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Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The Muslims discuss the confusion with the concept of Islam, including gayity and gayity, which is a political issue. They also discuss the history and cultural aspect of Islam, including the use of words like "fit," "fitless," and "fitless," and the significance of "the" and-the-fucking point" in relation to actions and emotions. They stress the need for guidance on seeking advice and avoiding words, and emphasize the importance of showing women that their beliefs are true and that they are not afraid of men.
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Naramata Rahim

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu wa salam ala remember ocln Metallian Alameen. So you didn't know Mohamed Anwar early he was Sahbihi Ultramarine. About do

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indeed we are in great need. Not for this book.

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But for the concept of this book. Muslims don't need to know nuclear science don't need to know, politics, economy, they need to go to the basics. And our biggest problem is, our knowledge in the basics is zero. Anyone you ask them about the pillars of Eman? The 561, as a person usually talks to you about, they would say, oh, shahada solid, no, no stupid. This is a kind of Islam. Excuse My French. I just came from Indonesia. So

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they speak French there sometimes. Anyhow, so they mix our candle Islam with our candle, a man without a candle. Imagine you're not a Muslim. So if you don't know the basics, you have a problem with your Islam. Yeah, no matter what you do in your life, you will always have depression, you will always have problems, you will always have anxiety attacks, because you don't know Islam. And this brings us as the chairman

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kindly pointed out to my topic. So what is my topic? Wallah? He I was shocked. Yeah, and you have all people you asked me to come in and talk about the alphabet? Yes, I'm a linguist by education. I have a degree in linguistics English. So you want me to talk about the alphabet? I will talk about that for right without any problem. The issue for us as Muslims is very crystal clear. Homosexuality is haram.

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Not a single Muslim difference. Yeah. And he find me one single Muslim says it's halal. I'll take him out of the fold of Islam has he's not a Muslim. Because denying anything known from Islam by default, even if you don't do it is blatant Cofer. I don't drink intoxicants. I don't don't drink wine. I don't drink vodka, tequila, scotch, Black Label, gin, rum. I don't know these things.

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But if I say it's okay, I don't drink. But I think it's okay for others to drink. This is cool, for it takes you out of the fold of Islam. So, what is our problem, our problem now that the people are out of the field of basics. In the beginning, there was Adam and Eve BSB upon them, Adam and how one this is the beginning man and a woman what was natural is marriage. And humans lived for centuries, only in this natural relationship.

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Then corruption came a morality came which is known as alpha Heisha. And they started fornicating out of the constitution of marriage, man and woman having * having three relationship having illicit sexual intercourses between a man and a woman. They were not satisfied. And this is how shaitan works. Well at the Tebbe rule, how to opt do not follow the steps of shaytan shaytan doesn't come to you. In one go. He comes step by step until you are ready like a an excellent chef. He marinates you before putting you in fire.

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This is his objective. He's one of the best chefs ever. So now after illicit haram relationships, they're not happy. They want to go to something extra. So they came up with homosexuality man with a man woman with a woman

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something not natural with it stop. No, they have beasty ality having haram relations with an animal or hula. Then what what do you expect from such people? Now our problem as Muslims is crystal clear. What does Islam say about homosexuality? It is prohibited. It is haram. It is unnatural. And Islam is not the only religion. Christianity says the same Judaism says the same. The difference is in their holy book. It commands the execution and the stoning and the murder of those who do it. In the Quran. We don't have this

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Allah did not have a prescribed punishment. So this is something related to the Muslim ruler, not to you and me. Muslims cannot go around in on the streets and campuses and malls looking for any homosexual to kill or they will. This is not Islam. This is the role of the Muslim ruler, whether he prescribes that is to be executed or to throw be thrown in jail or be taken to rehab facility and this is the Muslim ruler, he has his laws to be implemented. For us as Muslims, we simply know that this is haram and of the story. What is our biggest problem today identity as Muslims, because we don't know, what is this?

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I don't know. What's this? What is the book? And

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we don't know the foundation of Islam. We don't know what Islam is. We lost our identity. And now hamdulillah here in Malaysia, you will find relatively you will find in countries like Europe, North America, USA and Canada. They are totally distorted. They don't know what they are.

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What are you said well, I am a lizard

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mashallah diabolical. Another one says, While I am a dinosaur, you treat me as a dinosaur, please talk to me as I want to be addressed. So you say he said no, no, don't say he. I'm not a he? Are you a she? No.

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Okay, are you an eight?

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What do I refer you to? So let's say they, you one How are you? They said this is how I would like to be addressed. This is stupid.

