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He is the brand new Almagro Institute instructor his course that he's going to be teaching in sha Allah is the concise version of Sahih Muslim. He's a student of knowledge who graduated from the Islamic University in Jordan and he's been studying Hadith for, you know, a very long time and so why he's so interesting I'm field is because he's grown up in the West. He's born and raised in Michigan in the USA and he has a good context of the young Western Muslims lifestyle understanding and he's mixing that in and fusing that with his classical Islamic teaching. We're going to be introducing that instructor right now. This is a great new lineup to the instructor family, Milgram

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is growing internationally. So many more places new cities opening up and we want to continually evolve bringing new instructors young, fresh talent that we can bring to great stages and platforms just like this. So without further ado, I want to invite our Dean of Academic Yasir qadhi Dr. Sheikh Yasir qadhi to come and give us an insight into this new instructor. This is a very special important time so take it away inshallah. So nobody can refer to Khartoum. It's my honor to announce the newest Al Maghrib instructor, and Alhamdulillah I've known this instructor for a number of years, and as soon as I first met him, I saw in him a talent I saw in him a potential and

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Hamdulillah this newest instructor

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memorize the Quran at a young age. He got the urges that necessary for the Quran recitation, he started studying with his local odema and Michelle Yes. And then he went overseas to Jordan, and he attained a master's in Islamic fit all of this stuff you're going to read in the biography and you're going to hear all of this, but Subhanallah the instructor that we're going to introduce and announced I know him personally because I invited him to my community to lead salata Tarawa, for the month of Ramadan, every year, it's my responsibility to find somebody to lead the Torah we're and I'm very, very picky. I want somebody who has a beautiful voice and Hamdulillah I want somebody who

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can really show us the spirit of the Quran to in personify to embody the characteristics and traits of the true element Imam and this is the brother that came to my mind for that year and at Hamdulillah he came and he proved to be the best hit of ever in our community for Salah Torah we we tried to get him over and over again. But he became so popular that he never came back to our community, but inshallah we're still hoping to get him soon a shout Allahu Taala there's just one thing that really hurt me when I found out his philosophy of desserts is totally wrong. I'm disappointed to tell you because you see there's only one men that have met him. There's only one

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madhhab in desserts, and that's my madhhab ice cream. Okay, if you like ice cream, you're a good guy. Unfortunately, our next instructor does not like ice cream.

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Instead, he is into the mud hub of chocolates.

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What really seriously, you'd like that

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chocolates is a secondary method only after ice cream nonetheless, I'm willing to forgive him. If you can all help me in welcoming our newest instructor share Sulaiman honey from Detroit, Michigan.

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Imam Suleyman Hani is a lecturer and author hailing from Dearborn, Michigan. At the age of 14 he completed a 10 month Quran memorization program and shortly after began its intensive studies gaining a Jazak in the six books of Hadith from multiple scholars, as well as a Master of Arts degree from the University of Jordan's College of Shediac. ranking first in his class, Sulaiman has served as an Imam and youth director since the age of 19, lectured at conferences and workshops around the globe, authored numerous books and articles and has recorded several comprehensive series with some of the largest Islamic TV stations worldwide. Anytime we go through any type of

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difficulty, any type of pain to remember not just these reasons, but the Allah subhanaw taala is watching over you. Allah subhanaw taala is planning for you better than you planned for yourself. Oh

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Smilla hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah we're early he was supposed to be here woman Wallah As salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Amongst the most important questions for all of us to reflect on for all of us to assess ourselves with a component any key to happiness, a component to progress in life is the question. Who am I? When you're asked by others, who are you, John

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Really the response identifies with your nationality, your name, your ethnicity. A few years ago, a brother said he was from Scotland. And so I regretfully made the mistake of responding to him by saying, perhaps I'm from Scotland too.

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And as you left, he looked at me in and it looked like I had just committed the worst crime of the year. And I did by attempting the accent. But it goes back to the question of who are you?

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And how often do you stop and contemplate in this busy fast paced life? And ask yourself truly who am I? And the short talk, we want to address three questions. The first is why should we invest our time and our energy and our efforts in trying to know more deeply and properly, who we truly are? The second is how can we practically do so? And the third is, how can knowing oneself help us to better know Allah subhanho wa taala. As for the why, there are many reasons amongst them. knowing oneself is a key to true happiness, contentment in the heart that you cannot find anywhere else. You cannot find in material wealth or pursuits of desires. And oftentimes, we must ask ourselves what

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really makes me happy.

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One time a brother shouted out from the audience, he said marriage. I said, Masha, Allah, may Allah put Barak in your marriage, how long have you been married, he said, I'm not married yet.

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He's married now at Hamdulillah.

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So what truly makes you happy.

