Horrific Slander Against Aisha RA – Part 03

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The legal dispute between Ali Khebody and her father has had a negative impact on her and her father's well-being. rumors about Khebody's death have led to jail and jail time, but the woman refuses to admit to any wrongdoing. The speaker emphasizes the importance of honoring the person being criticized and the dangerous consequences of disrespecting others.

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam wa barakaatuh and Amina Mohammed

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in salamati Kumar, the law what occurred

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last week, we ended the story at a very crucial part is a very painful scene where our mother and I shall have the alarm turned on her. May Allah give us an opportunity to have our respect and our Salaam to her in paradise. I mean, she was torn apart when she came to hear from her own mother, that it was true. There was an allegation that was made against her and soft one when they are the biller and that was spreading had spread for many days. Around Medina, people were gossiping about that. And her immediate reaction was to ask her mother does my father know about this? and thereafter does the processor know about this? And to both of those questions, the answer was,

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unfortunately, they do not. And it was there that we left it. Okay. And she said that when I heard that, I cried the whole night. And my tears were unrelenting. And I woke up in the morning without having the morning came and I hadn't had one wink of sleep. And the tears were still running down my face. Yeah, well the alarm around her that's how much she devastated to now so proud Allah. Unfortunately, things actually had to get worse before they got better. So I she continues and this is the heading from Sahih Bukhari. She says further our su de la he said, Allahu alayhi wa sallam Ali and Ali Salim is at about the allotment and an Huma heinous del Bethel washy. Yes that Mira

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Houma Fifi raffia Hurry, she says, and so the process surgeon, he called upon Ali and Osama, to hold a council and to consult them on whether or not he should whether or not he should leave his family.

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Yes, so I chose she came to realize that the process is called upon to have his companions, both of them my youngest daughter, Elise young, and Osama's young is old. And the reason why is asked them to come is in order to see whether or not he should, whether or not he should leave his family. In the hazard. He said that I she never said whether or not he should leave his wife. He she used the word, his family, because it was too difficult for her to say, his wife. So she said instead his family.

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Now here, it makes you wonder,

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why is it that the processor is going to the extent of asking people and actually considering whether or not he should leave his wife Alisha, Doesn't he know that she's innocent? Why does he have to seek anyone's advice about this? Now, what is Ali are the louder unsane he actually said to the process of Yasuda law, if you want to, there is nothing preventing you from divorcing her.

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There is nothing preventing you from divorcing you, if you so wish Allah may replace her

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as very difficult, isn't it to hear something like that? How do we understand that? While Is that fair,

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to Asia? Why did Ali make that suggestion for he is very interesting. How, how did he explain this? Listen to this, he said

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earlier the Lord and he saw the bigger picture. Okay, he saw that the person has essentially two options here. One option is that he remains with his wife. And he suffers the grief of the gossiping and the rumor, which is impacting on his ability to communicate the message of Islam.

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You see, when this allegation was made, whose integrity was targeted, not just Irish, it was it. It was his husband's as though the first of seven people are talking about you, your family, they obviously started to think badly of you. That's not really a problem on a personal level, but it becomes an issue when it's on the level of your prophecy. When you speak, and you tell people about Allah, do they listen to you like they used to listen to you?

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You see, so Ali said this is one option remain and enjoy that negative impact is having on his mission. The other option is what

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To leave her, and deal with the personal hurt, of having to be away from his wife, but at least carry on with the mission.

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And between the two, which one is the better option?

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which one to stay or to leave?

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You think to stay?

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No Go to Ali was to leave. So you have to appreciate brothers sisters, the person who is not just a husband, he's not just a husband. He is number one, first and foremost, the Messenger of Allah

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being given this burden of communicating a laws of religion to the whole of mankind.

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And everything else comes second to that. Everything else comes second to that, you know, people that have an unusual amount of responsibility. They tend not to have normal lives tend to have unusual lives. I mean, I want you to think about a president of a country. Okay? The type of day in the life of a prison is not like the day in the life of somebody else's.

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And who is affected by that day? The family? Yes, the family, the family have to be penciled in for an appointment with the father or their husbands. Because, you know, he's got people from all around the world, seeking his advice, his help, he's got a decision to make for the whole country, etc, etc. Now, who has a more important role? A messenger of Allah or the prison of a country?