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You like to be addressed? It's your problem. I'm not going to address you. Except by as I identify you. I and identify you as a male, you are a male. I identify you as a female, you're a female. But I will not identify you as you wish.

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If I say to you, I'm a black do consider me to be one. This is stupid. So what is our problem today? Our problem now with the liberal Islam with the American Islam. This is a new version of Islam. Point. 001 is very bad. It's not good, you know? But it is there in Islam. That Hamdulillah we have every say everything clear Quran and Sunnah. In America, they have a new Liberal Islam. So now you have a gay Masjid in America. I know this 15 years ago, I was debating with some people that time and they identify share so and so as the gay Imam mashallah, what are you preaching Imam? Definitely not Quran sunnah? Because you cannot even know the Quran. With all what Allah has mentioned about

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this. So nowadays, they are trying to shove down our throats. They're American Islam. And the biggest resistance of homosexuality is Islam. Because the vast majority of Muslims, they go by the book called Allah, Allah Nebuchadnezzar said, if we can find the loophole, we will take it but there is no loophole. It is trade, you cannot do homosexuality. This is why if when they asked me to come and teach you the alphabet, there aren't any left N g plus 1x y Zed, no alphabets, what they took all the alphabets for them. So what's left for us? Fuel tells here and there. So we have to identify that the best defense of such immorality is Islam, how to do this. First of all, they want to create

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an issue. So they come to Islam is a very harsh religion. If you're gay, you're not a Muslim. This is a false, blatant lie. Homosexuality is NOT Cofer is not Schick. It's like any other sin. Homosexuality is like stealing money. It is like drinking toxicants it is like committing adultery or fornication. It's a sin. So don't try to convince people that homosexual you're a Kaffir No, you're not. You're a Muslim. Because when they put this on a scale, if you commit homosexuality, you're a Kaffir. You will create enemies against Islam. Islam doesn't say anything about you getting out of the fold of Islam for such a sin. But when you make haram halal,

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Yes, now you're going against the Quran and guess Allah's command. Whether you do it or not. You come and say, it is permissible to drink alcohol, it is permissible to fornicate, it is permissible to deal in riba to borrow in Riba. And given Reba, this is Helen, the moment you say this you exit the fold of Islam because this is something known from religion by default.

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But someone says it is halal to listen to music.

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Do we take him out of the fold of Islam? It's an issue of distribute, no, you're wrong. You're sinful. I'll prove it to you from the Quran from the Sunnah. But this is not the time. But it's a sin. If he disagrees and says, no, no, no, I think it's okay. It's valid. In this case, we say that you're sinful, but he's not a Kaffir. Because it's an issue of dispute, homosexuality, there is no dispute among any Muslim. And as I said, the biggest problem is when you come and object to the rulings of Islam, and you say, No, this is freedom of choice. I am inclined to be this or that. And it's a natural feeling. All of this is nonsense. I don't care how you feel, or how you are naturally

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inclined. I care about what is your conviction and belief? Is homosexuality, haram? Yes or no? Yes. Karla Surah Muslim. Now, you can be one of to someone who has the inclination.

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Someone who feels that I want to, but I'm not doing anything. I'm resisting. So every time I get the feeling of touching,

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I refer to as the chef is holding his hand.

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Give me a break.

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So I

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have this inclination, but I resist I'm in jihad, I am rewarded Allah azza wa jal will give me great rewards because I am suppressing this evil feeling of Trayvon. And likewise in everything, *, the attempt to lie, to cheat to do haram things and you suppress it, you're in jihad. This is the beauty of our religion. Okay. What about if I fell in this sin, and I have done it, you have committed a major sin. So what do you do? Repent, ask Allah for forgiveness, return to Allah azza wa jal, and Allah will accept you not only that he will transform your sins into good deeds. Allahu Akbar, all my bad sins, your bad your major, your minor Allah who will transform them as in

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Surah Al Furqan. At the very end the last page 11 Turbo Ermanno Amina Amberlynn Saudi hunt for older Erica, you but did Allah who say to him hasn't had those who ask Allah for forgiveness and they repent and they do good deeds, switch? I have a million bad deeds mashallah credit 1 million good deeds. This is one interpretation and second interpretation, no, your bad deeds such as sherek, Allah will transform into the hate killing Allah will transform to safety, fornication, Allah will transform into chastity. These are two different opinions and both are valid and beautiful with the grace of Allah. So regardless of your inclination, it's either you're in or you're doing a major sin

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and you repent and Allah forgives you. Our problem is with the advocates with the flag bearers who are holding no come we have rainbow colors and they were mashallah hand wrist bands and necklaces and T shirts. You find their backpack with what are you doing? We have pride month

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and you have Masha Allah and Malaysia wala in Saudi Arabia, we were saying Malaysian people are men of Sousa women. Yeah. And in that 10 year,

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we're not talking about females where we're talking about two weeks ago, there was this homosexual singer who kissed a singer on stage in Kuala Lumpur. And government immediately banned the festival and sent them home. In Saudi Arabia, we were saying Burgos.

