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100 Allah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah.

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Mustapha Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome to lessons in fifth. We're still studying the chapter that deals with.

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With that, then Okay, and we have Hadeeth number 149. That will be read by brother Mostafa narrated by jab urban Samara. May Allah be pleased with him. I prayed with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the two reads not only once or twice without another, or a comma. Okay. The two aids Mohammed, we have two aids in Islam. What are they didn't fit right, either further is when I will Malik right after Ramadan right after Ramadan, the beginning of the month of chawan. The fasting month we fast the whole month. And then we have the festival date, which is either photo and either of her brother Mustafa

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is great, Al Hajj and when is it?

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From the 10th day of the 10th day of the hedger a month of they'll hedger now jabber may Allah be pleased with him said that I have prayed with the prophets of Salaam that eats the prayer of eat not once, not twice, a lot of times. And he never called for the other than for the eights. So this re iterates which we've mentioned before that the event is only for what Friday.

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I'll excuse you remember, the event is only for what? Only for the five obligatory prayers. So anything else we don't perform as an now one would argue and say okay, we hear in some mosques. They say something they say to sentence. What do they say? Say usually Mustafa in mosques in eight.

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They will say

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to jameela Salatu. Jamia, which means that prayer called all you all have to come to the congregation. So, is this permissible or not? It's an issue of dispute among scholars first because it's not that I plan. So those who say it's okay, as a form of notification, those who say no, it's not okay, because the profit in in doTERRA. So so. So the most authentic thing is not to call for it during the eight, then what would we do? Everybody knows where to pray. And every knows, everybody knows what the time it would be for the prayer. So they would gather without anybody telling them to come. And once the Imam is there, he would say stuff who are telling you look around, you try to

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form a good line,

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make the rose in order, and then he would start the prayer. So there's no need to notify them or to call for the prayer. Now, there's another issue which is done in an atom and the holy Mosque of Mecca and Medina. That is when they prey on the funeral. When a person dies, and they bring his body to be preyed on and for the Muslims to make their supplication to this debt per person that allows the child may forgive his sins. Now in how long? Also it's not as soon to call for prayer by saying I saw two gentlemen or a soldier. I'm what this is not a sin.

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To call people notify them that come to pray. But scholars say it's okay to do it in Mecca. Or Medina. Why do you think Fadi?

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First of all because the Scilab for each Hashanah for each good deed in Mecca is 100

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1000 times more and 1000 times and Medina you didn't get my my question. My question was, Why do scholars say it's okay to call for the prayer of funeral by saying Salatu I didn't make it because the benefits of it for the country and because, well to get a lot of people there, it wasn't on the time of the of the Prophet so sir Mustafa can notify as many people as possible.

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Okay. I was gonna say that, to let people know, actually, the holy Mosque of Mecca and Medina are so big.

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That if the Imam starts the Salah, without notifying them, lots of people will not be able to pray because they were not notified. In especially in Makkah, it is so huge and big. It's far stretched. That is why the, the people must be notified that this is we're doing this as a form of praying on the funeral. So that they would not mix it up with obligatory prayer, they would not mix it up with the eclipse prayer of Eclipse or so on, they have to be notified and they scholars say it is okay in this particular category. So, eight, there are no other than four eight, as narrated by jabber, may Allah be pleased with him. The following Hadith is number 150.

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Narrated by Abu Qatada Diablo one in a long Hadees about dear sleeping late past the time of salaat. Then Bilal proclaimed Iran and the prophets of Salaam offered the prayer, while leading the campaigns, as he used to do every day while leading the companions

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while leading the companions and companions, as he used to do every day. Now, this hadith has a very long version, as mentioned.

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And the story or the origin of this hadith comes from, and it's reported by a Muslim.