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Of course, right, of course. So, in this dilemma, it's about first and foremost how it is affecting my mission as a messenger.

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Secondly, it's about how is it going to affect me and my heart regarding my beloved wife, Axel Palawan. And who saw that Ali rodina solids, and this is why the person he itself called the council because of this bigger picture. Now, of course, this was devastating for Alicia after, so Allie suggested this, and Osama suggested No, just stay with her. There's nothing bad about her whatsoever people what the people are saying is absolutely false. The person said was undecided. So a new character enters the story. A lady whose name is very wrong. She was one of the servants of Arusha, radi Allahu taala and her. And so what happened is the first set of either he went up to her

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directly or he sent someone to ask her the following anybody that Hendra at Ali, I mean, she in the book, she was asked obrera Do you see anything in Asia? That makes you somewhat suspicious?

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Look at what she said. So Paula, she said, I don't know anything. I don't know anything whatsoever. Negative about it, except for one thing.

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She's young and slightly immature.

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To the point that when she makes bread, and she begins to knead the dough, she falls asleep. And then the sheep comes along and takes it away.

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So what I've seen that's kind of strange about her not really right.

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Ever had he said that, that he or she was very wise lady. She wasn't talking literally. She was striking an example, to illustrate how to the extent of how innocent

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another Asian is, she said, she is purer than gold.

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She is pure than gold. Now, when the person heard that, what did he do? He said, You know what, this is enough. Enough is enough.

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And so he went to the masjid.

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He called the people for congregation and he delivered a hot bath. And in the hopper, he said, Yeah, Marcelo muslimeen. May Yeah, I mean, Roger de, Bella, honey, other houfy Ernie Beatty. He said, All Muslims are gathering the Muslims. Who is going to take care of this man.

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from him, I have received so much hurtful behavior regarding the integrity of my family. Which man is he talking about?

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Yes, even obey. It isn't mentioning by name, but everyone knows. Who's the guy behind the scenes. Right? What does it mean? Who will take care of him? It hasn't said it can mean? Who is great. Yeah. Some said

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is going to kill him. Yeah. And some said it means who is going to

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expose him for what he's done? Okay, expose him and put an end to it.

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So one man stands up. Okay. It says y'all Rasulullah I will deal with him. If he's from the answer, then you know what? Finish on from the answer. I'll deal with him. repeats on the Mahajan.

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We'll find a way to deal with him as well. Now what happened is in that moment, the buddies have given away. They got riled up. They said, no one's taken anyone out.

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And it turned into a believers versus hypocrites thing into a house versus hazardous thing.

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Oh, this is hazards. Yes. And people started to recall the old tribal fanatical ways. And a huge argument broke out in the machine and the person was standing on the member. And so suparna law actually says that what the person had to do for them, yes, and Rasulullah sallallahu earlier said, You have filled the home had the second to a second that the person said, and he kept on telling them Be quiet, be quiet, until eventually, they quiet down. And the person said him himself was lost for words, what's happened, I was trying to put an end to things. And it's just escalated on another level. It might have just been another generation, the person who actually got down from the member

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had to go into the crowd and physically stop them from fighting.

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And when eventually they Calm down, the person doesn't know what to say anymore. Yes, he didn't know what to say anymore.

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And that just made me feel so much worse.

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All of this is happening on account of me. She says what got Becky to lay latane while Yeoman. He says after that I cried for two nights. I'd already cry for a whole night when I found out what was going on. When I heard about what happened in the motion. I cried another night, and a day. And she says my tears were unrelenting. I didn't get a wink of sleep, and I woke up in the morning. And it was as if I had been crying from that moment. She says my mother and father. They saw me in this state and yovel nanny under buka ferlito kbd. They thought that my liver would burst because of the grief that I was stricken with soprano. g Imagine seeing your daughter in that state? What a

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dilemma. And this, you know, one thing I want to highlight is what does that mean? my liver was about to burst. It's

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it's what they call an idiom. It's a it's a saying of our culture, which expresses the level of grief someone is experiencing.

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Now here are the companions of the process of them. They were not overdramatic people, you know, who were people they used to exaggerate. The Arabic language is very emotive but aren't shut out the louder Anna she is sharing with us some very deep and personal parts of her life with us as she imagines he's telling the whole world basically, all the world that this is how I felt, why did she share such personal, deep private matters, in order that perhaps one of us will never have to go through the same thing again.

