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He will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ah Marina Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Brothers and sisters from the villa we have with a surah column Surah Al column with us today the second Surah Surah number 68. In juice,

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juice the bark

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of the Quran will hungry light is a very, very beautiful surah so many benefits so many different points of wisdom, so many seers in it. Really, it's bewildering, it actually needs two or three sessions, but inshallah we'll try and condense it into one session so server and have patience with us and inshallah tada as we carry on with the zero the other suitors be the law those things that I can explain in other suitors rather than in this sorta I will take it to the other students in shallow Tara, please try and have your core and with you if you can, if you don't have a core and there's so many plans available here in Sharla. Please do so all the brothers and sisters listening

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online as well. There's a couple of 100 of people logged on. Please will you also take your hands with you and follow through so that we allow one of the benefits you will gain other than just at the seat of this surah is that you will also begin to learn Arabic language as well. Because as we take it Oh yeah, I remember that word I remember that word, I know what that word means now. So as we take it over 11 soldiers, many of the soldiers many of the words will begin to make an impact and you will understand what they mean inshallah tada type. Sorrell column is a surah that was revealed, as some of the scholars have mentioned in a narration from even a bus with your loved one who

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mentioned about why he needs to see that soil column was the second Surah to be revealed in all of the books in all of the code and the very first sutra was with Surah Surah Allah right, a crab is mirrabooka Larry holla. The very second one was this Sodor the spoilers are differences whether the whole surah was revealed in Makkah or not. Majority of the scholars say the first the first 18 verses or first 16 verses were revealed in Makkah, and then the remaining of the verses remain remainder of this of this sutra was revealed in Medina. And that is typical Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes reveals a part of the surah in Makkah, and then he will complete the rest of the suit and

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Medina and that's normal. That is the way revelation happened in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam or he would reveal a part of the Surah Now and then reveal the earlier part or the first part of the surah in Medina. So the Prophet system would then recite it in the right order, as Allah subhanaw taala originally willdan. So equity, this is a surah that, that contains the very early revelation to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and commanding him to to be of those people that are the most upright. The beautiful thing about the surah is that it is about a flock and character. It is about upright character and upright Allah. And this sutra deals with first of all about the

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upright character Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and that the prophets who was not mad and that he is but loves blessings and mercy, he is upon the highest exalted character. And he is as as I showed, the Aladdin said kind of Hulu and his character was the Quran, meaning everything that was going to be revealed was his character already. And so the prophet SAW most of the upright and the best of luck and character. And the Quran was simply supporting the Prophet systems of luck and character that was already there, that was apparently created the prophets are some with then it moves on to talking about the opposite of the character of the prophets of Salaam, which is the character of the

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Quran, how lowly beastly these human beings were, how they are called for and the disgraceful attitude towards Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger was exemplified in the way they behave with each other. And how their mannerism, their behavior, their attitudes, their habits were so poor, they used to swear about anything, they would withhold their money when people wanted a little bit, they would not give their wealth to the poor and needy and orphans. They would not feed anyone they would, they would, they would insult each other, there would be so bad, they wouldn't just insult in behind someone's back, they would actually insult in someone's face to someone's face. This is how

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bad they were. You know how when, you know you call someone a coward when someone insults to you to your back. But imagine the person who is hearty and proud and arrogant enough to insert to your face is even more insulting and worse than that, isn't it so Allah will talk about those people. He will also talk about those people who argue too much people who are full of evil, and these were the people who were inherently evil in their behavior, and we would love to argue and incessantly argue about anything and everything. So this is how the Quran then Allah subhanho wa Taala says what he will do, he will brand these people on their faces, it won't have seen it is understood to mean

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Allah will cut their faces with the sword on their on their faces, then

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Those will fall off or that they will be brandished, brandished on their nose. There'll be hit with a hammer on their face until the nose punches in center Sima wala tomaz Allah says, We will Brandon. So you will recognize who these people are. The worst of the worst character will be recognized on the Day of Judgment by how their faces look, they will be faceless, they will be noseless. And they'll be brandished and smashed on their faces on the Day of Judgment. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that those people who are of lowly and beastly character are going to be tested in this dunya just like Allah had tested this tribe of people from Yemen, in Yemen, there was a group of

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people, we don't know what who their names were, what their identity was. But there was a tribe of a group of people who, whose father was a very wealthy man, and they had left behind date palm trees, and his father used to give the right of the poor from that date palm when the harvest is to come give to us to give some of the dates to the to the poor, but the children became very haughty and proud and said no, look, our children are too many fathers only one we are now married. We have kids and too many kids to look after. We're not going to give any to the poor. So Allah subhanaw taala talks about how Allah punish them how Allah destroyed their wealth, because of this behavior. That

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if you behave like this, brothers and sisters, if you behave like there is no hack of the poor on your wealth. Allah will similarly destroy your wealth one day when you're asleep. One day Allah will give you poverty and disgrace in your wealth, just like Allah gave to these people in Yemen. And Allah is going to talk about this and sort of know, then thereafter, the middle part of the surah talks about how Allah subhanho wa Taala will not judge the disbelievers like He will judge the believers, the believers will have a special judgment, whereas the disbelievers will have a special judgment as well. And the disbelievers they think that they will have the same sort of treatment

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from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so Allah ask some questions. Why do you feel that you despite having such poor, poor mannerism, disbelieve in Allah and His Messenger being such such poor human beings to other human beings? Do you expect that Allah will give you the best treatment? What is your proof? Do you have a guy a proof from Allah? Show us the book if you have or do you have any other gods for which you can actually prove this? Then Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the fact that these people the epitome of their of their misguidance, was that Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of judgment will ask them all to prostrate, but they will not be able to prostrate, why not? Why

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will they not be able to illustrate they won't be able to illustrate because they never prostrating this dunya so if you don't pray this dunya if you miss your Salah, you will not be able to you will not be able to prostrate to Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of judgment and this is a very severe warning from Allah subhanho wa Taala to everyone here, that Allah subhana wa Taala tells us that you will be singled out on that day, that if you did not prostrate in this dunya you will not be able to prostrate to allow the Day of Judgment. So the fact that you are a hypocrite will be seen by everyone on that day when all the Muslims will be prostrating to Allah and everyone else will not be

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able to prostrate to Allah subhanho wa Taala that day, then finally the Quran finishes off by talking about why is it finally therefore, that disbelievers today do not listen to the suitor less or seldom? Is it because Mohammed Salim is asking them for wealth and money is because the Prophet has been asking them for money for teaching this quarter. And is it because of this that they have a huge debt which they can't repay for which they can't listen to Mohammed Salah is a membership fee of being a Muslim, right that you can't pay too hefty. The membership fee like golf course fees, for example too expensive, or is it because of something else? And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says

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Be patient with them on Hamas Islam. But do not be impatient like Eunice Elijah Salam was how humans Elijah Salaam became impatient why people were not accepting his message. So he ran away. He boarded a ship, and the ship was about to be shipwrecked. So they put out lots of who should be thrown overboard. And then the lot of humans came and Eunice la sala was thrown overboard, that a whale came and ate up Eunice la supersalon. And so Allah says, had Allah not had mercy on universe, Allah would have flown, Allah would have made the whale eat up the body of universe and then throw out whatever corpses remaining from the body of units on a naked shore. And people would have seen the

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body of universe and how Allah does to someone who is hasty. And who is who is not patient with his people, meaning he equity my brothers and sisters in Islam, or my Muslim brothers and sisters over here who are calling other people to Islam, and calling the families to become more righteous. Or you're telling your your parents to practice Islam or your husband to pray your father to stop taking leave, but whatever else, don't you dare leave the path according to the path of Allah. Don't you dare for one second say, That's enough. I've had it. I've lost my patience with you. Because if you do that the same fate that was going to touch us Elijah will touch you as well. Because Allah

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subhanho wa Taala would have mercy on you so long as you call to his path and a patient in it. The result is up to Allah subhanho wa Taala The result is up to Allah. So you should not be able to

