Why Do We Pray 5 Times A Day

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The importance of praying five times a day to receive guidance on protecting from evil behavior is emphasized. The number of times people wash their hands and how many do it a day is also discussed. Prayer for the Lord and the last person in the interview is emphasized. Understandment of someone's achievements and moral excellence is crucial in building a sense of peace and faith. It is also discussed the difficulty of finding a strong support system and the importance of not being a person trying to achieve too much.

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Who here has ever been asked?

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Why do you pray?

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Why do you pray five times a day? You know, when it's like, lots of times when I'm talking to somebody who's interested about Islam or something like that, and I tell them, like,

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pray we pray five times a day, like five times a day, for have you done dollar tables. Okay, and so five times a day, you've never gotten that question, I try to first focus on the what comes before the slot, like the Shahada. And like, I make sure that they're ready for that next step, once that next step reaches to them, then B and like my other team members we try to focus on is like, giving them an understanding of how the salon benefits us. And we try to say, hey, you know, you don't have to do it all at once. You can take baby steps, but we try to give them the significance of it told them that, like you get to converse with your Lord for like, in our lifetimes, every day. So we just

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try to show them why it's so important. And at the same time, we try to not make it like pressure them to say that, you know, you have to start today. Beautiful. So it's something that is an opportunity to converse with Allah Subhana Allah data five times a day, beautiful. Anybody else have any thoughts on why you pray five times a day, or comes Abdullah?

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I always thought of it as, um, you know, we pray five times a day, because we start from the from the beginning of the day, and then we reach towards the end of the day, each prayer sort of symbolizes, like, protection from like, the evil in this world. So with each prayer, it sort of brings like a shield that Allah gives us, nor to protect us from evil, just from anything bad that may happen to you, in general. And also just to give thanks to our Lord, and, and just things like that, in general, beautiful, man. Beautiful. One easy question to ask a person like that is how many times do you wash your hands a day, like when when, when this pandemic was raging? How many times

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were people disinfecting their hands? Many times a day.

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So more than five people were walking around with hand sanitizer, and if they touched anything, they would just immediately right, and what was causing them to do that? What was causing them to do that? It was the fear of this virus, recognizing that this virus is something that is incredibly harmful, potentially harmful to an individual, maybe even fatal. And so they cared so much about keeping their hands pure. And so we believe spiritually, there's something that's even more dangerous than any virus and that's our sins. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave this beautiful example. He said, If there was a river that was next to you, you you live by a river, and you bathe

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in it five times a day, would there be any dirt on you? Would there be anything they said, No, well, messenger of Allah. And he says similar the other five daily prayers, you and I go out into this world, and as soon as we um, you don't even have to walk outside of your house, now you just go like this boom loop since right then and there, you just unlock your phone saw yourself sins. Right? It's so like, as soon as you step out into this world, you're you're undertaking all of these sins that are coming to you every single day, every human being. And so, the five daily prayers are prescribed to purify you, but not only do they purify you, they anchor you, the anchor you every single day we

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go out and it's selected failure, you go out in the morning, and you're reminded that your purpose is to worship Allah subhanaw taala. That's why we're here. And then you go out into the world and you're, you know, seeking your risk, you're seeking your education, whatever it is, and then again, you are grounded, anchored again, that you are here to worship Allah, and also comes in it's rush hour traffic, and people are trying to get home on their commutes. And again, it's remember that you are here to worship Allah and then when you're amongst your family at home and sunset, again, and then in the evening, again, and again, and again, you are being anchored, that your purpose of life

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if Allah had made the prayers, 50 prayers, which they were originally and we had to pray every 30 minutes, because in 24 hours, we would have prayed every 30 minutes, that would have been us doing what we're supposed to do. We were created to worship Allah and so when it's only five, but not only that, Allah made it so that these prayers, again are for us. Allah says if the first of you and the last of you and the Jinn of you and the human, have you all had the most righteous hearts that wouldn't take away that would add anything to my to my kingdom, my dominion. And if the first of you in the last of you in the interview in the interview, the human of you and the jinn Have you all had

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the worst hearts if we were all you know, seven

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billion devils walking around on this earth that wouldn't take away we don't benefit Allah subhanaw taala by worshipping Him, but it benefits us. It gives us value. It gives us perspective. It gives us faith, it gives us morality it gives it gives us it gives us patience. It gives us perspective. All of these things are communicated to us all of these things are gifted to us. When we it gives us humility. When we bow to Allah subhanaw taala.