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When you hear about what I went through, perhaps you will be careful in your life. And you don't have to go through what I had to go through what are the long term?

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So what happens next is that the process seldom he comes to a visitor. And usually he would come and give some time and ask how she doing and he would leave but this time she says he stayed and he came close to me. And he sat down. Yes. And she says I was still in tears. Pilate fetta Shahada Rasulullah sallallahu ariosa Machina Joseph oma Paul, so he sat down and he began with what a shadow Allah either in the law in other Asian in the hamdulillah like yourself thought about and then he said I'm bad as what follows is imagine and someone's thoughts of like that. Something serious is about to be dropped, isn't it? Go and starting off like a Stein or whatever. It is the person who's

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gonna say something extremely serious. And Alisha, she must have felt so anxious. Which you saying the kalama what's gonna come next? Yeah, so she says back. He said as what follows Yeah. Alisha,

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for in the Hoopa Bella Vanya Anki Kava Kava. He said, Oh, Alisha, it has reached me news about you regarding this and that for in contemporary attend festival you bet Rio Killa and he said, if you are innocent, that don't worry, Allah will pronounce your innocence for you.

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What in couldn t an empty be then be infested fury law what to what to be LA. And then he said but if you have an empty and this word if the hatchet says it means if you've done something out of character in terms of sin, then seek a loss forgiveness and turn back to him make Toba

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Imagine that Anisha is being told by the processor them. Look, if you've done nothing wrong, don't worry, Allah is going to come. And Allah is going to

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pronounce your innocence for you. But if you have done something which is not right, then ask Allah to forgive you. How outrageous must have sounded harsh,

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isn't it? And you know what she said? She said, call us dead. Mary had his Sumin who Patra. She said at that moment my tears stop immediately. My face dried up. And it was as if I had never cried before.

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And if I hadn't said her grief, turned to anger. She became angry at the processor. Like how, how can you say such a thing to me?

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And she said somehow listen to this, he said for call to what Anna geria had these will sin Sydney laclau Cassie Romina Khurana she says, You know what? She's basically going to say something but she's trying to explain why she said what she said. She said I was a young girl. Not many years old, and I hadn't read much more on okay, because she's gonna make a little mistake. She's telling you why she makes a mistake. But she said in the Wallahi lapada Island to lapad semi semi atom hadn't hadn't had the estacado Rafi and physical Masada to be who's in the room right now. The processor from her father aboubaker. And her mother.

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She says,

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I swear by God.

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I know that all of you have heard of this rumor. And it has become buried inside of you.

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Up until the point that you have started to believe it. Imagine who she's saying this to?

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Is and she says she doesn't finish there. He says for the interkultur come in Newberry atoma law will long Yeah. Anybody allowed to set the pony be Derek. She says I know. If I said to you, I'm innocent. And Allah knows, by the way, I'm innocent. That You would not believe me.

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What are any What What 18? Yeah, tough to Lacombe. ambreen. Will La Jolla. Neiman who Barry attune LA to San Diego County? And she said but if I tell you that I am guilty. And Allah knows that I'm innocent. You would go ahead and you would believe it. So Pamela, yes. So she says, what I did then? Well, she says well, law he murgee doula committed method and Illa Cola, the use of this is a mistake she makes. She says she's talking to her parents and divorce him. She says, You know, I don't find an example like this. Except the example of the father of user who's the father of use of

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everyone knows Yeah, populism. But she's only 15 years old.

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I read much of the Quran he says, maybe

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I didn't remember his name. Okay. I didn't remember his name. You're talking about the father of use of when he said, For sovereign, Jimmy will la homestand.

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A beautiful patients I'm going to have about the things that you are talking about. She compared herself to use of father Yaqoob when his sons came, and they said, Father, your son use of has been devoured by a wolf. What did his father say? He said, for Southern gymea. All I can do is have beautiful patience right now about the kind of things you are seeing, while lahoma Stan whilst I'm going to seek a law's help and support. And then she says, I turned around,

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I face the world. And I laid back down on my bed.