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Amongst the benefits of knowing oneself,

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is less inner conflict, we find many times that if you grow up in a Muslim family, and you're focused only on the external rituals, without anything internal motivating you, then the actions become void, they become superficial, they become empty. And that gap leaves an inner conflict. And at times when there's hardship, that inner conflict becomes a problem. Amongst the benefits of knowing oneself, is that we have more resilience in our identity. Rather than falling for every fad and phase, an ideology and ism that comes and goes and rises and falls, we find that the one who is rooted in their belief system, the one who has conviction and who they truly are, regardless of

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external pressures, regardless of peer pressure, regardless of societal pressure. Because you know yourself you are resilient.

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Amongst the benefits of knowing oneself, we find that it leads to an increase in comprehensive tranquility and the ability to understand and reach out to others, the ability to serve others, the ability to coexist and live in harmony with others. And we follow in the footsteps of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who exemplified this throughout his life. And most importantly, we find that knowing oneself leads to truly knowing our Lord subhanho wa taala.

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And there are massive and limited benefits in that. One of the benefits someone raised earlier today, it was actually Boonah May Allah reward him is that knowing oneself leads to better decision making, and all facets of life, your decisions are a reflection of who you truly are. For example, how many people here are iPhone users?

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It's okay, don't be shy. May Allah subhanaw taala guide you back to Android. It's okay. We all make mistakes, but knowing oneself helps us to make better decisions. For those of you who get offended easily. I'm kidding. So please don't take that to heart.

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As for the second question,

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how? How can we practically learn to know ourselves?

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If you do not reflect frequently, on self assessment, self reflection, self introspection, self analysis, self accountability, if you don't frequently contemplate on who you are, in an honest manner. When your life is generally going through ease then you'll find that if tragedy or calamity strikes, it will cause more problems and more pain magnified compared to the one who knows who he or she truly is.

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When you're alone.

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The greatest concern is for a person to wear a mask.

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In private, it's easy to wear a mask in public it's easy to have a refuge

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nation framed a certain way online. But who are you in private? If you're wearing a mask even with yourself, then there is cause for concern. We need to be honest with ourselves about who we truly are, so that we can open the doors to progress to improvements in all facets of life.

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I want to share with you a story that really moved me

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a story from a brother in the United States. Three years into his marriage, he received news that his wife died in a tragic car accident. May Allah have mercy on her.

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She left behind her husband and their one year old daughter.

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This brother became so depressed.

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He could not cope with anything in life.

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He said he started crying every time he would see his daughter remembering his wife.

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He started to question decree and fates. He started to question Allah's mercy. He started questioning, How could Allah subhanaw taala take away my wife? What did I do? That's so terrible? Why do I have to suffer in this way?

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The brother said he became so depressed that eventually he called his sister and asked her to raise his daughter area. And so within the span of a few months, as his wife abruptly left his world, so tooted, his daughter, and not only to later, did you realize in hindsight, that had she remained in his life, she would have been a source of happiness for him, a source of optimism.

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Let's pause for a moment from the story.

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How can we truly know ourselves so that if tragedy strikes or if your life is going through ease, you're able to identify that there is real progress because you know who you truly are? There are many different questions, but for the sake of time, we'll address a few. The first ask yourself, what do you really value? What you value is not what you write on Facebook, or Twitter or Instagram. What you value is not what you claim.

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What you value is your actions. From the time that you wake up to the time that you sleep, everything that is in between and the sleep itself. All of these actions reflect who we truly are, what we truly value.

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Another question we should ask ourselves,

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if money was no concern, how would you live your life?

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What would you do differently? For many people, their focus is on living for themselves. Would you live for the sake of others to serve others to serve Allah? What would you do with your time if you never ever had to work again?

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This question helps us know more about ourselves. Another question we should ask ourselves.

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If fear of failure was no longer a thing in your life, if you never had fear of failure, what would you pursue? Or who would you be? Studies show that amongst the greatest obstacles to massive potential and progress and success, and unlimited legacies in this world, is the fear of failure.

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And this is a reality that affects our OMA as well.

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Just looking at the number of people in this room,

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if we envisioned the absolute disappearance of fear from our lives in terms of failure, the amount of progress and improvements and legacies and projects and goodness that would spread in this world is immeasurable. The amount of good that would come about from pursuing your goals, your dreams, your objectives, all for the sake of Allah, because you no longer fear the concept of failure, the image or the perception of failure. If you can leave this conference today, with a little less fear of failure, and a little more courage and reliance upon Allah, in pursuing those goals, those dreams for his sake alone, then inshallah we will find an abundance of progress and happiness in our lives.

