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The importance of prayer is discussed, with a focus on the shadow of one's prayer to avoid distraction and embarrassment. The shadow is a sign that a person is contemplating a prayer, and it is their job to advise others to look around while praying. The church's use of the Bible as an excuse for prayer is discussed, as it is considered a distraction and embarrassment. Prayer in a voluntary way is advised, and the importance of focusing on the shadow of one's prayer to avoid distraction and embarrassment is emphasized.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Sall Allahu wa sallahu wa barakato IV or sodium Abruzzi? rahmatan Delilah me. So you know what Amina Makoto, Tina Mohammed Anwar Ali he was so happy

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assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome to lessons. In fact, we're still studying the chapter that deals with Mustapha

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kosher I'm pretty sure which is humility in prayer or submissiveness in prayer. And this is very, very essential, because the essence of your prayer is what you benefit out of it. And this is the greatest thing that one could benefit out of his prayer is to reach the level of who Sure.

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And we have a hadith number 188. Brother Mohammed, can you please read it for us? Yes, you are. Amanda Rahim. Again, I have to interrupt. I apologize. We've stated before that saying Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim before every Hadith we read is not correct, simply because it is not part of the sooner to read Bismillah moraine. When do we read Bismillah R Rahman Rahim nor

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before us, the first of surah in the beginning of every surah of the Holy Quran, with the exception of spirit.

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But other than that, we generally speak and say Bismillah Rahim and then afterwards we go on into study because imagine what would happen if we are in a circle of knowledge of and before everyone speaks? He says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. And then he answers or asks a question, this will take too long and the Prophet didn't do this sallallahu alayhi wa sallam go ahead narrated Anasazi, a long one Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, If super is brought supper and supper is brought, and the prayer is ready, start with it the food before you pray the Maghreb.

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Okay, now, this hadith has lots of brackets in it. So just to explain it before going into the things it has. The Prophet says, If supper is brought, if the food is present in front of you, and Margaret, has been called the prayer, so what should I start with? The Prophet says, I said, I'll start with your food. Start with your supper with your dinner with your football with whatever meal it is. And before we go even to explaining the Hadith, Mustafa has a question. What about in Ramadan, we see that sometimes people just eat and forget praying, or they delayed too much. Well, the Hadith tells you to begin with supper to begin with the food. Now, the extent of eating is an

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issue that one should, you know, contemplate on because the Prophet says begin with supper, begin with the food, so that you are not distracted when you pray. Because if you pray while you're hungry, and you're thinking of the food, and you can smell it, and you start to have images and flashbacks and so on, this is not wanted or requested in prayer, but the extent of how long should I eat? Because I could eat like a dish in front of me and then I'm full. And the person said, Well, I have to finish the whole table with six or seven different types of food and drinks and so on. And this we will come to talk about this Sharla later on automatic.

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The Hadith only talk about sobor or any other meal, like clean water, I'm getting a breakfast. Okay, that's that's a good question. And to answer this, we have to look into the sooner and the sooner says to us that the prophet SAW Selim said that there is no acceptable prayer last a lot in the presence of

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food or when you are in the need to answer the call of nature. The Prophet says last a lot which means no prayer accepted or completed or it can have many interpretation but it all pours in the same direction. It all tells you that you have to pray with a clear conscience and with nothing bothering you or occupying your mind Any questions?

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This means that it actually reduces the third their world where it is you cannot pray at this time. See this is? Yes, this is how some scholars interpreted when they eat when the Prophet says last salata. Does he

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tell us that the prayer itself is void?

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Or does he tell us that la salata meaning there is no prayer? Perfect. This is the most authentic, a choice that lasts a lot, meaning it's not perfect. It's incomplete. Now, going back to our Hadith,

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before going back to our Hadith, Abba Malik, I'm sorry, this, okay, okay. If somebody was asleep, and they woke up late, and they didn't pray a lot, and there's like, five minutes left frost, but they're really hungry. What do they do? And if they eat longer, you know, time is worn out. What do you think?

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I think then they should pray first, you should pray first. What do you think? No. I think he has to pray first. Most of them?

