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So Allah will start to surah in a really special way, he's going to make an argument about how irrelevant you and I have been through most of the universe's existence

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and this is what I want you to understand we're going to spend a week trying to contemplate the book of Allah. We're going to try to deep dive into Allah's book.

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Qur'an week was the kind of education that I've been waiting to receive from an Islamic pop experience. It has been incredible and eye opening. Basically, I ended memorizing one of the ayat which talks about the fact that Allah subhanaw taala says, this is the reward that you get for your efforts. So that was like the best idea. And quite literally, we'll be drinking from Allah directly in Jannah in the Surah. Right, so there's this really beautiful connection of the rub, and the Seville and the drink and the leader the rub is going to be the one giving them drink was a call home Rob boom Sharabi into hoorah. So these are, these are connections I want you to understand that

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are happening inside of this island.

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Just a few more hours, and I'm leaving Kuala Lumpur. I was here primarily to conduct Quran week, which was a study of skeletal insan here, just a few memories that I'm going to leave from here is first of all the energy the enthusiasm is there and the reflections of the audience were really quite unique and Alhamdulillah it was just such a beautiful suit. I've known it for so long but getting to reflect on it a new and studying a new and expose things to me that I didn't never really thought about 20 years of studying put on I never thought about the

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one thing that really hit me and I really moved me the most was how he talked about a time how light travels to us like how many billions of light years away, and then the nigger of law itself is greater than all of that is final that that was mind blowing. To me, light travels 13 point 7 billion years to reach my eyes. Yes. And here I am remembering Allah right now. And the angels are saying your love forgive them immediately. Under the harsh at that distance, the speed of light is actually far too slow.

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To compare to the distance at which my vicar travels through the universe. My hope is that all of you that aren't even able to attend a Quran week are able to join these reflections because all of this work is actually getting posted on Vienna TV, I want you to join this study and I want you to benefit from the work that myself and my team are doing so that you can also contemplate the Quran in this way. Second, we're located in Santa Monica.

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So you know, for beginner TV today, and what's this deeper look of soda Allinson, plus many existing sorrows and future schoolers to come