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But it tells us that the companions of the Prophet Alice and Sam, were on a long journey. And remember that traveling is not a fun thing to do. It's difficult, it's hard. And there's a hadith where the Prophet says Allah saw some that traveling is a piece of torture. Those who travel are being tortured. Maybe Nowadays, people think it's fun. No, it's not. It's tiring. It's time consuming. And it makes your life mixed up. So in that, and now we traveled by planes and cars, at the time of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu, wasallam. They didn't have cars, they didn't have buses, trains, airplanes didn't have anything except their feet. And maybe if they were lucky, they

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had camels to ride on.

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So in one journey of aquatera tells us that they put their saddles down for camping, and they were beat, they were really, really tired. And the customer was that one should stay awake to guard

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the camp, and also to notify the companions to notify the profits of solid time of fedrick time. So Bilal

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volunteered and said, Oh, Prophet of Allah, I'll be the one to guard the camp. And I'll wake you all up for fudger prayer. So the Prophet told him take care of a lot. Don't we don't have any alarm, clocks or watches. So you'll be our alarm clock. So I said, Okay. And they all went to sleep. Bilal was awake. And as the night went by, he felt a little bit tired of standing. So he just sat down and leaned back a little bit on the candle, and blank. If he was history, he woke up when the sun was in the sky.

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And the prophet SAW Selim woke up and the companions woke up the heat of the sun, woke them up. And the Prophet looked at Villa said, Bilal, what's wrong What happened? So we said, Oh, Prophet of Allah, by God, the thing that made you sleep, made me sleep. And this is something that you don't have any control of. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went and changed their position. They moved on a bit and they prayed.

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fudger as they do every day, and this is making up for fudger they're making up for fudger.

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did the Prophet sleep is awesome?

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I suppose. Now.

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Didn't we mentioned a while ago? Oh, yes, I remember what he sleeps, but his heart is awake. Okay. And that is why mother Ayesha, may Allah be pleased with her with her,

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you know, objected to the Prophet Allah. So Sarah when she saw him sleep, and he started to snore. And after he woke up, he went to prayer without performing a solution. She was so she asked him, can you slept? How do you do this? So he told her that my heart sleeps, my eyes sleep, but my heart does not sleep, which means that he was aware of himself. Okay, now, why did this happen then? If his heart does not sleep, how did this happen to him? Do we have any answer to that Friday? So could be a ruling the Sharia in the bed, so it's going to be permissible in the future. If someone sleeps, then as an excuse, he can commit the prayer he must you agree with this? Does this sound logical?

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It doesn't logical to me. Now the prophets heart does not sleep in the sense that he's aware of himself. Except in that incident, Allah azza wa jal deliberately made him sleep, so that we know the ruling, what we should do if somebody sleeps over fudger prayer, and wakes up when the sun has come up, what to do? And what did the Prophet Allah Azza wa salam do one?

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No, he did not make up first he moved, as in some Hadees. Tell us he moved from the same place that he was in? why there was an explanation. Do you have you know, the expression Malik? Yes, that because scholars say that a place that anything that

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that's against the religion, if it's your sins, or what our place that has been committed in it bad deeds, the devils start joining up in that area. So because they never stay in the place that a bad deal was committed in.

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All of this was not considered as a bad deed. But it was a different, it's a different story. What you're saying is correct, when it comes to sins, so that it does not remind you of the sin again, in this case, the prophets of Salaam declared it to us that this is a place where shaitan was present. And that that is why we overslept.

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So he asked them to move away. And this gives us an idea that if you are sleeping, and you skip fudger prayer because you overslept, then when you make up for the prayer, don't make it in your room, go to the living room, go to some other room, so that you won't please shake on, and you would follow this sooner. So the first thing that the Prophet did I saw was the move. And then he prayed as they pray every day. A question. What should we do in if we were in the same position? Should we pray sooner? Or should we start immediately with the fourth with the obligatory prayer? Answer, Mostafa? Well, don't don't answer. I'll ask you the question again, just after the break, so stay

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Back to the Prophet,

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join Sheikh Ahmad in the program back to the Prophet, wherein he teaches us practical lessons from the prophets life and how this can help us to overcome our challenges in the present. We talk about the life example of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, seeking guidance for ourselves. In the early days after the revelation of the Holy Koran. The Muslims were greatly persecuted, so much so that quite a few Muslims had to leave Arabia and migrate to Africa to live among

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Christian people who follow the gospel of Christ.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back. Just before the break, we had

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two brother Mustafa. Go ahead.