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People who are impatient and say I've called them to the last path, they're not listening. So I'm not gonna That's it, I'm not gonna bother anymore. No, you have to bother. You have to persist, you have to persist, persist and continue until your final breath until the final breath Otherwise, the fate that was going to touch units will touch you as well. And this is the warning Allah gave your SSL, Yamaha SSL and I'm warning you Be patient in this path. And even if it takes 13 years of your life, calling them to the path before you get Medina, even if it takes longer than that, persist on calling to this path, otherwise the fate which will touch us will touch you as well. This is Surah

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Al column one of the first words to be revealed to the sources and so much wisdom so much beauty. Let's take it in Sharla and try and follow with every sentence in China the meaning of it Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful to all creation or human being most visible to all creation of Rahim meaning specifically merciful to human beings fit some of you are falling on your mobile phones. Please ensure that your mobile phones as on flight mode when you do so so no phone calls please at that at that point inshallah concentrate on the poor. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, he says what is the first time your level unsubtle Allah when the Quran

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has been recited that listen to it and pay attention so that you may have mercy, the scholars of Islam state that when the Quran has been explained and it has been recited if you do not pay attention to it, Allah will not have mercy on you, Allah will punish you. So just be very wary of this. This is the Quran This is not math science, English I'm explaining right. This is the Quran. So, deal with it in a way you would not deal with anything else by known What does the word known mean? scholars have different meaning. Different reasons for what what the word new means. However, the meaning which replica theory more law states there are 12 different opinions on what these Alif

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Lam Meem hammy my main thought known of what these words mean 12 different opinions of them the strongest opinion as

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as indicative of human law states is that the words which are incomprehensible like these letters do not mean anything but the poor man. So you will find the very next IR right after it is something referring back to the Quran. So Alif Lam mean the legal kita boo. Yeah, that is the book. cough. Well, Coronel Majeed right. So can you see how after every word after every of these letters, the very next verse refers back to the Quran? Yeah, a calf Hi, I'm inside the chromatherapy Capita has a criminal record as Rebecca in the Quran. So Allah always refers back to the Quran after these letters so therefore, the letters mean the Quran Okay, some say these are different names of the

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Quran Some said no, it's referring back to the words of the Quran whatever it is, but they all refer back to the Quran as a result equity today some people misunderstand yacine to mean it's a name or a solar system. No it's not Who said so? Yes, it is not the name of the solar cell. This is a mistake. It's a fallacy. It's a it's a it's Miss judgment. You're seeing is one of the names of the poor and you're saying well por el Hakim says refers back to the Quran. It does not refer to Rasulullah Salah so let's come back and inshallah learn our our Deen so that we practice it correctly. Well, well call me Mama stone and I swear by the pen and that which writes down which pen the pen which is the

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first pen that was that was created by Allah subhanho wa Taala that wrote down the law homophone. Yep. What is the local my fault, it is a book that is with Allah subhanho wa Taala that contains every single thing that will be there until the day of judgment. So all of other all of the knowledge of Allah is written down. As a mama. Allah says, He says, Allah ordered the pen to write down his knowledge, the knowledge allows written down and no help. So therefore, the Injeel the Torah, all the books of the prophets, the Quran was also written down in local my food, how many books are there? How many books there are no less than 124,000 books. Every single Prophet was given

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a book, every prophet was given a book, it's not like only 10 books, or five books or 25 books. No, the difference between a messenger and a prophet is not that a messenger has a book. And a prophet does not have a book. That's not true at all. Rather, prophets are given books as well. The revelation that was given to them was a book. And so no less than 124,000 books all of them destroyed except one book, which is the core. Yeah, we'll call me Mama stone and I swear by the pen, and that which it writes down what is the pen write down the color of Allah, the knowledge of Allah and of course the Quran as well. And all the other books the Quran had written down before it was

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even revealed. So the Quran is the uncreated word of Allah. It was written down even before the words were revealed for particular situations.

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Okay, ma Anthony Mati Robbie cabbie Majnoon you are not all Mohammed Salah binaire Matthew, Rebecca binaire Matilda becoming mean meaning by the Blessings of your Lord be Majnoon you are not a madman, by the Blessings of your Lord or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam okay? So it is by the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala the prophets of sin was not mad. And this is important because initially when jabril came to rasulillah salam and hugged him in the in the cave, he thought he was becoming mad, isn't that right? Because he went to Khadija the awana and said zamyla is a million recover me I think I'm becoming mad. Yeah, I think I'm becoming mad. I've seen something. And so

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. Remember this sola was his very second Surah to be revealed to Rasulullah Swaziland the first 16 verses, was the very first suitor to be revealed to the sorcerer Sheila, Allah says no, you're not by the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala a madman ma entrepreneur, Matilda because imagine what in Africa we're in luck Allah john Romano and for you or Mohammed Salah Salem is a juror on a huge reward waiver of unknown never ending war in the locker very early for you as urine is a reward Ramune meaning never ending What does that mean? It means the scholars of Islam explained to me many things available meaning limitless aviram unknown means never ending

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meaning it continuously flows

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from unknown noon means there is no

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no measure meaning when you give someone you measure Okay, I'll give you how much the brother is in need. And you look you know in your pocket, you look for a cow give him 10 tendring and start counting one legged Turing a three and then they give him 10 So the whole point is, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give without any any counting at all. Yeah, without any counting. This is agilon via Romano.

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So yes, at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has a reward that is never ending. Amazing, isn't it? The Prophet system has a reward that is never ending. And how does the person have a reward never ending? Well, first of all, he guided us to Islam. So therefore he is the first person to have started the sadhana which is all of the acts of Islam. So therefore, everyone who does whatever he does, gets the profits and gets a reward. If we pray, the prophet gets a reward. You know how people say today can i gift my my worship to Rasulullah saw Salah you know people say that, can I say Oh Allah, this reciting the Quran, give it to Rasulullah Salah. So we say to these people saying I can

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Zakouma good intention, but already the Prophet is getting the reward of reciting the Quran. Because he is the one who guided you to recite the Quran, he is the one who the Quran is revealed through so therefore, the ayah is the son of Allah Subhana Allah The one who guides to someone is the same as the one who does it right. So because we're fasting, our profit system is getting the reward of that fire. So can you imagine 1.5 billion people fasting today, the profits and receiving the reward of it amazing, isn't it? Amazing. So equity you must be of the first of the people to guide people to Islam, and the last the people to sin. And that is what the scholars say why because the earlier you

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do your good deed, the more people that see you doing the good deed, the more energy you have written in your name. So if I have explained this, the surah to you, for example, and I do it early on in my life, and for the rest of your life you love this surah and you recite it in your citation. You know what I get a giraffe in Sharla and if you didn't learn it, and you go back and teach others, you will get the Agile early on to equity. This is the beautiful thing in the local agenda available for you is never ending reward because of the fact that the Profit System was the first the people to teach us and because of the difficulty The profitsystem will go through. We know that

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the prophets of Salaam will go through multiple difficulties in this dunya he said an authentic narration on his deathbed, which was reported in his in the cinema for Buhari he said what law he I feel double the pain that anyone on this dunya double dipping so who is the one who has the worst pain in this dunya the prophet SAW Selim was tested by Allah to feel double the pain, double the pain of the worst person who had the worst pain in this dunya and that is why the prophets are some certain authentic hadith in Muslim and others. He said in Alma Allah tala Bukhari Imani barely a person is tested according to the level of his email. So therefore the prophecy man was so high and

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that is why his test was so high and that is why his reward is so high as well an intellectual agenda for you is never ending reward. We're in Nicola Allah Hello again and very Leo Mohammed Salim. You are upon exalted character. You're upon exalted character. Amazing, isn't it? Allah subhanho wa Taala is acknowledging that prophecy sinner is upon exalted character in one of the

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declaration is reported that I shall be allowed to say that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never ever heard anyone from his family or his guests, or anyone on the street. asked him for anything except that he said love bake, meaning I hear you. I'm coming. Meaning I hear you. I'm coming. I'm going to help you never ever said no to anyone. He never said off. He never said

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Dad. Right use of he never said dad. He never said mom. Now mom later. No, he never said anything like that. Okay. He went ahead and did it straightaway. Yeah. And this is one of the characteristics Allah loved. Another characteristic that that Allah subhanaw taala loved is Ayesha delana explained another authentic narration from her into Bharani others is that I should have delana said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was always the one who gave back more whenever he was when I was when someone does something good to him. So if I give you 10 ringgit, the prophet always gave back 12 more. He never gave back the same he would always give back more. Okay, on top of that the prophets