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In our everyday lives, we feel compelled to acknowledge people's exceptional achievements and moral excellence. When someone does something for us we feel compelled to say thank you, and you, we feel slighted when we do something for people and they don't take the time to thank you Allah subhana Dadaism if Allah Allah who can either be camicia carto momento, in Surah, Nisa, Allah says, Why would Allah punish you, if you simply had gratitude and if you believed what kind of Allah who Shackleton Idema and Allah Himself is shacket Allah Himself increases, and he is the all knowing. And so

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we are the ones who need to worship Allah, it creates for us a sense of inner peace. There's a lot of research with regards to those people who were who do worship, the spiritual fulfillment that they have the peace, that they have the tranquility, that they have the anxiety that it decreases.

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And there's a lot that could be said about this particular topic. But Allah subhanaw taala, he gave us

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a prescription and a dosage, the prescription, ALLAH SubhanA data he tested, you and I with he tested you and I with desires that are both internally placed and externally motivated. And Allah subhanaw taala prescribed for us the prayer and He made the dosage five, five doses a day. What's the illness that we're being saved from? The illness is the heedlessness that befalls our heart.

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We have a heedlessness that comes and it takes root in our heart and it spreads and the remembrance of Allah. So I want you to imagine heedlessness like this lack of awareness of God as a drought, okay, and your heart is the plane. And that drought. When it's extended, it can cause a person's heart to be like a barren wasteland. It's dry. It's it's like burning. And what's burning are people's desires, their home. It's taking them in every direction. And it's the equivalent of hot wind that passes over it.

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And what's rain? What's rain is the remembrance of Allah. And if the rain descends on it, then it grows again and it becomes lush it becomes beautiful gardens. And the heart is like that. It becomes barren if it's void becomes like a desert, if it's void from the remembrance of Allah.

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Loving ALLAH SubhanA died and knowing him remembering him calling upon him.

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And Allah Subhana Allah Allah says,

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LM yet Neely livina, amo and Doc sharp Kulu Boom decorilla Those beautiful verses and solid that hadith chapter 57 Verse 16, and 17.

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The chapter of iron, Allah says, has not come that those who believe that their hearts be soft into the remembrance of Allah hasn't thanked them that their hearts be soft in terms of love of the library, Mr. Wood, the great companion of the province has said that he was the sixth person to accept Islam. He was that young man in Mecca who, who didn't really have a tribe and he was very frail, as far as his his body goes. So he wasn't someone who was necessarily a very strong companion as far as physically. He says, this verse came down when we were had been Muslim for around four years, four years, you know, when a person accepts Islam, or maybe when you start like Islam makes

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sense to you. You have such passion and such care and such excitement about the deen you love everything about it, you're trying to practice it all at once. aligners are the saying we were Muslim for only four years, and this verse came down what's his verse saying this versus saying, hasn't the time come that your hearts be soft in terms of Allah? Like already their hearts became hard.

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He seemed like we were already being warned of our hearts because I wouldn't say their hearts became hard the class habit of the law, but they were being warned of their hearts becoming hard. And Allah says and that they not be like those who were given the book from before and a long term past facet Kulu boom, and their hearts became hard. Okay, futile, medium fast, good. And many of them were transgressors. Many of them are transgressions, because that's the problem. When a person's heart becomes heart.

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Then the sweetness of worship is taken away. They still have the beard and they have the look and they have the

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They know all the lingo Subhan Allah Masha Allah Hola Hola. Hola. They have all of that. They've got all of that right sister's got the hijab in Dubai and

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but on the inside

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you'll find that the remembrance of Allah is actually very rare. Sit in a car with somebody for an hour driving somewhere and they won't mention Allah subhanaw taala they won't mention Africa they won't mention any of the things that actually soften the heart. They'll be sitting there talking about the rockets or they'll be talking about some sports team here there and you hear you see that a lot, even amongst quote unquote religious people. You see the lack of presence of Allah subhanaw taala in their conversation in their day to day and so even though they pray, Allah Subhana Allah says Cassatt Kulu boom, their hearts became heart