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Follow the first and then pray the sunlight as color. Okay, what do you guys think? What should we do?

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We should only pray the fart

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we all agree on this Friday, I think we should read the foreword first and then just assume that but not as scholars doing it. So it's the same thing must have a priority. And if you usually pray sooner than I think you should pray this and ask for that as well. After before after, okay, Muhammad

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Yes, I beg to differ. See, the sooner always comes before and now the sun has already risen. So what prevents you from following the same sequence of praying sooner than praying fudger nothing prevents you from doing this providing that you did not do you did not sin. You didn't do anything wrong you slept and sleeping. Allah will will not punish us on sleeping because the three things that people are not accounted for as the Prophet says that Raphael Kala man How many? Three What are they Fadi Nam hotter surface in Arabic in English that is I was going to translate the the person who was asleep to wakes up so whoever is asleep until he wakes up whatever he does during the sleep he's not

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accounted for. Because he the

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question us on the things that we do in our sound minds. Okay, the second thing

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had yesterday, okay, sleep until he wakes up someone who's angry. No, they've had a profound para mantella hammer made, tell him the mad person until he recover. Alma is no hotter your feet a person who is insane, until he becomes sane, romantic, the child until he hits puberty, the child until he reaches the age of puberty before that he's not being questioned for whatever actions he does not hold him responsible for these actions. So if a person sleeps, Allah will not hold him responsible for what he has slept over skip the prayer because this is not something with

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within your control, except

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with a big underlining under except if you intentionally skipped Salah while sleeping, by not taking the measures and means necessary to wake up such as setting your alarm clock. If you deliberately say, Well fudger is at four o'clock. And I'm not going to set the alarm except until 730. Because then I have to go to work or I have to go to school, then you are sinful. And you will be punished for that. Also, Allah will not punish you or question you for the times that you have slept. But you will question you and the times that you were awake,

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as in the Hadith, that Allah azza wa jal, there is no, the freet there is no nothing wrong in sleeping. the wrong thing is in waking up, what have you done while you were awake? So if a person sleeps like 10am, that is 10pm or 11pm. He goes to bed and fails to wake up for fudger prayer, though he had set the alarm clock, he couldn't he failed to wake up. Will he be sinful? No, he will not allow and let's hold him accountable for that. But if a person goes to bed at 4am and sets 10 alarm clocks, and it's time for prayers is 430. He fails to wake up he is sinful. Because he spent his time doing something that is not recommendable. What would a person do staying awake until 4am.

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One would say pray that you'd either say read and study knowledge or iron sooner. Is this permissible? Is this legitimate reason to skip fudger prayer? The answer would be no. Because if you want to get closer to Allah azza wa jal, the only and the best way to get closer to Allah by doing the obligatory thing, not by doing the recommended or preferable things, only the recommend the obligatory things which you are requested for. So I think that

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Brother Mohammed will read the Hadith again for us, edited Abu Qatada radi Allahu anhu in a long Hadith about their sleeping late, late past the time of salat,

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the beloved proclaimed Adana and the prophets are seldom offered the prayer while leading the cat and the companions as he used to do every day. Okay, one other question is that in this Hadith, we learned that even if the time of the prayer has passed, though we did not call for the prayer. It is sooner to make the event is that right Friday?

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evening for Mr. Pray for them. Yes, No, we don't. Why not? Because I then supposed to be at a certain time, certain time at a certain place not like can you read the Hadith from the very beginning, please?

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And narrated by Abu Qatada May Allah provision a long Hadith about their meaning the Sahaba sleeping late past the time of Salah prayer, the blood proclaimed there then and the prophets Azam offered the prayer while being the companions as he used to every day. What do you understand from proclaimed the event that he did? So this means that it is the sooner now?

