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One of the greatest things that a person can do on nightlife, this is Saba, the province of a lightness and I was asked, and this is a favorite Hadith and I'm not going to be long, but I just want to share with you guys a hadith of mine that I love very, very much. And it is a Hadith that really, a person can apply every day of their life. The problem is, some of it isn't it was asked many times, by the way, what is the most beloved action to Allah?

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Allah which action is most beloved to Allah? And he would give different answers depending on the person in front of him depending on but on one occasion, he said sudo to take what items happiness that you bring to a Mr.

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Saru is Nikola, right. makira just means that it's indefinite. It's any happiness, I can set up any, any, any any, any happiness that you can bring to anybody, any happiness that you can bring, and what makes a person more happy.

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AKA the legend of tick tock is joining I'm just shouting people out the real D slaughter has

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any happiness that you bring

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to any Muslim? And what happiness is greater than than well being? Right? What happiness is gratitude is greater than you being a cause of them feeling better, or their family member or them having some sort of hope.

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There is there's no helplessness greater than a loved one being sick and you're not being able to help them. And so when you're able to be that cause of relief for an individual, and that's why

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okay, you're winding me up now. See, this is what you're doing.

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There is a Hadith that I don't know of a hadith that describes Allah's love more than this one. Okay.

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Ready, I'm ready, I'm ready to know

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that the doors and the doors and training and all of that there is no Hadith that I know that is greater speaking about Allah's love for us than this was Allah Subhana Allah, Allah on the Day of Judgment will say to someone I did.

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I became sick and you did not visit me.

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And the person will say, My Lord, how can I visit you and your love? Will it mean you're the Lord and Allah subhanaw taala will say to him, wasn't so and so sick, wasn't so and so was the Abdullah

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had visited him lower, lower 20 and he says you would have found me with him.

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So when you visit a sick person, when you visit a sick person, Allah Subhana Allah says, I became sick and you didn't visit me. And Allah says it stuff I'm looking for them to for me, I asked you for food and you didn't feed me, how can I feed you your God? I'm gonna feed you your Hola, you're the Lord of the world. If you let me stop at the microphone, and then so and so if you have fed him, you would have found that end. But the point here is that what you're able to serve his people specifically we're talking to medical supplies. Specifically, we're talking healing. Specifically, we're talking in these places that many of us come from whether you come from Sudan or whether you

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don't come from Sudan, but you understand how dire the circumstances are, how shattered the healthcare system is.

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Any anyway, so anything that you can give on a night like this to a project like this, I hope that Allah Subhana Allah blesses it and magnifies it and allows you to stand in the shade of that charity on the day where they are.

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And that you don't recognize that goodness so forward slash value, Ramadan, a single POUND DOLLAR, whatever you can give me Allah subhana dialer reward you. Perhaps on the Day of Judgment, you won't be being told I became sick and you didn't visit me but rather, you'd be told entering the agenda because of the visitation that you did do or the support that you did get for the spawn a lot of money that you did donate Yeah,