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Islam was always honorable to his guests. On top of that he never ever wronged anyone. If someone wronged him, if someone wronged him he never ever reciprocated by asking for that wrong. He always did good back to them or you forgive them. Right? The equity ask yourself this question. Sometimes we are not have that high level of luck and character we should be like a profit center. Always forgiving, always giving back more, always ensuring that we

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always ensuring that we are at the beacon and the call of all those people who need our help. This is the beautiful flock of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in the color and a Filipina in verily Europe one exalted character, Exalted character. Yep. In one authentic narration, it was reported that even a bustle of the yoga hotel and we said the prophet SAW Selim did everything that pleases Allah and stayed away from everything that Allah hated. So if what the inauthentic narration the prophet SAW, Selim was reported to have said, shall I not shall not tell you that which will save people the most on the day of judgment from Johanna and we'll enter the most people into Jenna

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more than anything else. The people said yes, Yasser Allah. So he said, good character, good character, the one that will save you the most of the day of judgment, equity from jahannam is good o'clock. Good manners, good manners. In one authentic ratio, he said, shall I not tell you how you can achieve the middle part of gentlemen the highest part of gender. And in this authentic hadith in Bukhari, the prophets of the Sahaba said, Yes, sir sola. He said, have good luck, have good manners. In another authentic hadith you said? Shall I not tell you that which is more rewarding in the eyes of Allah than fasting all day and praying all night in my Masjid, in Attica, in a teacup in the

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masjid? rasuwa. So fasting all day, and praying all night? And the people said, Yes, sir, sola, he said, have good manners, good manners. So what the good manners is the highest and the most important thing here, and that is why Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said authentically, he said, I have not been sent

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eluted Mima muckety muck except to perfect good manners. That's it.

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That's it equity we have to uplift our club with every single person we have. We have to uplift our flock with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Knowing that Allah is watching every time knowing that Allah is watching us right now the face we make a lot of watches of facial expressions. What is a proof Allah watches facial expressions, look, Allah revealed a surah in the Quran, which is opposite what Allah He turned away and found.

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He turned around frown Allah, Allah revealed the surah in the Quran about the frowny or asuna Sicilian meaning Allah watches your facial expressions equity, how you behave, your wife asks you for something you do you do this a lot lots that you found that your wife, your mother asked you something.

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And you made a small sound with your mouth, Allah noted down, Allah is watching everything.

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Yeah, everything Allah

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Subhana Allah. So let's make a very concerted effort to perfect our luck and character. Let's make a very concerted effort to perfect our flock and character let's be the same to those who praises and those who displays us Let's be the same to those who benefit us and those who hurt us. Let's be the same forgiving, kind merciful, and that is how the prophets are some was a sign of a class of sincerity is that a person?

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A person is the same towards those who love Him and those who hate him is that he is the same towards those who praise Him and those who displays him. Right and that is a sign of insincerity. Like

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in the Corolla. fukrey NaVi fosatu boo boo zero they will see or Mohamed salah and you will see what will they see and we will see when on the Day of Judgment

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And when they die, what will they see? And what will you see be a Yakumo mosquito who amongst you is the one who has fitna What does Mattoon mean? mfu means the one who is touched by fitna. So who is the one who is touched by fitna? shaitan. So, the scholars of the sea said on the day of judgment or Mohammed it will become clear who is it you and at the time of death will become clear who is the one who has a real Shakedown in this dunya Is it you who is the shaitan lying is Allah or is it them? They are the ones who are shouting, that lying is alive and and stop everything good for Satoshi

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Nakamoto stone, indeed you will see and they will say Mohammed Salim, who amongst you is the one who is the true devil, and who is the one who is a real saint who is Rasulullah Salah or is it the sheer thing in Nara Baka who Allah will be Mangala and severely in Arabic verily your Lord Allah mo is most aware is more knowledgeable be Mangala. As for the one who strays away women dolla dolla is to be able to stray away and severely from his path. Well, who will bill Modi and he is most aware of the one who is most guided. So do not ever associate an attribute to yourself piety, equity, Allah knows who is pious, Allah knows who is righteous. Don't ever say I have good intentions? No, no,

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don't ever say that. Always judge yourself on your action. Do not judge yourself on your intention. Allah knows your intention. You should doubt your own intention. You should doubt your own intention. But never ever, never, ever judge yourself to be of those who are righteous. That is why the scholars Islam, even Catholicism, Allah says it is disliked by the scholars of Islam to name your children. names that denote piety. It is disliked to name your children names that denote piety like what Saifullah Salah has been shamsul Islam by

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any man, any bringing up names that I find most amazing shareholders love. Yes, Allah. I still remember in my class, a friend was telling me that there was this teacher. You know, in Medina University when I was there, they have a deal, which is they go through the names of who's attending who's not attending. So that if you don't attend, you know, more than 90% then you can't sit the exam. Okay, so they make you make sure you attend. So the tech Tofig how other cities have their meaning and present, right? So they go through the names. So they were going through the names and then

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Mohammad harder, yourself harder. autofit harder scheffel slab

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and this little Indian guy, right? He puts up his hand saying Hi there, you know.

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And it's true, isn't it in our countries in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, the left to name the people with these names right shackle Islam. And so the chef looks at *hole Islam, and then looks at this little guy saying the other and then he says Santa Ross and Armenia we shall see we shouldn't see.

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We should see your checklist level not

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at the whole point is don't be of those people who who attribute piety to yourself Allah knows whether you're pious or you are non pious. Okay, follow to take a look at the beans so Allah subhanaw taala says follow to take a look at the beginning don't Omaha system and all muslimeen do not follow the liars do not follow the liars who are the mocha Debian yesterday we said mocha been as synonymous with caffeine right? mocha being the liars are synonymous with kuffaar That's why you should never call someone a liar unless the person is actually is a cadet Yeah, or a total liar a total liar. If a person lies made mistakes and you're speaking a lie, but don't call the person that

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covered because that is synonymous with the caffeine in the Quran and you will find in all of juice ama juice the bar you will find clarity being used synonymously with with with coffee okay follow to take a look at the beans who do not follow the liars Allah says for lack of a look at the bean do not follow the liars What do allow to the you know for you they know they wish or Mohammed low if only to the you know if you were to leave the path for you the union so they would be come easy on you. They wish that you would become soft and gentle in Islam so that they will become soft and gentle they wish that you would mellow your message so that they would also mellow down in their in

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the hatred of you What do they just wish they would leave that you would you could you stop calling to this path in the same way of hurting our enemies the enemies of Islam and Muslim in today this is the same thing the wish we left this path. They wish that we stopped calling to this stuff and calling to Islam and whatever else because you know and then if they did that, that they would go back to their with their miserable ways. They wish that we would leave this path. What do you know what does it mean? Therefore, means don't give them what they want. Don't you ever be easy on your

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Take your deen seriously. Don't mellow out Don't take it lightly. Don't consider Islam to be something which is easy. There's nothing called a practicing Muslim a non practicing Muslim. A Muslim is Muslim. That's it he's practicing that's it. There is no non practicing Muslim at all. That is a careful that person is a Kaffir is a cover a person who does not practice Islam is not a Muslim at all. That person is not synonymous with disbelief in a Catholic someone who doesn't pray somewhat isn't fast. So yeah what the people want you to become Muslim by name but not by practice and action. Rather we say Allah says What do now to the you know for you the you know, the wish that

00:30:38--> 00:30:53

you would mellow out so they would mellow out? We say no, we will never mellow out in our Deen so that they will never ever leave the path as well. What do they do they know for you they know what to do and do not follow. Allah is warning us and telling us what not to do not follow to their

00:30:54--> 00:31:40

means do not follow. Cool. Coffee Machine. Every single laugh machine what is Halloween? What is behind me? Do not follow the hell of a laugh is the one who does a lot of health. What is health? Health is swear. So health is someone who always swears while La ilaha illa Billah hit the line. Have you seen someone who swears all the time? Well, I did it while I didn't eat it. I use people swear a lot isn't it? Unfortunately, it's very, very prevalent in the Arab culture. While la he or she will lie. They swear a lot. Do not be of those people who swear by Allah Allah. Because Allah is huge. Allah is Great Allah as magnificent. Only take the name of Allah and swear by him on some

00:31:40--> 00:31:45

very, very significant issues. Not at every simple thing. Did you eat it one lie?