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I don't see your hand. Is this your hand? Mustafa? Go? Yes, please. Well, this is perhaps because the old Mr. prayer and they were going to pray in congregation suppose I missed it while I'm at home and staying alone to have to do whatever. What do you think, Mustafa?

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I don't know. I bumalik. I assume that meaning that then here that the comma, but sometimes they mentioned event? And I mean by calm? And what about his question was the first question. If you miss prayer home, what do you do?

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Now it's a different story, Mustapha, because they were traveling. And if you recall, what is the verdict on making a van, it is fought the fire, which means that if some do it, then the whole community is in the safe. But if they all don't do it, they're all sinful. So if you are in a city, and you skip fudger prayer, and you wake up, you don't have to make a van. And you don't have to make it harder because other mosques have done it. So the burden is, has been lifted. In the case of millennials and a bukata. This Hadith, they had to make advan because they were all in the wilderness. And they had to call for to make the call for prayer now and to make the karma so that

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it would be announced among all now if you're in a city and then an karma is recommendable. It's not obligatory, because other mosques have done it. When you are in the wilderness, it becomes obligatory, because then you have to announce that as an as biller has done, we go back to Mohammed to finish the other versions. Muslim also reported from Java Golan who the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to deliver and offered at a both in the in the mothership and Asia operates with one as an end to iqama Muslim also reported from abnormal Raja lavon Houma, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, combine the Maghrib and Isha prayer with one a comma, a Buddha would edit the words for

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each prayers. And in another narration, he reported Dan was not announced for any one of them. Okay, now the hadith of jabber, he tells us about how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam prayed Marie and Asia in most Delica with one as an end to a karma now.

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Has anybody have you performed Hajj before?

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Okay, only Mustafa. You guys have a problem. You have to perform hajj, if you can afford it. Because this is not a thing that one delays. You should as soon as possible, perform Hajj. It's one of the pillars of Islam so I don't have to, you know, emphasize on this point that you should do it. That's it, you should do it period. Now, most Delica

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when do Muslims go to miss Delica on Hajj, which day?

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Okay, do you know the sequence of Hajj?

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You have that's a silly question. Are we studying Hajj? No, we're setting prayer. So just to give you a reminder, maybe this makes you feel a little bit interested

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Going for Hajj. On the day of arafah people go from Minar This is the ninth day of Hajj to arafa they spend the whole day there, they pray, Lord and answer

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at once on the time of war, and they stay supplicating worshiping Allah azza wa jal until the sunsets usually with a sunsets What do we do?

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Bay Mahara. This is the logical thing except on the day of arafah we do not pray Maverick we go from alpha to Muslim alpha which is about 30 to 45 minutes walking distance and we stay there until the sun the break of dawn. Now once we reach was that if we pray Maghrib and Isha together, this is called jammer and, and, and we call it Margaret. Gemma here we make Madrid and prayed at the time of Asia. The Prophet did this on a saucer center. But he did this with one event, because you're notifying the same people. So it's one event and he made two ecommerce. The first armor for what prayer Friday, Merriman, the second prayer was Asia and they did it their sallallahu Sallam when he

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reached Muslim refer. Now, is it okay if a person prays it in

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arafa Is it okay if we if you pray Maghrib and Isha in arafa? First No, as soon as to wait until you reach Masada. And this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did

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the second edition. He said here that the Prophet did not make any event and the scholars say that there is a dispute among them in this particular version, because the event is essential when no one else has called for that and but if there are people that call further than this, suffice and you don't have to make the other than, again, we come to what we have learned in today's program. One if you skip a prayer, try to change the room you're in if you skip because of sleep, because Satan was there. So change your room, try to pray the sooner first then pray the obligatory prayer. And if no one called for that then called further than your yourself. I am afraid that this is all the time we

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have for today's program. So until we meet next time Family Law was Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Carter