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This is the way this is how you protect your people. And this is how you should stand firm on your beliefs, not allowing such disbelievers and cafes and homosexuals to come and change your culture and change your relationship. Okay, let's be frank. If he's happy, and I'm happy, what are you? Why are you angry? If two homosexuals are fine with it, isn't it enough to have the consent

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And the agreement. What do I say to him?

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Of course not. agreement does not make haram halal. Do you know Riba? Share Hassan give me 100,000 Bring it, I'll return it to you 110 Next month, good investment 10,000 In one month, he's happy. I'm happy. Allah is not. Allah is considering this as war against him. Riba though we are mutually have a consent, also in Zina, when a person has a haram relationship with a girl, and I get so many questions about this issue, because it's a dangerous issue, especially among the youth share. I know it's haram but I was in a relationship for six years with a girl.

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You know why you're coming to me? We broke up chef and now I'm heartbroken what to do how to get her back. Go to * and you'll meet her inshallah.

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While you're coming to me,

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seriously, do you think I'm Dr. Phil.

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You are in Haram relationship and you admitted, you still want to go back to it while you're crazy.

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So this is prevail. And this is very widely spread among the youth. And even if you don't have a girlfriend, or girls don't have a boyfriend, their environment would say you're not normal. Why not have a boyfriend girlfriend, you shouldn't have this. They encourage you to do fascia, immorality, they encourage you to sin. This is why here is the best environment not have had him.

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Meaning a place where you come and sit with those who share with you the same conviction, the same beliefs, the same reference of Quran and Sunnah you don't speak in gibberish and they speak in Zimbabwe. No, no, we speak the same language called Allah. Allah wa Alayhi Salatu was Salam or an husana with the right Arcada palace. This is the right environment to be in. And in relationships Allah says the unmarried woman or unmarried man found guilty of sexual * lash each one of them with 100 lashes flog them, their Zina was consensual. They were boyfriend girlfriend, yet their punishment in Islam, though this is natural. The inclination of a man to a woman is natural and the

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inclination of a woman to a man is totally natural. Though you may not notice it. Every time someone calls me for fatwa on the phone, and I say Polycom salaam my wife says a woman

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How do you know? If it's a man is gay while you consider

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if it's a woman, you soften your voice it's widely considered.

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I don't notice this. But she

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hamdulillah after 40 years of marriage, this is like life life without parole, you know, as a prison sentence mashallah, but may Allah Xalapa reward her? It's natural. It's human nature. This is why we fight our nature because Chapin is always pushing the bar raising the bar a little bit. What's your limit? Chef? My limit is here. Okay, what about try hit a stop for Allah this is too much Okay, I'll wait for you share. I'll marinate you for one or two months you will be ready and this is why you have to identify in my on the right straight path or not. How do I know? I don't change. If you watch yourself and you're finding that Oh, last month I wasn't like this. And the month before I

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wasn't like this. I am deteriorating. You have a big problem run. To will hire them to the share to someone who will counsel you who will monitor you who will be your mentor to help you not from plunging into the mud. But when you don't have anyone when you're alone. When you are Mr. Perfect. Who do you have friends I do not need friends. Why? Oh this one is what have you this one is Salafi. This one is whiny this one is Sophie, this is when this she read this one is nobody is good. Except me. So you will never listen. You never learn. This is when Shavon hits you the hardest. The prophets of Dallas was an enigma. Yeah, according to the Wall Minella Nam al hacia. The wolf only

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attacks a stray sheep. When the sheep is in the herd, the wolf waits. Okay, I'm waiting until one sheep comes and says I don't need the congregation. I'm going for a smoke. The shape goes the moment it lights a cigarette Palace rest in peace. There will have had dinner mashallah and barbecue so you

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Watch out because this is what shaytaan does. So if Allah ordered us to flog those who have natural inclination, but out of wedlock, what do you think those who have unnatural inclination to the same gender, same * is even unnatural? It's not even in your own nature. This is what Shavon managed to change and transform what a doula

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our nature, by the way has changed drastically. Imagine. If I give water to a seven year old child? Will he drink it? Yes, if I give him juice? Will he drink it? If I give him cola? Will he drink it?

