When the Radio and TV were Introduced to the Saudi Society

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My own teachers in Medina, they tell me that when the radio was first introduced in Saudi Arabia, and this isn't just in Saudi Arabia in every Muslim land, the same thing happened when the radio was first introduced. Pretty much all the scholars said, this is haram. And they even said, this is Sahara magic. Because how can you have this device and we hear somebody sitting in London and Timbuktu and in Geneva, and we hear him, you know, on this radio, this must be sad. And my teachers told me this, that their teachers told them that when the radio came to Saudi Arabia, they, they actually some of them actually went to the, you know, the transmission towers, you know, the, they

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actually went underneath those transmission towers and read Quran hoping to destroy the set of the radio waves

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hoping to destroy the colors, there's not going to be any more radio waves and we're going to destroy it. Now King AbdulAziz who was a very forward thinking person, in many ways. What what did come up with a disease do come up with a disease basically called all of the scholars to imagine this. And he told the Saudi Arabian radio society that are just newly established, he said, recite the Quran on the radio. So for the first time, the scholars heard the radio, and they heard the Quran being recited on the radio, and they said, this cannot be so hidden, because if it's sad, then there cannot be Quran. And so they changed their mind about the radio. But guess what happened when

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TV was introduced?

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Much worse. In fact, just a side point here is one of the tangents here. When they introduced the television it wasn't just reading Quran under the towers. In 1966, the first television tower and broadcasting station of Riyadh, the first television station was stormed by fundamentalist fanatics and they took it hostage and they demanded that basically no more television be broadcast in Saudi Arabia. And again, just FYI, I completely tangent here, but there was a member of the royal family of the ultra route family in that tower. Along with the fundamentalist he was a very religious overzealous person, and he was killed when the King Faisal was alive at the time he sent in the

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troops and they basically got rid of these people and some people were killed this prince his own nephew was killed. The one who killed King Faisal was his younger brother.

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You know, somebody shot Faisal point blank range that was his nephew, the one who shot King Faisal was the younger brother of the one who was killed in 1966. And so some say there was a motive of revenge

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