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When Traveling Should We Pray Witr? Shaykh Waleed Basyouni explains

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What are prayer mandatory? What about when we are traveling? Do we pray politically?

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The majority of the Muslim jurist the Shafi, Maliki harmony,

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agreed that salted water is a highly recommended subnet. And the Muslim should care for doing it to the extended environment that law said in regard to the person who regularly misses water. He said that not a good person Roger to swoop in even some of the hot consider the person's testimonial will be rejected because he's not a trustworthy person, while the Hanafi said that it is a must. But the Chamorro opinion is the correct and strongest opinion in my opinion, because in the B cell alone, he was condemned as evade the law reported. A man came to the prophet SAW some of them and asking him about Shall I early Islam the rules of Islam? Then he said, Yes, we'll ally your messenger to us

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claim that Allah prescribed upon us five prayers, that they are mandatory upon us every day and night. So the profits are some of them said yes, and everything else is a volunteer, and the process of them approve that. So here the process on said that five, prayers are mandatory and everything else is a mandatory, that include Witcher and include this little fragile, and no doubt the salata router is a highly recommended sinner that nebby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wouldn't leave it even while he is traveling sal Allahu Allahu Allah He will send them

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an individual solemn order and encourage people to go out to public and to speak to and say Muslim you should pray with her before you wake up for bed or before fragile I didn't never sell a lesson I'm sitting here or on the people who hold on our roof in the lobby with the people who are on pre Wizard of Oz pantalla is with her and he loves with him and in the be sallalahu anyway it was send them as reported also that when he traveled he will pray his words of Allah anyway. So the Molly's traveling while he's sitting on his camels will allow you it was solid. And that shows you all sorts of non obligatory prayer otherwise wouldn't process on him would have stopped and prayed like any

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obligatory prayer in any way the Muslim should care for it. And do you pray the beginning of the night and the end of the night, it's optional. If you can guarantee that you'll wake up before Fido, that'd be better. But if you don't guarantee that you're not sure about it, it's better to pray in the beginning of the night, and it is in any odd number start from one and there is no maximum for it. But in the visa Lalo cinemas, he said he never prayed more than 11 Records in Milan or outside or Milan, Milan.

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