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I don't know. But give me give it a shot. Give it a shot. Well, if I was in their shoes, then I just pray. Okay. Yeah, she should

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prefer that he should pray first. Why? Because if you have two things, which is food,

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and then pray, or you have to pray, otherwise, the time will run out. And then you would have abandoned prayer, deliberately. scholars say that you have to pray, and then come back to your food because there is not enough time. You may delay the prayer, if there is an interval that allows you to pray it afterwards. But if it's so tight, that if you eat, the time will go out? No, you have to pray, which is not five more than five or 10 minutes, and then go back to your meal. This is what the scholars say. So going back to our Hadith,

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the Hadith tells us that there are things that allow us to delay prayer.

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I'll repeat that. There are things that allow us to delay prayer such as

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food, the presence of food, when you're hungry, of automatic answering the call of nature answering the call of nature, Mustafa Rain, rain, you can. This is an excuse for you not to pray in the mosque. It's an excuse for you to pray home. What else? storm? storm rain, hail, thunder, earthquakes, volcanoes, it's all

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natural thing. It will matter sickness, illness, sickness, religious lecture, no religious lectures, does not allow you to delay the prayer if the mosque is next door. So if you hear that that is a lecture in the mosque, yes, yes. Because you're in the congregation. This is not delaying it. You're praying it on time. But

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are there things if we consume them, allow us to not to pray in the mosque, garlic and garlic and onions? If you if you eat them, this gives you the excuse not to pray in the mosque because the Prophet tells you not to pray in the mosque. And do not think that this is an excuse for you to skip prayer. You know, like some of people do, whenever it's time for prayer, they just take, you know, audience from their pockets. And

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what's this? I don't want to pray in the mosque. So I have an excuse. This is my alibi. No, this is not acceptable, because this is tricking allies. You are trying to play tricks on Allah and Allah knows your intentions. So this is not acceptable. What is acceptable? It's when you come home, hungry from work, you find that your wife cooked for you, and you start eating your amygdala you start eating and all of a sudden you discovered that there's garlic or onions in your food and it's really bad. Do I answer the call? Do I go to the masjid and pray? No, you have the excuse. Mustafa this exclude for example, if you can wash your mouth, clear of the onions and the garlic smell

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I love audience. I adore garlic. And no matter how many times you brush your teeth, or you take cinnamon you take hair you take meant whatever you do. The smell is not in your mouth. smell comes from the guts. So it stays probably, like 1520 hours. Personally, I avoid eating garlic and onions because of prayer until I travel abroad, when I travel to non Muslim countries, and there are no mosques, I eat them, my hair is consumed. I love it. But because I love prayer more, I stay away from them.

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Is it forbidden to eat? No, it's not. But it deters you. It stops you It prevents you from praying in the mosque. So you have to choose. And if you do it intentionally, then you're sinful. And this is a sin by itself Muslim for someone who frequently eat onions, and they still want to go to the masjid do they actually send if they go and pray in the masjid? Yes.

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It's a sin to go to the masjid when people can find the smell of onions or garlic. And it's a sin to eat it deliberately. To avoid going to the masjid. So what do you do? You either cook it and eat it but then the taste is not there. Or you try to eat it that you like when there's enough time, especially in winter? What do you have like 12 hours of night or 14 hours of night that this is almost enough from after a short prayer to fudger prayer then you may eat it and you have to make a choice. So coming back again to coming into the same Hadith. There are excuses from Allah azza wa jal to delay prayer or not to pray with the congregation. Now,

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one of the clearest examples is what we have heared the Hadith where the Prophet says, if the food is there, then you may delay prayer until you have what you need from it. Now some scholars say like Shafi and others, if I recall correctly, he says that, yes, you may eat, but only a bite or two, just to take it off your mind and then go to prayer. But there's another Hadith which is authentic, that the Prophet says as you may sit down and eat until you had all what you need, you know until you're satisfied. So this hadith tells you exactly clearly that it's not a biter to know You should eat until you completely Your mind is completely off the foot. And yes, Rama what I do is I go to

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the mosque and have some dates and like some hot milk and then we pray in the mosque and then we go upstairs at our house and eat Is this better or eating at home till none of this is okay. This is acceptable. A lot of Muslims do this. They break their fast in the masjid. Now, is the food present? Yes, no, you're in the masjid. Now, I'm not talking about things that are not present in what you're dreaming. in your house. In the masjid if you're sitting in the masjid and in the call for motive is there and you break your fast with date and milk or whatever and the call for motive is there. The food is not present so you have no problem in praying and then going back to your house and

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finishing your meal and you may also invite us to come and join you. I think we have to stop here for a short pause. inshallah We will be right back.