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And the most important question,

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the most important question, if you want to know who you truly are in a very practical, realistic way, ask yourself now what is your life mission? It should be concise, bold, explicit. What is your destination? Imagine if you will, going to the airport. And as you get to the counter, they ask you, where are you traveling to? And you say, I don't know.

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You're asked again, sir, ma'am. Where are you traveling to? Where's your destination? I don't know. How can you embark on a journey and not know where you're headed?

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When you embark on a journey you need to know your destination. You need to know the route to your destination, the detour

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As that will take you away from that path. You need to know what types of friends will help you and what types of people will stop you or slow you down. When you embark on a journey you need to know what provisions and sustenance you need in order to reach your destination successfully. If your destination is Janna, if your life mission is to please Allah and to know and worship Allah,

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then all of our actions 24/7 The worldly actions as well. All of these actions are stepping stones to the ultimate life mission to the ultimate destination.

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Think if you will, about the people who live for this life, and they make this world their paradise.

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There is no doubt they're disappointed often.

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They're feeling pain often.

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Why? Because if you are looking for a perfect spouse, and perfect children and a perfect job and a perfect house and a perfect car, if you're looking for perfection in everything in this life, you are going to be disappointed what you're looking for is paradise. So work for it. What you're looking for is Jana, this life has its purpose and its purpose is not paradise.

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Going back to the story of the brother,

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within the span of a few months, he had quit his job, became more depressed, started contemplating suicide started drinking, stopped praying completely isolated himself from the community, his friends and anyone who knew him.

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And he said as he sat in his living room one night, seriously contemplating suicide.

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He was browsing through his phone between the messages between him and his wife before she passed away.

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And as he browsed and browsed and browsed, and became more sad.

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He reached an exchange of messages from months earlier in which he had done some favor for his wife. So she said, I don't know what I do without you, I think or die of depression. And that immediately she followed up with it. Lol, just kidding. What I think is more depressing is the idea of not being in Jannah together. His response to her at the time was wow, what a dark thought lol.

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May Allah unite us and our children in Jannah. And she said, I mean, some of you said I mean as well. He started crying.

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He started bawling. He fell into the ground started making dua as he was crying. He said he found himself in this state for a while. And eventually he got up he purified himself and he prayed for the first time in months.

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And he prayed and he prayed.

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He said that prayer was perhaps the greatest prayer of his life. He had it felt such tranquility, such happiness, such peace in his heart and a long time.

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And he asked Allah for resilience. He asked Allah for forgiveness, he asked Allah for guidance. And most importantly, he asked Allah subhanaw taala, to allow him to be with his wife and his children in paradise or his daughter in paradise. And that very same day, the brother called to his sister and informed her that he would pick up his daughter, and he did. Now the brother is active in his community, and this is not his actual name. He's active in his community trying to help people cope with hardships, cope with suffering, studying and understanding more of who are we really, and what do you do when calamity strikes? Think if you will imagine a person who goes through this life and

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it's constant misery, constant hardship, no relief whatsoever. Imagine all of our struggles combined in this room, magnified by 100 for an entire lifetime.

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If you want hope in terms of your destination of paradise, then reflect on just one part of this hadith. Imam Muslim reports that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informed us and every time you hear his name, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and formed us what is translated into paraphrases the following that the person of this life who is going to enter paradise a person of Jannah, who lived through this life with more misery and hardship than anyone else.

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On the Day of Judgment, they are dipped one dip into paradise. And Allah asks, Oh, son of Adam, have you ever experienced any hardship? Have you ever experienced any misery? Imagine the response of a person who lived for 70 years, or 100 years, and their entire life was pain was misery was hardship. How would you respond with all of this emotional baggage?

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But because of that one dip into paradise. He responds, No, my

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Lord by Allah, I have never experienced any hardship. I have never experienced any misery. One dip into paradise is worth every ounce of patience in this life. One dip into paradise erases all pain and struggles and hardships and anxiety and stress that was experienced in this world. If that's one dip, what would a minute feel like? What would an hour feel like? What would a year feel like? The people of Jannah are there forever, never expelled from it never feeling pain or suddenness again, never have any trials or tribulations. It's worth it to be patients, not for a dip into Jannah. But for an eternity. Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep your eyes on your destination. No matter what

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happens in your life, especially through times of ease. Keep your focus on Paradise.

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When we talk about the purpose of our existence, and we talk about the purpose of, for example, our ears or our hearing, our eyes, our sight,

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we must realize that ultimately everything created for us has its purpose. Allah did not create it aimlessly. Your heart has a purpose. And the purpose of the heart is to know its creator, and to connect to its creator in the ways that he revealed to us.

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And we think of the times in life in which our hearts felt peace and the times in life in which our hearts were distance from Allah. We're feeling void of happiness, no matter how much wealth you have in this world, how successful you are. Your material external being will not define your state of happiness.

