The Quran on Fathers & Sons

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All praise is due to Allah we seek His guidance and his forgiveness and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the whispering of our desires. From Allah guides, no one can miss guide and whom he allows to be misled. No one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone having no partners. And then Muhammad Sallallahu it who ascended up is his slave and His messenger and his perfect worshiper, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Oh, you who believe fear Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of Islam. And Allah says, Oh mankind's, Fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produce from that soul its

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mate, and made from their combination many men and women, so Fear your Lord whom you ask each other by, and by the ties of kinship, verily, Allah is Ever Watchful over you. And Allah subhana data says, Oh, you who believe fear Allah and say that which is correct, he will correct for your deeds, and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, then they are indeed Victoria is asked to proceed. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah,

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in the Quran,

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tells us beautiful stories,

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and the best of stories.

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And this Quran is a source of incredible wisdom and guidance in every aspect of our lives. And today in this brief quote, but I just wanted to look at an aspect. That is one that is incredibly crucial in our time and place in society that we live in a society that actually has the highest percentage of fatherlessness in the world is in the United States.

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So I wanted to speak to the relationship specifically that a father has with his son, as presented to us in the Quran. What gems we can extract, what beauty we see and inshallah to Allah, I'll just be looking at for specific angles. And though the Quran also presents the relationship with fathers and daughters, specifically in American society, there is a conflict that is presented between fathers and sons.

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And so we wanted to look and see how does Allah subhanaw taala present that beautiful relationship from the people that we are introduced to in the Quran?

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And so the first is we seek constant advice from the fathers to their children to their sons, we see advice that is only interrupted by death, whether it is the death of the Father, Allah subhanaw taala says, for example, presenting one of the great fathers in the Quran, yeah, who by the Silla, Allah says I'm going to shahada is held on a approval mode is part of any Hema taboo do not mean but I just call do not Buddha ilaha illa de que Brahim is my Ito is Huck ILAHA hidden when I knew the homeless lemon. And so Yaqoob idea is that I'm on his deathbed

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even though he has a son who is a prophet, and according to some of them of a city, his other sons were prophets. It is something that is debated amongst the scholars of Tafseer. But if we were to assume that all of them were prophets, yeah, who by day sit up is still giving advice to his children. Even as he's dying. He's giving advice to his sons.

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So sometimes we might get older and we're like, why are my parents still giving me advice? 20 years old, I'm 30 years old. We see our COVID esalaam giving advice to his kids until he some of it has ended and passes away.

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Or it is not interrupted until the death of the child. Whether it is the death of the father or the death of the Son. And so we see new ad a set up calling out to his son and he say Yagoona Jakob minor when I took him Alka theory, he saying to his son, oh, my son, get on the ark with us, and do not be with those who are disbelievers. And the sun, he says, Are we honest? Oh, either. gibellini Simoni Minella father asked him Anioma mean Amity la la mala M wahala Boehner who Malmo do Fergana middle mobility. No la Salam is calling out to his son until the wave comes in between them. And he's engaging with his son. He's responding to his son his son says I'm going to climb a mountain

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and no idea Salaam is listening and he's still responding. Some of us we talk over each other, but no alayhi salam is repeating the exact words that his son is saying to indicate him being listening and responsive. Even in the last moments. We see Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and his uncle Abu Talib, who was his father figure to him and Rasulullah sallallahu has ended up on the deathbed overthought it is saying yeah, I'm Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah say Allah, Allah and Allah it is a statement by which I will argue on your behalf in front of Allah subhanaw taala what can I throw at me? I know Allah Milla McCauley, and his last words were that he was upon the middle of Ebola of

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Abdul Muttalib his father

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But the idea here is the constant advice that the righteous fathers would give to their children until death. And of course, you have the great advice of local man who gives advice to his son.

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And he says law to Shrek biller or my son, my dear son, do not commit share it with Allah Subhana Allah in the Schickel Illuminati, and the passage continues until he says Yagoona yaki, Salah Tom would have been model for you 100 meter was Bill sabak in Nevada came in as mineral mode. He says, Oh, my son, after commanding him to not commit schicke. And after telling him that no matter what you do on this earth, no matter how small, Allah subhanaw taala will present it to you on the Day of Judgment. And that is a very, very, very powerful advice to give to your children, recognizing that you know what, I'm not going to be with you every step of the way. And so I am not raising my son,

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to fear my presence. But I am raising my son to be aware of the presence of Allah subhanaw taala. And I've given this example many times, but there was a brother one time that I met in this mystery, and I've never seen him before. And I've never seen him since. I've never seen this brother before, or is it? But he said something that Subhanallah I never forgot. He said, I tell my children. Do you want to know when y'all will be Muslim?

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And his kids say, What do you mean? Of course, we're already Muslim and he says, No, you will be Muslim. When you pray without me or your mom telling you to pray.

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That's when you will be Muslim.

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Meaning I'm raising my children to be aware of the presence of Allah subhanaw taala not my presence.

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And he's saying to his son, even if it'd be an atom's weight of a sin, Allah subhanaw taala bring it and then he says, yeah, when a Hakim Salah established the prayer.

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What motivated Monrovia one honeymoon and command good and forbid evil the first step after belief in Allah subhanaw taala is to worship Allah worship Allah. And then the third step After worshiping Allah subhanaw taala is to call others to the worship of Allah and to be someone who is a source of change in the world of positive influence in the world go out into this world and command good and forbid evil. But what else are you going to have to have after you go out into this world and you command good and forbid evil wants to be an item or sabak endure the harm that's going to come your way not everybody is going to be happy with change and not everybody is going to be happy with you

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trying to rectify oppression in this world and wrong in this world. What's the big item outside like have resilience in Nevada communism or more? That is of the affairs of great commitment. You see the beautiful advice that look man is that um, is giving and so we see the Father gives advice to his son.