00:31:46--> 00:32:27

Did you did you eat it? Well, I didn't eat it. So why did you have to swear by Allah by saying that you ate or didn't eat? I don't know. And people are like that, believe me. Sometimes people swear Allah Allah says Allah. Allah Allah Mahi Mahi means insignificant human being. So Allah considers every halab to be insignificant. Meaning if you are of those who are careless with your swearing, that Allah will consider you to be an insignificant human being. So do not be of those people who swear too much will law even light the light Okay Do not be of those people that Allah considers you insignificant that Allah says hammers, hammers in Masha in Vienna mean hammers, what is hammer has

00:32:27--> 00:32:35

been? hammers is the opposite of llamas. What is llamas? llamas is someone who swears a cube behind someone's back?

00:32:39--> 00:33:20

Yeah, so he comes to his friend and he swears at you and mocks you behind your back. That's called a Lamaze Hamas on the other hand, is someone who is hottie and proud enough to swear at it to your face? You're a fool you know that you're an idiot you know that you know someone who swears that you to your face. Okay, like a bully. Yeah. So that is a is a hammer has one or two they are called Laffy mahane do not do not follow every swearing in significant human being that keeps on swearing but a lot of the time and hammer is the one who scorns at people's faces. Masha in Bina mean the one who walks around spreading tales. Masha means the one who walks around being a mean with what what

00:33:20--> 00:33:41

is you walk around with? naming means the Mima he walks around with the minima and spreading tales Okay everyone, so don't follow though every insignificant sweater nor the one who scores at your face the bully, nor the one who is walks around with the Mima walks around by spreading tales. Okay, everybody, Masha in Binyamin mahna.

00:33:43--> 00:34:16

mahna means the one who am not the one who stops man not the one who stops the hair stops the good from spreading more or attending a theme. The one who transgresses martyrdom is the one who does at that which is to spread which is go beyond the boundaries. Okay, the one who's transgressing the boundaries, I think the sinful one. So do not follow every insignificant Swearer or the one who scores to your face or the one who walks around spreading tales, or the one who stops every good from happening, or the one who transgresses the limits or the ones who sins all the time.

00:34:17--> 00:34:56

Amazing, isn't it? Just a few verses Allah has condensed all of the injunctions of the bad luck that people have isn't it? manna I will hide the one who stops the fire and the deceit of the Quran mentions banal high means also the one who when someone asks you for some small good he doesn't give it oh can I just borrow your phone just need to make a very quick phone call my credit has run out. Okay, yeah, okay. You can call it but don't call International. kimono is not that according to that she's gonna call his wife just two minutes away wondering and men. And so the one who does not give that column and not the one who stops even a small amount of goodwill.

00:34:57--> 00:35:00

So Allah considers these people to be insignificant

00:35:00--> 00:35:47

The one who stops every Claire or even the small amount of hair from happening is a monello. Hi Marta did a theme, the one who transgresses the limits? A theme the sinful one, or two Lin, what is alternate? alternate means the one who was *gy the Hulk. say, look, what does that mean? The scholars that seem a little help means the guy who is very big, imagine human being who's really big and fat and tall. Right? But despite his being so big and fat and tall, his o'clock is like a little mouse. Okay, a bit like an ogre, big, fat and tall. But it's o'clock is like a significant small human being. Okay. And that is what what is autoline baggarly kozani. On top of that, meaning he is

00:35:47--> 00:35:52

an atoll. On top of that he is the name What is the name the name of someone

00:35:53--> 00:36:35

who He says He is from, but he's not from Zani means means the child of Xena also said he also means someone who attributes himself to someone, but he is not from that. Meaning that the kurush they were they were big people. Right. But they were like insignificant mice. Right. On top of that they used to attribute themselves to people who they were not from, who did they attribute themselves to? They said we're the children of Israel. Is that what they said? Allah says no, you know, the children are smiling. Why? Because children smile. I like the Father. Beautiful, beautiful character. So the profitsystem had right to call him such a lovely smile with the courage had no

00:36:35--> 00:37:05

right. Because just because you are from that person doesn't make you from that person. yet. Just because you're from that person doesn't make you from that person. You also have to imitate and emulate that process of luck and character, isn't it? The college for example, used to say we are for the children of Ibrahim, No, you're not. Ibrahim was an honorable man. He was a just man, he was a prophet of God. He was upon to hate you crush your isolators your bad luck, bad human beings, bad examples of human beings. Right? And that's why Allah cause them

00:37:07--> 00:37:46

to live by limberger Delica names and it means that they attribute themselves to who they are not from. Right? And so equity. This is how the arrogant people are today. Me, I'm an honorable human being a new and insignificant. So Allah considers him a total because he's big and hearty and proud. But his his o'clock is so small. And he's attributing himself to being from a righteous family or a pious family but he actually is a flood is completely different to that. So Allah says do not follow the hell out with money. Don't follow the hammer as the one who responds to your face or the Masha and Bina mean, the one who walks around carrying tails do not follow. Do not follow the maniacal

00:37:46--> 00:38:26

hype, the one who stops the good from happening in this dunya or the more attending the one who transgresses limits, like the man who dresses like the woman or the woman who dresses like the man, the one who transgresses limits the one who smokes the one listen to music, the one who does since openly transgresses limits, a theme the open sinner, the one who was sinfully, open to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Otto Lin. On top of that, he is he is big in his creation is big in his body, but he's so small or utterly badder than him. On top of that he has any meaning he attributes himself to something that he is not. Why does he do that? Because Allah says, uncanny. You are burning. Why he

00:38:26--> 00:39:05

does this he behaves like this. Because Allah has given him man, wealth and children. That's why that's why he is bad, because he thinks he has wealth and children so nothing can touch him. He thinks he has wealth and children so he is loved by Allah, or somehow he is of highest status. He forgets the love that wealth and children are artists from Allah. They're not a sign that Allah loves you. There are signs that Allah is testing you. Right? There are signs that Allah is testing you so equity, the reason why they're bad luck and bad characters because there are more children and more wealth. And this is true today, children and wealth, make a person arrogant and haughty and

00:39:05--> 00:39:20

proud and make the bad luck. More often than not, very few people do you find humble and meek even though there are wealthy very few people and they are the God fearing ones. Yeah, but most people are happy and proud because they have children and wealth

00:39:21--> 00:39:21


00:39:22--> 00:39:58

money either to Allah He is to the father of wanting either tooth lolly when my signs are being recited to him, I a tuna my signs which is the Quran, when my signs have been to Talalay meaning recited to him. They say color to a well in a subtle a volley means what? The? The soup of of the people of the past Tales of the past stories of the old. Yeah. As they say Islam is like an old old religion. old stories. Give us something new give us something modern.

