Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People #1

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The customer is asking the agent about the best and worst moments of their life, and why they say hamonic. The agent explains that bad things happen to people, not to their religious affiliation, and that they are able to absorb their bad experiences and transform them into something good for them. The agent also explains that the believer is able to absorb disliked moments and transform them into something good for them.

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So I have a question for you, when you experience the best moment of your life.

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What do you say?

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Dylan? You said Hamdulillah, great, worst moments of your life. What do you say?

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So you said hamdulillah in both cases when something amazing happens, and when something horrible happens, why is it that you said Hamdulillah? In the worst moment of your experience?

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Because it could be worse, could have been worse what else? Because you don't know maybe it was like testing you. So you have to be grateful because because he said it could be worse but also like,

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it's with Allah's wisdom. You don't know the reason why Allah is testing you with this and you don't know what's going to happen if this setback is only for something greater in the future. Great, what else? It could be a blessing in disguise, right? Allah saved us from a bigger calamity. So what do you believe about Allah? In those moments? He doesn't test us beyond our limit. Great. What else wise? He's wise, what stops you from thinking evil about Allah, where someone else could be shaking their fists towards the sky, saying, why God why why did you do this, to me, is what you believe about him, that he's wise, that he's saving you for something better, that he's merciful, that he's

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generous, that he's beautiful. And so when we become the Ummah that praises Allah the most, what causes us to praise Allah the most in the good and the bad is what we know of Allah's attributes. We know that everything that happens, is coming from a God of perfect and beautiful attributes. And that's why, you know, you've heard this question of why do good things happen to bad people? Or why do bad things happen to good people rather? The answer to that is that bad things don't happen to good people. And the prophets, Allah I sent him someone who told us that he said, everything that happens to a believer is good. And that's only for the believer why?

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If something good happens to them, they are thankful and that is better for them. And if something evil happens to them or something that they dislike happens to them, they are patient and that is better for them. And so the believer is able to absorb that which is disliked and transform it into something that is good for them because of the perspective that they carry. And that is powered by what they believe about Allah azza wa jal