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Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The history and context of Islam are discussed, including the origins of Prophet's name and the use of it for fear of violence. Prayer outside of a mosque is emphasized, and the importance of protecting one's own beliefs and regulations is emphasized. Manners and apologizing for the misuse of water are also discussed, along with the use of "has been" in relation to "has been" and its implications for men and women. The importance of following the holy or Christian guidelines is emphasized, and plans to visit the Philippines and visit Las Vegas are also discussed.
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Shangri La salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hi and welcome to lessons in.

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The chapter we're dealing with is the chapter that deals with Timonium purification purification by soil or the dry evolution and Hadith 109. Brother nor will read it again for us, as we did not have the chance to continue and explaining what are the things that deal with tmo smilla rahmanir rahim narrated by Jabir bin Abdullah, may Allah be punished with him, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I have been given five things which were not given to anyone else before me. Allah made me victorious by Oh, of frightening my enemies, for a distance of one man's journey, the earth has been made for me and my followers, a pledge for praying and means of purifications its meaning by

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performing time, therefore, any one of my followers must pray, wherever the time of prayer become due, in another region,

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the soil of the Earth has been made for us as means of purification, if and when we do not find water, and another version, the soil has been made for me and my followers, a mean of purification. Okay? Now the first thing that the prophet SAW sent them was given

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that no other messengers or prophets of Allah

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had been given. The same thing before was that the prophets Allah said lamb was victorious.

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Even before he traveled, the journey of a one month journey, and he was victorious by Allah azza wa jal throwing

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the fear of him in the hearts of his enemies. And this is not only for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, this is also for those who sincerely follow him. And this is found worldwide. Now we have this fear of Islam worldwide. And they shouldn't, because Muslims are the most peaceful people on earth.

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Just for a handful of criminals, this does not stain the Muslim.

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religion does not stain the Muslim, follow the Islam, the Muslims and the followers of Islam, just because of a handful of criminals. Look around you on the whole world in the whole world, you'd find that there are Muslims from spanning from as far as the Far East, China and Indonesia, until the West and the US and Europe and they are peace loving people. They are hard workers, yet again, people are afraid of them. And why is that? It is the fear of them being good citizens and spreading their religion. And what does their religion called for? Does it call for violence? No, it does not. Does it called for harming others? No, it does not. Our religion governs our lives. It tells us how

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to communicate. It tells us how to deal with our wives and children. It tells us how to deal with our neighbors. It tells us how to deal with a deal with our relatives. It tells us how to deal with the non Muslims. And our guide. In this process is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and whoever does not follow Him is not a good Muslim, if a Muslim at all. So in Islam, when we want to talk to a Christian or to a Jew, we don't hit them. We don't spin in their faces.

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We smile in their faces, we try to be as kind as possible to them, to show them what Islam is really about, to give them the best example possible. And this is a misconception that some Muslims have, and lots of non Muslims believe. They think that Islam is a religion that promotes violence. And it is a religion that promotes keeping people away from others or not being able to interact, this is not the case. Look around you, you definitely have neighbors that are Muslims, or co workers that are Muslims, you have friends that are Muslims. And you can I assure you, that although they are not 100%, perfect, yet they are better than so many others. So, this hadith tells us that the Prophet

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Salah Salem was made victorious by oh and fear, not that the prophet SAW Selim was a man of war. On the contrary, he was a man of peace. And whenever they asked him for peace treaties, he would

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comply, he sallallahu Sallam was always the weak one. And yet they attacked him. And they went out there, they kicked him out of his hometown, and they went after him to Medina, they did not rest until they could have terminated him and his followers. So the prophet SAW Selim, all what he did was defend himself. And then he went on to spread the DAO, spread Islam, it did not go to fight. If you want to convert to Islam, that's great. You're among us, you share everything with us. If you don't want to convert to Islam, you have to pay taxes, and we will protect your country, we will protect your land, you will not do anything. It's our responsibility. And if you refuse us to come

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in and spread the word of Islam, then it's war. It is jihad. And when we say then there is no compulsion in religion. Yes, there isn't. There is no compulsion in religion. But this is the same thing that every superpower is doing. You have to dominate. And they dominate their own ideologies. They dominate their own filth, and

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freedom of sexuality, they dominate things that are not accepted in logic nor in religion. But when Islam dominates, it, dominates countries and spreads peace. So no one, a Muslim cannot even hit a non Muslim without being punished, he cannot abuse him, he cannot take his wealth or money, he cannot trespass, he cannot do this, you cannot do that. So many restrictions just to give a non Muslim his dignity and honor. He's living among us. He's paying his taxation, he has to be protected, and he has to be given the perfect

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idea. We have to portray to him the perfect way of being a Muslim nation in the Muslim

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country. So this is the old fear. It's a gift from Allah azza wa jal.