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

awali so what does Allah say? Allah says finally Sunnah Cebu Alan Horton, I will offer surety smashes face on the Day of Judgment son aseema, who means I will smash him smash meaning brand. So, so, so sad acemoglu Sanam is to take a big hammer right like you know the big hammer that has a flat surface smash like that. So when you go to like that is like a smashing is to is to brand so Allah says I will take his face, and I will smash his face on the Day of Judgment until his nose is smashed into his face. And there will be a brand there'll be a sign on his face, saying that this guy is the one who is the one who, who behaved in this way send a symbol to another, another

00:40:46--> 00:41:28

generation. The scholars of the field say that's an A symbol photo means Allah will take a sword and cut and slice his face until his nose falls off. And all his all his skin falls off his face. And that is how his face rebranded of the Day of Judgment. Another sea of cynicism A while ago Tom says that Allah will burn his face with fire until his face has become charcoal black with fire. And this will happen on the day on the plane of judgment before he's thrown into fire. So Allah swears I will have assurity send a symbol and then I will have assurity branding on this photo. Who knows. But the scholars say that when Allah mentions one part of the body, he means the whole thing. So when he

00:41:28--> 00:41:45

says farrakhan, Moroccan Dooku those who do record he doesn't just mean record means Allah, right? In the same way when Allah means corto mini knows he doesn't just mean knows it means the whole face level brand. So you have to be very wary of behaving like this. Allah will brand the faces of those people who are poor

00:41:46--> 00:41:49

on the day of judgment in this way, so in a civil war, the horto

00:41:50--> 00:42:29

there Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about the story of the people of Yemen, of that family from Yemen. Remember I told you of that family from Yemen, that misbehave. So Allah says in a Ballona home share of assurity we tested them meaning we will test them, meaning Allah will test those people who are disbelievers in this dunya before the offeror and those people who have bad luck Allah will test them in Marbella whom karma Ballona we will test them just like we tested as horrible gender. The possessors of the gender agenda here does not mean gender. Gender here means gardens because garden like a small garden can be called agenda as well in Arabic to Marbella we

00:42:29--> 00:43:09

will test them as we tested the US herbal agenda, as we tested the the people of the jednog that garden which garden, the scholars of Islam say that it is about five miles outside of sun and sun, which is the capital of Yemen, about five miles north of Santa was a small garden that used to belong to an old man who was a Muslim man. Yeah, and he was Muslim and this these are all Muslim in by the way, the story is of our family, which is Muslim in origin, okay. And they were Muslim, meaning they were Christians, but they were followers of Jesus Christ, but original Christians were all Muslims, right? And from them were people who, who this this old man was very righteous. He used

00:43:09--> 00:43:46

to have a huge garden. And the garden used to have lots of crops and lots of rivers and lots of cattle in a huge garden, massive garden from which he used to get harvest many times a year. And then he used to divide up the harvest between those people who are working on the on the crops, and the poor people in the town and the rest for his family. Then he passed away when he passed away the inheritance went to his his children. And when his children when the inheritance went to the children, the children said no, we can't give charity anymore. So they started to behave like the maniacal hides Allah gives you an example of the maniacal high. So look at the examples he says in

00:43:46--> 00:44:25

Bella Luna home chama Bella Luna barely we will test them just like we tested as horrible jedna the people of that garden is akosombo when they swore to themselves like yesterday I was behind meaning the swore to each other. I swear what we're going to do is tomorrow we're not going to give to the to the to the to the poor people we're going to go misbehave meaning very early for most behaved meanings very early on we're going to be very early waking up right right after the budget and we're going to wake up and go very quietly at night and go and cut off all the all the fruits from the trees and we're going to gather them all for ourselves not give any to the to the poor at all. Let's

00:44:25--> 00:44:35

remove the homeless behind so they swore to themselves they will go and they will do the harvest the morning was just no meaning and they did not say insha Allah.

00:44:37--> 00:45:00

Okay, another one another meaning of Allah is that no means and they did not say and we will give some to the poor, meaning they intended in the heart all the wealth would be for theirs, not for the poor. So if you can't do that, you can't be like that. You can't be all those people who say, You know what? I'll earn how much am I earning 100 100,000 ringgit a year or 100,000 ringgit a year? Mashallah. That's a lot.

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

Money you got your wife? So what should we do with that money? Only? 2.5% God, no, you can't behave like that. You have to remember, the poor have How can your wealth or feel unworthy? Kumalo this really well my room and in the wealth is an is a portion well known for those who ask and those who are in need and the aquarium and the family members. So what does this mean equity, it means that you must know that from your wealth is an amount that is due for the poor beggars and for poor people out there. You must know that all always so when you now are looking at your wealth, you might be deciding how much circa 2.5% Don't be a miser just give 2.5% the Christians give 20% What

00:45:39--> 00:46:17

do you give, you should also give a minimum of 20 in fact, it was a son now that's a habit that they used to give 20% minimum whoever could minimum whoever could but 20% they would give away In fact, when they died as well in the inheritance, it was reported then the inheritance we'll have Abubakar Rama they gave 20% of their wealth away 20% always always equity give a good portion of your wealth away and Allah will cause it to increase. Don't be a miser just gives a cut the cut is just the obligatory deed obligatory portion, give more than that away for the cause of Allah. While is that known and they did not put a portion for the poor, photographer, la

00:46:19--> 00:47:02

da Mo, so a call if meaning a punishment from Allah, but it's meaning something that that floats around in the sky. So here what has been referred to as a punishment that came from the sky? What was the punishment a lesson a meteor from the sky and burned up the whole of the of the of the garden elaborated down with a meteor from the skies. Bla bla bla bla, bla, because a meteor came down from the sky. Well, not the moon was they were asleep. A punishment came down from the sky for us babka Salim so it became like, total ashes, meaning it totally burned the whole garden down, it became gasoline, so it means something that's burnt and becomes like ashes. And you know, when the

00:47:03--> 00:47:21

wood plank is burnt, it's become like ashes and you know, that's that's concerning for us, but gasoline for Tanada was behind so they woke up in the morning, and they called each other Tanada, meaning they call each other in very early on, and they come, let's go quickly and harvest in control. Sorry, me.

00:47:23--> 00:47:32

Sorry, me. Quick, quick brothers. Where are you? All you brothers? Come on, come on. Let's go and harvest. If indeed we're going to harvest today or not? Are we going to delay for another day? Come on, let's go. We're gonna harvest today.

00:47:33--> 00:48:15

From Taku so they went from taco meat to half a tune. What does that mean? From Tanaka? They all went together yet the half means quietly, quietly, not making a single sound at the hospital means being very, very wary, to not make a sound at all. Okay? Meaning very quietly and secretly. They went out of the town. Can you see how Allah is noticing everything? Yes, Allah. Allah is Allah Salam. How can we think Allah is not looking? Allah is watching everything we do. Next time when you do something sinful? Yeah, you're doing something sinful on your computer and you're looking what's that brother looking on? Quick, Quick, Quick.

00:48:16--> 00:48:53

Quick, quick, you know, do something sinful, Allah is Knowing you. Allah knows you. Allah knows everything you're doing from tala comida, half a tune. So they went on their path, quietly tiptoeing, so that no one else the village knows about it. Allah de hulan yo Malaika miskeen. So that Allah the hula, and the toll each other, don't let a single miskeen person come to you today. One single person that didn't walk slowly so that none of them escaped because you know what the muskie would do? If they went in the morning, and they took all the harvest materials and goods with them. They heard the sound that wake up or were they going harvest or quickly quickly, we'll go with

00:48:53--> 00:49:11

them. Please buy beta though. pesado give us two pairs. And so they didn't want that to happen to the quietly Has this ever happened to you? Oh, I'm sure it has. Has anyone gone to Makkah Medina? When you see all these people begging? What do you do quickly? quietly go from the other side. So that they're

00:49:12--> 00:49:16

from Taco Bell COVID hoffa dude, you've been doing it too, haven't you?

00:49:18--> 00:49:21

esalaam don't do it. Allah Allah notice is all of this. Yes.

00:49:22--> 00:49:46

Okay, don't do this. Don't do this. I know that they may not be very eligible, beggars. But the point is everybody never ever behave like this with the person who was poor. Someone who asks you never say no, our chef is to say never say no to women. Never say no to a woman. Because it may be that she's in need. And if she's a need that she will have to then sell her body in order to feed her children. Never say no.

00:49:48--> 00:49:59

What is it wondering? What's that gonna do to you? He was not gonna ever hire me. So be of those people. You know what he never say no to never to beggars from tala Omaha Fatone, Allah.

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

hola hola yo Malika miskeen wa harden Qatari and they went to their heart meaning the harvest oddity meaning able capable, meaning they took all the tools with them already and and bright and sharp in the morning to go into the harvest for Lamar, so when they saw what did they see, they saw the gardens were all destroyed for Lamar kalu they said to them in June oh no were destroyed. In alladale loads, they fell down on the ground. They grabbed their heads and their hands. They said, Oh no, we're destroyed the doll loan. But Ramune rather we are the ones who've been prevented from the hair. Right? These are a crying and weeping.