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Islam is a comprehensive way of life. It deals with everything. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam wanted to empower people. And he wanted them to feel the responsibility, not just to rely on the state, the companions that have the Allahu taala on him, and in particular Abubakar Omar Ali. In the beginning, they were not pleased and they were not proud to become the halifa. These days we see the candidates running to become the image. Let me state has to provide all inhabitants with the basic needs. It has to fulfill their basic the main foundations of the Islamic State is to establish justice

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Santa Monica, welcome to LA and welcome back. Believe brother Mustapha had a question just before the break. Yes. So what if the event for mother of calls and you're fasting, and the food is just on the table? Well, you the Hadith is crystal clear, the Hadees tells you go ahead and eat.

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And in another version, it tells you to eat until you're satisfied. So you can easily go ahead and eat even if you miss, even if you miss an hour. And that is why in lots of mosques in the Arab world, they delay malaria by 10 to 15 minutes. So you have the excuse to do this. But again, you have to balance things. You know, sometimes it could stay for about an hour eating and eating and eating. And I don't believe that people would, you know, stiff themselves up, fill themselves up with food. And then when they go to pray, ulterra we night prayer of Ramadan, you hear the gurgling sound of water and liquids and foods. And whenever they bow, they see them you know, almost ready to

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throw up and they can only pray to rock as they go home retire, because they can. This is not the Islamic way of doing it. Oh Malik. Yes. I wonder if somebody misses like another prayer? Do they pray in a gym or they pay by themselves? Because I heard that some sort of spoke about the second drama. Yes, this is a controversial issue again, that Ma'am, and bear with me Allah have mercy on him, and those who follow him say that it is not recommendable to pray more than one jamara in the same Masjid, meaning if I am late, and I come to the masjid and find the congregation is over,

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according to a moment abahani that one should not pray with the other people with him. Everyone should pray alone. And there he reported. May Allah have mercy on his soul, some hadiths

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by ns and by Abdullah Massoud, showing that they used to do this now personally, and this is the opinion of the majority of scholars, such as bas, when I say mean potamia and I am and so on. They say no, you may pray more than one jamara in the same message. And the easiest evidence behind this is when the prophet SAW Selim prayed fudger once, and a man came late to the Prophet looked at his companions and said, who would go and pay charity to this man by praying with him?

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And one of them stood up and prayed with him and other jamara. So this is another jamara now to differentiate and say, well, it is another Gemma but one of the people praying and this Gemma already prayed a previous Jamaat, you have to have a strong evidence to say no you cannot.

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By saying this, we don't encourage people to make a second a third attend germanicus A Masjid. Because if you lose, if you miss the first Juma intentionally, this is a sin by itself. And you cannot make it up by just praying another chamara and encouraging people to not pay attention to a comma and to be with the congregation would be with the group the majority of Muslims by saying well, I can catch the second third or 10th Jamal but that what appears to me as it appeared to the majority of scholars that Hadith of the Prophet that is surrounded by saying by instructing one of his followers to pray with this person, a second jamara means that it is allowed to pray. I think we

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should move on to the follow up. Do you have any questions?

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Okay, the following Hadith Hadith number 189, rated by a brother from the Allahu Allah His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when one of you is praying, he must not remove pebbles from his face, for the mercy is facing him and added to the above Hadith remove the pebbles once we'll leave them. It is also reported in us in Asahi, on the 30 of market without mentioned or the reason. Okay, this hadith shows us that movement does reduce the reward and the submissiveness, the assure and your Salah though this hadith Hadith is weak yet. It means that if you pray and if you're praying

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Those who have experienced this preying on sand, when you raise your head from the prostration position you will have pebbles and sand on your face. So if you remove them, this is considered to be

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a sort of distraction because you're gonna have this every record and cleaning them is more This movement is not recommended, but that itself is life. So if it's something that is bothering you, you may you may you may remove it, even if it was sent or so a better than you not concentrating on your prayer. The following Hadith

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narrated Ayesha may Allah be pleased with her I asked Allah messenger so Allah alayhi wa sallam about looking around during prayer. And he said, It is something which the devil snatches from a person's prayer and another nitration of ns may Allah be pleased with him. Avoid looking around when you are engaged in prayer for looking around his destruction. And if you must,

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and if you must do it, do so in the voluntary prayers. Okay, now, the first part of the Hadith is authentic because it's narrated by Al Bukhari, but the second Hadith is not authentic, where the Prophet says that you may do this in voluntary prayer. Now the first Hadith may Allah be pleased with her is asking the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about looking around, you know, you know about looking at the sides this way. So is it Okay, so the Prophet told her sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that this is considered to be the snatching of the devil from a person's prayer. And what does that mean? It means that as you remember, there is a devil specially

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found for whispering for booboo and there's another one specially found to whisper and to distract you from prayer. So do you know the name of the of the shaitaan concerned with Waldo? And one hand? Okay, what about the shaitaan?