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Number two, the fathers of the Quran speak to their sons in endearing gentle terms. You will find that look man Aileen salaam calls his son Yeah. booni Oh, my endearing son. You will find that Ibrahim alayhis salam calls him his son. Yeah. Boonie you will find the APU but instead I'm calling his son Yagoona you will find no idea is that I'm calling his son, Dr. Guney. Oh, my dear son, even though these are people of different ethnicities, different cultures, different languages, different centuries, different regions.

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All of these fathers, these righteous fathers in the Quran when they're speaking to their sons, they're speaking to them with endearing beautiful terms. The only father in the Quran, who speaks to his son by his first name is who Ibrahim is Trump's father. And Taraji went earlier to Abraham.

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He calls out to Ibrahim and he says, Are you trying to dissuade me from my idols Ibrahim, even though we see in Surah Maryam that Ibrahim alayhi salam is calling out to his Father with beautiful endearing terms. Yeah, abiti lotta Buddha shaper. In the shaper anacondas, Rahman FC, he's calling him by his name, my dear father, but his father is not responding to Ibrahim I sit down with that beauty. And he simply calls him by his first name. It is something beautiful that a father call a son by something that is endearing that there'll be some sort of nickname that there'll be some sort of phrase.

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I was debating whether to share this but if you'll indulge me on a personal story.

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In my culture, we don't say, Habibi, or anything like that. We don't do that stuff. And my father ahem, hola. He communicated love in many different ways, but like that type of Habibi phrase stuff, he didn't do that at all.

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But he did say it one time.

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And it became a very fond memory for me. We took he was traveling overseas.

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And the culture is we all go to the airport, my family, but also the number of families, family, friends and all of that we all go see him off at the airport. That's just the way that we grew up doing it.

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And so there's maybe three or four or five families all watching him go through check it

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and we're all just a crowd at the airport.

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And then he

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calls me from amongst all the people that I might have been like 21 or 22 years old. And he says I'm Martha habibi.

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He says, I'm Mark Come, beloved, and I'm like, oh my goodness, what is this? My ears perked up, never heard it before.

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And then he calls me close and he says, where nobody else could hear. He says, I forgot my password at home.

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He says, he says, Go Go and get it. And Akina says, If you never left doesn't want anybody to know.

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When I tell you that Habibi had me doing speeds on the highway that no cop was gonna catch me. No cop was gonna catch me. But that's just the phrase, you don't know what a phrase like that means for a son coming from his father. And so it's beautiful that you see, yeah, Boonie again and again and again in the Quran, endearing terms. Number three, the fathers of the Quran. Do not belittle the intelligence of their children. They don't belittle the intelligence of their sons, you know, Yaqoob it is sent out. His son is presented with a dream.

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And his son comes to him and he says, tells the dream. And his father says, yeah, when a laptop so slow, yada yada athletic. He says Don't tell your dream to your brothers. How many fathers young boy would have just stopped there? Don't tell him the dream. That's it. Why? Because I said so you're not going to understand don't tell them the dream. But what does Jacoba restaurant do? He spends the next two verses explaining to this little boy what would happen for you can you do like a Qaeda in the shaytaan elite insane I'll do one movie. Okay, Daddy, can he be called a booker? He he continues to explain to him that if you do so your brothers will plot against you. And he explains to him that

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that's not because of the evil of your brothers but because of the evil of shape line and that he's an enemy. And you might think to yourself, What does the little boy need to know about all of these things, but he's not belittling the intelligence of this boy. He recognizes that use of it is set up can understand these concepts. And you see,

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not only him but you see Ibrahim it is set up for the Marbella VA who said find out who they are in your life in Miami and Yazbeck funds Omega Tara

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Mercer TJ Tanisha, Amina slobbery, even when it comes to Ibrahim's dream, he tells and he communicates to his boy who's very young. He simply got to the point where now he's able to walk with Him and work with him. 910 11 years old, maybe. And he says, I saw a dream as well. What do you see? And he said, My Father, do what you've been commanded to do. You will find me insha Allah to Allah to be of those who are patient. But that idea of conversing with your sons, including them in discussions Rasulullah sallallahu. They're sending them he says, to even Abbas He says, Yeah, hola. I'm in New Island, Oka Kalamata, for the light for that he's describing to Ibn Abbas, who was nine

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or 10 years old, and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is telling him that beautiful Hadith, it's in a testimony that we've talked a lot about over the past few months, but he says to him, know that if an entire world were to gather to harm you they wouldn't be able to harm you with anything more than what ALLAH SubhanA data has already written for you. And you might think to yourself, yup, the prime minister of Allah, they send them a nine year old boy, what does a nine year old boy has to know about the entire world showing enmity to them? So only nine years old in your sport, this is too big of a conversation for a kid. But yeah, we see these fatherly figures not belittling the intelligence

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of their children. And the last thing that I mentioned the fourth is participation in worship together.

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Allah Subhana Allah says, way the other 40 brahim will provide a minute Beatty waste my a lot of banana Taco Bell Mina in Atlanta, Samuel

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Ibrahim Ali Salam and ismail together, father and son are raising the pillars of the Kaaba together. And they are both saying to Allah, Oh Allah accept from us, you are the one who accepts you are all knowing,

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worshiping together, traveling together, doing what Amala together, Salah in congregation together in the family in the house, this is all very, very important. This is all very crucial to build the relationship between the father and son. It is a beautiful thing when fathers and sons spend time together and it is even more beautiful when that time that is spent is in the worship of Allah