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And then we move on to tiamo. Now the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that this earth, the whole earth, is a suitable place for us to pray. So whenever one, here's the advantage. If you are on the mountains, if you are in the desert, if you are in a park, and you the time for prayer has been cold, you pray, you don't have to go to a church or synagogue. You don't have to go to a place specially designed for prayer. Of course, unless you are in the vicinity of a mosque, then you definitely go to pray with the congregation. But if you are not close to a mosque, we don't have to wait and say, Well, I'm out of city now. So I have to wait until I'm in the city and pray. No, you

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can pray anywhere

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on board a plane or a ship. Even if you're in a spaceship. Prayer is not void at all. You cannot skip prayer. Five prayers every single day at night you have to pray it's it energizes your faith. It's something for you. It's not something for Allah azza wa jal if you pray 510 100 times, Allah will not gain anything out of it. It's strictly for your benefit, Mustafa. But are there two exceptional places where you can't pray like bathrooms and places where there are grapes? Well, you can generalize it a little bit more. Now we're not talking about the places exempted

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from Earth, because even Earth itself, even if you're praying on a mountain, and there is filth or impurity in front of you, can you pray on this spot, you have to choose a spot that is pure that is far ahead. So we're not talking about specific things with talking in general. You don't have to go to a certain location to pray. Your prayer is accepted. Even if you're next to a mosque. And you have an excuse not to pray in the mosque, you can pray outside of the mosque, you can pray in your house, which is next to the mosque. Now. It's obligatory to pray in the mosque. But if you don't, your prayer is accepted. You have a sin, because you abandoned praying with the congregation, but

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your prayers, correct. Anywhere you pray. Now, in regards of graveyards, and toilets, and places have junkyard, junkyards and the ideas will come in Sharla. Later on,

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it's a different story. In any case, these are exceptions, but we're talking about generalities. Now you can pray anywhere, that's great. And you can also purify yourself using Earth and this is a demo and we will come to explain this in Sharla on the following Hadith, but in the case of the loss of water, you cannot use water or you have scarce amount of water and you cannot use it because then you will die of thirst then you may may use the dry evolution. You also may use it if you are ill or you have something that prevents you from washing your limbs and injury burns or so on bandages, broken arms or whatever and we will get to this inshallah later on. And then the Prophet says Salah

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Salim about the booty or loot, and we went through that. And then he says about the intercession. And the last and fifth thing that he was sent to all humankind, previous messengers. May Allah have peace and blessings upon them all used to be sent to their tribes to their people. Moses, for example, Mustafa Moses was sent to

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bury Israel, the sons of Israel, the Jews, and Jesus Zeki, Jesus Christ was sent to also the sons of Israel, the Jews. Now, Abraham was sent to the Phoenicians or the shorthands, or whatever tribe in Iraq. He was sent to, I wasn't there, but I know that you said there. Mohammed on the other hand, Salah said lamb was sent to all mankind, and also to the jinn. So it's not only sent to humans, he was also sent to Jin, Elaine, and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the seal of the prophets. And that is why he was sent to all mankind, because there will not be a messenger after him, though there will not be a prophet after him. And anyone who claims that there's a messenger of Prophet after him

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is not a Muslim is a Catholic,

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regardless of what they say or think or do, because he is the seal of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So, he was sent to all mankind and any objective objective

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student of knowledge. If he studies objectively the Quran and the Sunnah, he will find that 99.9% is false proof proof. You can you can you cannot question it. It is logical, it is perfect. And that is why Jefferson when he went to an haberdasher, and he spoke to the king of habit and he, he was telling him, what is this new religion that your prophet brought? If you listen to the things he listed, it's all common sense. He told them that he told us not to forget. He told us not to do this and not to do that and my cameraman waves to me and says that this we have to pause for a break. So please stay tuned and we will be right back inshallah.