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Nice, good color. So they find the Taste and enjoy it. If I give the seven year old a cigarette, and he takes us a puff, what will happen? Either faint vomit, or engage in a fit of coughing for half an hour. Why? Because it's not natural.

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One week later, another try. Five days later another try. Now he's a smoker. The best smoke is after lunch, or law

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or with a glass of tea or coffee in the morning.

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And they enjoy smoking in the bathroom. Yes, yes. You've been half an hour. Yeah. Just this last cigarette. They enjoy what is not natural.

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And this is how our nature our fitrah has transformed. We don't notice this. We don't have someone to grab our hands and say watch out shaytan has reached a very high level with you. He managed to do this and this and this and you don't know. You don't have sincere people to come and advise you. Because if I come to advise you or share if you don't know you're a dinosaur, you come Yeah, I am. I am a dinosaur. I was born in the previous century. What

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he said I said was born in the previous century. So we are dinosaurs but we know Quran and Sunnah. So the Quran that Allah revealed for all generations in all locations is still the same Quran. It is the foundation of our deen This is why you need to seek advice you need to seek a sincere guiding and touring about your religion. Why is homosexuality haram now this question happens with every single thing in the deen Why is Maghreb three Raka?

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And answers? Why isn't it even numbers Fajr to La harasser Aisha four might as well make Madeline either four or two. Why three? Because Allah says so. Very easy. Okay. Logical, then why this? Why that because Allah ordered why homosexuality is haram number one, because it's not natural.

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Know where you will find that inclination in a normal person to the same gender. You only eat I know people I was talking to in a counseling session the other day, and a few hours ago with a brother. And I was saying to him in Malay in Indonesia. Every day they bring me a Soos to make massage for me. And he said O'Shea I cannot allow a man to touch me. I feel very weird. But Subhan Allah, if I bring you a female muscles, it's okay. It's okay.

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Look, this is It's haram. It is haram in Islam but people when they don't have Quran and Sunnah to guide them, they go astray. So first of all, it is not natural. Allah says in the Quran, Allah Ya Allah, man halacha Wahoo Allah people have yet doesn't Allah azza wa jal know who he created. So when Allah tells you something, he knows exactly what's good for you. When a mechanic tells you that this car of yours I made it, it needs this amount of fuel this amount of oil and you have to drive it in this way. I know because I'm the mechanic. Well, Allah azza wa jal knows what's best for us. That's why he tells us this is prohibited and bad for you. Also, homosexuality is the cause of

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mental and physical illnesses. As for mental illnesses, homosexuality is for someone who is mentally sick. You have to admit this, no one has the inclination to the same gender except someone who has a screw unscrewed it needs to be tightened in his head, because this is not natural. This is I don't know how you translate this in Bahasa was that I think it's you

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Universal it is that

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yes, those people enjoy it I want to be left. So this is psychological and mental illness. As for the physical illness, ask any doctor Kaffir doctors, they will tell you herpes, ah gala de Mia Cephalus, the whole nine yards, cancer of the * all of this is caused by homosexuality and if it's not today wait for a couple of weeks it will happen whenever you have to believe this is filth. So, this is one of the reasons and also it makes people whose who are engaged in homosexuality, aggressive and their behavior and attitude is not normal. And this is found in the West a lot and the therapist know this. For sure. Now for us Muslims. Quran is enough. Allah says in the Quran and

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they who guard their private parts except from their wives are those the right hands possesses for indeed they will not be blamed. So these are the two halal, your wives and right hand possession right hand position today. We don't have but inshallah we will have. And okay, what happens if this happens? You will not be blamed but whoever seeks beyond that. Then those are the transgressors. You do Zina haram you do * haram you do homosexuality, BSD ality any form of fulfilling your sexual desire other than what Allah has permitted you to do. You are transgressing, and also, Allah says in the Quran, do you approach males among the worlds and leave what your Lord has created for

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you as mate, but you are a people transgressing, this is not normal. And look at the punishment that Allah has placed upon the people of loot. Punishment, unlike any other Allah says, So when our command came, we made the highest part of the city its slowest. It was taken by the wing of Archangel Gibreel to the heavens, and then flipped, and then let go. So they fell on their heads. Allah says Azerbaijan and rained upon them stones have layered hard clay, not only this, this is enough, they will die. But as they are falling, stones of clay CGL man boot, it was thrown at them. And not only that, this are these stones are marked by the name this is for John, this is for

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Matthew, this is for Luke, it's what happens in the Bible. I don't know I have nothing to do with this. But this is examples for know the names. Everyone's name was on that stone of clay and penetrating them and killing them and Allah says and it that is the punishment of Allah is not from the wrongdoers very far, what awarding wrongdoers is not far from us. If you follow suit, you will have the punishment coming to you when this is with Allah but it will come so this is something we have to be careful but I don't think we need to we Muslims we natural we know that this is wrong, but the share insisted that I speak about this topic. So I spoke about it now. What about new things