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And I started to cry all over again. safarnama isn't amazing. And he's found out that someone so close to Allah was put through so much suffering. Isn't that amazing? It shows you that you know what's upon law, that in life if you have a difficult, it doesn't mean that Allah doesn't love you.

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It just means that Allah is testing you.

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So she says,

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what happened is after I said that, I lay down for one lie. This is now where the story turns. He says, I swear by Allah mallamma Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala Harada hadn't been a little bit hotter on Zilla LA. She says the process of them neither he left nor anyone else left from the house. When revelation started to come down to the processor. And she described it said what would happen to the processor them. When revelations begin he would enter into this kind of zone. We would have this faraway look in his eyes and

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He would begin to sweat and it would pull down his face like beads like pearls. She said, Come down his face. And he would start to feel heavy and his body would physically become heavier because of the weight of the revelation. And then she said, however, he raised his face of Revelation and seas, and he had a big smile on his face.

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And he says, Yeah, Asia. Allahu Akbar, WA okie, he said, Oh, Arusha. So Allah, He has declared your innocence. Allahu Akbar. Allah has spoken on the on behalf of Asia. He has cleared your name or Asia. Her mother. She says she runs up to her. I says ue standoff. Go to him. Go on. He's telling you that everything is okay. Now, what does she say? She is a lie. I swear but I'm not going to stand for anyone. And I'm not going to thank anyone except Allah. Allah. I don't want to thank anyone except Allah. Allah is the one who reviewed the verse and saw to note in alladhina Jia who bill is curious, but to Maine comme la Sabu Sha la, la casa Paula. But Allah said, and again from

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amongst you, has brought forth this posture is like, Don't think of it as something evil rather, it is something good for you a lot. 10 verses came down to pronounce the innocence of Chateau de Allahu Allah Subhana line. I don't know of anyone who Allah has reviewed more Koran for from the companions of the processor than then I shared the lantana I don't know of another companion who has 10 verses in the Quran revealed for the sake It's amazing. Now obviously, there's much to say here is one pi in fact missed out, okay, which is particularly hurtful for Asia. What happened is that you know what the person said to him, he said to her, look, if you've done nothing wrong, don't worry, Allah

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will exonerate you, Allah will pronounce you in essence, but if you have then seek Allah's forgiveness make Toba. You know what she did? She turned to a father, and she looked at him.

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You need to speak on my behalf. Now.

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If there is ever a time I need you to support me, this is it was Abu Bakar say?

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He says,

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I don't know what to say. I'm sorry. I don't know what to say. And then she looked at her mother, come on, Mother, you of all people, my mother. My mother said, Well, I

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don't I don't know what to say. I'm sorry. They put their heads down. At that moment of handla. No one on the face of this earth, it seemed was on the side of Ayesha, she was all alone. But how do you explain that moment? How is it that Obama didn't stand up and say, Look, she's innocent? Why are you why even suggesting that she could have done such a thing? And how did he explain it amazing. He says in that moment abubaker Okay, and his wife were torn between helping their daughter and being loyal to the processor.

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And in that moment, who did they decide to side with? The processor license. Unbelievable. Look at the faith of these people. So follow your own daughter.

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But if it means between you and the processor them, I choose the processor loss. You can't blame them for what they did. Now from this amazing story. There's some super lessons which I want to share with you and with Edward and Sharma. The first lesson my brothers and sisters, is we live in a time of social media, okay. And people's lives they revolve around their social media presence more than ever before and what people think of them matters more today than ever done before. true or not. As in our recently I heard about this story. You probably heard of it as well. That there was this woman she killed her boyfriend's once Facebook Live was going on? Because she tried to do a

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stunt that went horribly wrong. Did you hear about this? So in America, who places

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she both agreed that what they're going to do, they're going to have a stunt they're gonna be outside of their home. They're gonna call all the neighborhood to watch her she's pulls the trigger on a gun at point blank range, firing into a phone directory

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and hoping it doesn't go through and reach her boyfriend. So he holds the phone book right on his chest. She has the gun there. Facebook Live is going on. Everyone is there waiting to see what happens. She pulls the trigger it goes straight through and it kills a bird and now she's going to jail.

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When asked what made you do such a thing? You know, she said, me and my boyfriend just wanted to increase our presence on social media. Unbelievable. On the level

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you love, but it's so sad at the same time, isn't it?

