Zakir Naik – Reply to Muslims who do not want to Give the Quran to Non Muslims because they are Unclean

Zakir Naik
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We Muslims.

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We unfortunately want to sit on the Quran like a cobra, neither do we read it, neither do we want the others to read it.

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And many of the Muslims,

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they caught the Quran saying that Quran cannot be given to the non Muslim because Allah says in the Quran and the code.

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So the walk here, chapter number 56, verse number 77, to 80, which says,

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that this is the Quran,

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which is kept in a tablet well preserved,

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who none shall touch, except those who are pure.

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It If from the Lord of the words

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and many Muslims say that the Quran says None shall touch the Quran, except those up you're and the non Muslims Tenergy the Napa, the unclean that the reason these non Muslims they cannot touch the Quran.

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If we read the Newsela Quran, Bible these verses will

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become to know

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the mushriks and the kuffaar of Maccha belaid allegation that this Quran knows Billa are the words of the Satan, the words of Satan. Allah reveals this

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that none can touch the Arabic word use this Tabby McLoone that means book well preserved

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that'd be mcloon. This Kitab Maknoon does not refer to this Glorious Quran.

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This book Quran in Arabic is called as the most half

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what the Quran is referring to, if read cross reference.

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Also the bridge chapter 85 was number 2122 which says that Allah has kept the Quran in a tablet well preserved in law Mr. Foos. So this Quran which is being referred is referred to the law Mr. Foos, the tablet well preserved the book well preserved. It's not talking about this Quran

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because if it was this Quran and if the Arabic word you are the Motorhead in that it means that only body cleanliness then any non Muslim and easily go to the marketplace and buy a copy of the Quran 450 rupees for 200 rupees for $4 for $5 and the Quran will be proved wrong.

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The Mujahedeen word used does not refer only to body cleanliness. It refers to a person's peor

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and heart and mind in soul, person whose sin less refer to the angels that none will be able to touch the Quran in the tablet well preserved Rahimafrooz except the angels, trying to give a reply to the allegation of the mushriks of Makkah, that this Quran

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was not the words of the Satan.

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So this was the Quran does not indicate

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that a person should be pure in body if it's good, it is Musab Al Hamdulillah. But it's not a must.

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And furthermore,

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even if it was a requirement, imagine even if it was a requirement. If a person's shake, can be removed from his life. Even if you consider this as a small mistake to tie the Quran without glue yet removing the shelf. Which is the biggest thing in Islam.

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To do a small mistake to remove the biggest sin in Islam. It is yet a very good bargain.

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But the scholars of the city they say this was does not refer and does not indicate that a person should be in voodoo

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to type the Quran, but being in Voodoo is good. It is messed up and hamdulillah but not a must.

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There are many people, many Muslims who tell me okay but the market

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give the Quran to the non Muslim, but only give the English translation don't give the Arabic text

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or give the Hindi Translation or the translation. I've got no problem with someone only gives the translation of the Quran but I personally prefer giving the Arabic text along with the translation. Why? Because the translation is the work of a human being.

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And no human being is perfect

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As I mentioned earlier, that no translation is perfect. And if there is a mistake in the translation, it will not be attributed to Allah subhanaw taala. Because if we check it up with the Arabic text, besides the translation, we can easily verify that if there is a mistake in the translation, it is the work of the human being and of Allah subhanaw taala. So, I personally prefer giving along with the translation, the Arabic text, so that if there is a mistake, Allah subhanaw taala

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will not be responsible, it is the responsibility of the translator.

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And furthermore, if Allah hold me responsible, I will be in good company. I'll be in the company of the Beloved Prophet masala Salam. Why, because if you read the theme of the Prophet Musa al salaam,

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he dictated letters to non Muslim kings, in which he dictated

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verses of the Quran. It was the sabas edited letters to non Muslim things in which he dictated was of the Quran. He sent letters to negative apophenia to Emperor Heraclius, Emperor of Pusha T u of Yemen, king of Egypt. Many of these kings Alhamdulillah they accepted Islam. But some of them they went to the letter, some of them even trampled it beneath the feet. Imagine the verses of the Quran dictated by the prophet.

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They were torn by these things. And some of them even trampled it beneath the feet.

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And one such letter

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is available in the Coptic Museum in Turkey, in which the prophet had dictated the verse of the Quran or Salah LeBron, chapter number three was the 64 He says, Cool. Yeah, hello kita say open book. Tala Willa Kalimantan Sawa imbiah Nabina Come, come to common terms asked me as a new, which is the first term Allah Illallah that we worship none but Allah when Anushka bisha Young that we are so excited to partner with him while I get the heat about going about the urban Manila that we erect not among ourselves, Lord and Peter other than Allah.

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Find our law, then they turn back.

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Felicia do say you bear witness be a non Muslim woman, that we are Muslims by having a will to Allah subhanaw taala this was the Quran was dictated to the non Muslim kings by the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah sung it yet available in the museum, the Coptic Museum in Turkey.

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And I want to ask you the question, today, there are about 14 million Arabs who are Coptic Christians, who are Christian.

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Since generations, I must mean the question, which translation of the Quran will you give to the 14 million Coptic Arab Christians?

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Do you want to translate the Arabic Quran into Arabic again, you will have to give the written text

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to these Christian Arabs

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who understand Arabic or the language, Arabic of the mother tongue, which translation will you give? We look at the relation. We look at the English translation you have to give the original column of Allah subhanaw taala in Arabic. That is the reason I personally prefer along with the translation, the Arabic text and the Quran was revealed for the whole of humankind. And the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was sent as a message to the whole of humankind.

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