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Yasha we did not have in the past such as transgenders, transvestites. We have drag queens. What to do with those in the past, they did not have it. A man born as a man will remain a man. Even if they go to have surgery, and they have hormones and they make cosmetic surgery to enhance their *. They're different parts and with the hormone therapy, different parts of the body is relocated with in terms of meat. He's still a man. Jeff has the voice is different. He speaks like this now. He's still a man. He looks like a woman. This is our deficient. He cannot conceive. He cannot have the menstruation he could not at all be connected to females. Likewise, a female doing the same

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procedure for men, though it's a little bit tricky with an MSc that cannot elaborate. But yeah, you know, so what to do.

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And this is a question I get share. I met a woman, a sister says, and she's a Christian, and I spoke to over to her about Islam and hamdulillah

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She accepted Islam. Al Hamdulillah Should I bring her here? Okay. But after she accepted Islam, she told me that 10 years ago, she was a man.

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And then she's done, you know, the surgery and hormone treatment, and she changed from Danny to Danya or something like that. So now I am shocked. What should I how do I treat it?

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Is it a he or a she was answered?

00:30:32 --> 00:30:36

It's a he, but share, they lost the equipment and all the tools and

00:30:37 --> 00:30:52

is still a he, regardless of this, and this is why the prophet is was on when there was a man who was not a man castrated. So he doesn't have the tools. So we call him Mohan Neff.

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What's What's the English word for it? Not? Not not.

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Okay, because, you know, I don't say these difficult words. My English is. So this man or semi man used to sit with the boys. But they know that he's not a real man. So they take it easy for him to go to the women's section. So he used to go and mix with women. And they're not they're safe. They're not afraid of him. Most women, by the way, love Amen. They take gay men as best friends, a brother, bearded brother, Yanni, from Al masjid, he says My wife has a gay friendship. So the hold of Allah. And I tell her she says, you know, he's not a man. How do you know?

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He says he's gay, you believe he's entering and seeing and touching things that he's not supposed to. This man used to do the same. So once he was sitting with the companions, and he said, Tomorrow, when you conquer thrive, woman by the name of so and so. She is good. She comes with four and leaves with eight, a description of how big a woman is. And that was at the time, the sign of beauty nowadays, the thinner you are the beauty You are so they put you on the scale? How much well a 50 kg good if you're 60

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not good. So when the profit heard this Alyssa Sam, you said this man must not enter upon women. Why? Because he knows beauty. He knows how to describe so he's not safe. And the same thing with that sister who became a Muslim,

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lost her tools, but sorry, what to do, we have to give her anti treatment. So we have to give it anti treatment to get back into manhood. Although this is not possible to completely go to manhood, but at least it can become a man again by hormones and by changing the voice by acting like a man with psychiatric treatment. So I pray to Allah azza wa jal that he protects all of us, Allah, I pray to Him that He protects our children. And I pray to Allah that He protects Malaysia and the rest of the Muslim countries from such an A psychiatric illness in such filth. We have to stand firm, by showing the world that it's your choice. But you don't have the right to force your choice upon me,

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as I don't have the right to force my religion upon you by saying, accept Islam or chop your head off. Can I do this? So why do you force your beliefs and your filth upon me upon the Muslims? They're attacking the children at six and seven years of age in school? There? This is why I tell the Muslims they're coming to Malaysia migrator the walleye why I tell them to come to migrate to Malaysia because here it's a Muslim country, and you have the infrastructure and you have everything fine to you. But don't live with these disbelievers because a five or six years old child goes to the dentist, the dentist asks him how do you feel and the Father is standing next to the boy in the

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father wants to kill the dentist and the dentist is on my Hind is 911 I'm quick in drawing. And the father in the in the doctor asks How do you feel you feel like a boy or you're inclined to be a girl. This is what they're doing. So even if you're not thinking of it, they say well I got out of the closet. This is the terminology issue got out of the closet, said meaning I was a man but now it hamdulillah I'm liberated. I am a woman.

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You should be this through longer, what kind of omen is this? So you have to stand strong and show the world that this is our identity. This is our belief. This is our Quran that we can never let go and this is our sunnah of the Prophet ISIS.

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Sam and this is how Allah created me I'm proud to be a man and if you're a woman be proud that Allah created you a woman and be pure and be safe be in Allahu Allahu Alem when it's better for me to hear Salam wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad

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