00:25:19--> 00:25:35

She didn't, she can enjoy in jail. No, isn't it along the sun, who is the point of me telling you this? Brothers and sisters, and I shall not be allowed and and hurt in this moment in her life. It must have felt like, you know what, no one loves me anymore.

00:25:36--> 00:25:53

No one knows me. Everyone's turned against me. Even my mother and father are not siding with me. But in that moment, she was being taught a lesson. And that was, it doesn't matter what people think of you. It matters what Allah thinks of you, isn't it?

00:25:54--> 00:26:00

Sometimes it can happen that people, they think you're a bad person, or you've done something terrible.

00:26:01--> 00:26:05

But what you should be thinking about is what does Allah think of me?

00:26:06--> 00:26:21

And that thought, and that conviction can help a person go through some very dark times in a life, isn't it? and shut up the lungs and Anna, she says after my mom and dad said that to me. I just said to them, you know, and I'm just like, yeah, mobile is and I'm gonna say, Well,

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I'm just gonna rely solely on Allah. This is one, listen.

00:26:27--> 00:26:45

Don't care about what people think. What you should care more about is what Allah thinks of you. Yeah. And sometimes that means being a person who maybe people don't like, but if you know, if you're doing something that Allah likes, then keep on doing it. first lesson. The second lesson

00:26:46--> 00:27:40

is Han Allah. One of the real gems from the story is the way Allah He nurtures to work in the hearts of the believers, the way he does that. One of the ways Allah does that, is by making us suffer in life. And by preventing even the closest people coming to your aid and support, isn't it? And Chateau de la, she, at one point in her life, everyone was carrying her around on a hold edge is now a story begins. She has this fancy cart that people Carry on, carry around the place on a camera and she gets taken out and then it's go to the stage where even our mother and father are not supporting it. Yes. What does that teacher It teaches her that you know what in life, sometimes Allah hurts

00:27:40--> 00:28:29

you, with the people closest to you. So you learn to rely on him and him alone. He can do what he can sustain you alone do we worship? And it is you alone who we seek help from? When you have friends in life, people who love you support you have your back, okay? Your reliance on Allah begins to diminish, isn't it in a problem? Don't worry, I've got contacts, and so on. So you come and help me No problem. But if Allah removes everyone from your life, who do you end up turning to? Turning to Allah? Yes, this is another beautiful lesson. And lastly, the last lesson is when it comes to the chastity, of our fellow believing brothers and sisters, it is a very sensitive matter. Very

00:28:29--> 00:29:07

sensitive. And your duty is that you have to honor the dignity by dismissing allegations when they come to you. Let me explain that. There were very few people who actually hit the mark. When this fitna erupted of them was a tube. Be like a boy, you know his story. During the days where all this was going on. He came home from work one day, okay? And Bermejo his wife. She says to him. Oh, boy, you have you heard what people are saying about that issue?

00:29:08--> 00:29:23

happens sometimes. Okay. Your wife says, Do you know what people are saying about Samsung? Knox. He stopped going around arrays. You know, have you ever buy? What do you think about anyway? I'm just talking here. I'm not saying anything. Let's see. What do you what do you think about that?

00:29:24--> 00:29:27

What's your thoughts on that? So, you know, he said,

00:29:28--> 00:29:34

he said, I've heard it. And it is an outright lie. Let me ask you something.

00:29:35--> 00:29:36

Would you do such a thing?

00:29:38--> 00:29:42

Is Oh, why would you do such a thing? Who are you? Would you say? Of course.

00:29:46--> 00:29:48

Aisha she's better than you.

00:29:49--> 00:29:53

Hi. She's better than you. You think she could do such a thing?

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

Would you do that? No, I wouldn't. She's better than you. And Spanner. This is risky.

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This is the gym here. And as regular people, the people make allegations regarding the chastity of another brother and sister is not enough to say I don't believe it. It's not enough.

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You have to say, I don't believe it. I think better of them. And this is a lie.

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And that is the Islamic Code of Practice when it comes to allegations about the chastity of other people. May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to benefit from the lessons of this story. And give us an opportunity to learn more about the lives of the mothers of the believers, meaning your anatomy in other words, the loss of the Madonna, Bina Mohammed, while early he was certainly a domain for discipline, aka medical ethical, middle path radio, your number one online Islamic talk station