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The state of the heart when it is connected to its creator, and its purpose is fulfilled properly. it attains a tranquility

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and a peace and happiness that you cannot find anywhere else in this world. Because there is no other way to fulfill that purpose. And Allah reminds us of this. And he reminds us of this link.

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And Lavina.

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Be Vickery.

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Be the curry, he taught in, oh, those who believe and their hearts are assured their hearts are at peace, through the remembrance of Allah, in the hearts on the tongue, and your actions, your lifestyle.

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Verily, indeed, unquestionably, in the remembrance of Allah, do the hearts find tranquility, to the hearts find peace, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to link our hearts to their true purpose, and to allow us to live a life of peace and happiness. Therefore, this brings us to the third point.

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When you know the purpose of your existence and the purpose of your heart and why we breathe, why we are beating now in this world, why we are walking upon this earth, why our consciousness exists. When we reflect on that purpose and we acknowledge the truth

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then we can know Allah subhanaw taala and once you know Allah subhanho wa Taala you can never should never go back. For the truth has been made clear, the sweetness of faith is tasted.

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And the reality is knowing Allah is the most important thing in our lives because it is a lifelong journey. In this life and in the next, the greatest blessing of knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is the reward for the people of Jannah who are enjoying everything of paradise. And then they find the greatest reward of Paradise is their meeting ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. We ask Allah to make all of us in our loved ones amongst those who are meeting Allah and the highest levels of paradise.

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knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala today should cause all of us in this room to purify our hearts from any ill vices or grudges or feelings towards others, to forgive those who wronged us as difficult as it may be, knowing Allah subhanaw taala properly and fully should cause us in this room to not leave here today except with the intention to vow to purify our hearts from anything ill and our habits from anything that is displeasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala should cause us today to rectify our manners, our character with everyone, Muslims or non Muslims, old and young friend or foe.

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knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala should cause us to purify our time. Your greatest blessing in this world for

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His sake, and most importantly, knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala properly and fully,

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should cause us to reference him and think of him throughout the day and night in everything that we do. Because ultimately we live and we die for his sake. We live and we die for his sake.

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And the reason we think of this, the reason we reference him is because Allah subhanho wa Taala is greater.

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And we say this many times a day, from the east to the west, billions of times a day, morning and night. Every type of Muslim from every walk of life, every language and ethnicity. Every single day we say Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater. Allahu Akbar, a phrase which should cause us to realize and remember and acknowledge who we truly are. We are humbled slaves and servants to the Creator. Why? Because Allah subhanaw taala is greater Allahu Akbar, a phrase which does not or should not cause destruction or chaos, but rather a phrase that acknowledges our true purpose for existence in this world. Allahu Akbar, is a phrase that allows us to be humble and in awe of who our Creator is to

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reflect on his majesty. It is not a phrase which we should allow to be hijacked by any propaganda by any organization or any individual or any movement, or any institution. Allahu Akbar is a phrase that we repeat many times a day and we are proud of it. In fact, say it with me, Allahu Akbar, louder, Allahu Akbar. Louder, Allahu Akbar.

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Allah indeed is greater. My dear brothers and sisters, my closing advice. Don't leave this conference or this gathering. Don't leave this conference or this gathering without renewed dedication, motivation, to learn more about yourself so you can better know Allah subhana wa Tada so you can better serve His creation. Don't leave this conference, except with less fear of failure and more reliance upon Allah. Don't leave this conference, except with renewed motivation, and resilience in your identity as a believer in this day and age. And don't compromise on your identity, your principles, your values for anyone or anything, because Allahu Akbar, because Allah

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is greater.

00:27:34--> 00:27:37

Don't leave this conference except with the intention.

00:27:38--> 00:27:46

To continue to learn to seek knowledge for knowledge is power. Knowledge is light and that knowledge that light and that power

00:27:47--> 00:28:01

will benefit you and the people who you come across in life. And lastly, don't leave this conference. Except with the new habits, the ability to contemplate frequently, day and night.

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On the question we asked in the very beginning, not in my terrible Scottish accent, but rather the question that requires serious contemplation. Who am I?

00:28:14--> 00:28:48

We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide us, protect us and increase us and we asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us from those who truly know themselves so they can truly know their Lord. We ask Allah subhanaw taala the ever forgiving. We asked Allah subhanaw taala the oft forgiving the ever merciful to forgive all of our sins today, the major and the minor, the public and the private, the ones that we remember and the ones that we forgot, and we asked Allah subhana wa Tada as he gathered us here today to reunite us and the highest levels of Paradise was salah, whom Allah Muhammad Ali he was a big marine was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh