. You couldn't solve this math problem.

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Very good math tedious. When he says Liahona and havila. Let's dig deeper a little bit. First of all in the previous silo said Jannatul filled those. And one of the positions about that is that even for those which is the highest level of Jana has levels has you're not. And you know what Allah I do perpetually into foreverness, that Allah will give you a new song from the first garden. And the party in the excitement is so incredible. And immediately as that excitement is going on, you're actually moved up to the next garden, and the excitement is going on. And then you moved on to the next a new world. A completely new unimagined, like each Genda unimagined from before, not just an

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upgraded version of what you saw before something else entirely, something you can't even bring into existence in your mind. And every single time the anticipation is renewed and renewed and renewed perpetually. But then my favorite part of this is actually what others have talked about the manifesto, Dena Razi mentioned really beautifully about this word nozel, we'll come back to that, because all of this is 107 or 108, I really one idea, or initial hospitality. And then he says, they will stay in that initial hospitality, and they will not want any of it to change. They won't want any of it to change. What does that mean? That we are going to feel something we've never felt

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before. This is so perfect, what it makes me feel inside, I don't want to lose this feeling. And we're gonna hold on to that feeling all the time. And when you ask somebody who's feeling the most amazing feelings, what do you want right now, you just say, I just want this to last forever. There are moments in our life where we feel this kind of joy. And if someone was to ask us, if you could have anything in the world right now, what would it be? You'd say nothing if I can just hold on to this moment forever. Now, that's all I would ask for. And that's exactly what Allah is giving. That's exactly what Allah is providing. When he says holiday. nahi hai Leia Puna and Hawala. But now

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let's call him on follow Dino Bazi. He says, but maybe if it is nosal, maybe as exciting as it is, and we don't want it to go any further. We're completely okay we're so happy that we got something that we've never experienced before and it's become the anticipation the excitement is become permanent. And yet Allah says there's even more to offer

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the home Maya SHA una V ha whether the Namazi

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suit coffee says they will have whatever they want in it and we've got something more

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what is this more now this the same idea right in initial hospitality and there's got to be something more

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and look at how he describes it. This is a whole dinner Rasul Allah he in his when he comments on an IRA he tries to break down what he sees as exploration questions. He calls them MSI, so I'll miss electron Ola Afonya thoroughly thought Robbie I like that he categorizes them bullet lists them and addresses each issue with the is a very systematic approach that he takes tests that are mulatos contemplations so this according to him in this is almost a little Robbie I so forth issue. Okay. Call about Lumina hota. Allah Jalla Jenna be could be qulaity her New Zealand I mean, some people have said that Allah has taken Jana, all of it as just the introductory gift for believers. Just the

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introductory hospitality. Well, Kareem is is out or neutral or Whelan, fella Buddha and Yahoo Bill Hola. So when a noble a generous person gives you initial hospitality, that means he's going to give a gap and then give you something much more than something much bigger coming when they said about the genetic biglietti Illa

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and Jana after being given all of what heaven has to offer, the only thing left now that tops This is seeing Allah Himself.

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So above what's this is it and by the way, if Jenna the goal for us was Jenna, and Jenna compared to seeing Allah will feel like the initial hospitality, just the introductory Prelude just the trailer. Like for us right now agenda is the destination. But comparing that destination to see my Rob that destination will feel like it was just a little preview. It was just those

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for him call to Elisa Anahata Allah Jalla Phil Phil Oola Joomla Johanna Newsela dill caffeine, while merkaba other Joomla to Johanna Madhavan, aha so he when he gives him a contemplation he looks at the app the

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adversaries point of view if somebody was opposing what I'm saying, it doesn't make sense. What would they say? Well, they would say that in the previous ayat in the same surah Allah azza wa jal described in na, na Johanna Malika Farina. Newsela we prepared Jahannam as nozel for caffeine.