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We are covering the manners in Islam that a Muslim is supposed to have in Islam, there is a strong link between having good manners and piety. And then he said

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I guarantee Edwin in the highest rank of Jana, for the one who perfect his manner that indeed, truthfulness leads to piety to righteousness, and righteousness and piety. These two gentlemen prepatellar seldom used to always maintain family ties, gentleness, and Islam

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means to treat people with kindness and with tenderness.

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And welcome back. As we've said that this hadith tells us what the prophets Allah Salim has been given, and the messengers and prophets of Allah were not given as him the five things I think we've spent enough time talking about this hadith we should move on to number 110.

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Rated R mo vinyasa radi Allahu anhu, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if I may interrupt, do we say, Mr. Nasser, radi Allahu anhu or an Houma?

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Why? Because Amar was a companion, and his father was one of the first martyrs in Islam. Yes, sir. So and who was

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the mother of Omar, Somalia, Somalia, Somalia, and yes, sir. They were all slaves and they were tortured and killed by the mushrikeen. So that's why when we say it'd been at bass, we say the Allahu anhu ma may Allah be pleased with them. That is Abdullah, that the narrator and his father is the uncle of the Prophet both are companions. But when we talk about one companion that is a Muslim and his father is not so we say at all the Allahu anhu such as a beloved misquote we say, not the Allahu anhu Massoud was not a Muslim, and a 70 Malik are the Allahu anhu. He's one *, but when we say Yes, Mr. Ebony Asad of the Allahu anhu man, may Allah be pleased with them. Please go on.

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Rated Amore. Vanessa rhodiola Juan Houma. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent me on an errand. Then I became jealous from seminar emission in my sleep, I did not find water, so I rolled on the soil like an animal does to perform time.

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Then I returned to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and mentioned that to him, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, it would have been sufficient for you to do with your hands this way. He then struck it, struck his hands once on the soil, and then rubbed the left hand on the right hand on the right, and the exterior part of his poems and his face. In eration, of Al Bukhari, he Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam struck the earth with his palms, both hands, and then blew off the dust and rubbed both of his palms over his face, and hence, okay. Now, Mr. Ebenezer was sent on a mission, he went, so may Allah be pleased with him. And while he was away on this mission, he had

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what is called the cold, the nocturnal emission, or wet dreams. It happens with everyone. So he had this *, and he did not have water, enough for him to perform the obligatory or the total bath, he did not have water to perform water. So he didn't know what to do. So he picked his cell phone and call the prophet SAW Selim, they didn't have any cell phones. And he has to pray his prayer time. It cannot wait until he goes back to Medina and it may take a day or two. So the only thing that came up to his mind was, okay, I know that tm moon, dry up illusion, which is striking the earth and wiping the face and hands is good for praying if I don't have water for the minor

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impurity, not the major sexual impurity, how the * Azhar now I haven't, I'm in a dilemma. I don't know what to do. I have this major impurity, which is sexual impurity. And I'm not sure if it's if this stroke is enough. It seems a little bit too small for the whole body. So the only thing that came up to his mind was he tried his best. So he rolled on the floor on the ground, like animals do. And he does it his whole body thinking that but this should suffice and he

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And when he went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him, and he told him that I did this, what do you think? Should I get that first prize? Or what the prophet SAW said, No, that was that wasn't needed. All what you needed was this. And he did, the way that we all know, which is striking the palms on the underground or on the floor, on the soil, on the rocks, on whatever you could put your hands on, on the floor on the ground, and then he wiped his face.

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Of course, there's another version that he

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blew, so that you don't have any dust or particles that may, you know,

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harm you or bother you. And he did this. What wiped his face and his hands that said, you don't have to go to the elbows as if you're forming evolution. Now, there are a few things.

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I think, I believe strongly that we should, you know, consider.

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those who come and say, Tell me, what's the logic behind this? What's the logic behind that? When you tell people that wearing gold for male is forbidden. And it's permissible for females? They would say Why?

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You tell them the Prophet said so, so. So, again, why it's not logical, I'm not going to accept this. There are people that won't accept anything that is not logical to them. And this is unacceptable from them. Why? I'll tell you why. Now, what's logical for me may not be logical for you

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know, it's like extremism.