00:50:41--> 00:51:27

So call also to the best of them. The best in Islam is always called outside meaning the most moderate of them. The best of them said what color outside to whom akula comes in I tell you Lola to sub beehoon Why didn't you thank Allah praise Allah for this louder to sub the whole call to Subhana rabina in cannavale me just like everyone does. When the fitness strikes you then you remember Allah Subhana rabina Glory be to Allah in aku navami Verily, We will wrongdoers. They realize their own mistake in akuna aalameen for acapella Ba, da da da da da Mo. So the turn towards each other. And look, they didn't take a lesson. They turn to each other instead of blaming themselves. Who did they

00:51:27--> 00:51:29

blame? Yet another one blaming each other?

00:51:31--> 00:52:12

It's your fault. You know, maybe you didn't? It's your fault. You're the one who said we're not going to give to the Navy to the to the poor beggars. No, you're the one who said no, you're the one who said it. You know, and this is the way people are all built up. In regret, they turn towards anger and they try to blame anyone else but themselves. Okay, voila, ma de la Mahmoud. See how Allah is noticing everything. corlew Yahweh, Ilana in Karnataka. They said, Oh, well to us. Verily, we're the ones who transgressed how they transgress, because they wanted to keep all their wealth to themselves, not give to the poor at all. In akuna tagi azara buena Yuba de la hora minha it may be

00:52:12--> 00:52:28

that Allah subhanho wa Taala will change the situation to something better. Hi Rahman. How many better than the situation? In illa rabina. Ravi, both verily. We are seeking Allah's favor. We turn towards Allah and return to repentance. What Allah say,

00:52:30--> 00:52:58

Lee Kannada in the same way is the punishment or human beings. We need to be very wary. If you misbehave in you behave in this way. Casa de calidad in the same way, will the punishment of Allah touch you and meet you as well. Cavalli colada meaning if you behave in the same way with your wealth, by being miserly and holding back not giving the path of Allah the same way with punishment touch you? In other words, will

00:52:59--> 00:53:09

know that if you think this punishment is dunya severe that no that the punishment of the alpha is a kebab is even greater? Low, can we allow more if only they knew?

00:53:10--> 00:53:33

What a story isn't it? What a story now Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about the disbelievers or the people who are hearty and proud that despite listening to all of this, they feel that they have some sort of hardcore right away over Allah subhanho wa Taala to be treated special in a special way. So what does Allah say? In the little mattina andara 199 so no people verily for those

00:53:34--> 00:53:42

those who are truly God fearing Is there any more talking over here? If you consider yourself 13 you should ask Allah for death right now.

00:53:43--> 00:53:47

If you cannot ask Allah for death right now then you know you're not 13 yet.

00:53:50--> 00:54:04

Okay, let me make it very clear. And that is what Allah says in the Quran. Allah challenges the Jews. Okay, that if indeed you have a straightaway guaranteed pass to gender, that ask Allah for death.

00:54:05--> 00:54:14

And so for the human beings as well, if you are sure that you're going to gender then you should ask Allah for death. You should. But the reality is, no one can claim to be able,

00:54:16--> 00:54:25

no one who claim to defeat Abdullah Guevara to learn who said, he said, If I knew Allah had accepted even one of my prostrations, I would be the happiest person on this earth.

00:54:26--> 00:54:34

If I knew unless of the one of my prostration I'll be the happiest person on this earth. And then he said, Why? Because Allah only accepted

00:54:36--> 00:54:59

Allah only accessible with a piece of equity when you pray. Don't think Allah is accepting your prayer. When you fast him today don't think I was accepting it. No. You know you keep thinking that when you do Hodges hamdulillah accepted it. No. It doesn't mean I've accepted it. When you do something like Salas Carter had your song whatever it is, it means you simply did what you're meant to do. But does that mean like Saturday acceptance or

00:55:00--> 00:55:06

happen if Allah is happy with you and he accepts your taqwa and you feel fear of him.

00:55:08--> 00:55:37

Okay? And that is when when it is accepted that is when a level give you gentlemen. Otherwise just doing something doesn't entitle you to gender at all. Because you still have one more thing that's why the scholar said there is something called doing an action which is called Itza and then something called qaboun, which is acceptance. Exam means if I pray for records now, that's enough for my prayer. So I don't have to pay another folder called formats, okay. But COBOL means acceptance of that as a prayer that's a level higher than its exact just the lowest level.

00:55:39--> 00:55:45

Above that is about acceptance. That's why you have to ennoble your whole deed with Duckworth. Otherwise Allah will never accept your deed.

00:55:47--> 00:56:25

In Melville Mata Tina and Dara became genitourinary in verily with the motorcade with their Lord will be the blessed agenda for Nigel Muslim in a curmudgeon, II mean, shall we deal with the majority mean? Those who are sinful transgressors? Like the Muslim mean? Like those who are good people Muslim in submitters to Allah Malik okay for the human What is wrong with you? How do you judge I'm looking Kitab on fee cutter soon do you have a book in which you're reading this? In the local fee lamotta hero that it is written in that book for you is whatever you ask for whatever treatment you asking for that book says that you will get it with Allah. I'm loving a man Alena

00:56:25--> 00:56:29

balikatan Eli Oh pm at the in the local llama taco taco.

00:56:31--> 00:57:00

Or is do you have a promise and a bellybutton that is binding upon us? balikatan illa Yama, Yama that extends all the way to the Day of Judgment anila coup in the lagoon la Mata como that for you is whatever you ask for cell Who are you whom bizarrely kazari Aster, Mohammed de Sena, who amongst them will witness that they have some some promise like this. So ask yourself equity is there anyone here who has a promise from Allah? That Allah will treat us however we want to be treated?

00:57:02--> 00:57:08

So who are you Metallica who asked them all Muhammad? Who is there amongst them that will attest to this?

00:57:10--> 00:57:53

Shoraka or do they have a partner? Meaning another god? Yeah, sure. AKA meaning a partner with Allah? Or do they have another god? failure to be sure aka even Carlos RDP? So let them come with this partner, this other God if indeed they are truthful that this God will give them whatever they asked for Yama yoke shuffle answer, on that day when Allah will drop the hijab from his shin. What is Shin his lower limbs? So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that on that day when Allah subhanho wa Taala will reveal his shins to the people to all of creation Yama yaksha for uncertain while you the owner illa sujood and they'll be asked to prostrate fella yesterday.

00:57:54--> 00:58:34

They will not be able to prostrate on that day here at number of points of benefit from this verse number one that Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he has a shin that does not mean that we should think okay, she looks like our Shin Okay, we should not think that because Allah subhana wa that is unique. And so he she is however he is, if Allah says he has a face of Allah says he has a hand that is how he is. And that is his uniqueness. So just like we can say at the table has a hand this table, this arm chair has a hand resting on the on the hands or the arms of the chair. Right? In the same way human beings have an arm in the same way a cat or a dog has an arm, in the same luck and

00:58:34--> 00:59:15

have an arm everything is befitting that that creation. So this chair B fits the chair, our hand B fits us, the hand of a cat fits the cap, the hand of Allah subhanaw taala B fits Allah Subhana Allah does that make sense? Right. So therefore never, ever draw out the meaning resemblance of something in your head. If you try to do that, seek seek seek Allah's help to not make the speech of Allah subhanho wa Taala with anything else. So Allah subhanho wa Taala Lacy Timothy Shea is not like anything that we know of. But if he says he has a shin that he has ashamed so Allah says Yama, uke schefflera answer on that day when Allah subhana wa Taala will show his shin to human beings and to

00:59:15--> 00:59:50

creation while you the owner elects to do they will be called to prostrate for their own they will not be able to prostrate harshly at an Abba Soto home as a result their faces will be filled with fear that Hakuna Villa and disgrace will cover their their bodies walk out the car new udayana illa su god they used to be called to prostrate meaning the other one was given the hurt that they used to be called to pray vuca over the counter you don't have to do this we call to pray. We're home Sally mode was they were able to but they did not do so.

00:59:51--> 00:59:59

Therefore the What does this mean? Meaning if you fail to pray this dunya Allah subhanho wa Taala will disgrace you I will punish you

01:00:00--> 01:00:01

thrown into jahannam and

01:00:03--> 01:00:22

the first thing that people will say why they enter jahannam was Illa as hobble yameen feagin Nikita alone animoji remains masala coffee Sokka they will ask the people who have entered Johanna masala kousaka what caused you to enter jahannam kalu they will say alumna Camille masala. We never used to pray

01:00:24--> 01:00:25

and that is why the scholars Islam,

01:00:26--> 01:00:30

Allah says anyone who misses one prayer intentionally that he has become a disbeliever.