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And of course, there's nothing more than Jahannam for the caffeine. So you how are you taking Newsela as more than that for the disbelievers and he answers so beautifully Psychedelica Hakuna gyla Jamaica Jannetty New Zealand and what we need so the same way he just says that he took took all of journalism from mini MA and who Lisa who shake her bottle Jana, while knowing there's nothing after Jana you shouldn't say that. Oh, seeing Allah is beyond Jana. That's not what we can extract from here. Well job so and my response would be Allah little cafe Bahasa Regina, Martha Bhutan, Allah mean,

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very powerful. He said above and beyond hell for the disbeliever there's something even worse. Above and Beyond hell. There's something even worse Wawa. And what is that? Go to Houma? jubin and roja Tila

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he doesn't get to see Allah.

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That's worse than hell.

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Allah. And then he describes this ayah he says Kela in the humara beam, Yama, Illa, Matthew Boone, some in the homeless hallelujah him

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on that day, they're going to be, you know, screened, and capable of seeing the rub.

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And then they'll get you up to hand them to. So the bigger issue is mentioned first, what's the bigger issue in Nomura beam, yo, Maven, then you boon. And then after that, there's on top of that. There's the second issue, which is in the homeless, in the homeless, Fallujah, he vaginas Salah binnorie moussaka, and Phil martaba and konima jubin. Angela.

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That's why Allah mentioned them being thrown in hell as a second punishment, compared to the first greater punishment, that they don't even get to see Allah

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Liahona for some mycologia, Allah, Buddha and Hezbollah, so then he goes on to the next point about heroin, they don't want any heroin. And he so there are two things now first of all, there's more than Janna, which is meeting and seeing Allah, may Allah grant all of us that.

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But even in that, Jenna before you even get there, just that introduction, in itself is a kind of world where you don't want any change. And this is even he mentions, the Anil insan for dunya is masala Illa $1.10 cannot do anything cannot facade that for what time heterophylla mahu. Allah minha like human beings, whenever they get anything that makes them happy, there i goes to something that is better. Always want an upgrade. But Allah is describing that this is an experience unlike anything we can imagine in this world. This makes us understand what the Prophet said Mahabharata, Allah kalbi Bashar. Like it didn't ever the heaven has never been imagined by your soul. like

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nobody's ever been able to imagine what happened is when Allah says gardens you're like, I can imagine a garden trees. I can imagine a tree waterfall I can imagine a waterfall fruits, I can imagine fruits that meet at Milestone flesh of birds, barbecued chicken, I can imagine barbecued chicken was the big deal.

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But then when Allah says that you will always be permanently satisfied, not wanting anything to change. That's something I can't imagine.

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That's something that's beyond what I'm what I can experience in this life. So how Allah this is the gift that Allah has given to believers. Holiday Nafi Hala guna and this is now the last reflection on this idea. And this has to do with the actual money within Angular and the science of Bulaga. One of its areas is deep, the sequence of things. So if you look at these preposition, the end the end of this is 108 is Unha Heylen, la buena, Unha. Heaven, but actually Unha is what Allah can be heaven. Meaning live owner Helen anha actually, so they don't want to change from it. Change regarding it. So the Unha is actually a sofa family nossob jama Rousseff and FEMA Holly nossob The

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heaven it's a description of Heaven actually. Okay? But usually in Arabic what's the norm that this the adjective comes after the noun? So the normal sequence would be liable owner a well and Unha but What did Allah say Liahona Unha heaven and he reversed the order. Now when you reverse this order, there's actually a Shara Illa Medina who is an indication of something more something other than it. So let me explain what this means two things.

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These people that are being described the people of Jana, they're not going to when it comes to it, they're not going to want any change. What is the previous six out about seven out of out there about people have held

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there's a direct contrast they're not they're not

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ones that are gonna want change from it. The ones who will want their situation to change forever, constantly want something to be changed will be the people of jahannam. And that is the contrasting description of the people in Java. util una buena, buena Hammerman and

00:30:17--> 00:30:32

they are on the one hand, there's fire on the one hand there is scorching water, and they're going towards the fire can't take it anymore, they run towards the water can't take that anymore, run back towards the fire can't take it anymore. You're too funa baina how Avena ham even.