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So Nazism.

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If someone looks at me,

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he would regard me as a fanatic. So this guy is is extreme. He everything is haram haram haram Haram. Regardless, if I'm saying that Allah says, or the Prophet says they would regard me as extreme.

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But on the other hand, they would say that this person who has these characteristics, he shaves his beard.

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He does this he does that. He listens to music, he watches movies, and he enjoys his life. He may go to the discotheque once a week, they might have a you know, social drinker.

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A couple of drinks here, there may may smoke a joint here, there. But he's he prays, they would say that this is moderate, this guy's a okay. But if this guy goes to the west,

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and he lives among the non Muslims, they would consider themselves to be a little bit tight. He's a little bit extreme. Why? Because his wife doesn't dance with us. His daughters don't date our boys. And he doesn't do he doesn't eat this, or he doesn't do that there are limitations. So extremism is different, depending on how you look which and you're looking at. Likewise, if you talk about logic, if you ask anyone, how do you feel about stealing from others, they would say, Ah, this is bad. We can't accept this, this is wrong. But if you go to professional thief, and ask him, how do you feel about stealing from others, it's Piece of cake. I enjoy doing this. And I think it's a good thing.

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Everybody, everybody should try it.

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But if you ask this thief, about smoking pot, is it? No, no, no, that's bad. It's bad for you makes you do things. It can make the police catch you. So it's bad for the business. And if you go to a junkie and ask him about drugs he's consuming, and he said, Wow, man, it makes me high makes me good. I'm okay with that. But if you ask him about stealing, Ooh, that's bad, bad news. So the logic is different. And Islam tells us that everything in Islam is logical, but your logic may not

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elevate to this level. In every single step, you may understand few things, you may understand lots of things, but there are things that your logic is unable unable to understand them, or comprehend them. So you have to follow without asking for the logic. And that is why we tell people follow the Koran and follow the sooner don't go left, right or center. Just follow the holy or and

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what brings us to this is that

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us how to perform tiamo Let's go to the logic. A Christian comes to me say, what's your religion? I say our religion is just testify that there's no God but Allah, and that Muhammad is His Messenger. say, Okay, tell me more. I said, we pray five times a day. Uh huh. How do you pray? We do this? And that said, What do you do to pray? I say, we perform a solution five times a day. What's the solution? So we are wash my limbs, I turn the water in my mouth, I rinse my nose, I wash my face and my feet said, how many times you do that? said, well, the average is three by five is 15 times a day.

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God, this is nice, man. You clean up your limbs with water. Your religion is a religion of cleanliness. I love your religion.

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So you're happy. The Christian is enthusiastic about your religion. And then he says What happened? If you don't have water?

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Okay, you just hit the soul with your hands and wipe your face with the soil and your hands is what? What are you talking about? A while ago, you're talking about washing and cleanliness. And now you're asking me to dirt my face? Are you Are you crazy? Well, this is Islam. Ah, gee, let me look. Yeah, I never thought of it this way. God, and then you start to have your own doubts. You shouldn't. Who told you to perform evolution in the beginning? Allah, Who told you if you don't have water to perform the TM on the evolution, again, it's Allah said then you have no problem. You should follow and comply with the instructions of Allah, the Almighty. And that is why one should

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always stick to the plan and stick to the sooner and we should not go on and on trying to find logic behind every single thing because this is one of the greatest doors for Satan to enter. You will he will come to you and say, Okay, I'm convinced intoxicants are forbidden. Because they blow your mind off. stealing from others is forbidden because it causes the spread of chaos. And

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killing people is bad because somebody, someone else would come and kill you. But I have this thing towards gambling. I'm a compulsive gambler, and I love Las Vegas and relax and with the slot machines and with the poker, it's fun, man. And I have a lot of money. So why is it Tom, he's enjoying it, I'm enjoying it. I can buy this. I don't want to take this anymore. This is the biggest door for Satan to come and penetrate your faith and a man through because then he casts doubt on to you thinking that religion is not a perfect one. Your religion is the perfect one. You cannot find loopholes in Islam. While you can find so many in other religions. And this is the power and the

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greatness of Islam, that it is a one religion that is 100% full. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. But inshallah next time we meet, we will go through the issues connecting to mom and until then, Manila was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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