01:00:32--> 01:00:39

Anyone who misses one pray intentionally our shake is to say if you do not intentionally put the alarm clock on that you have committed an act of

01:00:40--> 01:01:01

meaning alarm clock on for waking up. You know that you can wake up for fudger without an alarm clock. You know, you need an alarm clock to wake up. But you do not put the alarm clock on that you have committed an act of ship. Because solar is the only link between us and Islam in authentic narration is a Muslim Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he said

01:01:02--> 01:01:27

ma vinyl Murphy, ma vinyl vinyl Marie while Mr. Wall kufri was shook. Turku Salah is an authentic hadith What did he say? He said what is between a person and Islam an Imam and shirk and kufr and he in that Hadith he said I should alko for this is authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim Turku Salah is a living of Salah

01:01:28--> 01:02:11

Allah said in the in the explanation of this ad. He said this hadith is the greatest evidence that leaving Salah is Kufa is his major disbelief. Why? Because he said between Islam and El Sheikh alko for the ship, the Kufa and Dasha dako cannot be anything they cannot be a small ship smart Cooper must be the major ship the major Cofer so that is why this is the greatest evidence that leaving is leaving solar is covered in the fourth Howdy. In the fourth Hades in Mr. Rockefeller. It is reported that Abdullah Shafiq rhodiola anhu said in the authentic hadith it's an authentic hadith the fourth had eaten most of the people have attacked him. He said that the companions of the Prophet Setsuna

01:02:11--> 01:02:19

did not used to consider the leaving of any action to be disbelief except Salah. So if you leave your saliva hottie you become a Catholic.

01:02:20--> 01:02:59

If you don't pray you're a disbeliever there is no excuse Don't tell me No no, he's still a Muslim. But on the verge of leaving Islam no don't don't even come there. If you leave your salon you become a capital for brothers and sisters out there if your husbands don't pray then your marriage is invalid. Why because then if you become a disbeliever your marriage contracts invalid the point I'm trying to make is very serious. Very serious. If you do not pray you cannot be a believer. You cannot be a Muslim at all. Okay, very very critical Salah five times a day. This is it. It's the minimum requirement of of action minimum requirement of action. You must have this can't be lazy on

01:02:59--> 01:03:01

it. You cannot be lazy.

01:03:02--> 01:03:03


01:03:04--> 01:03:43

Also equity Don't be of those people who delayed intentionally. Who delayed intentionally. I'll pray but I'll pray it later. I won't pray now. But I'll be in the university the whole day but then I'll go home and then I pray the harasser. malvaceae altogether. Don't be like that like a juice. There is a reason why there surrounds everywhere so that you can pray. Okay, we'll call the cardinal you the owner Illa pseudo Salima they used to call to pray but they never ever was they were was they were safe for Bernie mama you can it will be hard and heavy. So leave me alone Mohammed Salah with those people who disbelieve in this Hadeeth center study ritual whom in high school, we will

01:03:43--> 01:04:23

overtake them and punish them from where they never ever knew is to drudge means when they didn't even know like, for example, my brother Nash's there or someone is creeping up from behind him and about to pounce on him from the back. Right. Does that make sense? That is called Ystad Raj. So Allah says Leave me alone with these people who disbelieve in my in my in my verses. I'll let them be but I am crouching upon them. I'm about to overtake them and pounce upon them from where they never ever thought possible. Soon as the resume in high school I Alamo when they never ever thought what when Lila home and I will be recited to him to him when that punishment comes in that ad Mateen

01:04:23--> 01:04:41

indeed my my plan is Mateen is very strong. Okay, meaning I have a plan for all of the people who disbelieve in me and my plan is very very strong, it is sharp, it will be enacted and it will be it will overtake all those people who do not listen to me.

01:04:42--> 01:04:57

And so on. So what is wrong with them? Oh people? What is wrong with them hammers? Excellent. Are you asking them for some for some agile, agile meanings reward? Are you asking me for some money for a membership fee for becoming a Muslim? I'm just alone.

01:05:00--> 01:05:37

Hello, are you asking them them for some agile which is a reward or money for whom I mean and because of the mother and mother means because the heaviness of the debt for whom they are unable to pay because the heaviness of that debt they are unable to pay because of that tell us the meaning what is the meaning of that? Meaning that the answer is Islam should be for free teaching Islam should be for free shouldn't be asking money for it. Okay? If they if you ask him for money must be for a specific reason. But here rasuwa system is being told you're a prophet of God, you're not asking them for money for reciting the Quran to them. Okay, so guys, give me five rigid and I'll

01:05:37--> 01:05:54

teach you a pseudo column if you give me 10 I'll teach you I'll throw in pseudo haka with it as well. I mean, does that make sense? No, this is ridiculous. The Quran and the Sunnah was never ever taught for money right? If you teach me I'll if you tell me to Hadith let's to read it. Three Hadith is three rate okay.

01:05:56--> 01:06:29

Okay, all right, so I'm just gonna do they ask them for money. is he asking them for welfare mammography because of the heaviness of what he's asking though, the huge price of that of that membership fee for homeless they're unable to pay and the human labor for him yet? Or is there a the knowledge of the unseen so they know when they will die? So they will delay the acceptance of Islam until that point? Meaning if you don't know if you don't have a guarantee from Allah nor do you know when you're going to die What the Why are you leaving too late to accept Islam and become a good Muslim?

01:06:30--> 01:07:10

And the you know, the knowledge the unseen when you're gonna die, for homework to do so they are delaying their acceptance of Islam till that point. So Allah says finally fosterville so be patient with them on Mohammed, and attending us as well be patient or human beings, or Muslim and be patient with the people you're doing our two. First Billy helped me Rob Baker. So be patient for the command of your Lord meaning Be patient for the point where allow will make them a Muslim because the command is up to Allah. Their acceptance of Islam is up to Allah azza wa jal not up to you first burloak mirrabooka wala takuan and do not be like, Like who? Casa Hey, Bill hood, like the Companion

01:07:10--> 01:07:45

of the whale, Allah called him compared to the whale. How amazing how beautiful is that? Instead of calling the food of the whale, Allah called him the Companion of the whale. Okay, the Sahaba who was a companion of the whale, Yunus Allah subhanaw taala Casa is nada mcloon when he called out in distress, what was in distress? It is reporting authentic hadith that he was chewed up by the whale in the belly and he could hear the heartbeat of the whale and he could hear the stomach as it is churning the food. And he called out at this point, yeah Allah. What did he say?

01:07:47--> 01:08:31

La ilaha illa Allah subhana wa indico to me, not only me. So you must also say this equity in your times of sins When you know your distress, and unless punishment is near and you know something happened in you know you deserved it. La ilaha illa Allah Subhana inika domina volley me nor me to you I was from the wrong doors, right? I was from the wrongdoers Lau la da Kahuna Moto, mira Mira p if it were not that the blessings from his Lord over to Kim, what is a blessing NEMA from Allah is forgiveness. So forgiveness from Allah is a NEMA equity Yeah, Lola Antara Kahuna moto Mira p so if it were not that the blessing from his Lord which is forgiveness over took him to be there bill

01:08:31--> 01:09:11

Allah would have caused the whale to eat him up and his corpse to be thrown out. Lupita means to spit out okay. naboth is to throw us from taking this and I'm throwing it like this. It's called Nevada. Okay, so the new bw law he would have been thrown out bill rrr means what? naked and olahraga here means naked, naked beach, la nouba de la cause the whale to come near the beach and throw him spit him out. Bill around the naked beach? Well, who was there's a sister trying to ask for something Can you see with her sister needs any help? law no biddable ah he will be flown out on a naked beach or who

01:09:12--> 01:09:31

wants to a sinful meaning had he not repented to Allah? And have you not persisted in his repentance? Right? I would have caused the whale to eat him up, chew him up and throw him out on a on a naked barren Island. And then he would have been sinful and people would have seen the sin that he had. Right equity.

01:09:32--> 01:09:40

This is important. Why did Allah listen to Eunice Can anyone tell me why? Why did Allah subhanaw taala listen to us?