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concerned with salaat with prayer, his name is Hamza Kwanzaa, Kwanzaa. And the Prophet tells us that if a person is contemplating concentrating his prayer shaytan comes to him. And this happens a lot with people praying, if somebody moves all of a sudden on one of the sides, and he just goes, a look at him. Yes. Is this prayer concert accepted or not? Well, if a person looks sideways with his face, and neck, his prayer is accepted. Because the Prophet did not say as when I asked him, to please with her, he did not say that this voids his prayer. He said that this snatches the devil snatches from his prayer, which means he takes bits and pieces, parts of it only. So scholars say that if a

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looks and turns his head and his neck, if it's if it were for a reason, then there is nothing wrong in that, what kind of reason if he saw something, or if he's afraid of something, and he looked, then this is acceptable. But if it was not for anything legitimate, he was just looking, then this decreases the reward of his prayer, if he moves entirely with his shoulders, so this is the kablam praying, and I move this way. The scholars say that the prayer is void, because you went away from the Qibla, which is one of the conditions of Salah. So it depends on your shoulders and your chest, you should be facing mockable if you move away from it, this voids your prayer. Now, what I've

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is that lots of the Muslims, lots of the brothers look around without knowing it. Could this be possible? Yes, I know lots of the brothers, that when they pray, they look around.

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It's shaytan is making them look around, but they are not aware of it. And it's your duty. It's your job after he finished his prayer, that you come to him and talk to him in a very nice way. And trying to, you know, pamper him and telling him that, you know, lots of people do this without knowing and shavon is there. I knew my brother, I want you to advise me. And as this good token I'll advise you to have noticed that you look around while praying. So try to concentrate a little bit more. This is your job.

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Automatic? Yes.

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If somebody like me in the pair moving ahead are trying to get out of the way of something. If he loses balance and falls, this is cut. No, no, not necessarily. If this one would say, Whoa, is he walking a thin line here? No, it happens if somebody is, you know, really tired really sleep. And he makes prostration. And boom, he falls on his face. And he stands up. No, this is something that is not within his control. So it's okay. But I hope it doesn't happen to any of us. Because then as the brother said, that if a cat comes in while you're praying, and people start jumping, and everybody would break into laughter, and then the prayer would be void, but if it happens, inshallah, he just

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gets up and you stand up and finish prayer. And this happens a lot, you know, you may goof and do a lot of things without

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paying attention to, for example, in the case of people sitting and dish out, a lot of guys, when the mmm says Allahu Akbar raises his head, and sit for to shut out, a lot of the guys are sleepy, they stand up. And thinking that this is the second record, and they start reciting the fact you have, and after five or 10 seconds, they look whoops, everybody's sitting down, immediately sits down. This does not void your prayer, because you did not do it intentionally. And it is beyond your control. So again, we come back to the subject, which is that in prayer, you should focus you should look at the position where you should put your head and your forehead on and you should preserve

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your prayer. You know, the prophet SAW Selim said that sand, which is the highest level of

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faith and Amen, yes, and is to worship Allah, as if you are looking at him. Is this possible? Nobody can look at apologia or see Allah on this life. So the Prophet said, If you cannot look at him, if you could not reach this level of looking at a larger with your heart and having 100% submissiveness, then remember that he the Almighty is looking at you. And this adds more value to your prayer. We have 60 seconds. All right. I tried a small question if you can correct some information that I read that Buhari is his nothing in something

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looking in the prayer is looking ahead of you not look at the place of truth. No, no, you should look at the base of this is when you are looking, when you are in the sitting position and you are pointing out your index finger. Some narration say that you should look until the very end where it points elementa la perfo. But the scholars say know that the right place is to look where you are sitting, unfortunately, that our time has run out. And we still have few things here and there but probably sha Allah. If Allah grants us the world and the power we will go through them next time we meet, and until then to Manila, or Santa Maria