00:30:33--> 00:30:35

Meaning they constantly want what when,

00:30:36--> 00:30:53

by contrast, the believer when it comes to what they get, they're not going to want any headway. So that's one contrast that's directly immediate in the passage, there's another dimension of this one. That is Allah is describing what the believer wants, and next is going to get in the next life, they will not want any change.

00:30:54--> 00:31:34

And this will be the ultimate contrast for the believer, from what they experience in this life. In this life, actually, we are constantly pursuing change. Everyone knows, and we're supposed to, I'm pursuing a change in my character, I'm pursuing a change in my refinement, if I stay the same as I am right now, that's not a good thing in my religion, I need to improve myself, I need to learn more, I need to fix my character, I need to fix my level of patience, I need to fix my, you know, the guarding of my eyes, I need to fix, you know, my ability to be more generous to be more charitable. There's constantly change I want to make and it's not just change inside me, I want to

00:31:34--> 00:32:10

change things around me, I want to make things better around me. What is what is the company doing? He doesn't want the world to stay the way it is. He's pursuing resources to bring about more and more change. He's changing a pathway between two mountains and creating a wall, human beings were put on this earth to bring about change and change and change and change and change. And we got to Jannah it is actually because we were constantly pursuing the change in ourselves for the better and changing the world around us for the better. But now finally, all that that driver engine that was pushing us to change and transform ourselves, and transform the world around us, that has now been

00:32:10--> 00:32:52

brought to a close that, sadly is now over. There's no more sorry, there's no more effort to be made. There's no more transformation needed anymore. Now, they're not going to pursue any more change. In other words, Finally, it's time to rest. Finally, it's time to relax. And even and the thing is, even when you relax, that can become you know toxic for a person right like people that retire get very depressed. Because relaxation is a problem. Right? And so Allah when he mentions by the end holiday Nafi hola buena Ana Hawala before it, he addresses it, unlike this world, where until my dying breath, I need to be pursuing change.

00:32:54--> 00:33:32

When and because if I didn't, I'm doing something short of what I'm created for. And there's a dissatisfaction inside me that I'm not pursuing change. In the next life, Allah will take this desire from inside me away. And even when it's taken away, it will not lead to dissatisfaction or depression or boredom. All of that has been removed. Subhan Allah, a direct contrast between this life and the next. So Jenna isn't just you know, these insights are important because Allah isn't just contrasting Janna. You know, a temporary life versus a permanent life. And there's no other qualitative differences between the two, or we have food here, but we have much better food there.

00:33:32--> 00:34:02

We have home here we have much better home there. And it's not just that there's something more that's actually fundamentally different. We become fundamentally different. We become the perfect version of ourselves, where we're not pursuing constant change. Subhanallah it's, it's it isn't just gender that's been upgraded, I have been upgraded, you have been upgraded. And that's Eliza, which does reward to us. And in a sense, it's almost as if I'm reminded of the Ayat of sort of najem where Allah says we're Elisa Lille in Sani Illa, masa,

00:34:03--> 00:34:11

were Anessa Yahoo, so for Euro, so my Yuja, who has an OVA, but in a lot of bigger winter. So

00:34:12--> 00:34:50

that those are some remarkable ayat about Effort, Right? A human being owns nothing except their efforts and their efforts shall be seen. Right? And then they shall be given the most complete reward for their efforts. Then he says, and to your master, finally, is the ultimate end. Also end of what end of struggles and of constant struggle. So it's not just the end, as in there's nothing more, but also something inside you that used to be there constantly, has now been brought to an end. And Allah has completely removed that from you, and yet given you eternal bliss and joy, may Allah azza wa jal grant all of us his agenda, may Allah overlook our mistakes and grant us the

00:34:50--> 00:35:00

highest levels of Jannah and forgive and short you know, overlook all of the sins and mistakes and errors that we've made along the way, probably not a couple of minutes to integrate into Simeon alim. What

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Alenia Modena in the country club Rahim SallAllahu Taala the highly hulky Muhammad Ali he was happy for him somebody to lay down our cat

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