01:09:41--> 01:09:59

Because another part of the Quran Allah says for Lola Anaconda middle must have been la la vida de bajo de la yo me about Oh, what does Allah say? Allah says another part of the Quran that had it not been that Yunus was from the Muslim behind was from the those who used to work

01:10:00--> 01:10:38

Me before in his times of ease, I would have left him in the belly of the whale in his time of distress until the day of judgment. So when will Allah listen to you though when you're in distress only if you praise Allah, in your time of ease? Are you in ease now you're 40 you are. Praise Allah now, praise Allah copiously. Thank you now because the day will come and Allah will test you. And Allah will not listen to you if you did not praise Him in your time of ease. Allah will only listen to you if you praise them in a time of time of ease. Right? That's why if you think in the time of distress, why is Allah not listening? Why is the love of this thing while you're listening is

01:10:38--> 01:10:52

because you never praised him. In your time of ease. That's what Allah will not listen to your time of distress. Look around, around accepted Islam and just before his time distracted, you know, he says, I'm going to be Robbie Haruna Musa, Allah says, what

01:10:53--> 01:11:03

does it mean Pablo? condominial caffrey now you believe around when you used to disbelieve before and you are from the from from those who transgress in my path. So Allah didn't accept the Islamic morality.

01:11:05--> 01:11:42

But he accepted the job of Yunus why he accepted Toma unicyclists with a solid because he used to worship Allah this time of his soul I remember in a time of distress, but Allah did not remember for now. Because for our needs to disbelieve in Allah and His time of ease, so Allah did not listen to him in time of distress. So you remember, this is what? give charity praise Allah a lot more in your time of ease because when the time of distress comes, so that Allah will listen to you at that point as well. We are about to finish. I apologize. We've gone over over a little bit over time, but inshallah is such a beautiful surah I just don't know how to shut it down. So Allah says, fajita

01:11:42--> 01:12:18

hora boo, so Allah chose him, meaning because of his repentance. Allah chose him each day by means to to choose so Allah chosen festiva hora boo, so his Lord chosen for Jana whom in a solid in and made it for the righteous ones. So what happened? So when he went back, his people realize that that oh my god Yunus was missing. That means Allah Spanish was about to come now that's where the Prophet left. So they all accepted Islam. So guess what, when he went back to his people, he realized all these people had also accepted Islam. So Allah gave him a love at from the Salafi the limited for the righteous ones. What he accardo Latina cafaro

01:12:20--> 01:12:55

Allah say, the second last verse, he says, Why he led the cafaro and it is almost that those who disbelief Now usually called a copy, I'm sorry, they're about to cause you to slip with their eyes. When have you seen people who hate the Muslim sometimes they hate you so much. I don't know if you've seen this, but if you go sometimes to some countries in the West, you know, they're like, this guy. This guy's a bearded Muslim is coming in our place. Just with the eyesight, they will cause you to slip like you know, they look at the give you the look that they give you the looks with their looks their back, like, what are you doing? He's about to kill me with your laser vision.

01:12:55--> 01:13:08

Yeah, yeah. Sometimes it's like that. When I remember in Australia, sometimes we go shopping when myself and my wife, my wife was, you know, with a job and everything. And these old ladies look at you like, you know,

01:13:10--> 01:13:54

you know, you feel like turning to them and saying, I you know, you're trying to kill us with your eyes. So I'm like saying here, that those who disbelieve are about to kill you with their eyes. Were in your car to lead in a car for a cornucopia bizarre endeavor to cause you to slip with their eyes if they could? Because that's how much hatred they have in the eyes. Right? They use a cornucopia sorry him llama semiotica when they hear the vicar, which is the Quran, where you're colonna in the hula much known and they say indeed he is a much node is a madman. wama who are in vikhroli elemi it is nothing but a reminder for all of mankind. All of creation. The score and is not mad was put on

01:13:54--> 01:14:06

his reminder of all mankind beautiful Sora beautiful surround by SLR camera let me recite it now in Arabic And now pay attention and see the impact it has on you when you understand now the Arabic

01:14:10--> 01:14:17

Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim no know what you call me. Mama used to

01:14:21--> 01:14:26

be Kadima. You know, we're in La Jolla, and

01:14:29--> 01:14:43

we're in La colorada funaki. Now the first Sato 0000. Don't be IE como esto en, in Arabic Allah wa

01:14:46--> 01:14:59

sahbihi wa who are Allah mobila daddy fala Tutera Mukul dB. What do you know for you the hieno Wallah.

01:15:00--> 01:15:00


01:15:01--> 01:15:05

love him. He has

01:15:09--> 01:15:12

been me man

01:15:15--> 01:15:17

in a sea

01:15:20--> 01:15:22

because any

01:15:23--> 01:15:33

Canada you have any either to de la la tuna Casa

01:15:34--> 01:15:48

de San ASIMO Whoa, whoa, in Barcelona home comma Bellona Belgian

01:15:49--> 01:16:02

Belgian is the Oppo sabula swayman must be he baihe wanna know Papa Paul?

01:16:03--> 01:16:05

Rebecca home

01:16:06--> 01:16:15

imune for us berhad Casa de fatahna, the omo specie Murphy unable to

01:16:16--> 01:16:17


01:16:18--> 01:16:42

to him sorry me. photon Oppo homea tuffa to Allah de Polan, Natalia Omar la miski wha wha wha wha la hora de la casa de phylum. Upon o in

01:16:44--> 01:16:45


01:16:46--> 01:16:48

Mahalo, Moon.

01:16:49--> 01:16:54

Sato boom akula boom Luna to sub befoe

01:16:56--> 01:17:00

kono Suba Hannah rabina in

01:17:01--> 01:17:12

avani me for apo bada bada boom bada ba dee da mo moon call No. Ilana in

01:17:13--> 01:17:27

Tallinn. ASSA rabona de la hora minha in rabina Ravi boo cada de colorada one or the

01:17:29--> 01:17:33

Kabbalah aka IANA moon in

01:17:36--> 01:18:22

Dharavi him Jen Nari, Aparna geranyl muslimeen aka Mooji Remi Mana kume k Fatah como la calm kita woofie todo Russo in La Puente de la Mata yo la comme Imani una Alena de Botton Isla yo milky Amati in Nana comb in Allah como la mata comun Salah home a new home Viva la casa de la home shanaka afonya Toby Shoraka him Cano Cano saw the Yo yo

01:18:23--> 01:18:52

yo yo, una de la pseudo de falla. You're starting your own car shiocton avasarala home Tara Haku home Villa waka Cano you the owner in a pseudo de la home Sally moon frog Ernie huami Kathy Bobby Ha. Howdy Santa study original home in Hawaii. Allah Allah moon de la home in NA KD Mati.

01:18:53--> 01:18:58

Allah whom, for whom may Maharani muscato

01:18:59--> 01:19:12

de Humala ye Bopha homea to boo Fosbury haka Mira be kawada Taku Casa de milho de nada wahoo amaku Lola

01:19:13--> 01:19:14

tada todo como una

01:19:16--> 01:20:00

de la la la la la la vida de la Ilaha. Mas moom fajita la hora boo for Gianna whom in a war II Latina cafaro looselay ko na kabhi Abba Swati him llama Samia de cada uno en una una in a hula imagine Oh, wha hoo. In the Koran lil me, shaka laka hope hamdulillah you've just understood one sort of the poor and you understood its lessons and meaning. Tomorrow inshallah is Surah. Hakka It is about the

01:20:00--> 01:20:39

Day of Judgment A to Zed of the Day of Judgment step by step in Sharla very nice sorta. And please call all brothers and sisters whoever you can make sure they attend. I apologize I think we've gone over time quite a lot tomorrow because one of the reasons we actually did that is because we have a third time here in Kuala Lumpur and it encroaches upon it. So what we will do tomorrow is get the classes to start at at 515 sharp inshallah okay 515 sharp Make sure your answers are prayed make sure all the slots finished inshallah Okay, so 515 sharp, all those people who are online as well My apologies we started. It wasn't really intentional. It's because our suppliers late here. So 515

01:20:39--> 01:20:43

inshallah sharp will start kale time tomorrow and shadows from the caves.